My Dream Girl... Just to Pass the Time


Mmm. I've been without a "Special One" for... well.. ever. I've never "officially" had a Girl. There are Girls all over the place, and so many could be available! But as I narrow down what I desire, and hold dear in a girl, those options dim. I'm writing here all those things I wish to see in a Significant Other.

(This MyTake is inspired by @Aguysopinion4799. Thanks, Dude!) Please note that the following MIGHT offend some regarding "Sexual Matters", proceed with Caution!

Isn't bed-head so cute?
Isn't bed-head so cute?

1. Big Hair

A whole head of Hair is Very special. I've always preferred a Lighter Shade of Color, but seriously, at this point, It doesn't matter. I just want all that hair on My girl someday to caress, and tease. Hair so wild, and wavy that Waking up in the Morning could be Frightening!

2. Togetherness

I prefer those kind of girls who want more than anything to do everything with me included! (Especially the things that could gross anyone else out!) Those things like popping back pimples for each other, or perhaps shaving one another, or putting sunscreen on, or even just grabbing coffee... Just doing it with me! I like the girl who wants me in even the most private of places... Here's a story: 'She jumps out of the bathroom, not wasting a second to grab a towel to cover up, her body and hair sopping wet as she runs down the stairs making puddles in her path as she frantically runs around crying out "Where are you Bae? Come shower with me!"'

My Dream Girl... Just to Pass the Time
Girls into Video Games Rule my Heart.

3. Gamer Girl

For some strange Reason, I can't get over how Girls who play Video Games can be so Cute! Girls who get the Gaming Gear, Exclusive Controllers, the Latest Systems, First-Person, or whatever seem to be the coolest! (and possibly the Dirtiest Talkers, which is something I'm not really into...)

4. Naughtiness

*Giggle* Of course I had to add this one, It's one of those things I want in a girl. I know this might seem strange, but I like Perverts! A girl who had a very dirty past... I find masturbating cute! A girl who owned/owns toys, a girl with a history of porn-watching... and yet, a Virgin girl.... way too much to ask for, really!

Girls who are into snuggling is so sweet!
Girls who are into snuggling is so sweet!

5. Cuddling

Now, this one means a lot to me. I find girls who snuggle one of the most precious of Girls. Someone sensitive, who, if hurt, or feeling lonely, or sad, would come find me and wrap her arms around, and hold tight. I particularly like the type who rub... Cheek-to-cheek rubbing... Somewhat like a puppy?

Girls with Cellulite! Adorable!
Girls with Cellulite! Adorable!

6. Plump

There is something to say about Girls with a bit of fat. Truly Sexy! Any kind of fat at all is certainly something to desire! (A slight Muffin-Top, Waist sag, Arm flab, or Extra Thigh, its all beautiful!) Now, maybe there's a limit to it being cute, but I prefer Thicc girls! (Think about it, 9 times out of 10, Girls with a bit of plump have more to show off!!!) There is nothing wrong with skinny girls, of course!

Playfully teasing is wonderful!
Playfully teasing is wonderful!

7. Someone who likes me for who I am

Not particularly for my Personality, but someone who finds me Physically attractive... I don't have much fat... but I'm not muscular really, either. I don't see myself as "All that". But if a Girl someday would see me as "cute", and seriously mean it, my Heart would automatically belong to her.

As for the Artwork... I did say in my Bio that I was a Mangaka, so I might as well prove it!

There isn't really a reason to post this, I just wanted to get it off my chest. Thank you all!

My Dream Girl... Just to Pass the Time
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  • Maddygirl4932

    What an adorable post! The art-style is really nice, by the way. And don't worry, you aren't asking for a lot. That girl is out there for you!

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    • AM-205

      What a post you made! I'm so touched, I thank you a thousand times! Thank You!!

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