Here's Some Songs That Are Fun To Test Your Significant Other If They Really Know You As Well As They Think.

Play this game at your own caution and try not to show them the song titles. XD. The first one is fun to see if they really know when your lying straight to their face or not. XD.

The other one is a fun way to troll your girlfriend(this one is one I dont suggest as much as she will likely try and hit you XD That is if she isn't dying after figuring out the chorus.) As thats what happened to one of my closest friends when he made me and some of the other cover band members do My Darkest Days ~Perfect when he proposed to his girlfriend.

These are simply tips to see how much your partner listens to the words you say within the relationship. Use at your own caution they are both though pretty good semi old pop songs. Just make it clear you mean these by good intentions. They are both sweet songs if you catch onto the chorus or the title of the song. You can likely figure out a lot about your partners cognitive perception of what they hear.


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  • Well this is very interesting

    • Thanks XD for enjoying I like doing these deeper meaning MyTakes. xD.

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