10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man


10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man

So recently, I was nominated by @jcampbell115 who challenged me to write a MyTake on #WhatIfindATTRACTIVEchallenge , a challenge created by awesome @AngelicSin

There are physical aspects, paired along with intellect, and a sense of humor, that obviously draw us into another person’s orbit. But, oddly enough, there are aspects that tend to get over looked and/or lost in the muddle mix of attraction – those little things that capture our attention whether it’s the odd way they blink their eyes (hey, it’s possible) or their silly, crooked smile that we find enduring – these are certain things you usually don’t find on your every day attraction list. So here are few odd, non-typical, things that i attractive in the opposite gender.
(Note:These are just few things which i find attractive .So please don't judge/hate me for it cuz everyone has their own opinions)

1.Morning voice

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man

A man's morning/sleepy voice.That husky, crispy, clear yet croaky, slurry, calm morning voice.

2. Barber cuts.

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man

I don't think anyone has admitted to liking this yet.I appreciate professional barber cut rather than just chopping your hair off.(jk)

Any guy wearing a beanie. If they can pull it off, which is a beautiful yet rare occasion, it is magic. All they have to do is wear the beanie. That’s it.

Lefties lefties lefties. Guys who write with their right hand are more attractive to me,please don’t ask me why.lol


10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man

There is something cool about them.


10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man

People who wear spectacles can look really attractive depending if it suits them or not.

7.A Cute Blush
Few women can spend hundreds of dollars in an attempt to find the perfect blush color for our faces – whether it’s a soft pink or a darker crimson tone.While some work hard to sculpt the perfect blush tone, men can achieve that rather effortlessly with just a glance. I absolutely love a slight blush on a man when he’s nervous or embarrassed, because he doesn’t need words in that moment to convey his emotions. A cute little blush can be so attractive .

8.I find it very attractive when a guy is well-read and owns a lot of books or frequents his local library. I also love being read to, so I like a guy who will read to me for hours.

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man

9.Good listener

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man

When someone is truly a good listener, instead of waiting for their turn to talk

10.Ability to engage in odd,obscure topics.None of that 'I am bored' or 'you are weird'attitude.Lack of judginess.

10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man

So i guess this sums it all.

Thanks for reading!

Concludingly, I would nominate the following awesome people to write a similar myTake on what they find attractive:


10 Awkward Things I Find Attractive in a Man
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Most Helpful Guys

  • YourFutureEx
    1. I think every guy has it, unless he has a night shift lol. ✅
    2. I don't think I can get the cuts considering my age. At my age, it suits only celebrities ❌
    3. I don't think I can pull off a beanie 😭 ❌
    4. I used to be a leftie in my childhood, but my tried and forced me a lot to become righty ✅
    5. I'll get 3 on my arms after getting a job. ℹ
    6. I agree. Some people look really better in the glasses. But personally, I adore my healthy eyes ❌
    7. I don't know if I can blush or not ℹ
    8. Well, I'm well read, but I hate books ❌
    9. Oh yeah. On a scale of 1-100, I'm 101 when it comes to listening ✅
    10. Obvio. I love engagements (except my own) 😂 ok I know bad joke. Yeah, I'm open to pretty much everything ✅


    But what are the rules? Am I supposed to write just a bunch of things I find attractive, or should I emphasise on "weird/awkward" things?
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  • AoiKaito
    1. Morning voice? I don't know about that.
    2. I cut my own hair.
    3. I don't wear one and they don't really fit my aesthetic.
    4. I am right-handed, but don't understand why left-handed would be less attractive.
    5. Nope.
    6. I wear glasses and am told they suit me well. I hate them though since they are uncomfortable to wear.
    7. I have been told that I look cute when I blush... even though I don't think I am cute (or particularly good looking) in the first place.
    8. I love reading.
    9. I am told I am a very good listener and pretty sensitive to what other people are feeling or going through.
    10. Yep, that's me.
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  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Well, there go my chances with you.
    Although I have a few of those qualities.

    Also, Muslims aren't allowed to get tattoos, so good luck with that.
    • Haha. Doesn matter about the tattos. Bcz i alreay had one but got it removed later on.😂

    • WHAT? Are you serious? When? And I heard removing it hurts. Yeah Muslims aren't supposed to have any. Something to do with when they die. What was it of?

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    1. I have a morning voice for the rest of the day lol.
    2. Meh. Long hair gives me power.
    3. I love beanies. Suits my hair.
    4. I'm right handed :P
    5. Meh. I keep it clean.
    6. I wear fake glasses sometimes. I have an good eyesight tho.
    7. Uhh anxiety makes me blush a lot. I'm just awkward in general lol.
    8. I don't read books :P
    9. I don't talk much tho. I'm mostly ears.
    10. Yeah I hate judgement. I don't judge.
  • jcampbell115
    Awesome, thank you for accepting the challenge and writing out a Take. Your points are very realistic, and not awkward at all. Well written
  • Sjeggy
    i am honestly kinda confused which once of these are awkward? :) these seem all normal and quite common to me!
  • TheBigSoftie
    Looks like I'm your type, except I don't read. Or have tattoos, or wear hats, let alone beanies, or glasses.
    Tho I am everything else.
  • Emmdk
    Especially number 10! It's so important to be able to talk about everything
  • JustCallMeLeon
    So its basically inked cute geeks with red cheecks and beanies?
  • nbbn5
    Well if the guy does not have a good looking face all the thungs are useless for most girls
  • Nik1hil
    I am still safe from this wild fire 😎😎
    I am amazing
  • yourdarksecretx
    Wait so no long hair lol? All girls love my long blonde hair haha.
  • Political_dude
    Thanks for passing on the challenge but I no more write mytakes
  • Inneedofusername
    I love these pictures that you chose *.*
  • msg812
    Hey, why do you have so many followers? Just curious.
  • Tohhhru
    How are half of these even awkward? getting a professional haircut done is awkward?
  • CT_CD
    All pictures of Chad
  • Schrodingerscat
    7-10 🙌🙌

    And thanks for nominating me ❤️
  • sugarchateau
    These aren't awkward things :^/ <3
  • VixenRach
    Yess, the morning voice 😍
  • Dude_1820
    I qualify for all of those but two. Soon to be one
  • ukki_f
  • Zimthewrath
    Cool 🤷🏼‍♂️ Nice list
  • grahammorrison
  • pizzalovershouse
    Ok what ever works for you
  • Anonymous
    morning voice yas!