How I Try to Initiate Sex on the First Date

How I Try to Initiate Sex on the First Date

Disclaimer: It is important to note here that consent is soooo important. It is my hedonistic belief that plenty, if not the majority, of women would prefer to sleep with you on the first date IF THEY PLAN ON EVER SLEEPING WITH YOU. If the answer is no, its no, and this plan is not to turn a real no to a yes, but to create intimacy quickly and innocently.

Step 1: Get a Hobby or a Pet

This is your prework to being successful in dating, and also in life. Consuming media (TV, movies, music, video games) does NOT count as a hobby. Creating media does. The reason this is so important is because it makes you a more interesting and well rounded person, and also gives you something to show off. Your hobby can be kinda lame, but naturally its better if it is "cool". Mine? Gardening and beer brewing. A pet lets you bypass this, because most girls like a cute cat or dog, and having a pet shows you have some level of responsibility.

Step 2: Set the Date

The date should take place at a location less than 10 minute drive from your home. It should be on a night where no one will be at your house, and it should be at a place that is medium fancy, it needs to be casual enough for the 2 of you to just sit and talk for a couple hours. Wine bar, brewery, craft beer bar, soda parlor, fancy tea shop, coffee house, all great places. Give her options, but control the options and timing to your advantage.

Step 3: Rideshare There

Not much to say here, its a good idea because you'll be drinking, and you live so close!

Step 4: Enjoy the Date

Get to know her, ask her questions about herself, find common ground, bring up (but don't obsess about) your hobby and/or pet. Joke around, tease her but be nice. She's awesome enough to go on a date with you, you better make her know you think she is. Don't beat any 1 topic into the ground, bounce around some. BE NICE TO THE WAITSTAFF AND TIP WELL.

Step 5: Make the Move

Okay, here is where it all falls into place. The date has concluded, you walk her back to her car and keep talking. At some point she'll probably ask where you parked, if she doesn't, make the comment that you need to call your Uber or Lyft. This is the tell if you're gonna win: She will say something like: Oh you Uber'd? You: Yep, I live super close! Her: Oh, well I can give you a ride home if you want!

When that happens, you're in. On the ride home, keep conversation going, as you get close, bring things back to your hobby and see if she wants to check it out! Meet the cute dog, see the cool thing you painted, taste the delicious beer you brewed. She'll agree, after all she's already at your house. Once that's there.. well... there is only so much advice I can give you from here. Do your thing.

Did she refuse the ride? Well.. maybe you didn't have such a good date as you though, and you should try again next time.

That's my play.. 60% of the time it works 100% of the time.


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  • Nice take


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  • Why not just ask them?

    All of this is unnecessary.

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    turning a no into a yes though influence IS perfectly OK.


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