Women Don't Normally Like Complimenting Men On Their Looks


I've asked a couple of "How I Look" questions recently. And trust me I've been doing it by heart. There are moments I'm truly interested to hear girls opinions on how I look. I'm speaking for myself, but maybe other guys will resonate to what I'm about to share here.

I'm not model-like but I know I'm at worst decent looking. I'm also fit and have been practicing martial arts for 6 months now or so. Love hiking too and pretty much love travelling and doing outdoor activities whenever there's budget and/or time.

Women Don't Normally Like Complimenting Men On Their Looks

So this is just my experience as a 7/10 guy or whatever overall rating I get. I'm sure for 10/10 guys the reality is a bit different and they get more vocal reactions on their looks. And even then, they will still get the reactions I'm about to describe.

I happen to think it’s normal for women not to compliment men on our “looks”. They compliment us on our DOINGS. i.e. “you’re so smart”… “I would have never been able to fix my computer without you”….. “You sure know how to show a girl a good time”….. etc. It’s almost NEVER “hello handsome”. And I do mean >>> almost NEVER, but I'll elaborate on that later on.

I was a part time bartender for 4 years, and I happened to resemble a local movie actor – especially back then. At least 5 times per night, women would almost ALWAYS say it this way: “you know who you look like???”.

• They didn’t say: “You look like so-and-so”…….
• They didn’t say “Well hello handsome….”
• They didn’t say “Hey you’re really cute.”

It was usually “you know who you look like???”. I got so fucking sick of hearing it – every fucking weekend – and not a single one of them actually paid me the compliment. Well, maybe a couple in four years. Oh, I got phone numbers! And I got hit on. And I got offers. But rarely a compliment on my looks where she came out and said you’re attractive / handsome / good looking / hot / or whatever.

Women Don't Normally Like Complimenting Men On Their Looks

It was so annoying to me that they would play this fucking guessing game like I was supposed to NAME the actor for her. And she would say “YESS OMG!! YES!!!” that I started to treat them like assholes.

“You know who you look like???”

“……… (shrug shoulders)………. OPRAH???”

“LOL NO!!!!!”

“.No wait I got it!! George from Seinfeld. I’m a huge fan.”

“OMG NO!!!!!”

“Billy Crystal, then. ”

“Wait …. who’s he?”

(*rolls eyes*)

I’m serious. That’s how it went – almost every time. Eventually I said to myself “the first girl who compliments me on my looks, I will buy her a drink.” Many of them would flirt and would even expect me to pour her a free one if she showed interest. But I was waiting for ONE to actually pay me the compliment. This is how women would “hit on me”. The same predictable, boring unoriginal line every time.

Women Don't Normally Like Complimenting Men On Their Looks

You know who actually had creativity and complimented me? The gays. Much respect to those dudes. Women were just “too proud” to come out and say it. They wanted me to think SHE was cute – and not the other way around.

I don’t think this is a problem though. It’s just the way it is. I also know sometimes when a woman is really attracted to a guy, she will refuse to admit it – even to herself. She will even go so far as to pretend she does NOT think he’s attractive. She will behave like she doesn’t like him at all. Often for YEARS. Then 15 years later a girl who acted like you had the cooties sends you an email and says “Are you still as handsome as ever?”. That actually happened this Christmas. I replied with a WTF?? She never eluded to that in her life. Even if I dated down….. she wouldn’t say anything. She would just assume I already knew it.

If there were no such thing as a mirror, and I solely went by female compliments as a barometer for how attractive I am….. I would think I look like Shrek.

Women Don't Normally Like Complimenting Men On Their Looks

I have another observation and I'll try to stay objective here.

I've found that every time I "dated down", a girl I think is less than my ideal standards, they are overwhelmingly vocally complimentary to my appearance compared to the hotter ones. And that's a HUGE BONUS for me. The hot ones will flirt, if they are actually attracted they'll give the occasional compliment, but NOTHING like if you are dating someone who isn't conventionally attractive, even if you actually find her attractive.

I don't need tons of compliments all the time , but it is so refreshing to hear women vocally being so positive.

Irrespective of how they themselves looks like, you are only attracted to what you find attractive. I think most hot girls don't want to vocally compliment their guys. Which is kind of fucked up when you consider it. Especially when they EXPECT you to take care of yourself, be attractive AND foot the bill.

A man’s positive traits are actually spun into a negative these days, anyways. I once showed a woman a picture of a good friend on my phone who I talked about setting her up with. This guy was built perfect. Worked out, good looking all of that. His shirt was open and there were 3 of us on the beach. She took one look at the photo and said “he looks like a jerk.” (because he was really buff) . What a cunt... hahaha

Women Don't Normally Like Complimenting Men On Their Looks

But looks aren’t everything, anyways.

I just remain convinced women don’t want to compliment men on their looks.

They want YOU to compliment them if they are physically attracted to you.

Women Don't Normally Like Complimenting Men On Their Looks
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  • ChronicThinker
    Correction: girls who are afraid of being straight forward and who need to be inflated by smoke being blown up their assholes (insecure) to feel fulfilled don't compliment men.

    Girls like me are the types to tell you you're hot and have an exceptional dick.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Can we put this one in the replicator and make more of her, Johnny? Yeah, just pull the power switch real quick.

    • @sexyalphamale Considering most Christians, virgins, and decent people call me a piece of shit I'm down with people who acknowledge that I sometimes speak reason.

    • Anonymous

      That's how you build even more attraction. You're the type who knows when saying that you'll more tongue and triple effort 👌

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  • Allie_Oops
    I don't do it because it seems to go to their heads and boosts their egos. It's annoying. I only say it to someone I'm dating or interested in dating, but initially? No, I'm not saying it to you.
    • EvilPimp

      I don't do it either to women for that very same reason

    • Allie_Oops

      @EvilPimp I'd actually prefer that. I want a guy to talk to me about something other than my looks because all that relays to me is that you want me for sex.

  • azzntittiz
    Women don't really do that because society doesn't value men based off of their looks, but you are right, kinda. I do call men hot or handsome though, occasionally when I'm being pervy on the internet, with that follows, I'd like to sit on your face. Not sure I ever do it in real life.
    • azzntittiz

      Oh and yes, you're handsome, I'd like to sit on your face.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha there you go

    • You've said that to me before.

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  • lumos
    What in tarnation

    So you've had several encounters with tipsy women at a bar and you think they fully represent all women as a whole? lol
    Yesterday I was out with two friends of mine, a girl and a guy. Somehow we ended up at the topic of tinder and he showed us his profile because he wanted some help. His profile was pretty much perfect and so were his pictures. We had no problem telling him in which photos he was really cute/handsome, and in what order to put them in.
    I also tell my boyfriend that he's handsome like all the damn time. Especially when he decides to not wear his glasses because he's so cute with his bare face and it's nice to see his eyes clearly.
    This is also very common within my group of friends, and what I've observed since basically high school. The people around me have never had any issues with being straight up with one another. We're all very good at letting each other know that we're smokin'. Even when it's totally platonic. Lol
    So I'd say that the sample of women you have probably isn't the greatest, especially when you take the setting into account.
    • lumos

      Not to mention that women are always told to not be so forward because it comes off as desperate, thirsty, or slutty.

    • Anonymous

      I mentioned that as an example, but I pretty much meant in general casual encounters and meeting girls random even in repeated interactions at work, college -wherever- girls don't normally compliment men and specially when they ARE ATTRACTED/INTERESTED, in which I thought I made clear. You are talking about something else, around groups of friends where there isn't a one on one interaction that involves sexual tension and interest.

      Also, yes. In relationships that's different. I take your word for it. Girls I've been with have complimented the shit on my looks but then again it isn't what I'm talking about here.

    • Anonymous

      As for the last thing you mentioned that may be true for some dudes, and you are probably right on the money when it comes to social conventions. It's unfortunate that aspect may play a part. But speaking personally and even as I pointed out on my take, girls that say whatever the fuck is on their mind, specially if they think you're attractive ignites a lot of interest. Again, I don't "need" to be given compliments but it's refreshing when it happens.

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  • Levin
    Yeah, women generally don't compliment in my experience. I'll get a stony silence, for like a year or something, and then out of nowhere, when I'm getting to know a girl, she'll be like, 'OMG, you're so handsome'. And it totally catches me off guard to her bemusement, cause like you say, you partly judge yourself on the feedback that you receive.

    I'd be interested in the psychology behind this. What I've heard so far is unsatisfactory, and of course, I'm not a woman, so I can't search my own consciousness for the answer. Part of me thinks women can have a narcissistic, insecure and self absorbed aspect that makes them want to crave all the compliments for themselves. Men have to be self-assured anyway, for her to be interested. It's almost as if they can test us, see if we have dents in our armour, to find out if we're a viable mate. That's the murky biological side anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I hate women or something, I'm saying, both the male and female of the species have certain shadow sides that need acknowledging.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah I totally get when you are coming from. As I said elsewhere I sometimes compliment myself around women. When you change a tire or install a plugin “damn I'm awesome”. They often expect you to be as insecure and low on self esteem as possible. A man who thinks highly of himself – they HATE that shit. But it turns them on. But it's like you said they will test where you stand so they pretty much keep that stuff to themselves.

  • englisc
    Men and women are different. We value different things in a partner and it's because of the way we're programmed - we have the same programming as we did before modern civilisation.

    We're wired to look for signs of good genes for the purpose of having the strongest, most intelligent and capable children we can. Men and women are designed to fulfill different roles. Women are built to give birth to and nurture children while men are built to hunt and protect the tribe, the women and the children.

    When looking for a woman the best way to tell good genes is her looks - nice skin, nice hair, a good body, decent sized breasts, facial symmetry. That's why men find these things attractive. And then when it comes to personality things like femininity, loyalty, sensitivity.

    When looking for a man however, while looks have something to do with it too there are also more important things than looks - physical strength,
    intelligence, confidence, assertiveness, bravery. If a man is good looking but is a coward, or is an idiot, then back in those days in more dangerous times he'd be of no real use. He wouldn't be able to hunt or protect the woman and her children, and as a result they most probably wouldn't survive. They still have the same programming now so those are the things they find most attractive, and it's the reason that men are valued more based on their achievements than on their looks.
    • Levin

      I agree with this, but it's important to remember, that the biological aspect is only an aspect of the story. One shouldn't view this too rigidly, but it's definitely right.

    • MlleCake

      @Levin @englisc: Have either of you read Sex at Dawn? Some of your assumptions about gender roles in ancient man many not be based in fact.

    • englisc


      Yeah I think a lot of the assumptions they make are false.

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  • 9teen
    I don´t compliment random guys because they´d assume I want them which is not the case and I don´t really see the point. I also don´t really compliment someone to make him feel good. I compliment when I really mean it, when I see art and reckless behavior takes over (obviously feelings and communication play a big role). You know, when you just lose control and blurt it out before you realize the hell you´re doing. ಥ⌣ಥ
    • Anonymous

      But would you then compliment guys you are actually attracted to?

  • Pink1996
    I think women who are unsure of themselves and insecure may be afraid to compliment men.
    Personally, when i see a handsome guy or pretty girl i just out right say it.
    But hun you're a really handsome guy, you shouldn't care about whether these women are complimenting you or not because you're still handsome regardless.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you :)

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    That's not true for me. I always compliment men for their natural good looks or for being well dressed or being well groomed or good hygiene. I also compliment them for good manners or being articulate and/or more. If they deserve to hear it from me, I'll 'em him have it.
    • how does one compliment someone on their manners?

  • GingerGuy
    Tell me about it! I don't know if they are just so concerned about themselves they don't think about it, or if they don't care/want to as they don't want to "feed our ego"? That they think we have.
    • Anonymous

      Exactly. This is the same impression I got. Some girls assume you get called compliments all the time when the reality is very few times the actually do.

  • SweedyPie
    From my experience,
    People who think they are "all that" tend to also come with a superiority complex of sorts. Why? Because they are told so much they are "beautiful/gorgeous" they tend to get bubble headed and think they are the best gift to humankind. This is not limited to just good looking people, there are people who are wealthy or who put a lot of effort on materialistic things who also think the same. Girls in this category seem to be the ones you ran into lots... So they obviously would not compliment you since they are too full of themselves and probably see complimenting a guy on his looks as "beneath them". They would have no issue receiving them though, these types of people generally love anything that feeds their egos.
    But there is a second category of people who just don't see themselves as better than anyone (not that they do not have confidence) and so giving a compliment is easier for them. Now to be clear this is where I disagree with you because there are what society deems as drop dead gorgeous girls who are like this too. If that's what you're looking for don't give up, you'll find her. But you need to always keep in mind too that personalities differ so some people (introverts) would be less likely to walk up to a guy they think is hot and tell him like it is. Other people would be more bold and likely to do it (extroverts).
    Personally, it's hard for me to just compliment someone on their looks. But I'm introverted and I miss flirting cues so no surprise there. Also, because of my happy go lucky personality people might mistake my genuine compliments as hitting on them. Which happened to me before lol. But not only that, I really learned the hard way that looks can be deceiving, so I don't equate looks with being a nice person... Rather the other way around.
    There was once, I repeat once, I ever saw a guy that was so fucking good looking I had to tell him lol and it was via message on Gag and I have my suspicions lol but anyways... I mustered up some courage to tell him. Lol.
  • lord_chilled
    now that i think about it, some of my friends have mentioned that i look good.
    And some other acquaintances have told me to dress better since i didn't have "anything to hide"

    I always tought they are just being encouraging.

    This take actually applies to pretty much most guys i would say.

    For me personally, other than my mom and my sister, i dont remember women telling me i lool good.

    My ex girlfriend sometimes used to reply i look handsome as well, when i described her as beautiful.

    And there was a girl in high school that told me i look good but was an idiot.

    I dont recall any other instances.

    I have been reading the comments and this is my conclusion:
    Guys are thinking from their perspective and girls think from theirs.

    Guys compliment the girls they like on their looks and think thats how girls would act as well.
    When girls dont do it, we assume they dont like our looks all that much.

    On the other hand, girls know how cocky and full of themselves other girls get when they get a lot of male attention.
    So, they dont compliment guys in order not to give him the wrong impression amd so that he wouldn't get full of himself.
    Its a very straightforward mistake of male vs female thinking.

    But in any case , its not a big deal. it has always been like this.
  • Jmcmanning
    I've never had an issue telling how someone they looked (girl or guy). If I find them attractive I will tell them. Now, if i am with another guy, then I am going to respect that guy I am with and not comment on your looks. Younger females have not learned the technique of complimenting males (this could be more aged-based of why you received the replies you did).
  • lilaqua
    I personally agree, but that's only because I dislike/forget giving compliments for some reason to both men and women, probably because I really hate receiving them. With men i'm attracted to, I think I'm also scared of flirting or showing interest because I feel like I look like a troll that the guy would just laugh at me.
  • GuyAdviceFromGuy
    You look middle eastern on the left and hispanic on the right
    • He can do well in two big demographics of women. Its pretty cool. Your comment is spot on tough

    • Anonymous

      I'm half Southern Italian so the middle eastern and latino influences aren't off at all

  • MusicMayhem
    That's cause women are predominantly 'the catch' so complimenting a guy would undermine that and give men the higher ground which would mean taking a hit to their ego.

    I'm not good looking so when I'm complimented it's ALWAYS on how I dress, not my personal appearance and I reckon it's a 50-50 split between my mates and women (most of whom are family friends and over 40 with fading looks)...
  • Bigdaddyslim01
    Duude you're back, yes women don't compliment men on their looks much, because it doesn't really mean much when you compliment a man on his looks like when you do with a woman, and men don't really find it that important to focus on their looks, but that doesn't mean women don't compliment at all, they always tell you when you're handsome and stuff, they just don't overdo it like guys do, because you know guys aren't all about the looks and not so pretty to do so
  • DaTruth01
    actually girls never compliment me on what i do but they often compliment me on my looks, in fact around 80% of my compliments are about how good looking they find me , still have to face girls how play games and lie lol, life is never easy.
    • Anonymous

      Interesting. For me it's definitely around 20-30% of the time they compliment me on my "looks". I have noticed, though, aside from some girls I've dated, women compliment mostly when they want something from me. "You must work out” is inadvertently followed by a request to carry something lol

    • DaTruth01

      yeah girls do tend to ask favors from guys, it did happen to me few times but not enough to consider it anything more than a coincidence, as for the compliments i get them regardless of what i do or dont, in fact they are so random its suprising, one moment iam sitting there with a girl staring at me and the next she's like "youre really good looking you know that? girls really like you "

  • AperolSpritz
    I'll often say "hey, handsome"to someone i'm comfortable enough to say it to, i. e, someone I've known for a long time and who'll take it cooly.

    I think my partner is the hottest guy in the world, but I don't say that to his face, because he knows anyway. Women have many methods of showing you how hot she thinks you are.

    I compliment guys all the time to other people, you never know how it's going to come across if you straight up say it to them.

    If women are flirting with you/sleeping with you, etc they think you're attractive, why is it so important that they spell it out to you on a daily basis? Getting hit on often is the same thing. That IS a compliment.

    You talk like women are obliged to not only flirt with you, not only by their actions, but to bow down to how hot they or you think you are.

    ... and that is NOT attractive.
    • Anonymous

      "You talk like women are obliged to not only flirt with you, not only by their actions, but to bow down to how hot they or you think you are. "

      Point exactly where that is implied. I just stated a general observation that girls don't normally compliment the men they are attracted to. Never did I mentioned I find it a requirement, specially since I've been with girls that never really complimented me until we had something going on so...

  • LittleSally
    Sounds more like your country's thing... In most of the European countries I've noticed people tend to be pretty straight forward... Which is always a plus in my book...
  • btbc92
    "They want YOU to compliment them if they are physically attracted to you." Please don't assume all women do. Some of us actually take dating seriously. I overally compliment men because they do look great in what they wear. I don't do it because of attraction. I now don't really do it because it comes off as the wrong way. People who fish for compliments are despreate and is emotionally insecure.
  • Papavera
    Never occured you that they simply find you handsome enough to actually say it?
    This whole take is just fishing for compliments. Not hot bro.
    • Anonymous

      Most folk around here (including women) get where I'm coming from here. There's interesting convo going on elsewhere so if that's what you got from this, cool beans.

    • Papavera

      WHich convo'?

    • There is a difference between fishing for compliments and going without none. Girls are told it all the time, even when they are not remotely good looking. If you are funny women say it... if you are kind they say it... if you are good looking they keep their mouth shut.

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  • FatherJack
    To be fair I NEVER compliment women , it is often taken the wrong way , with an assumption the man is hitting on her. I'm a single dad working FT , so I don't engage with women any more than as friends only , even then I keep some distance.
    Fact is , women are desired overall much more by men , than vice versa , also males are not considered the attractive gender... by BOTH genders , very few males are rated consistently attractive by women , a man has to bring a hell of a lot more to the table than just mere looks. The vast majority of men are simply used to being ignored / overlooked by women , that's how it is for men... c"est la vie !!
    • Anonymous

      Good points ;)

    • And what is wrong about a man hitting on a woman? Don't be ashamed of it, it's completely fine!

  • butvolca
    It depends on girls and which guy she is talking to. I know a lot of girls who compliment whole heartedly and aren't afraid to share their views.
    • Anonymous

      Of cours. I did pointed that out though.

  • CubsterShura
    I do compliment guys but I would never do it in public for others to see. It is a social thing, you see. Women complimenting men on their looks, asking them out or even proposing is seen as a negative thing and women are judged whilst men even catcalling women is seen as common, because it is common. Let me give an example:

    Guy: says that this girl is the prettiest in class, no one cares.
    Girl: says "if you ask me then I'd day he's the most good-looking" everyone roasts her forever. "She and him sitting under a tree, K, I, S, S, I, N, G" It's sooooooooo annoying that's why I don't compliment guys on looks. Even if I do it's in private. I think I once said about a guy in our class looking good about 3-4 years ago and everyone still roasts me about it.

    But I have to admit, you ARE handsome, and I can say this because it's the Internet lol.
    • Anonymous

      Makes total sense. Thank you :)

    • This is actually not a correct interpretation. I come from a different country and a different culture, plus shipping is just a petty thing school kids do. But this just might be one of the reasons. Not sure if it's major or minor.

    • Anonymous

      Putting this in a different context/country would still apply to some people considering some women are looked as sluts and such when giving compliments. That's how I would apply it.

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  • Cosytoasty
    This felt really strange reading this, I’ve never heard of a man who asks for or expects compliments about his looks 🤔.
    • Anonymous

      I don't. That isn't the point of this take, nor why I wrote it.

  • Muhammad1999
    i know how you feel man , but you must know that women aren't visual like men , no matter how handsome or hot a guy is if he is a little bit introvert he will be down rated , we must accept that truth , thats how God created us , both sexes are different mentally and physically , even at past they thought that men and women are two different creatures.
  • JSmuve
    I wanna know more about how they'd hit on you and proposition you.
    • I dont know about him, but girls never compliment they way I look.

    • Anonymous

      It's usually playful. I think one recent occasion was a girl I approached, she flirted and stuff and then she said "you look charmed".
      And I'm like what the fuck is that supposed to mean? I assumed it was a green light (and it was), but it tells you how they'll say whatever instead of telling you they find you attractive.

    • JSmuve

      LOL! If some chick said that to me I'd be like "okay, you've had too much to drink. I'm cutting you off"

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  • bubble_tea
    Lol. I remember I told someone I just met that evening that he looked like Ben Affleck. When his friend asked me if I liked Ben Affleck, I said no.
    I've stopped complimenting women too. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I was trying to hit on everyone. 🤪
  • ScarletAngelic
    Well I love complimenting women on there looks, voice, personality, and everything. I'm not attracted to guys so I don't usually compliment them on there appearance unless it's like, "You're attractive for a guy."
  • hasrett
    So you're mad because girls dont tell you you're hot. Lol.
    • Anonymous

      How the hell did you even read that in what I wrote lmao

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that's the title... question still stands XD

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  • Nice222
    Good take. I never really look for compliments, I feel comfortable in myself but it would be nice.
    • Anonymous


  • talias288
    We don't realize that it's socially acceptable, just like it's OK to approach first. I try to compliment guys more now when I approach them, lol. ^_^
  • DamnMan
    Dude, you are trying to use male brain to understand female brain. It's ridiculous. lol
    Here's a couple of reasons I can summize, in general:
    -Most dudes are not good looking to some women
    -Some dudes think a compliment is an invitation
    -Women don't just see physical attractiveness as attractiveness, some of them see looks, personality and style as a whole.
  • Anon-ymous1
    Good take. All basically true. I have been told a few times that I'm attractive but it's very rare.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks man, and yes exactly.

  • HideandZeke
    If a male is hot enough women will go above & beyond... in my home town there is a guy who was one tv & really good looking. Girls would fight over him, literally gushing while stood next to him.

    Personally compliments are overrated, especially when it pertains to somebody winning the genetic lottery
  • coralee
    I don't generally tell men I don't know well they look good, especially when I'm interested. It has to do with my own insecurities and the fact that I really have a hard time putting myself out there like that. It has nothing to do with ego and everything to do with being terrified of saying something like that and getting shot down. Is it cowardly? Sure, and I'm working on it but it doesn't change the fact that my first instinct is to avoid compliments like that like the plague. I didn't tell my current boyfriend I thought he was hot till after two months of dating.
  • Nyx_85
    I generally don't compliment guys unless I have a romantic connection to them. I'm not a flirty person. To me compliments are reserved for someone I have feelings for.
    • Nyx_85

      Which is something I think my boyfriend appreciates. Being that I don't really give a shit about how other guys look. Can I recognoize if a guy is good looking? Yes. Do I care? Nope.

  • Maxemeister
    In my experience, I am usually not bothered by it until she then later when in a relationship asks how I didn't know she had a crush on me, like she expected me to know for sure.
  • MrNameless
    Yes, because somehow society has us validating women by complimenting them on their looks and not men.
  • I have been complimented a lot by women on my looks. Just don't act arrogant.

    Women tend to hate that and if you're good looking she will probably say you are handsome.
  • Robertinho
    Very interesting, very interesting to say the least my friend. When it is all said and done, its all about the fact that they are so egoistic that they rather keep what they want to say, then say what they actually have to say. Mainly because they expect us guys to do everything for them... ladies wake the hell up its the year 2018, help some us guys out. They claim that they can do anything a guy can do, in which they could... but how come when it comes tho these types of things, they women out... give me a damn break!!!
  • brennanhuff
    Girls often don't probably because of how guy's can take the smallest compliment and think a girl is into them now, even though it's just a compliment. A lot of guy's can be too thirsty and think a woman is flirting with him for saying he's good looking or handsome, which is why many women hold off on compliments until they are hooking up with the guy or in a relationship, because it's fine since they are attracted to said guy. The problem is they could find a guy attractive, but he's not her type or she's not attracted to him, but then guys can feel she meant more with her comment and then she has to deal with a guy being upset or feeling mislead, when she was just trying to give a compliment.
  • ManwithaConran
    I don't need compliments. I just need a smile, a hug and a kiss...
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Why do I think this needs to go on a MGTOW rant blog?
  • Namkrow
    I do not have this problem. Several women have said they like my hair, so considering I'm fat, have a scaling and flaking away skin condition on my face which reduces any attractiveness I may actually possess, have dark bags under my eyes from rampant insomnia, and probably can't grow facial hair properly, at least I know there's something about my physical being that some women find appealing. But yeah, you go right ahead being worried women don't compliment you on your appearance enough if you want. I for one just do not care enough to try to be better than the 2/10 I feel like most days. Makes the positive attention I do receive feel all the better.
  • ovi2boss
    I know girl who complimeted my looks and I look average..
    Maybe they aren't into you or is not their style
  • Revolver_
    It is because women think men look ugly
    • Anonymous

      It's probably true to a lot of them XD

  • Rargueta
    i don't think women would compliment a guy they don't know or are beginning to get to know them
  • omgjassy
    I compliment when I mean it.
  • Anonymous
    wow! u just proved to me that guys are REALLY DUMB. congrats.

    gays think everything is hot. cuz they just want to get laid.
    girls are just trying to get free drinks by flirting with u.

    Hahahaha your generation is doomed.. woo hoo the end of the world is so close I can taste it. im so fricking excited!
    • Tomblebee

      You're enthusiasm in being pessimist is inspiring!

    • Just because he figured out a bit late that girls dont compliment guys anywhere near the amount girls compliment guys, doesn't mean he doesn't knowthat they are just flirting for free drinks.
      He's not dumb. He is just pointing out an observation.