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5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You

5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You

This is a small MyTake of things I have personally experienced that make women more attracted to you. Granted, this assumes the particular woman or women have a little crush on you in the first place, but whatevs.


5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You

You know what women like? Kids.

You know what you were once? A kid.

So go call your mom and actually ask how she's doing, and then ask her to give you your baby and kid photos.

Women love to see that sh*t. Seriously. My ex-girlfriend is my ex, BUT STILL LOVES MY KID PHOTOS BECAUSE I WAS CUTE AND NOT SOME HAIRY MONSTER.

It also shows you're not embarrassed. There's bound to be a naked photo or two of you in that scrap book (I know I had a few), and she's going to talk about your chubby cheeks and shit. If you're willing to show her you as a kid that means a lot to her.

(2.) Speaking of kids, play with them.

Wanna show that you're not only a kind guy but also a great father figure? Play with kids! Kids love when someone bigger will play tag and hide & seek with them. They can be your family's kids, a neighbor's kids, maybe you become a camp counselor, etc. If your crush isn't there to witness, there's Snapchat for that.

This is also beneficial to you because not only will it teach you how to play with kids, but you'll also have a fun time just not being an adult for a while.

If you don't have kids, dogs are a good substitute.

(3.) Don't be afraid to have "unmanly" drinks.

5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You

For some reason, men (actually frat bros) have made a rule on what is and isn't acceptable for a man to drink. The rule is: The better the drink tastes, the less manly you are for drinking it.

You are "feminine" and "gay" for having drinks that taste good. So if you're a man, you shouldn't drink Wine (whether red or white, but mostly white), Piña Coladas (or any cocktail really), Orchid or Tea based drinks, etc. As a man, you're only supposed to drink pure shots of liquor or just beer.

That's it.

Don't be afraid to try something different. Now, there are some women out there that will probably laugh at you for ordering a Cosmopolitan, so maybeee don't try all the red looking cocktails first. However, if you show up to a Night Club or Cocktail Party and *GASP!* have some Chardonnay, chances are you might fit well in with the ladies. They'll respect you for being comfortable with the fact you aren't afraid of drinking "unmanly" varieties of flavored Ethanol, and you'll probably just be allowed to just join in with the group while the rest of the bros are busy trying to dance with girls that aren't interested while they hold a bottle of Whiskey. Be an adult and don't be worried about what immature people judge you on.

(4.) Either work with something hand-wise or show your knowledge practically.

5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You

This is a little pneumatic air engine that I machined and assembled myself. Air goes in a little hole, pushes the piston down, turning the crank, and turning that massive flywheel you see at the end. It's simple, but girls think it's awesome I handbuilt everything but the screws holding it together. I also have a knack for fixing and working on cars. So I have that component of handy work.

However, hand skills aren't the only think that women like to see a guy have. Women also like it when you're intelligent and knowledge and can use those brain skills in a practical way. In my experience girls enjoy it when you help teach them how to do something new. One girl I almost dated (until I met my ex) was really attracted to me because I taught her how to do chemistry in my study group. Little things like that go a long way.

(5.) Show that you are in fact, an adult.

5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You

There are some things that I've noticed young men tend to suck at (Even me on rare occasions), that are necessary for adult life. These include:

Laundry, Cleaning, buying good food, having spare items, making sure to regularly change your sheets, and using money in at least a semi-decent way.

I had to teach my old roommate how to put on a fitted sheet, after he finally decided to wash it for the first time in several weeks (ew). I'm not saying you should leave high school knowing how to cook (I can still only do basic stuff) or have an emergency fund, but for Christ's sake please know how to change your sheets. Women like to walk into your place and see it clean, well organized and spare toilet paper in the bathroom closet.

Have at least some fruit, yogurt, and non-premade foodstuffs in your fridge in addition to your booze. You don't need a lot of money but don't be an idiot with it either. I can proudly say at 20 I have a credit score of 730. That's much better than many guys my age or older. If women can see you know how to take care of yourself and live like a proper adult, they're going to take you much more seriously than your average bro that doesn't know how to do laundry.

Alright everyone, I'm out. Hope you enjoyed!

5 Small Things That Make Women More Attracted to You
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Botchie

    I think you forgot 6) Be attractive. I fully embrace #3 because mixed drinks will forever be better tasting than beer in my opinion. #4 isn't hard to do at all, especially since Google exists. And #5 should be obvious since I live by myself, have a very clean and healthy appearance, and am doing quite well. I can't really speak to the first 2 items. I still think being attractive is what "attracts" girls to you in the first place. The kids would help (I believe) and the rest *should* be basic survival skills.

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    • front2back

      As I said in the beginning, if she isn't already into you, most likely looks wise, these won't have much if any effect.

    • Botchie

      Touche good sir. You got me there.

Most Helpful Girl

  • bente2

    thought this was going to be one of those typical things in which a guy tried to write an article but comes across generalising, ignorant and jerkish. it wasn't bad. well done!

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau

    I'll pass on 3. I don't stick to hard liquor cause it's manly, I stick to it cause rum, bourbon and whisky are the only things that don't constantly taste like dog shit to me. Beer is just glorified piss in my books, vodka is just basic people shit (college probably ruined it for me) and I don't do wine (or grape juice). Champagne might be the most disgusting thing I've ever had... I will fuck with Mike's hard di... Lemonade 😅

  • Mesonfielde

    Eh, none of this works if she doesn't initially find you physically attractive based on your face

    • front2back

      Which is why I said in the beginning that it only works if she already has a slight attraction to you.

  • BlueMaze

    I like #4, being handy and knowledgeable can be attractive and impressive. Even if it's being able to fix some basic things, I think that's cool when someone works with their hands. #5 is also a good point!

  • Chief16

    I agree, also, all of these are also applicable to men.

  • hellosweetie49525

    Great Take!!! I Love all of that, haha, smart ;) <3_<3

  • AriadneSky

    eh a guy teaching me something is pretty cliche' and he can get off on it bc it makes him feel powerful. i'm more turned on by him wanting to learn something from me. that shows me he trusts me and is honest enough to be -honest and not worry about being cliche'

    all this stuff he's supposed to do to break out of a cliche is basically just another version,. its like the cliche list of the non cliche things you're allowed to do as a guy to not seem like a cloche of a guy.

    and any of these things are fine if thats him but not bc its supposed to impress me. thats a turn off. and sometimes guys will pretend they like kids or whatever just to get laid.

    most people interested in relationships are going to want someone who's not cruel to kids or animals and can clean their own sheets lol bc you know sociopaths and slobs are not really dating material.. if a person needs to read this for advice they shouldn't be in a relationship in my opinion

  • YourFutureEx

    Is #3 actually true? Society is fucked up there then.

  • cinderelli

    I love love love @ThisDudeHere 's kid photos.. omg 😍😍😍😍

  • yucel_eden

    Finally. Thanks man.

    A take not on "Turks" or anything stupid.

    This is Refreshing

  • echoaj

    That girl in the first picture is super cute and pretty

  • candyaurora

    Works well for me except for no.4. Good observation. by the way are you a mechanical engineer?

  • Pacificblue62

    The girl in the first picture looks like she's about 15 lol

    • dangerDoge

      Funny thing is I actually saw that pic as a profile pic by a person on here claiming to be her. She claimed it was her "senior high school pic" lol. When I reverse searched it though, it popped up everywhere. Google also said that the suggested search was like "hot brunnette" or something like that

    • @dangerDoge Lol that's pretty funny. The girl on here probably put it up as a fake profile pic and claimed it was her to draw attention to herself. Because I would imagine most teenage girls would have no problem looking like this girl lol

  • Puppylove94

    Great take! I def agree with you lol

  • LittleSally

    Pretty great list - all true.

  • John_Doesnt

    None of these apply to me.

  • YummyYumi

    Nice take :)

  • Raymond_Reddington

    Wow who is that girl in the first picture? 😍😍

  • HeckYeah

    Girls love the fact that I own a bike

  • DavidGonzalez7

    Hopefully that'll work.

  • Keepcalm89

    Great mytake!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with this. But also, a guy who is really confident in himself is really attractive. And by confident, I don't mean conceited! Honestly. I've noticed that guys don't have to be super attractive, but if they're confident or at least present themselves in that way, they always have girls falling for them. It's crazy to me but it checks out lol

  • Anonymous

    I agree who's that beautiful woman in the first picture :p

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    1. Being physically attractive.
    2. Having lots of money.
    3. Having a big penis.

    That's all you need to make women fall for you.

    • Good luck attracting your 18yr old sugar baby or gold diggers

    • Anonymous

      @GinaEdwards did I say I had any of those? LMAO

  • Anonymous

    6) my dick

  • Anonymous

    what's the engine for (except attracting women)? by the way i don't think women understood how it works. but i can't understand what you use it for, or did you make it for fun?

    • front2back

      Well it was for school, we have a machine shop in my engineering curriculum and our project was to create this engine. Just to prove you can work machines and follow schematics.

    • Anonymous

      i see. nice

  • Anonymous

    Why is don't be a bitch and talk shit about people behind their back not on the list?

    • could you maybe explain what made you say that? you made my curious

    • Anonymous

      @GinaEdwards The behavior girls have where they dog out their friends to other people behind their back but face to face act like BFF to them. It's a common female trait, and even admitted to be true by women on this site.