Why I Stopped Supporting the LGBT+ Community


Hello everyone,

It's me again.

Before you continue to this MyTake, let's make something clear.

Yes, I'm not a member of LGBT+ community, feel free to attack me.

The fact that I'm annoyed with some things of it, that I'm not the biggest fan and that I stopped supporting the LGBT+ community DOES NOT mean that I dislike, hate or want to hurt any feelings or members of it. I actually have a friend that is openly homosexual and I have no problem at all with him, I dearly love him and accept his decision.

(This MyTake is inspired by a new research that shows that more and more people every day stop supporting LGBT+ in 2018 for different reasons.)

Why I Stopped Supporting the LGBT+ Community

And a small message to the ones that openly dislike/hate the members of LGBT+:

This is their life, not mine, neither yours, they are free to do whatever they want with whoever they want. It's not my business, it's not your business, it's their business only.

Now though, let's get back to the real deal of this Take.

The Reasons Why I Stopped Supporting LGBT+ Community.

1. It Became Too Mainstream.

My face everytime I see posts again and again about LGBT+
My face everytime I see posts again and again about LGBT+

Before the whole LGBT+ community became a trend and a super-hot-topic in 2017 and 2018, I was a huge supporter of it because it was about all people no matter their sexualities being treated as equals. After one point though, it started being EVERYWHERE.

▶ Parades.

▶ Posts Onlines.

▶ LGBT+ Movies.

▶ TV Shows.

▶ Drag Queens.


And all these, EVERYWHERE.

Okay I get it, it's a huge deal for you to actually be able to be openly bi, homosexual, trans and etc...But can you STOP talking about it every freaking second? People who matter, respect you for who you are already, you don't need to force this on everyone by spamming their lives. I'm not walking down the streets screaming that I'm straight, so why should you? You won the acceptance by most of the world that had the understanding to accept that being different it's okay.

2. The LGBT+ Community Members Attack Everyone Who Don't Agree With Them.


Suddenly for some reason the tables turned.

The members of the LGBT+ community started becoming discrimnated towards everyone else other than them. Instead of finally finding balance between sexualities, equality and actually accepting each other, now the LGBT+ members try to force everyone their ideas, opinions and beliefs.

They literally took the place of the people who they claim to hate.

No one ever understood why past victims of discrimination like LGBT+ members became discriminative towards others themselves.

You can't force them to agree with you like they can't force you to change.

Some people just do not agree with your sexual orientation and they have the right to do it, like you have the right to openly be who you are. DEAL WITH IT.

3. LGBT+ Members Think That Everyone Should Be Gay/Bi/Trans.

Why I Stopped Supporting the LGBT+ Community

Lately I've seen so many homosexuals/bi-sexuals telling straight people that they aren't 'normal.'

ARE YOU SERIOUS? WE CAN AND HAVE TO ACCEPT YOUR "DIFFERENT" SEXUALITY, BUT YOU CAN'T ACCEPT OURS? Let's be serious for a second here, 'gay' or 'bi' isn't something that is 'natural' based on laws of nature, I know it's a cliché line that every homophobe says but it's actually true...

We all know that.

And before you start saying the examples about 'lions having homosexual relationships and shit' let me tell you that there is a reason why only 2 genders exist and only together can they actually reproduce.

But forget these things, you made your choice and you know what?


You are a human being and you deserve equal treatment to every straight person. The question is why does everyone have to respect your choice but you can't respect theirs just because it's different than yours?



Why I Stopped Supporting the LGBT+ Community
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  • NineBreaker
    What you've said is sad, and there is much truth in it.

    I've once been called a homophobe because I said the following:
    "Homosexuality is against my religion, but I believe that people have the right to live their lives however they like freely, so long as they don't infringe of the rights of others. Neither I, nor the government should tell consenting adults what they can or cannot do in the privacy of their lives."

    They (because I don't remember the person's gender now) just read the first part "Homosexuality is against my religion..." and ignored everything else.

    This only proves my basic realistic view in life:
    (Insert name of any group here) are people, and people have a great capacity to suck. It is what it is.
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  • David32
    i know i’ll get hate for my comment, but i agree strongly with this and i think lgbt has became way too mainstream. I don’t suppose it and i think by it becoming more mainstream everywhere it’s being seen by young children before they even know or see anything about a straight sexual couples.

    young children don’t really know much anything about relationships or anything but the lgbt community is forcing it onto everything and chances are it’s going to affect the children’s future orientation.

    and if you don’t support the lgbt community just look on youtube and you can find a shitload of hate specifically for people who don’t suppo
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    • David32

      and if you don’t support look at youtube and you can see multiple hate videos made for you. but if you switch it around there are no videos found that hate gays. like wtf

Most Helpful Girls

  • ShesAmerican
    I agree, just because you’re not part of/supporting the community doesn’t make you a homophobic person. As a person who’s part of it I really could care less about it. I don’t like the fact that some people throw it in straight people’s faces it really gives a bad image lmao

    You can support whatever, it doesn’t matter what you are and what you like
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    • But I do think that straight is more mainstream than LGBT. Other than that you’re ok

  • Anonymous
    AMEN!!! thank you for taking a stand
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  • Very well said!
  • DinaM
    As a member of the LGBT community, I think I have to disagree. Point by point:

    1: Mainstream's good. But I think it's wrong to say that LGBT content is EVERYWHERE. It's getting more prominent in mainstream culture, yes, but straight content really IS everywhere. You say you don't go around screaming that you're straight, and... well, I don't think you do it on PURPOSE, but I do see straight content in every single book, movie, song, theatre play...

    About 90% of culture, pop culture and classical culture seems to either revolve around it or heavily involve it in some way. "Boy meets girl" and all that. I'm not complaining about this, cause that would be silly. But I think complaining that LGBT content is everywhere, you just don't see how much non-LGBT content there is.

    2: Attack? Maybe. I see many more attacks AGAINST the LGBT community than FROM them, though I'll admit I haven't seen all the cases. Tried to Google it, but most of the search results were reports of attacks against LGBT community, violence against LGBT people, bullying of LGBT people. Going a little deeper I found some sites that claimed LGBT people were bullying straights, but when I looked closer the "bullying" was usually an angry protest against some anti-gay tirade. law or intolerance.

    The one instance I could find was from last year when Candice Wiggins claimed to have been bullied in the WNBA for being straight. But then she also said that 98% of WNBA players are lesbians, so I don't know...

    3: I see people claim this all the time, that we want everyone to be LBGT... maybe I'm too much on the inside to have noticed, maybe I'm just in the wrong parts of the LGBT community, but I've never talked to anyone who seriously thought that nobody should ever identify as straight.

    The closest thing I can remember is the quote "Straight people aren't 'normal,' they're just common." Which isn't a claim that it's abnormal to be straight, it's a counterargument against all those who claim LGBT people aren't "normal." "Which, trust me, I hear a LOT.

    Are there terrible LGBT people out there? Oh yeah. Being part of a minority doesn't mean you're automatically a good person. But seeing takes and claims like this, I can't help but think... This is the sort of thing LGBT people have had to take from straights for centuries.

    If you say you respect someone for who they are long as they shut up about it, you're not really respecting them for who they are.
    • Anonymous

      I respect your opinion and everything you said because you expressed it in an excellent way, congratulations.

    • DinaM

      Likewise. It's nice to be able to have a civilized conversation about these things. ^_^

    • Anonymous

      Yeap, exactly.
      By the way I'm sorry if I offended you with this post, this was never my purpose.
      And I have to admit that as a caucasian straight girl I've never expirienced in the slightest the possible discrimination or racism that LGBT+ members might have, therefore I regognize that your community has real life fighters that suffered a lot in the past.

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  • Hello4242
    I agreed with everything you said except for it being “too mainstream” I think that’s such an amazing thing actually! It makes it easier for anyone who is gay, etc to come out and it makes them feel like they are part of society, so the more “mainstream” the better! Just the other day I was wishing that other groups of people were welcomed in society the way LGBTQ+ are, they’ve really built a following and COMMUNITY. I only wish strong communities like that could be built for more groups of people, maybe teenagers for example, who struggle with depression, etc. I think the fact it’s mainstream is wonderful. And I could be wrong here, but I think what you meant by “attack everyone who disagrees” is that they take it too far, not that they shouldn’t stand up for themselves but getting angry at someone for holding a different view is only going to build a larger gap. They could certainly stand to handle hate in a better manner. I definitely agree with most of what you mentioned, but I would let say I don’t support the LGBTQ+ community all together, I would say I don’t support the way they handle themselves at times.
    • Anonymous

      We agree to disagree

    • Hello4242

      Strong argument.

    • Anonymous

      There isn't a pont to argue here, our beliefs are too different.

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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Yeah, I don't think you know too many LGBT folks if you think these things.

    I don't believe this actually happens, but if it *did*... there's a difference between being discriminated against for *who you are* versus being discriminated against for *what you choose to believe*. If someone hates me for being gay, they hate me for something I can't change. If I hate someone for hating gays, I hate them for something they actively choose to do and not who they are. HUGE difference, right there.
    1. You have no evidence to back this up. I don’t understand how you would stop supporting a movement just because a lot of other people support it. It shows that you are not that tolerant of lgbt+. No, heteronormativity is still way more mainstream than lgbt+. If straight people can talk about being straight or anything related to their straightness every second of the day, then why can’t lgbt+ people do the same? If you don’t like it, you don’t watch it or participate in it.
    2. Again, no evidence to back up that all of them do the same thing. No, many members of lgbt+ are quite aware that it’s impossible to change everyone’s opinions, so they just avoid those people. Why would anyone want to tolerate people who don’t tolerate them? People can have opinions but anyone is allowed to disagree with them.
    3. No evidence to back this up either. It’s the other way around actually. It’s just another stereotype that you made up based on your misunderstanding of LGBT+. LGBT+ have no interest to make everyone else LGBT+ and we certainly don’t think that straight/cis people are abnormal because it’s very obvious that most of the population is straight/cis. It’s usually a lot more straight/cis who gaslight lgbt+ people.

    I understand that some people in any movement can be unpleasant, but they don’t represent everybody in that movement. It’s wrong of you to stereotype a whole group of people. But the things you’re complaining are not even problems, especially compared to what lgbt+ people go through...
    • Anonymous

      1) Just a small search online or even something less, just go on instagram or facebook. The ammount of LGBT+ members uploadind videos or photos with their partners saying things like "We are we, fuck you all #pridemonth" or similar things, or LGBT+ people parading, shouting that they are gay and shit like that it's crazy.
      2) Also visit an online page and see how members of LGBT+ community, take comments that don't agree with theirs. I dare you.
      3) Another stereotype that I made?
      Then why so many people agree with me babydoll? I influence world that much?
      You obviously do not want to accept that LGBT+ has taken the down turn, don't blame me for choices and behaviours that your community members take and have.

    • ASEXY

      Let's agree to disagree...
      1. So what? It's usually a response to bigots, not supporters.
      2. The way people act online is different from the way they act in real life. It's usually a small minority that goes online to act viciously against people who don't agree with them.
      3. Don't call me baby doll. The reason why they agree with you is because they never supported LGBT+ and they see something against LGBT+, so they hop on the bandwagon to blindly agree with you entirely. I accept that some people have taken the down turn, but I know the whole movement hasn't taken down turn and never will.

    • Anonymous

      First of all I'll call you however I want to, you are in MY mytake, in MY comment's section. If you don't like it you are free to leave.
      Second, let's be clear here babydoll, from what I saw in your page you are openly asexual and pretty defensive towards this topic.
      You are extremely biased about LGBT+ fact that makes you blind towards things you may don't like about the community.
      So there is no point to argue with you.
      Au revoir💋

  • acooke-13
    I agree with pretty much most of this - I have been made to feel like being straight isn't normal, and not accepted yet I know for a fact I'd be abused if I said I didn't support LGBT+.
    • acooke-13

      I said most, I meant all.

    • Anonymous

      I feel you.

  • HeyThere94
    I am straight, but I disagree with you. I never face any hate from anyone in the LGBTQ community.

    Not sure why you are from, but most people here in America support the LGBTQ community. The latest polls show like around 67% of Americans support same-sex marriage.
    • Anonymous

      I'm russian for your information

  • SkipStop
    I agree. It's great to catch the public's attention and make your movement more accepted. But once it's accepted, it's time to stop screaming about it. Be proud that you won't be treated like an outcast and move on with your life. It bothers me when these movents go past that stage and try to make the others seem like outcasts. People got too much time on their hands.
    • Yes but it's not fucking accepted yet. People still get discriminated for being LGBT even in countries were it is legal to marry. And some countries you get jail time, or even killed.

  • Big_Pogs
    I kinda agree in some ways, honestly my sister is lesbian and she is open about not watching movies or play games if they aren't LGBT related. This pisses me off, it's as strong of a emotion as avoiding something because it has LGBT story line. It's fucking stupid and should be considered hate.
  • DevikaButts95
    1. I get your frustration, but it's an all around stupid argument. Of course people love to talk about stuff they care about.
    2. I've been on tumblr, there are definitely some LGBT members who are like that. Sorry you met all the wrong ones.
    3. Again I've been on tumblr, and yikes, this is the scariest part to me. It's true, although again, it only applies to some of the LGBT. Couldn't tell you if it is a minority or a majority, but I hope it's a minority of the members.
  • BronzedAdonis
  • GuyWhatRunsThePlace
    Sexuality is not racism. You should at least understand what the words "race" and "Racism" are if you're going to elaborate on them as much as you did. Other than that I tend to agree with the other two points you made.
  • monkeynutts
    Very good, I checked your profile pick, you got to forget about these silly arguments, eat hamburgers, if you were my daughter, I'de buy you every Hamburger you could eat for the next week.
    • Anonymous

      I don't eat hamburgers lol

    • Haha, pasta, big serving sizes.

    • Anonymous

      I think I'll pass I want to keep my body the way it is, thank you though

  • vishna
    I don't understand your second point... what are you talking about. Where are LGBTQ people doing the things you say?

    I also think your third point focuses on a small minority or at least not the majority. Or could you back up what you're saying, "LGBTQ people think everyone should be gay/bi/trans"

    And then the first point is just ridiculous. I stopped supporting the movement that supports LGBTQ people because too many people also did it XD how much more of a teenager can you be

    I hope you're joking and I"m just a stick in the mud who didn't get it
    • Anonymous

      No I'm not joking, and since this is what you understood from my mytake you obviously didn't read it right.
      I said and explained on the first point that the reasons why i stopped supporting the movement is because LGBT+ over do it.
      Second and Third point were made from personal expirience, forgive me that I don't know every single person that belong in LGBT to judge better.
      We'll talk again when your mind is actuallly open enough to understand what I wrote:
      Au revoir.

  • Curmudgeon
    Well said!!!

    They have gone from demanding tolerance, which is sensible, to demanding *affirmation*, hence the term "pride".

    Sorry, no one is obligated to affirm anyone.
    • @Curmudgeon on this I agree with you: you can't force people to support you. And using violent language to argue your case actually weakens it.

  • rainbowsandspandex
    I'm a homosexual and I agree with some of what you said. I wish that homosexuality was less mainstream, when its more taboo, its more sexually exciting to be openly gay, at least for me. But I also like some aspects of its mainstreaming.

    I wear a rainbow necklace, bracelets and earrings in malls, coffee shops, bookstores and to pride events to show that I'm gay. I went into a Starbucks yesterday wearing my rainbow gear, got a cup of coffee, and read a homosexual book that had the rainbow flag on the front cover and sat at a table where the barista gals and everyone else in the store could see me reading the book. I did this because its sexually arousing, because it feels good to be out, to have that freedom, to not have to hide.

    I think most gays are respectful of everyone's right to their own opinion. Please don't judge all homosexuals by the bad behavior of a few.
    • Are you for real? You dont want it to be mainstream? Want it to be taboo all over again? Do you know how many people DIED so we could get to this point?

    • Anonymous

      @Alexandra97 You are supposed to have suffered from people being discriminative towards you yet you are now being racist towards me.
      Classy Babydoll, classy.

    • Anonymous

      The fact that I was born in Russia doesn't make me any worse than any of you.
      Even if some russians hate LGBT+ and are against it doesn't mean I'm as well.

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  • Gray-Wisp
    I call the reasons you described as "gay culture" as in it's become an actual culture rather than just a sexuality or (if trans) mental illness. The extreme lengths that they go to and odd beliefs that they continue to accumulate will end up destroying them.
  • slatyb
    Straight guy. I disagree strongly. "Too mainstream?" How can a group be "too mainstream?" Mainstream means accepted as part of society. It's good that LGBT people are now mainstream in the media and in parts of the world. In many places they are still persecuted, and even in the most accepting places they may still be the victims of hate crimes.

    "Attack everyone who don't agree with them" -- meaning attacking people who are attacking them -- people who wish they would just go back in the closet.

    Your position seems to be "LGBT people are fine as long as I don't have to see openly gay people because they make me uncomfortable." Kind of like "Black people are OK but it's better if they keep to themselves."
    • Hello4242

      I agreed with everything he said except for it being “too mainstream” I think that’s such an amazing thing actually! It makes it easier for anyone who is gay, etc to come out and it makes them feel like they are part of society, so the more “mainstream” the better! Just the day I was wishing that other groups of people were welcomed in society the way LGBTQ+ are, they’ve really built a following and COMMUNITY. I only wish strong communities like that could be built for more types of people, maybe teenagers for example, who struggle with depression, etc. I think the fact it’s mainstream is wonderful. And I could be wrong here, but I think what he meant by “attack everyone who disagrees” is that they take it too far, not that they shouldn’t stand up for themselves but getting angry at someone for holding a different view is only going to build a larger gap. They could certainly stand to handle hate in a better manner.

  • Celtero
    There came a point where it wasn't just about accepting other sexualities, it was ACTUAL degeneracy.
  • laurieluvsit
    WHAT A FABULOUS MyTake Ms AS, you and I are identical on this and i have been saying these same things in little bits and pieces on posts to others comments or questions about it forever. My sisters, and I, are all bisexual and want to see everyone be free to be who they are but the LGBTQ has become nothing more than a political movement trying to force their radical beliefs down the throats of those that just want to be left alone about it. Thank you for dissecting this in such a great way and pointing out the tremendous flaws with the radical leadership that has taken over this movement! They are ruining it for everyone!Why I Stopped Supporting the LGBT+ Community
  • larswisner
    4. They parade in the streets naked in front of children
  • WaywardMoose
    It's pretty new here in India cause gay people are wrongly discriminated against but sad to see what has it turned into in the USA as you say
  • Dchrls78104
    1. It's a cult.
    2. They're bigots.
    3. They're annoying.
    4. They're only 2 genders.

    The rest is a story for another day.

    Great take.
    • I love being in a colorful, diverse and funny cult.

  • Trollfather
    All these movements are being hijacked by people who are trying to force their views on others and discrediting their own ideas.
  • Alexandra97
    You need to chill. You're not one of us and you have no idea how we feel. Do you see us complaining 24/7 about you hets shoving straight shit into our face every fucking second? We just want the same amount. Like 99% of the movies are straight, there are no movies for kids about LGBT that would help them figure themselves out or teach them to respect everyone. There are no superheroes that are LGBT. Etc. I could go on forever. But, sure, be the butthurt one. You're the one getting thrown off buildings in some countries or thrown into jail. Or not being allowed to marry the person you love and form a family with some children.
    • linaashxx

      Take a chill pill.

    • @linaashxx Are you LGBT? Do you know how hard it is to be LGBT? Are you from a homophobic ASF place? If your answers are no then you shouldn't tell me what to do.

    • linaashxx

      The answer is to your question is ‘yes’ and take a chill pill.

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  • MarketData
    See this why I don't belong to any bullshit "community".
  • Decentguy
    Nice Take, I feel the same way about LGBT+ community
  • point proven but everyone has a right to believe and think what the want with the facts provided to them
  • AbdKilani
    Great job
    Sorry didn't read it all but i agree with all the major points
  • Anon_af
    Powerful statement. It takes guts to say what you did. Well done.
  • Salmon4056
    I agree with the mentioned of being attacked for having an opinion. I don't suppport it but their is no need to for someone to be attacked for it. I remember someone said I was shallow, because I had no to someone, who asked if I would date or have a relationship with someone who was transgender. I know not all supporters of this community attack those who are against it, but I have seen quiet many who have, and attack while wearing and showing signs with profanity against those who probably don't agree with it.
    • @Salmon4056 and yet people like Falun Gong in China and Jehovahs Witnesses in Russia are being persecuted for just that... having a (different) opinion.

  • Freedom97
    I do think Straight is more mainstream than the LGBTQ
  • NYCQuestions1976
    My favorite movement is a bowel movement...
  • Prankster13
    Thank you.
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    quality post
  • fitemeat
    they are too obsessed with their kink
  • MisterSir
    i agree, thank you
  • AliGodlike
    pff you're right and that #3 is so annoying
  • Anonymous
    good take
  • Anonymous
    Agree very good take
  • Anonymous
    Cool, I agree!
  • Anonymous
    I have noticed that about the LGBTQ members in with the constant infighting for various reasons. The lesbians bicker with gay men over who's more oppressed, black lesbians fight with white lesbians. Gay men and lesbians are now having to come to terms with transexuals being more oppressed by soceity and now if they refuse to date gay or lesbian transexuals they are being transphobic but gay men and lesbians call that homophobic as being homosexual they want to date same sex partners as they are not hetrosexual. Then there's problems of acceptance for pansexuals, bisexuals, intersex, a-sexual etc. Adding race and ethnicity is another factor.
    The LGBTQ tries to ally itself to other minority groups like African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics and so on but often find these groups have the most hate for the LBGTQ community. Like lgbtq for Islam banners really?
    As an a-sexual woman who eventually married a man and had kids the Lgbtq community is less accepting of me as a member and my lifestyle choices.