5 Things That Attract Me To Women!


First time i've been nominated, so a thanks to @desidoll for the nomination! Not sure where to begin, or what I actually am interested in as I don't really "look" for certain things myself, but i'll give it a go!

Some will be a surprise, some will make me seem like a beta male & some will be obvious, especially to those who are familiar with me on the app of GaG.

1. She loves to workout - Takes Pride In Her Presentation.

5 Things That Attract Me To Women!

Do I need to say more? Ever since I started going to the gym regularly myself, i've found myself much more attracted to those women who lift/workout & are just generally in good shape. Not to mention how much of a turn on it is to see a flat, "toned" & sexy body of theirs. Booty & legs are love.

Also if they're into the gym they are much more likely to understand that I have periods of the year where I will eat whatever & get fatter, then have other periods before & during summer where I want to look good so i'll be "picky" when eating.

Post gym cardio made fun, is also a massive attraction.

2. Sense of Humour

5 Things That Attract Me To Women!

I personally really enjoy when I can relate to a woman based on humour, that I can bring out my inappropriate/dark/strange humour out too without scaring them off. I personally love to laugh & love when people laugh or are happy around me, so if there's a mutual sense of humour attraction it's really attractive to me.

If I can make her laugh & she can make me laugh, then i'm going to be so much more comfortable around her, then I won't worry about being boring, or uninteresting etc.

3. Intelligence/More Outgoing Personality

5 Things That Attract Me To Women!

If you can't text me with decent grammar most of the time & you can't get the "you're" type words correct I just don't find you as attractive. Obviously doesn't need to be all the time, but in general a smart, intelligent conversation (not about serious shit, but joking around, sarcastic flirting, play on words etc) is a massive turn on.

An outgoing personality helps to get me out of my shell, as i'm not outgoing myself a vast majority of the time. Pretty much means she's going to be a lot of fun, do spontaneous things, open my eyes to doing new things & new experiences which is what I want (but REALLY struggle to do by myself).

4. Long, luscious hair - no this doesn't mean down to their lower back, shoulder length is fine! (Too much effort to find a perfect photo of the length + look).

5 Things That Attract Me To Women!

I don't know exactly why, but a female with long hair just automatically looks more attractive - especially if you can tell she puts time & effort into it looking gorgeous. For those wondering, i'm more of a brunette man, but It's literally 49/51 split between them & blondes. I find all hair colours attractive (apart from that really icky ginger/red type colour).

5. Mutual Interests

5 Things That Attract Me To Women!

Pretty self explanatory, I want to be able to spend time together, doing things we both enjoy, no matter how big or small they may be. Being able to connect with someone through hobbies makes having fun together so much easier, and it a massive weight off my shoulders not having to think of things to do together - whether that be dates or not (I SUCK at suggesting things/hate doing it - generally don't like being in control of situations where what I say could be good or bad for her).

Well, that was a really rushed MyTake, i'll do an updated one when I really think about what I find attractive as these ones are pretty vague & popular.

I nominate anyone who hasn't done one of these to give it a go!

5 Things That Attract Me To Women!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ritxi
    1. She loves to workout - Takes Pride In Her Presentation.
    I really prefer a girl who is interested on being healthy and having a beautiful shape, than girls who only want to attract attention based on artificial features like make-up or the way they dress.

    2. Sense of Humour.
    Yes, that's a real turn on and that makes me feel happier.

    3. Intelligence/More Outgoing Personality.
    For me it's more important that her understands me most of the things I say and she has no problem to explain clearly than having a right grammar, but I agree that a girl who have a right grammar is more attractive for me.

    4. Long, luscious hair
    When a girl is proud of her long luscious hair is a turn on for me, especially if she wants me to have short hair, because it means that she associates long hair with feminity and I'm turned on by her attitude of wanting to be different as a female.

    5. Mutual Interests
    Yes, it's also very important that she has some targets that I have. It really makes me more attracted of her.
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    • Buckzor

      Why do you assume I say "taking pride in presentation" refers to attention rather than being healthy?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Drinkingcoffee
    Yes, but are YOU okay with extra fat on her when she bulks? Can’t build a butt without a little bit of gut. At least for a few months haha
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    • Buckzor

      I didn't even know women "bulked" - I had a friend who went from chubby/fat to lean with a booty so I don't think it's needed for women to put on a bit of booty size.
      If you train right, you don't need to bulk as a woman just to get a butt.

    • Your friend probably had fantastic genetics. You know how some men can get huge and stay lean without much of a bulk? Same for us women, only we build muscle at a much slower rate. If she’s been training for a year or so, she won’t make any more newb gains. She can’t build muscle and burn fat at the same time any more so if she wants to build more muscle, she has to do it the traditional way. Not all ladies are genetically gifted with good ass genetics, so some have to bulk and cut. 😊
      As you know, past a certain point you simply can’t build muscle without a calorie surplus. It’s a simple matter of physics. You can’t build something out of nothing.

    • Buckzor

      Eh, possibly but likely pretty average. She just trains hard & loves to train, I pretty much taught her what I know as well.

      Of course, but women getting "bulk" is generally about the same size muscularly wise as skinny men before they bulk, if that makes sense.

      I know what you mean & it's true, but it's really not that hard to build a solid foundation of muscle, doesn't take that long at all if done correctly, even for women.

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  • thenewgirlll
    I really enjoyed this Take, even tho I’m a girl I still agree with all of it. Never lower your standards. You seem great too
  • Levin
    Christ, that first bird will do. Sod the other stuff.
  • Letitgoogoo
    Wow I fit most of these haha , well not entirely but still lol
  • Extraterrestrial1999
    Great job Dude, I would definitely want someone to be 4/5 of what you would want a girl to be, the only thing is idc if she's funny or not tbh.
    • Wow really? Being funny is so important like how can you be near someone who is kinda boring? I don't know for me is so hot when someone is funny :)

  • Anon-ymous1
    Holy shit who's that girl under number 1? Hot as hell.
  • JustCallMeLeon
    Simple and full of meaning. I dont mind the hair unless she's bald though.
  • desidoll
    So you want a gym rat like you? 😆
    • Buckzor

      That would be ideal haha, my only major interest that enough females are into.

  • Kelly6
    Well gym girls are more fit and attractive
  • Phoenix98
  • PietroMennea
    for me is 4