In the Dating Game, the Enemies of Women Are Not Men but Other Women and Themselves

In the Dating Game, the Enemies of Women Are Not Men but Other Women and Themselves

Just a few thoughts that came to my mind. After witnessing some incidents.


It is fine to have high expectations in a partner, the issue is as Steve Harvey puts it can you satisfy that partner's expectations?

Among my married peers all of them go for a certain type of ''girl''. I have yet to see any of them marrying the currently promoted types of women.


Women are quite scary in this issue. If you have a chance to get a man that fits your requirements from another woman, no mercy is shown.

Usually younger women do this to older women.


This currently has been the all rage for awhile and scariest behaviour I have seen. The losers of the mating game being envious sabotage other more successful ladies. Or those who have the potential to make happy lives for themselves.

I don't think I need to point out which groups are doing this now do I?

Self Destructive Behaviour

Now this I don't understand. Why do ladies do things which would hinder or cause them to fail in getting the man they want?

I know a few ladies who have done some pretty stupid things that have sabotaged themselves. If you are trying to test a man, just don't do it. Why cause trouble for yourself?

Trying to forcefully change men's idea of attractiveness

Another strange behaviour, trying to change what the other party deems attractive to suit one's self without regards to the other party through force and intimidation.

I have never heard of a company being successful in business by forcefully changing a customer's preferences. And now certain people are trying to dictate a whole gender's idea of attractiveness?

Picking fights with father time and mother nature.

Time marches on, waiting for no one. Biology laughs at those trying to bargain with it. Both sneer at our plans for our lives.

I will use my personal example. I planned on only starting dating after all my studies, reached management level, becoming debt free and being financially stable. Well I got all that now, only to realize that good marriageable girls are few and far between.

I'm 32 for those interested. Young girls think I'm too old, single women close to my age that I know are not marriage material.

In the Dating Game, the Enemies of Women Are Not Men but Other Women and Themselves
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  • ChurchOfIron
    Testing men is a very important strategy for women. It lets them know if the man has the traits she wants him to have, or not. She wants him to have those traits; she wants him to be able to pass that test, but if he can't, well, he's proved he doesn't have what she wants. That's why women "shit test" men.

    As for being "too old", that's your perception man. If you have game, it doesn't matter if she's young. She might initially be like, "Wtf dude, how old are you?" But if you shrug that off and keep trying, you can easily find a younger, 22, 23, 25 etc, woman. Or 18, if you wanted.

    As for women your age, I'm sure there are at least a couple thousand in your area who are marriage material. Only way you're going to find that out is by looking and practicing.
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    • Van121986

      Shit testing a high status man with plenty of options and many ladies vying for him is a very self destructive thing to do.

      She has already won the battle in getting him from her rivals now she wants to lose the war?

      Being too old is not my perception actually it is the ladies I approach thinking that. I suspect there were outside influences involved in their decision. Peer pressure from older ladies.

      I have being looking around and well many have become man haters or became unhealthy and expect men to like them for it or have extremely high expectations when taking into account what they can bring to a relationship.

    • Guess you're screwed then.

    • Van121986

      More or less unless I can find that girl who doesn't care about the peer pressure regarding this issue.

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  • Harsh_Ch
    "I'm 32 for those interested. Young girls think I'm too old, single women close to my age that I know are not marriage material."

    Maybe you're looking at the wrong types of women at the wrong places...
    And the ones that rejected you despite having financial stability are the ones to come back begging once they realize they're screwed financially
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    • Van121986

      I don't go to bars or nightclubs if that is what you mean. Mostly its events, conferences or seminars do I meet new women.

      It's a bittersweet victory, I wouldn't want them if they have ulterior motives.

    • Harsh_Ch

      Well bars or nightclubs aren't always wrong, it just depends on how compatible you are to the types of women you find in different locations... clearly from your experience, a career focussed woman isn't your type

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  • BrittBratt2416
    Well yeah the same goes for men as well, your competition when it comes to dating, is other men. All the examples you listed are the same ones that are sabotaging men in the dating game as well. I use to see a lot of guys on here always complaining about women and putting all the blame on the women but never take a step back to see what they might of been doing wrong. And most of time it was a lot anger and lack of self confidence that showed why some of men i saw complaining had a hard time in the dating world. I think what men and women need to do when it comes to finding love is put yourself out there, it may be scary and hard but you got to go for it. I also tell women if you see a man you like, go for it and just see what happens.
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    • Wammu

      Please stop trying to flip the script and turn this into how men suck so you don't have to take a good hard look at your actions. Any man who is finding any kind of success in the dating game has already taken a good hard look at his actions, and you know something? We don't do the same shit women do. A small minority of us do, sure. . . But those guys are the kinds of people nobody wants to associate with.

      Men get slammed for having expectations.
      Men don't easily steal other women unless than woman is BORED.
      Men don't sabotage the relationships of other men.
      Self destructive behavior is gender neutral, I'll give you that. Sometimes I fuck things up with some of the girls I date.

      And this is a BIG one. We don't force you to change our idea of attractiveness. I mean what is the male equivalent of a fat woman with no game or desirability? According to the social ladder, an incel. Most people don't know what an incel is.

      The last one? Men age like wine, women age like milk.

    • Wammu

      The kind of shit this guy listed? Not only can women get away with it, but they LITERALLY get praised for it.

      This kind of behavior is social suicide for men.

    • Wammu

      I wanna change one thing. . . There IS a class of men who sabotage relationships of other men: Beta males who are like crabs in a bucket. No clout with women, so they try to orbit around the girl and ruin her relationship.

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  • Tamara0208
    Agree on all points.
    Just wanted to comment on the self destructive behaviour and give an opinion from womenโ€™s perspective. Testing men is built-in our nature. Women donโ€™t even realise why, how and when they do it, in most cases. It seems destructive but itโ€™s actually a very natural way of selecting the right person. If he fails she might cry her eyes out but itโ€™s because she didnโ€™t want him to fail hoping he was the one.
    On the last point, itโ€™s never late to find the love of your life, especially for a 32 years old man.
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  • Desconhecida
    I'm speechless. Loved it!
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  • Tdieseler
    You sir... achieved your goal... but missed out on another. but for some reason, your concepts are on point. Getting girls ain't hard. I'll be happy to teach you. You come with all the ingredients already... the only thing lacking seems to be you.
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    • Van121986

      Any advice would be most appreciated.

    • Tdieseler

      the key is lies... well.. on your level it is. but when you get to my level.. you can actually use the truth to lie. but we can start you off slow. i'll be in my inbox

  • CubsterShura
    I see what you are trying to explain here, but sorry to say this was a load of bull. Yes there are jealous insecure people who put others down and negatively influence others like 'If he didn't buy you a Gucci bag what kind of boyfriend is he? Dump him!' and 'make him wait intentionally to see how patient he is with you'. But categorizing in the way you did was so stupid of you.
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    • Van121986

      It's fine to disagree and I respect different opinions, though you could have been more polite.

      However, I do not see why making it easier to read is something so stupid?

    • Because it wasn't easier.

    • Van121986

      I'm sorry, I don't understand.

      Is it not better with a title and paragraph for each idea?

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  • azzntittiz
    Haha hilarious, I didn't bother to read that because I already know you're wrong.
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    • Gopnik

      that's very very ignorant of you.
      the fact you had to let us know you didn't read this already states to me that you're not someone who's very rational either.

    • azzntittiz

      @Gopnik Okay Gopnik.

    • Wowgirl10q

      @Gopnik she's good don't worry

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  • Massageman
    I agree with most of your points, but Steve Harvey? Really? A relationship guru? He can't even read a pageant winner's name correctly. I'll stick with Dr Gary Chapman and The Five Love Languages.
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    • Van121986

      I know, sited him because he really said that.

      He was also racist in one of his shows.

    • Massageman

      Admitting that one's response to others is at least as important as their response to you is certainly not rocket science, but really rather basic. It's surprising how often it is overlooked. He's not one of my favorites - you're forgiven about Mr Harvey. ; - )

  • lavarule
    Most of these are pretty true.

    Guys on the other hand mostly just have themselves to blame. Most guys won't try to steal a girl from another guy, and it's rarely successful if he does.

    Women are interesting because they will share all their feelings about a guy with each other and then be mystified when she gets sabotaged. Guys pretty much keep it to themselves. They know the other guys are competition and respect them as worthy opponents.
  • Bananaman177
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    • Wowgirl10q

      Women like the idea of taking a man from another woman it's establishing a hiarchy.
      " Look I could take this from you if I wanted too"

    • @Wowgirl10q Very toddler-level thinking. No wonder women despise each other.

    • Wowgirl10q

      I love women

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  • newbie2015
    all true but the age thing. when you hit 40 plus you find the 2nd time arounders. there is a HUGE pool of dateable people at this age range. sadly...
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  • Branwenn
    I actually agree with you. Insecurity and jealousy cause people in general to do some pretty strange things, I have seen women completely change who they are to impress a guy only for that relationship to fall apart because it was too much work for her to pretend to be someone she isn't.

    I really don't understand the ones that feel the need to steal another persons man, the amount of desperation there is unreal and I am curious as to how many of those women get all distraught and bash him when they find out the were just his "side piece". There are plenty of fish in the sea and I firmly believe what comes around goes around. Karma is a bitch.

    At the end of the day though no one is perfect and men have their flaws too,, it is what it is I suppose.
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  • ShakirCzar00
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  • Wowgirl10q
    No they are men love my girls
    We would not be in competition for a guy
    Plenty of men to go aroundIn the Dating Game, the Enemies of Women Are Not Men but Other Women and Themselves
    • Wowgirl10q

      But we are older too with careers
      Doesn't matter as much

    • Van121986

      I beg to disagree based on what is happening in the world currently and among my family and friends.

      Even in women magazines it is said there aren't enough men. Based of course on their standards

      Even if all women were like the picture you posted there would still be competition for the most high status man.

    • Wowgirl10q

      Who knows

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  • Adrian12345
    Yeah, but a lot of women beat up on themselves because they're so conditioned to think that way because guys, too often, have been doing it to them all their lives. A lot of fathers aren't there, emotionally, for their daughters. Then their boyfriends, husbands, other men in their lives, often make derogatory comments about them and women in general. So a lot of women have low self-esteem (and people like that often put down other people) and those women often feel bad about themselves.

    Women need to tune out crap that other people say. I know, easier said than done but you need to break the cycle sometime, somehow.
  • DashboardLight
    Agree with most of them. Can you however give an example on ''Trying to forcefully change men's idea of attractiveness''? Don't really understand that one.
    • I think he means women who will shame him like "Real men don't date younger women." "Big is beautiful." "Just because I have tattoos doesn't mean you can't take me home to mom." etc.
      Women don't get to choose what men find attractive however they try to.

    • Wammu

      @bamesjond0069 And the disturbing thing is, it's working. . . At least with beta men. Beta men align themselves with female interests in hope that the woman will see how great he is and have sex with him, of course they will admit that they are above such things and are looking for something "more important" than sex. Then they start hating on and sabotaging relationships because "Tyrone is a jerk who doesn't respect her."

    • @bamesjond0069
      Omg, that is so relatable!

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  • bamesjond0069
    I agree with everything you said except your conclusion. Young women love older men. What are you smoking? That is what you need to do.
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    • Wammu

      Thing is, not all girls are going to admit they are attracted to older men because they haven't actualized themselves sexually yet.

      So a lot of them tend to overcompensate, do some name calling, trash talk. You show me a girl who is rude, catty and verbally lashes at any guy who comes near her and I'll show you a virgin with no social skills.

    • @Wammu Ummm. Not sure what you mean. No girls trash talk me. Most are super sweet and respectful. Keep in mind I am 31 and date 18-22 typically. If they do say something like what you suggest I just tell them something like "I will not be talked to like that you silly little girl." Almost always works because they know inside that they really are a silly little girl compared to someone wiser and more successful than they are.

    • Wammu

      @bamesjond0069 yeah and by that age if they are trash talking men, they are just gonna double down and fight back or just be annoying. I typically just tell them : "You're not gonna talk to me like that again."

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  • Browneye57
    Yep, women are extremely competitive when it comes to men and dating.
    Use it to your advantage. :)
  • zagor
    If you're 32 you can still date girls just out of college.
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    • Wowgirl10q

      Not successful

    • zagor

      @Wowgirl10q Most definitely. A co-worker who is 37 has been dating a 21 year old for some time. If you are fit, decent looking, and employed, not hard.

  • Silver158
    I've seen a lot of this behaviour in men tbh. Dunno if that's men becoming more feminine or just being beta bitches.
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    • Feminine, beta bitches same difference! Just "men" these days are emasculated faggots.

  • ChgzDaniel
    Good MyTake
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  • veronicasegura
    Yes I agree with these points my friend.
  • Secretgardenblood
    Nice take
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  • blubblubblub

    : O
  • clampfan101
    โ€œOnes greatest energy is thyself.โ€
  • litty
    What if both genders are gay?
  • Anonymous
    Cool one
  • Anonymous
    Only women understand each other and they hate each other
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    • My wife come from all girls hs then a sorority in college. I think she instinctually does not trust most women. She says little things here and there I notice. She had this friend from work she liked to hang out with. I once asked why she doesnโ€™t bring her around. Her reply was โ€œ sheโ€™s kind of a hoe hoe and i trust you but iam not stupidโ€

  • Anonymous
    I agree with expectations, as i used to have them and then trying to be that person myself was hard. so instead of lowering your expecations why not try to making yourself a better person (this applies to both genders)

    OMG NOOO, if i really cared about the girl i would choose her friendship over the guy cause she stays longer than any guy i can keep. They really aren't my enemies in this situation, infact we relate with each other as we go through the painful process of dating

    some girls dont know what they are doing wrong. or say that they want someone but do the opposite because... they are afraid of getting a good man

    ... id rather find a guy that likes me for the right reasons then to try and change a guy who likes me for my body... thats a lost cause
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  • Anonymous
    100% true