Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

1. Follow a bunch of random chicks on Instagram.

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

Seems innocent because hey, every other dude does the same, right? Well no. Additionally, commenting like some thirsty bozo under their pictures? Congrats buddy, you've managed to successfully disappoint your girlfriend.

2. Use your phone when she's touching you.

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

My boyfriend once used his phone the whole time while I showed him affection even going as far as to stroking his penis, only to get flat out ignored. Had he said "No, I'm not in the mood", I'd have understood. Guys, you may think it's nothing but she's longing for your attention. Keep away that phone, please.

3. Store pictures of your exes on your phone.

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

Even worse, still have nudes of your exes? Well done.

4. Ask for a threesome.

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

Seems pretty harmless to ask, doesn't it? Well, don't even try. Unless she's really really really open sexually and you're in an open relationship, keep that fantasy to yourself unless you want your girlfriend to be haunted by your question forever. Us girls tend to feel insecure even if you may not mean it like that.

5. Tell her that her friends are hot.

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

Even if they are, don't reveal it to your girlfriend. Yeah some girls are open with that but the general consensus considers it a red flag. Hence, keep your dick sealed because it shall only belong to her for the time being. ;)

6. Pee at the toilet seat.

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

I'm serious. If you're not going to aim properly, at least have the decency to wipe it off. Be considerate, thank you.

7. Be online in WhatsApp and take ages to reply.

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

Then after 2828832740384759211 hours, text her like nothing happened.

8. Jumping right into sex instead of foreplay.

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

Ergh. Let's just assume Kim Fung Toi is the secret code name for vagina. Don't expect us to be horny right away, pfft.

9. You only call us "Babe" or "Baby".

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

I mean it can be sweet. But sometimes a creative nickname is much more appreciated. Put in some effort, gosh. Heck, even saying our name can feel lovely.

10. Don't embarrass us on social media.

Subtle Ways To Disappoint Your Girlfriend

Maybe you'd like to boast to your friends but GOD PLEASE NO. It's cringe-worthy. Staph.


Most Helpful Guy

  • So much gold in here. I'll be sure to do all of these things. Thank you!!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Agree with all of these


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What Guys Said 33

  • Maybe I am old fashioned but to me that seem the sledge hammer approach rather than subtle approach to disappoint your girlfriend - The only quibble I have is the online one, I don't think it is vital that you respond within 2.73 seconds to your girlfriend just when time is right and you can give her your full attention.

    • We aren't talking about seconds or minutes. But after very long hours and to add, he's online the much of the time, I think that's a slap to the face in the sense that he couldn't be bothered to reply. But I appreciate your opinions, thank you!

  • Ok, i am annoyed at three of these. I've witnessed various relationships where women do these a lot, use their phone during an intimate moment (the complaint of many of my friends in relationships), calling their partner babe all the time, and telling them their friend is hot. A relationship is a two way street and I've noticed many hypocritical instances where this happens, she does it to him, he asks her to stop, she ignores him, he asks her to stop and she doesn't see anything wrong with it.

    • I would never do that and I agree, women and men are both hypocritical.

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    • Yes all of these could be said for both genders. But this was only about guys. It doesn't mean that girls can't be accused of the same :)

    • @TraintoParis very true

  • Nice Take.

    Why we should Disappoint our Girlfriends?

  • Really funny Take LOL

    My only problem is number #6 . Like, why can't women put the seat back up after they use the toilet? Hahha

    • Because who wants to have to touch the toilet seat everytime to put it back up? Ain't nobody got time fo dat 🌚😅

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    • I've been here for 8mths.
      Here for lols and to drill some sense into some of the stupidity of some people on here...

    • @Goodwifie Haha Cool :)

  • No wonder I can't get a girl. I'm not doing any of these things! lol.

    Nah I'm not a 'nice guy' anymore. But I really don't do any of this shit and sometimes I really do wonder what women see in a lot of guys lol.

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What Girls Said 15

  • I'm sorry but this is a dumb list. Lol it's really just your preference.

    1) I have no problems with my boyfriend looking at girls on Instagram. If he thinks a girl is hot on Instagram, then I'll probably end agreeing with him! He has good taste. If you're getting upset over something so small, then that just sounds like insecurity to me.

    2) I like my attention, but my boyfriend gives it to me. If he was on his phone while I was with him wanting to spend time, then I would just think that he's busy. It's really not a big deal at all.

    3) I'll agree with you here.

    4) Lol. Okay, what's wrong with threesomes? My boyfriend and I are having a blast with them. I understand that it's not for everyone but a lot of people will disagree with you here.

    5) It would make me uncomfortable if he started going into details about one of my friends all the time, but if he just said she was hot here and there, then what's wrong with that? I have a couple of girlfriends who are georgous.

    6) I agree with you here. I'm not attracted to slobs.

    7) Lol. If he's not responding, then he's busy. We're texting all the time anyways.

    8) I don't know what kind of sex you like, but not everyone is the same. What's wrong with a guy grabbing and taking what he wants? I don't want a guy gently placing me on a bed covered in rose pedals everytime we have sex. Also, what's wrong with a good quickie? If you're not horny for your boyfriend just because he doesn't foreplay all the time, then you're with the wrong guy. The whole relationship should be foreplay. Little things that you two do to each other throughout the day. I'm always turned on by him.

    9) My boyfriend calls me babe for the most part. I like it and have no issues with it. Lol he also calls me funny nicknames at times but there's nothing wrong with babe.

    10) That picture made me laugh. Lmao. Yeah, I wouldn't like that on social media but snapchat would be sort of funny. We keep our sex life pretty concealed for the most part though.

  • 3 of these are fair enough.

    Only 3.

    Please dont ever talk for all girls again because most of these are fucking stupid.

    • I don't give a fuck if you find these stupid. It can be helpful for some. Ciao.

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    • @Asker BaileyisDarcy is just argumentative by nature and likes to start shit with other posters on here. Don't let it get to you

    • @pooper89 Alright got it thank you :D

  • Haha.
    I have done none of these things to my girlfriend.

  • I personally disagree with a bunch of these, bust mostly 2, 5, 8 & 9.

    2. I see the issue on your side- what makes you start fondling him when he's obviously busy? If you want attention, ask for it, don't just go & do shit only to get disappointed when he doesn't react the way you want him to. Talking is the magical solution here. If you had asked, you'd have gotten your answer.
    5. What's so bad about that? I hate it when people try to tell me what I can say or not so I won't do the same to others. If he thinks she's hot he's free to tell me, lol. I'll either agree or disagree.
    8. I really, really dislike pet names unless they're used in a teasing way, like when someone has a slow moment & you just go "No, love. It's like that. xD" or "Alright hun, where's your problem?". Being called "Babe" would be a major turn-off for me. I have a name. Use it.
    & 9 is a very individual thing. I don't like foreplay at all so any guy trying to artificially prolong things can sod off.

  • 1. don't use instagram
    2. stop touching him
    3. don't look at what's in his phone
    4. just say no and move on. no need to get insecure
    5. tell him you don't want to hear about that
    6. i don't even know what to say with this one. don't they lift up the seat?
    7. don't use whatsapp
    8. stop him right away and tell him you need foreplay. if he demands sex you need to leave right away. this is the only serious issue on this list.
    9. don't see the problem with this one. I don't even like nicknames.
    10. yea that's a no. tell him to stop.

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