Things Men Should Care About on a First Date With a Woman


When he knows what to wear, where to wear

Let's say that it is our first date, and he comes dressed like this:


Cute, it shows that he cares and wants to look good. But at the same time it is not the right place to wear like this. I would not be turned off by that but I would not appreciate it if he came like this. He doesn't has to wear a suit to look good. He can look good and be casual at the same time.

When he comes dressed like this:


He looks fine, but is he impressive enough? Eh, not really. I would not be turned off, but it would not make me feel like *OH DAMN*, either. I would much rather see him care more. Maybe some jewelry? Maybe a nice jacket? It is a first date so, he could show me that he wants to leave a good impression of himself by caring more about what to wear.

When he comes dressed like this:

Too much chest
Too much chest

Guys, please, DO NOT ever come like this to a first date. In fact, if you can, please DO NOT EVER wear like this again. You would most likely not leave a serious impression of yourself if you met the girl. I would be turned off, and ashamed to be in your company (sorry), it is just really unattractive to me.

When he comes dressed like this:


Personally, I find it very attractive ( I litterally melt) when a man wear classy , So probably I would fall for him at that moment.

When he knows how important perfumes are:

Things Men Should Care About on a First Date With a Woman

I do not know about other females, but for me, it is very important that he smells good.

Usually the scent that gets me very attracted of a male is something like 75%masculine and 25%feminine.

I like the dominant scent, but I also love it when it has a softness to it. (if you understand what I mean).

When he knows what jewelry to wear:

Things Men Should Care About on a First Date With a Woman

There might be females out there who likes these type of jewelry on men, personally I hate it. It would be a turn off. I do not think it looks neat when a man wears so much jewelry. According to me jewelry should compliment what you are wearing, it should not catch more attention than what you are wearing.

Things Men Should Care About on a First Date With a Woman

Instead of that type of jewelry, I would much prefer him wearing a nice watch. It looks neat and classy. And the watch does not has to be very expensive, most females do not understand what an expensive watch looks like, so what is important is that it compliments your dresscode, and there are many cheaper watches that also looks pretty classy.

When he knows the right shoe to wear:


These type of shoes, can look really classy if you know how to wear them. Some men wears these type of shoes, and when it shows too much skin and I can see hair on his feet it is a turn off for me. So these type of shoes should cover up so that I dont get to see the hair on his feet. They can look good if you know how to wear them.


These type of shoes usually goes with every look, cause it is such a simple and neat shoe. You can pair it with jeans and it would look so good. But if you wear these shoes with a suit, it will really look weird so it would be a turn off.

Last but not least, teeth and breath:

Things Men Should Care About on a First Date With a Woman

I have never heard a female saying she loves a man who has stinking breath. I think most of us knows that stinking breath can really be a turn off both for male and female. So you should care about this.

Ps these are my personal preferences. Maybe some female likes the way you dress but I might not like it. We are different. I am just showing you what I would rather see / not see on a first date.

If you aggree with me please leave a comment :)

if you disaggree let me know what you do not like about this :)

Thanks for reading :)

Things Men Should Care About on a First Date With a Woman
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Most Helpful Guys

  • finds-raus
    I don’t get why some people here get mad... Here is a girl which tells u how to dress up on a date to impress a girl. This is a information directly from the source and not from a dating coach on a website haha. So take it serious and get some nice clothes and so on. Just imagine u go on a date and the girl comes with no make up a pullover and sneakers. I would also add some stuff to this list.

    1. dont eat ur nails. Girls really look at ur hands trust me.
    2. No short pants.
    3. no logo print stuff on ur clothes. Even if u have a Rolex Cartier Gucci shirt.
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    • thank you.. you are amazing <3
      it just shows that you have confidence I like that

    • Hey I like your tips too, what do you mean by short pants, like shorts?

    • halfbowsey

      @GaboGabo1356 Be yourself and let people like you for who you are. Be clean and comfortable in what you wear. And that goes for any gender

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  • ManOnFire
    This may be one of the greatest Takes written by a female on GaG. You keep it very practical and realistic and not full of other women's cliche worldly, superficial, "standards."

    Very sound, decent advice that even I will keep in mind.
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    • wow well thank you.
      I was starting to think that this myTake was offensive cus most were offended by it

    • ManOnFire

      Some people still need to grow in life before they realize it's time to slow down and actually think about what the other person is saying. The people reading this Take are not there yet.

    • I don't know how theyre thinking but looking good and being yourself can be the same thing.

      but ohwell tha k you for your support :) Im glad u liked it

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Most Helpful Girls

  • MF_Treestar
    Couldn't agree more. But I should add that smelling good does not mean smelling strong. I don't care if he discovered the most amazing scent in the world. If I can smell him from across the room, or even across the table he is doing it wrong. But if I go in for a hug and the scent makes me want to stay longer he is doing it right.
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    • Exactly.
      I definitly agree on that part :)

    • I agree too since I'm allergic to perfume and cologne. A little bit is alright and probably won't cause a reaction, but I don't want to get trapped in a high with someone who douses themselves with half a bottle. Cleanliness in general and smelling like they shower a couple times a week is important

      My ex wore a cologne I loved and I immediately think of him when I smell it on other guys

    • @Idonthaveausername the worst offenders are the guys who is axe. A little bit of that stuff is bad enough, bit the guys who use it always use way to much.

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  • Clo917
    Sheesh what’s with all the butthurt comments here? You’re not saying every guy needs to dress like this. You’re just stating your preferences, what’s so wrong with that?
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    • I don't know but they really got me upset like this was just written out of boredom and butthurt men will be attackinf me for no reason. bruh

    • Clo917

      Yeah I read those. As if they don’t have any dressing preferences for women 🙄 just ignore them, there was literally nothing wrong with your take

    • thank you <3

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  • GaboGabo1356
    I've only recently started caring about how I dress and that has affected so much in my life not only my dating life. Real quick, is like to ask your opinion on what you think about thumb rings? I have two different from the other and I like wearing them with my watch.
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    • Im happy that it affected you in a positive way. it is important that we present ourselves properly.
      if you have thin fingers and the ring is just wsy too big and eyecatching, it would not look that good but if you have thin fingers and the ring is smaller, it will compliment your hands. Which I also really like when guys do, rings really make their hands look nice.
      if ur fingers are normal - thick then its fine that u wear a big one.
      1 ring will look cool with a watch but dont use several rings at the same time. I personally dont think it looks nice that way :)

  • 1truekhaleesi
    Why are so many guys butthurt about this but they have preferences for what women should do with their lives? And they don't see the irony. Anyways, good my take and I agree.
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    • Thank you, finally someone who understands :)

    • Well I'd be pissed off if a guy told me what to wear and implied I had to wear it, just to impress him. I wear what I want, and if he doesn't like it, it's his problem. Why should it be different the other way around?

  • AmyLuv
    oh god, you're like a twin lol

    I agree with everything and think the same. But tbh, that first guy in the suit could wear anything and Id melt :D

    very well written by the way <3
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    • Yes the first guy is very handsome I definitly agree with you on that.
      Thank you so much by the way Im glad you liked the mytake :D <3

  • jokery56
    Thank you for not bringing beauty standards into this and a bunch of crap about "well it depends on this and blah blah blah". it was a simple guide for how to dress to impress either yourself or a girl on a date. boom. very refreshing.
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  • realperson02
    So most of what you said was pretty much first impression in terms of grooming. If you could make a take on some conversations or ideas for dates ( except the boring dinner dates) then it would really add value to me since here in India the dating style is quite different so I wanna know how it is in the western world so that when I move there soon I won't be confused for a to what to do in dates.
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    • If I dont get attacked like I did today because of my opinions I will share a mytake about that subject too :)

    • Please do so - I look forward to more writings from you!

  • Sheep_Dog
    So it's ok for a woman to show a little chest and skin, but not ok for a man? So is the nude beach a bad place for a first date? Actually I had one of my first dates at one of those places, her idea, she was really into those things, we had a good time.
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    • ugh comeon
      Dont be tellin me it looks hot when a man does that mooks fucking disgusting.
      I dont shiw my clevaege by the way. If he came like that I would find an excuse and run.. its just really UGLY in my eyes

  • Dinklex3
    *****Things Men Should Care About on a First Date With Me
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  • Kemil_Zhoki
    You are entitled to your own preferences. I prefer to be "as I am" so as to not create undo expectations. Many guys set the bar so high for themselves on a first date that they go broke trying to please a lady who thinks that is how the guy really is.
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  • xichuwangwai
    If the date spot is somewhere in Antarctica, he comes dressed like this...
    Things Men Should Care About on a First Date With a Woman
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  • Pauliho
    I'd turn up clean, well groomed and smart.
    Long sleeve shirt, jeans and smart shoes. An overcoat for warmth in the winter.
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  • Rangers
    What if we're going to a skate park for the first date? What would you say then?
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    • this is my preference
      I wouldn't skatepark because Im not into that
      You might do with your date and she would be into that, so this wouldn't be accurate.
      It is not so hard to understand that this is just personal

  • halfbowsey
    Better titled "Things You Expect from Men on a First Date"
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    • Ye imagine this is a letter from me to men who wants to date me. can u shut it now?

    • halfbowsey

      Great attitude. I think they are valid expectations and only pointing out they aren't universal as you inferred in text (and not in title). E. g. some don't like perfumes. Can't deal with a neutral comment?

    • stop
      seriously cut it

  • newPython
    Since you are so demanding, you better dress up in a miniskirt and knee high boots on our first date, if you want a second one with me.
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    • old stinky ass

    • newPython

      Yeah, and your anal hole smells like roses I suppose.

    • it does.
      Wanna smell?

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  • ryanlovesdiamonds
    Thank you for being honest I hated when I asked my ex if something looks good because she said yes no matter what because she thought it would hurt my feelings
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  • CharlieUnicorn
    I really like the aspect of this where just the fact that he made some sort of effort to look nice for you means something, even if he doesn't get it entirely right.

    I just read that sort of between the lines so maybe it's OT.
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  • LesterJester
    Sorry, most of that does not compute.

    I don't wear jewellery. My watch died a few years back and haven't bothered to get a new battery. I have two pairs of shoes outside of work wear, and they're essentially the exact same. One pair is back up. I wear plain clothes that have no logos or sayings on them, I brush my teeth and I got deodorant.

    Take it or leave it, I don't give af.

    Good thing I don't date anymore. Even when I did, the above was still all the same. No sense trying to look better than I do any other day in my life. I don't like wasting my or anybody else's time. This is me... Don't like it? Move on.
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  • passinby
    I agree, I do all these things for business dates out of common sense but I don't spend this kind of effort on some woman I meet.
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  • WhoDatGuy
    I'm wearing what I want. Stick your preferences somewhere unpleasant!
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    • These are my preferences :)
      sorry that it made you upset
      But since I will not date you anyways it does not has any value right?

  • genericname85
    he should care about jewelery and shoes? are you dating a woman or a man?
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  • WeirdCinderella
    Well I agree and disagree. It seems obvious that people from both sides have to care about their breath (especially for a first date x)) then I think the other things are a matter of preferences. For instance, you didn't mention where the date was taking place. The first suit would actually be perfect if the date was in a pretty fancy restaurant. Though it's only about tastes: I don't like turtleneck on men and I don't like the patterns and color on the jacket so what makes you fall would turn me off x) same for the brown shoes damn I hate those shoes 😂 my boyfriend wear those kind of shoes and I always tease him about it cause I really really doooooon't like them at all x) but yeah, the rest was good
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  • Lovvyyy
    Honestly I prefer look number one. A tie is always "required" in my presence :P
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  • Eryxx
    Agreed with the dressing sense and shoes preferences.

    Jewellery is something I would never put on myself.

    Other things are just as expected.
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  • CherryRoseChampange
    Legit got disappointed reading this. Thought the author was gonna talk about both the outside approach and the inside. But... I got personal preferences instead. 😑
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  • CubsterShura
    For me personally, the clothing depends a lot on the date itself. Suit and all suits certain places and very casual wear suits in other occasions. And I love it when a guy puts some effort into how he looks.
  • Smegskull
    As long as you are willing to acquiesce to similar demands from others.
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  • SarahsSummer
    Uggh that Simon Crowell look. Buttons on shirts are there for a reason. Use them guys.
    Good take.
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  • DracoLuciusMalfoy
    Who even dates anymore? most girls just want to go straight to fucking.
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    • those girls have some daddy issues.
      I know I dont

    • JMghow

      Tinder much? Not for me, but to each their own.

  • princessfromjupiter
    Uhh... this take should be titled "Things men should care about on a first date with ME" instead of "with a woman", as, besides the obvious dental hygiene one, everything you mention is completely based o personal style and preference. First off, that outfit you posted last in your preference would make me yawn. It's nice but way too generic to impress me. Secondly, of course a bit of perfume is nice but way too often you pass by some dude on the street and end up fighting for your life because he apparently emptied half a bottle of aftershave/perfume on his face and body and you're about to suffocate.
    And last but not least: "So these type of shoes should cover up so that I dont get to see the hair on his feet."... who the hell doesn't wear socks with loafers?
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  • DashboardLight
    So basically, just be attractive, and it'll be fine.
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  • MissGee212
    All the looks are fine with me as long as he's got confidence and wears it well.
  • Browneye57
    Typical... hung up on the frivolities instead of stuff that really is important. A clueless noob. Oh well. ;)
  • shades777
    what exactly am I agreeing or disagreeing too. you didn't ask a question.

    The title is a statement
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  • laurieluvsit
    Great myTake. This should be promoted for sure!
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  • Introvert94
    I wasn't expecting this by the title, but very nice take. My fashion, teeth, and smell is always on point thankfully.
  • ElvenMr
    What if you really like the guy, but he doesn't dress like you described here? Or just missing jewelry?
    l would wear nice dress trouser and a nice dress shirt open neck a nice watch and gold ring black leather shoes and thats me ready to rock and roll
    • And l forgot to say my wallet as well lol

  • giovannimontolivo
    What about muscles? You should bring those on a date as well.
    • that I cannot require right?

    • Technically you can require what you want. 99% of guys aren't muscular nor do they have aesthetic physiques so not every guy you will see will look good. But you are young, so if you attend university/college, go out to bars/clubs, or even just go to a mall, you will see muscular guys. And if you are hot you can hook up with them/date them.

    • Im ok w him not being musculat

  • Ghostwalker
    What if he shows up in gym clothes and asks if he can use your shower before your first date?
  • Muhammad1999
    What about full black clothes , black jeans and shirt?
  • ATuairiscean
    Nice take and good advice
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  • Beriham
    All You talk about outside. What about the inside
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  • Parkwayvwhitechapel
    nice mytake, thanks for the advice
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  • Eternal_Blizzard
    He is Fawad Khan... Bollywood actor from Pakistan
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  • Mornin23
    Awesome take! Very informative and such!
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  • SkipStop
    What about a buttoned shirt with jeans? Good?
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  • hans1416
    I care most about her not being a feminist sicko.
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Nice take
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  • killer4212
    Why is there a picture of fawad khan 😂
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  • robocop666
    nice article well written
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  • klaudiok
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