Traits I Find Attractive in a Guy


Woo, I finally have an excuse to make a myTake. I've been wanting to do another one for so long, and I tried to make a little rant about flamin cyclists, but then I pressed something wrong and lost it all. But I was looking through some questions here on GaG, and saw one about what traits do you find attractive in a guy, and thought "fuck it, let's talk about that". Quick note - This is all obviously subjective. This is what I generally find attractive in a guy, some of you might agree with some of them or ya might not. Let's talk about it below.

Traits I Find Attractive in a Guy


The thing that first stands out with anyone is how they look - do they dress well, are they clean, healthy, do they look attractive. This is the first thing that jumps out at me, and whilst it's far from the most important thing, it does play it's part.

Traits I Find Attractive in a Guy

Funny and happy

I don't like the brooding, miserable, I'm so mysterious and dark guy. Get over yourself and stop acting like a vampire from Twilight or some other garbage vampire romance. I like a guy who can make me laugh and is positive, as well as being able to appreciate my own sense of humour.

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Not white-knighting

I get it, you want to stand up to the guy being a prick and act all manly. And I do appreciate the gesture, I prefer it if you take a stand instead of simply ignoring it, but at the same time I want him to understand that I couldn't give any less fucks about what people think or say about me if I tried. I'm not thin skinned, and I can take care of myeslf. I do appreciate the gesture though.

Doesn't try too hard

I'm not a huge fan of fancy restraunts or any of that stuff, I tend to feel out of place and awkward. I don't mind it so much, but it does make me a bit uncomfortable. I honestly wouldn't mind just sitting indoors watching something like the Terminator series with a pizza and some beers. You don't have to try so hard and spend lots of money to impress me, although again, I do appreciate it, it just makes me a bit uncomfortable.

He is my best friend

This is probably one of the most important things. For me, a partner isn't just your boyfriend or your girlfriend, they're also you're best friend. Someone you know you can trust and rely on, someone who you can laugh with, and who always has a shoulder to cry on. This is good because it not only shows you're both certainly compatible, but also if things don't end up working out, you should still be able to remain friends.

And that's all, folks. Do you agree with me? Or do you have different preferences? Let me know below and maybe we can get some (friendly) conversation going.

Traits I Find Attractive in a Guy
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