Things I Find Attractive In A Guy


Things I Find Attractive In A Guy

Things I Find Attractive In A Guy

1. When he has a good sense of humor.

I love a guy who can make me laugh so hard I cry. I adore it when he can carry on a conversation with me, tell good stories and jokes.

2. When everybody knows him.

He isn't the popular kid. He's just that one guy thats sweet and funny and gets along well with everyone so everyone knows him. It's just so overly attractive for me.

3. When he is strong.

Yes, we all like a guy with an 8 pack. But no, that's not what I meant. I like a guy that makes me feel like he can protect me. When he's taller and muscular, and can sweep me off my feet easily, it is very attractive.

4. When he blushes.

I don't know what's so attractive about this, but I love it when I say something that makes a guy's cheeks redden or if I'm turning my head and when I look back he's blushing. It's just so adorable.

5. When he is smart.

I love it when a guy is smart and knows a lot. It's so attractive when he's the easy-going guy and is really smart, knows a lot about everything. I can ask him anything, and he'll know.

6. When he can fix things.

I absolutely love it when a guy can fix things. If something of mine is broken, and I can just hand it over to him and he can fix it no problem. it's soo attractive.

So that's my list, and no I did not copy it from some internet garbage I took the time to write it for GAG and in the end, realized I was writing about all the qualities of my own crush.
NO, this might not be true for all woman, girls or teens, but YES, it's true for ME.
So I hope you found this helpful.

Things I Find Attractive In A Guy
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  • Yumix

    what's the minimum number of those a guy has to have? :p

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    • Anonymous

      haha any of those qualities are attractive :P

    • Yumix

      okay good :P

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  • DarkHumorRUs

    I'll keep that in mind when I pursue you and absolutely no other girls.

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    • Anonymous

      haha lol ok :)

  • James_009

    I hav all the charactristics except one and another one I would never like to brag about 😀😊

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  • Touglyforfemales

    Well I can cross off all though things then since
    I have non of those. You forgot looks.

    • Anonymous

      when I say 'things i find attractive in a guy' i dont mean looks, i mean personality. Personality is more important that your appearance.

    • LOL that's a good one if I had a nickel every time I heard that
      I could buy the United Kingdom.

    • Anonymous

      stop being negative. not everyone is all about looks. i texted this guy that went to my school without ever seeing him and loved his personality so much. he showed me what he looked like (tbh not really attractive at all) but i didn't care, he was so fun and sweet to talk to.

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  • Maxemeister

    Nice take!


    • Anonymous

      OMG R U GAY?


      Nah I don't like men. But gay guys r like the coolest people u will ever meet so I wish I was friends with one xD

  • hotstuffSRD

    Good 💁

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