Tried and True Pick Up Lines that Work for Men

Tried and True Pick Up Lines that Work for Men

1. "I like your energy..."

Say this at a party or at a bar when you meet a girl for the first time. It is usually best to drop this in within the first 5 minutes of talking to a girl. You don't want to do it right away. But you can do it after a couple of lame jokes and at least one instance where you have shared something in common. Deliver this line in a perky and friendly tone as if you have discovered something surprising and unique about her. "You know what? I really like your energy..." It is complete bullshit and means nothing. It is so mysterious that women are drawn to it. Its more than just saying you like their personality, it is almost making it spiritual. That she has some magnetic aura about her. Chics will smile and be turned on. Trust me.

Tried and True Pick Up Lines that Work for Men

2. "There's something about you..."

Again, this is another line that is bullshit and has no meaning but it is so mysterious that it does. Look into her eyes thoughtfully and shake your head when saying this. They will eat it up!

Tried and True Pick Up Lines that Work for Men

3. "I like your style..."

Women spend a lot of time and concern about their appearance. Make them feel special by not simply validating their body parts or a some piece of jewerly. A girl will get a kick out of you like her entire look and how it fits together.

Tried and True Pick Up Lines that Work for Men

4. "I can feel your energy..."

The best time to say this is when you have guessed something correctly about the prospective lady you are with. She will say, "oh my god! How did you know that?" or "How'd you guess that?" Then you drop in a casual shrug with, " I don't know. I guess I can feel your energy or something. I can feel your presence." You will get the girl wondering and thinking about the connection you have. She may even get horny just wondering whether you guys have a deeper spiritual connection.

Tried and True Pick Up Lines that Work for Men
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  • WhereAmI
    Those aren't pickup lines
    Is this still revelant?
    • Apope16

      No they aren't. I titled it wrong. They are just compliments.

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  • GeekGal
    Full disclosure, not a single one of these are good lines? It sounds like bullshit, and honestly like women aren't stupid? All the gooey rubbish is just annoying to be honest, I hate pick up lines, just talk to us like we're humans.
    • And get friend-zoned.

    • Well, don't get upset when we compliment you and then proceeded to call us a creep.

    • Those aren't always pick up lines. Everyone has an energy about them, and if it is particularly positive or uplifting, then you feel it. If it really stands out, you may end up mentioning it naturally through conversation. It's not always bullshit or a pickup line, sometimes it's genuine. I've only met one girl that I felt that with.

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  • ManwithaConran
    Pickup lines don't work in Kent. I just glance occasionally and when they come over and go "why are you looking at me?" I reply "sorry, didn't mean to. If it's any consolation I wasn't intending to chat you up..." then walk away with a pint. Then stand a safe distance away and watch her and her friends try to work out if that is a clever chatup line or a brush off. Sometimes she or one of her friends will come back to seek clarification.
    • Apope16

      Niiice bro. sounds like they do work. haha

  • BrittBratt2416
    Guy: Want to come back to me plac-
    Me: no, go away-
    Guy: I have chocolate.. milk chocolate.
    Me: lead the way sir, that's all you had to say!
  • Quintessence
    Good luck with these. I'm one of those people that would ask you to elaborate on every one of these.

    You wanna get all metaphysical/philosophical on me by bringing up my "energy"? Let's get deep, then. I love existentialist talk. We'll see just how versed you are in philosophy.
    If you make reference to my style, I'm going to ask what about it you like. Although, this is probably fairly easy to BS your way through.
    Number 2 is going to give you the most trouble. If you say there's something about me, I'm going to ask you to define what that is. And I'm going to expect an in-depth answer, considering I work very hard to blend in and keep my oddities at bay, so if you've managed to spot a crack in my mask, well... that'll earn you some points, but only if you're correct. I'll know within the first few seconds if you're BSing me.
    • Apope16

      1. I am a believer in Existentialism. I've read both Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir

      2. You will of course ask me what it is. I could respond by complimenting you with #3 or #1. I could give another genuine compliment. Or.. id recommend being a mysterious Gemini and say, "Honestly, I dont know. I can't explain it. I guess I just feel an energy coming from you..." if I dont make out with you by the end of the night, Id still leave you thinking about what I said.

      3. Women won't know if you are BSing because they will debate whether you are just being a friend or if you were flirting. If she can tell you are flirting she won't care. Just acknowledging a spiritual connection between you will have already made you horny.

    • I haven't read any of Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, but I will now just out of personal interest.

      The last girl I met at a new job, after a while of us talking I mentioned her energy. She asked me more about it and we talked about meditation, intuition, out of body experiences and all sorts. However, I wasn't bullshitting her, she had a really high energy about her. I also commented on how another girls energy momentarily dipped in her presence and she acknowledged that she sensed this too. Then she said ''hang on a minute, how the hell did you even notice that?''.

    • @Apope16 I'm an empiricist and a realist by philosophy. "Acknowledging a spiritual connection" or saying I have "an energy" is going to make me wonder and try to rationalize what the hell signs I've been giving off. It'll lead me to one of two possibilities: either I'm not blending in properly and need work on my comportment, or you're just saying it to make yourself seem interesting (the latter will become pretty evident when you try making out with me). Either way, the most that'll come of a philosophic discussion is us having a debate on the matter. I'm not in the habit of making out with strangers.

      That's just me, though. In all likelihood, giving Sartre a few passionate recitations will score you brownie points--if not more--with most women. It does depend on the setting as well. The bar scene might not be the best place to delve into the concepts of 'being' and 'nothingness'.

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  • lumos
    If a guy dropped that energy shit on me I'd puke. What comes to mind is some stoned hippie being like "ummm... duuuude... I just like... feel your energy... good vibes... dude..." blegh. And as for the second one, I'd most likely react by saying "what?". Considering it's just a pick up line, there's a 99% chance that the guy would be tongue tied and would say some vague shit like "oh... I dunno". Not impressive. As for the third, that's a very vague comment as well and I wouldn't think that that somehow means the guy is into me. For all I know he could just love fashion and very much not be straight. Nice compliment but not something that will get me to drop my panties.
    • Apope16

      Its not a pick up line. If you read the update youd see its a conversation mover. And have you actually used these in conversation? Each one has gotten me laid.

    • lumos

      Then maybe you shouldn’t have titled the take ”Tried and true pickup lines”. I haven’t seen any updates. And no I haven’t heard them or used them because they’re clearly bullshit and mean nothing. If these lines have gotten you laid then I feel sorry for the bimbos they worked on, and the fact that they only having half a brain cell.

  • LegateLanius
    Honestly, the best pick up line in the world is: Hello, my name is, ---------. After that, it is up to you on how well you conversate with her.
    • Apope16

      That works. But the lines above are things you can say after that

  • GrahamElliott
    It's not that hard. Just talk to her. She'll either like you or she won't. Don't get upset if she's not into you. Get up and move on. And don't try and flirt with a woman when she's busy or when she seems frustrated. Its all about your approach. Don't tell them that they need to smile more instead, maybe mention that you miss seeing her smile.
    • Apope16

      The lines above are great because they technically could be used in a non flirty way. Its right on the border. Chics will go crazy thinking about you and wondering if yoi flirting or not.

  • demonics
    So cringy its like a liberal trying to meme.
    All of these are predicated on you being attractive like dude below posted. Hotty McHotness doesn't even need to speak English that well to get the girl.
    Charles the IT guy... yea he might as well file a harassment complaint with HR against himself for merely looking at you Becky.
  • coralee
    When I was single the best pick-up lines I got were "how you doing?" friends reference made my day and asking me how I felt about water. It was so random and I needed to know the punch line.
  • HamAndCheese
    Can't say I agree with these choices. They all sound kinda tacky.
    • Apope16

      I've literally gotten laid using these lines. Read above on when to use these lines. They are introduction lines. They are things you can say in the flow of convo to intensity seduction.

    • Apope16

      *they are NOT introduction lines

    • Even then they just sound... kinda funny.

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  • Papavera
    Smile and would you like to dance beats all of these. I think they're a bit cheesy.
    • Apope16

      These are are not lines for sparking a conversation. They are for mid convo. they are cheesy. That is correct. women are cheesy as fuck. They act on emotion not the logic of what you say.

    • Papavera

      I'm sorry but I like your energy? Maybe thats what you'd like people to say to you, but I'm speaking from a girls perspective. And I find it super cheesy and even though I'm a girl and I happen to like cheesy stuff sometimes, there's so much cheese someone can eat. :P Last thing I'd do is to wander about 'connection we have'.
      Also when someone comments on my style I usually just say 'thanks', so no that wouldn't get you far either.

      And no offense, but I find this whole take super annoying because it shows that you think you're good with girls, when in fact, you're just as blunt as any other guy. Just because these are not things guys usually say doesn't make them good.

    • Apope16

      Women like blunt guyd number one.

      Second, this is simply what has worked for me. Its not some method I drop on girls. Its a reflection on what I've said in the past that has gotten me laid.

      Its cheesy. Its pathetic. But apparently thats what women want.

      You keep saying something wouldn't work etc etc. What Im telling you is that it already has. Girls have slept with me and fallen for me. Its not about looking cool. Its about what has worked. Plus, I am a Gemini. We as Geminis are masters of flirtation and communication.

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  • CaptainSmartass
    Sounds like Tony DiNozzo when he's desperate...

  • RastaMahn
    5. "Nice Ass."
    6. "Your blouse is going to look great on my nightstand."
    7. (For black guys only) "Want some fuck?"
    • Apope16

      If i said want some fuck then shed say " no fucks given". Then id say, "can I earn them?"

  • RealTrutH89
    The feminists will call it rape !!!
    • Apope16


    • lumos

      Lmao lmao lmao lmao ! Top kek ! Very funny ! Best joke ! 10 Out Of 10 !

    • Alpha89s

      @lumos you seem offended !

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  • Lazyrous
    "I love that smile of yours"
  • CT_CD
    Any pick up line works if you're hot
  • SportsFan78
    If I tried this I know I would fail.
  • SovietBall
    Be yourself is the best advice, thanks!
  • Anonymous
    Good ones.
  • Anonymous
    To all of those pinks who say the pickup lines would never work on them... you forgot to mention the last part ''unless I thought he was really hot''

    I notice Anon blue said ''You just have to be able to hold a regular conversation and don't bring up anything about sex and you'll be fine.''

    Yea, lets all pretend we aren't sexual beings shall we... wouldn't want to risk upsetting her majesty...

    Again, you can say anything if you are good looking. I've talked to girls, mentioned sex, and all sorts of crap. If anything, it's more refreshing not to be afraid of mentioning it.

    It all comes down to what you see in that cartoon below...

  • Anonymous
    You just have to be able to hold a regular conversation and don't bring up anything about sex and you'll be fine.

    Women get pick-up lines thrown at them 24/7 so they become numb to it. If you really want to stand out, just have a normal conversation about anything and make her laugh... that's all you have to do.
    • Apope16

      The title says pickup lines but trust me they are merely compliments. I used the wrong title.