5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!

5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!

We all know some of the things that make women turn their heads when they see a man. The tall, handsome, with perfect jawline and fit body perfect stereotype.

Of course, there are other things that women find very appealing! Some of which guys don't know about and so don't invest enough on. They look themselves in the mirror, don't see any of the perfect stereotypical qualities and lose most of their hope to be main protagonist in some girl's fantasy.

Fear not! There is hope for you. Still I advice everyone to work out, if nothing else for your health.

And ladies feel free to agree or disagree with what I am about to say. I know everything on this list this doens't apply to every single one of you. But I know it does the trick for some...

On a final note. Personality, charisma and inteligence play a huge fundamental role in every stage of dating. From meeting, to flirting, to sex. This take is just about physical exterior traits.

Let's start...

Rolled up sleeves

5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!

I know some girls like to see simple things like a guy pulling his shirt out by the collar or taking off his tie. However the act of rolling up our sleeves is the king! This one is a hotness multiplier that any guy can do with no effort. Picture this... You are dressed up all nice, you look like a good, well behaved and well present guy. Then you have that detail that makes you look like you are not "too well behaved". Your arms will look better, gives you a different vibe and in their eyes way sexier!

Our hands

5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!

Yes, you read it right, our hands! Confused? So was I everytime my mother and sister both said it was of the things they noticed in a man right away. I didn't believe it until my girlfriend told me the second thing she noticed about me where my hands. I was in shock and asked her why! Aparentely they assume a lot about us just by our hands. Trimmed clean nails show care and hygene (you have to try to think like a girl to understand this), if they are rough they will assume you are too, if your fingers are long what else is long? See? Have good presentable hands and if girls like how they look, they imagine all the nice things you can do with them. Use a watch to get their attention to them.

The way we smell

5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!

This was the first thing my girlfriend said she noticed about me! My friends girls love a man that smell like the Gods of Mount Olympus just used him as bath sponge. In other words, smells like a God! Some women care more about the way you smell than the way you look. Ask any girl what perfume their boyfriend uses. Not only will she be able to tell you, but also will say it with a really big smile. Do you know why? Because they associate that smell to the good things they felt while smelling it. Yes that! A previous girlfriend told me she had to focus not to jump to a guy's lap because he used the same perfume I did.

Our round butt!

5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!

This one is not that unknown, but it is more than it should! Do you know that really cute girl in yoga pants, with the great ass, working out in the gym? Yes? Of course you do. Now do me a favor. Put on some shorts that look good on you, to do some squats and while you exercice try to look at her (use the gym mirror for that). Where is she looking at? If she ever looked at you, as she was looking around lost in her thoughts, chances are she stopped looking around for a bit to look at you. Do you know why? Because "Uh nice ass" that is why! Not much of a asset if you can't capitalize on it. You know how you do that?

By dressing up!

5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!

No! Don't! Stop! I don't want to hear you say "that is obvious!" and/or "that is too expensive". Do you know why? Because guys insist on not doing this! I have female friends complaining that some guys show up to dates in cargo shorts! Do you know that rap guy look? Do you know that sports guys look? Drop them unless you are less than 21! And no it it not that expensive, a nice shirt and pants to match it aren't much unless you try to shop at Harrods! Use the shirt inside your pants, this way your shirt doesn't covers your ass and you torso looks way better and firm. Let's do the "Picture this" thing again. She knows you from tinder pics or from ocasional meetings, where you are dressed normaly. Now you want to wow her right? You need something different then, better. Even if it is just a coffee, dress nicely. I can asure she will notice and like it a lot!

None of those are magical triggers that will get you laid and you need other qualities, but they defenitly help! Ladies let the lads here know what do you think of those and what other small things you like to see.

5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!
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  • Lliam
    I never thought about rolled up sleeves before. But I can see why women would be attracted to forearms and hands. They are distinctively different in men and women. Women's forearms are thin and look frail. Men's are thicker, corded, hairier and usually more sun tanned. They have a virile quality.
    There's a similar difference between men's and women's hands, especially when a man's hands are large, look strong and accustomed to physical work but, at the same time, have well groomed nails that look like he takes similar care of the rest of his body.
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    • Lliam

      When a man rolls up his sleeves it looks like he is ready to get to work.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Miss_Savanna_Dry
    Rolled up sleeves is 🔥🔥🔥 a lot of guys these days roll up their sleeves 👌
    Surprised hands is on the list, not many people know that girls really do look at hands really often. It's one of the first things I notice as well, how big they are, overall look, nails look neat.
    The way men smell for sure, even if they don't wear deodorant, guys still smell good.
    A round butt? Need I say more. Just like men like it on us, we like it on them.
    Dressing up - yes we love it. It's nice to see a guy put in some effort especially dates. Big plus.
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  • Vanillachoc88
    This is spot on!! My boyfriend calls me a sniffer! I keep smelling him all the time and can’t get enough 🤣 and my hands are always on his butt!! 24/7!
    That’s a good list mate!
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  • Puppylover_129
    Hands and the smell!!! I mean I assume its common knowledge that a good smelling person is sexy as hell, but one thing I also love is the purr/growl men make when they are tired and such. It's👌 but big manly hands are amaze balls!!
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    • AJC997

      What type of cologne do you like? I bought nautica and also have big hands

    • mick05

      Can you elaborate more on the hands? There is a girl I know who find's any excuse to touch mine...

  • MostPaloney23
    When you ladies say "dressed up" do you mean business causal? That means button down shirt and khaki material/similar pants and decent shoes. I wear this daily for work.

    And I roll sleeves unless it's really cold or it's definitely more proper to not do so.
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    • Unit1

      This certainly should be elaborated. Perhaps the point is not dressing in ripped jeans and oversized shirts? Heck, if i knew I'd tell you.

  • Daniela1982
    Which little bird on your shoulder told you this stuff? You should feed it to the cat for dinner. The number one thing that I would notice is a guy
    s personality. It's not about looks at all, although it does have a part. After all, that is the first thing you really notice about a person. But looks fade while your personality will last through until the end.
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  • SkipStop
    True. I read something similar on Reddit and other sites. I don't understand the sleeves part. But I'm sure there are some things that we find sexy about girls that they don't understand. I want to try the sleeves part but can't find the correct setting to do it. Feels weird and unprofessional in the office. It's either short sleeves in the summer or long at other times. Maybe at a restaurant? That might work. But I never go to restaurants. Clubs. That could work.
  • White-American89
    Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!
    1. Mansplainning.
    2. Manspreading.
    3. Unsolicited dick picks.
    4. To be objectified.
    5. Demands for food.
    6. Cat calling5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!
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    • I can't tell if this is a joke or if men are just that ignorant.

    • @SugarBlossom (with legs wide apart) " make me a sandwich and i will Mansplain why unsolicited dick pics, to be objectified and cat called is something you really want despite your protests yo the contrary.😘

    • How about you explain it right now. I agree that it is nice to be complemented and to have people appreciate the work I put into having a great body, but that's only nice from someone I already know. That, like any of it, will definitely backfire if it is used in a first impression.
      P. S.
      you are 32y/o and engaged don't be kissyface-emoji-ing seventeen year old girls.

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  • Lman3000
    Seriously, these photos are false reality's in the real world, especially now in NY in 90 to 100 degree weather plus humidity, no one would dress like this, you'd be dying of a heat stroke and be sweating bullets in that outfit, hell I tried dressing like this before, yeah I hate it I don't like it
  • janna_jcb
    Oh no you found out our secrets😱 but yeah all those things are attractive
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  • Felinegirl
    Spot on!!

    Also off topic, my boyfriend looks exactly like the guy in the top picture :o except he would never dress that way lol
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  • dancing_in_nebulas
    Rolled up sleeves - yum
    Smells good - mmm
    Dressed well -

    Im already wet okay 😆

    Demeanor is a HUGE thing too, or a guy's "vibe."

    We can sense stress, panic, slyness, or creepy hidden motives instantly.

    Guys talk about how women accuse men of being creepy so much - its because a creepy man is a threatening man.

    A guys demeanor can completely make us fall for him, even if he isn't the hottest, smell goodiest, or well dressiest lol

    My ex dressed in nothing but grey shirts and jeans, never had cologne, and hated rolled sleeves... but his demeanor was very calm, gentlemanly and mature.
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  • KimKardashiansFeet
    Id agree with most of these although I personally dont care about their butts or rolled up sleeves.
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  • GiveMeAllTheCookies
    Agree with frst three, but I prefer smaller butt than the one in the pic, also I prefer guys in jeans and T-shirt more.
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  • Mikael818
    1. Money
    2. Status
    3. Confidence.
    4. Sense of humour
    5. Intelligence
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    • janna_jcb

      3, 4 and 5 yes. 1 and 2 no.

    • Mikael818

      What if a guy does'nt have 3, 4 and 5?

    • janna_jcb

      Then I don’t think I could be attracted to him. But pretty much everyone has those things to a certain extent

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  • John_Doesnt
    Women like it when we pat them on the butt for doing a good job of cleaning up my socks. My dirty socks that I leave all over the house, for women to pick up.
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  • Unit1
    Wait. I don't see money being on the list. Or heights. Or muscles. Or zodiac sign compatibility.

    Is this for real? If so then i love women even more now. 👩❤
    • Hey I know you’re passionate about that so can you answer my new question?

    • Unit1

      @Aphrodite801 what is your question ❓

    • I posted it it’s my recent one

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  • ariadneR
    Smell, oh my. I love a good smelling man.
    It's such a turn on
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  • TheDevilsCat
    I always look mens hand and can always tell what the deal us with down stairs by looking at them. I also love jawlines
  • anupamagrawal
    You made some pretty points which I too have seen working for me.

    Nice take.
  • Alpha09
    The rolled up sleeves tho😍
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  • IlyaTheImpaler
    Thanks lol I spend too little time thinking about why women are attracted to me (n)
  • morrowlow
    these are probably true but you still don't need any of them if you have a fat pocket and a nice car
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  • Browneye57
    Don't forget 'money'. If you have a lot of it women will want you. ;)
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  • melekarduc
    I loveeeee handssss they’re basically the sexiest part of a man’s body for me
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    • mick05

      Can you elaborate more on this? There is a girl I know who find's any excuse to touch mine...

    • melekarduc

      Especially when you have “fit hands”, lol.. I don’t know if it makes sense. But nice looking hands are really attractive. The shape of it, the tan etc

  • -Asca-
    How exactly is there any difference between rolling up your sleeve ans wearing something short-sleeved? I don't get it.
    • Neither do I, but girls do think so.

    • Yes there is. Read somewhere that according to psychology rolled up sleeves indicate that a man is gping to 'fix something ' and that is what girls pick up and het attracted to!

    • Lliam

      That makes sense, candyaurora.

      My wife found a brand of long-sleeve shirts at the store that that have fabric straps that, when the sleeves are rolled up, come up under the rolled up sleeve and button above to hold them in place. The straps are invisible when the sleeves are rolled down. Have you ever seen shirts like that before? At first I didn't get it, but she really liked them and made me buy a couple. Once I got them, I could see what she meant. Now I like them, too. But what really matters is what 'she' thinks looks good, am I right?

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  • ivannna
    Everything stands for me except round butt..
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  • SexyAshh
    Great take!!!

    Its all true👏👍👍
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    • Omg me and the astrology girl agree on something xD

      But thanks really

    • SexyAshh

      And ill continue believing in astrology with what i know about it.


    • SexyAshh

      And tbh you missed quite a few, but you got half right

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  • obojamahahahaha
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  • fulloflife
    I love a man that can dress!
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    • Lliam

      'Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man

  • idiomatic
    I knew all these 25 years ago...
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  • spartan55
    I will never understand the hand thing.
    • Like the curves thing for women!

    • spartan55

      Not sure what you mean?

    • Like I never understand why guys go gaga over a woman's curves, I mean it's just a differently shaped body LOL!

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  • Mädchen
    100% agree with all of them
  • Boppy
    I roll up my pant legs.

    Is that sexy too?
  • Aphrodite801
    I just care about good smells and dressing up.
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  • DakotaNorth
    Old Spice on Michael.
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
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  • Joker_
  • hkndmrx
    1. 2. 3.
  • Anonymous
    5 Things Women Like More Than Most Men Think!
  • Anonymous
    I like the sleeves to be rolled up to right below the elbow, because over it seems excessive. I do love strong hands and some veins (not too much). I don’t like the images of the dressed up men. I don’t think most girls like guys that dress so tightly. We’re all about a guy looking practical.
  • Anonymous
    I guess the one about rolling up sleeves only works if you have muscular arms. Otherwise it will make you look even less attractive.
  • Anonymous
    All this is obvious and the reason women complain to you about guys showing up on dates looking like douche bags... is because they go after douche bags.
    Women don't want the guys who do these things, they want the guys who are wannabe thugs and garbage social parasites, but want them to magically turn into one of these sensible guys who know these things you mentioned.
    Just like girls saying they love geeks, they don't love geeks, they love hot guys with glasses.
    • Look at the comments here. All girls are saying they like most of the things I mentioned here. And they are not lying, they do. I know they do.
      They don't want "wannabe thugs ". They want good guys.
      No need to post as an Anonymous no one will be angry at you for your opinion.

  • Anonymous
    Do you do all of those things?
  • Anonymous
    There's an old pix of Bill Clinton (a man with an embarrassingly unattractive face) on the cover of Vanity Fair. Besides his great hair and smile, my eyes zeroed in on his HANDS! Has beautiful hands. Some attractive parts balance out the unattractive parts. Clinton also has gorgeous eyes and a sexy VOICE. My particular unsung favorite part, well shaped, curvaceous calves and thighs, or legs... Love to watch those Olympic runners and cyclers. Who cares who wins. Great legs for days!!!
  • Anonymous
    Also veins, but maybe not all women. Every chick I've ever dated has had this subtle obsession with the veins on my arms. Now I'm getting even more on my chest and shoulders, and my girlfriend loves it. I personally don't like them, but I guess it comes with the territory.
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    • YES!!! And you'd be surprised to find out why... 🤭

    • Anonymous

      @BlackRoseFairy why is that?

    • A woman's mind is more complicated. You see just a vein. What we see is a healthy men (increased blood flow, healthy heart). Also protruding veins only appear when a man is athletic, thus they are often accompanied by strong arms, which are subconscious connected to protection and safety. And they also represent a good performance in bed. 😉
      So to sum it up protruding veins=strong, healthy man + protection + better sex.

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  • Anonymous
    6. Rape fantasy.
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