Describing My Ideal, Dream Girl

Describing My Ideal, Dream Girl
Describing My Ideal, Dream Girl

This question gets asked a lot on here, so I thought I'd just make it into a MyTake.

1. Kind/positive
2. Accepting/nonjudgmental
3. Open-minded
4. Intelligent
5. Strong sense of humor
6. Strong work ethic
7. Politically moderate (not too liberal or conservative)
8. Strictly heterosexual
9. Monogamous
10. (Optional) Nerdy; into video games or superheroes

11. Tall: 5'10" to 6'5"
12. Curvaceous; big boobs, big booty, thick thighs, etc.
13. Feminine style
14. (Optional) Redhead (or strawberry blonde, or blonde)
15. (Optional) Young: Between 20 and 30.

DEALBREAKERS (for anyone):
1. Feminist/Progressive/far-left
2. Shallow/superficial
3. Mean-spirited
4. Closed-minded/stupid
5. Arrogant/conceited
6. Polyamorous
7. Queer/"bisexual"
8. Already has kids or not single
9. (Physically) Too skinny
10. (Physically) Masculine/butch

My dream woman is someone with a personality that is kind, caring, and positive, though not without trying or effort expended. She is funny, or at least has a strong sense of humor and loves a good joke. She’s extroverted, which is a nice compliment to my introversion. She’s wicked intelligent and has a sharp mind, but not so much so that it makes it hard for her to relate to most people (like me). She’s more so “clever” than “brilliant.” She’s open-minded and willing to try new things. She’s also bold, firm and stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t let people walk all over her, despite her kind demeanor. She also loves animals. She’s very feminine, though not ditzy or daft. She enjoys being a woman and all the perks that come with it, like dressing up and exuding sexuality. She’s fashionable, but in a very down-to-earth way and only uses makeup modestly. She’s very hard-working and likely grew up with struggles and difficulties, which is how she got her kind personality; through enduring hardships and struggles.

Her hobbies would include enjoying music, playing the piano, painting, gardening, and cooking. She’d be incredibly good at cooking. I imagine she would be nerdy in a casual way (with her own fangirling being towards Batman and the DC universe), but I would introduce her to video games and hope that she would eventually get into gaming like me after I start her off with a Pokemon Soul Silver ROM or buy her a Nintendo Switch for her birthday and introduce her to Breath of the Wild.

Physically, she’s very tall (5′10″ to 6′5″), although it’s not a requirement. She’s redheaded, or even blonde or strawberry blonde (but her hair color in real life would be inconsequential). She’s thick/curvy/plus-sized with wide womanly hips, an ample large bust, and a fairly nice rump. She has clear acne-free skin (achieved through effort and moisturizer, not naturally), perfect white teeth, long flowing locks, and the most beautiful radiant smile.

As far as flaws go… I imagine she’s forgetful at times and constantly has to keep notes or scheduled events in her phone to avoid forgetting things and coming off inconsiderate. She probably likes cats more than dogs. (And that’s a flaw to me!) She likes DC over Marvel (though still would enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe). She may sometimes come off as naive and trust the wrong people too much or be taken advantage of by people who know how to sweet-talk her. She’s not honest when she’s upset or feeling distraught, because she doesn’t want to burden people with her baggage, though I imagine this would make relationship hurdles a bit harder between us. She could potentially be religious, though that’s a minor flaw for me because I am agnostic-atheist and don’t follow any religions or worship any deities, though I don’t mind other people who are religious. She’s into men who are “confident” and finds that to be the most attractive trait in a guy, which kinda sucks because I myself dislike high self-pride in people, and this is what she (and pretty much, all straight women) find attractive in a man. And lastly, she’s more left-leaning than I’d like her to be, capitulating to every “protected class” of people and easily-offended types and their ridiculous entitlements, though she’s still far from a progressive.

This would be my 100% perfect-for-me, ideal girl. Though I doubt she even exists out there. Or any woman like this.

Describing My Ideal, Dream Girl
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  • backdoorman
    Good take. My own ideal / dream girl is similar in most ways. I agree with all of the Personality traits you listed. I will add another one as well... not easily offended. That one seems difficult to come by in today's women.

    Physically, my ideal differs from yours in that I prefer shorter women, 5'0' - 5'4", and I'm not into thick bodies. I'm 6'3" myself but have always been irresistibly attracted to much shorter women. No idea why except that they just seem more feminine to me. I like feminine curves but prefer a smaller, slimmer package with small or medium boobs. Hair color does not matter to me. Feminine style, appearance and attitude are critical. A woman who embraces her feminine charm rather than trying to hide it is very attractive.

    As far as Deal Breakers, I agree with you almost 100%. The first one is especially important. I have dated feminists / progressive women and I will never do that again. It is a 100% deal breaker for me. I agree about being too skinny, though my threshold is probably a little different than yours.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  • TheUniqueOne96
    Nice myTake, it's makes me consider writing my own describing my own dream girl, so thanks for the idea and an interesting read.

    If I do, I'll try and ensure that I'll state that they're ideal standards, based on what I THINK I'd love in a partner, whilst still understand that imagination may not live up to reality, should I date a ''dream girl' in reality, something a pink anon has failed to realise.
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  • DizzyDesii
    I’m always going to be judgmental but i usually keep my opinion to myself. I’m more vanilla and traditional then open minded but i occasionally mix it up. Man i’d love to be at least 5’5 but that never happened. I have shallow moments but technically you do if you want her to be that tall. I dress like a tomboy but wouldn't say butch. I ain't a dyke lmao. Video games was fun as a kid/teen but after college, its just kinda silly unless you play on occasion. Like i play my games maybe one month a year. I’ll never understand why guys want girls so young and girls want guys so old but okay. Im afraid of animals so i usually date guys who dont have pets. I suck at cooking and hate to cook anyways so thankfully the guys in the past preferred to be the cook. But hey i’ll wash the dishes and i still work hard at work. I’m not outdoorsy so gardening is a no no lol cause i’d run from wind and lizards and worms lol. You want a redhead with all those features? Lol rare unless you’re talking about porn stars or jessica rabbit. she's into confident men but you made posts about hating yourself so you may wanna work on that. But hey best of luck to ya 👍👍
    • Petra150

      To be honest I had the same dreams as you all my youth to ONLY be 5'5 tall but God gave me genes to become 6'8 tall as 24 years old, a dream for a guy a night mare for s teenage girl. Much later when I met my hubby 13-14 years ago her learnt me to love my self and never judge other on there height or other phycical features.

    • DizzyDesii

      @Petra150 you’re 6’8?

    • Petra150

      Unfortunately well I'd learnt my good things about being tall as hell, but still doors cloths and some shortcoming men can be pain in the ass, but as a mother to at least one super tall 11 years daughter I'd learnt to be happy my height, and I wouldn't change my height for nothing at all... our 11 years old daughter is 193 cm or 6'3 tall already and growing as hell

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  • Heavenly_
    Dreaming is nice and cool but i think i'm not perfect so i dont want a perfect girlfriend. She can be just like me and that would be ideal too lol
  • Rucket21
    Hope you find here. Mine is similar too. Great minds think alike.
  • Iron_Man
    Sounds great if you find somebody like that some extras send her my way but she doesn’t have to be 5 foot 10 5 foot 7 is good
    • Iron_Man

      She has to be a Christian girl

  • Flakey-Flake
    interesting stuff
  • Anonymous
    Hey there... you seem like just my type of guy. I've got exactly what you're looking for in a woman, except for the liking cats more than dogs part, only because cats have an undeniable capacity for hatred and calamity. Me? I'm a little more loving and open because I like people and socializing. Also, thanks for the red hair appreciation, don't get a lot of that these days ;)
  • Anonymous
    I always hate that question.
    The world is not build a bitch 😂
    Its giving and taking. You will never find someone who is exactly your type.
    • MCheetah

      No sh*t. But people are allowed to still dream.

    • hahahmm

      Strange how females only say this to guys. Never to other women about their long lists of requirements.