♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡


1. Keychain

Cute and simple

♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡

2. Phone case

♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡

3. Matching Shoes

These are pretty cute shoes tbh!

♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡

4. Cologne

Get him his favorite cologne!

♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡

5. Food

The way to man's heart♡ is through his stomach!

Take him out to eat! Or make his favorite meal!

this is making me hungry! :p
this is making me hungry! :p

6. Shoes

♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡

7. A Cute letter ♡

Everyone loves cute letters! they make us smile! especially if they're genuine :)

8. Cute message ♡

I love cute messages! especially if they are from my boyfriend! ♡ don't you?

♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡

Thanks so much for reading loves! I hope this helped! if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know!! I wanna hear your ideas! or if you need help just PM me! I'd be more than happy to help!♡♡

♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡
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  • ShadowofRegret
    I like your take.

    I have a weakness for food, especially if it were made by a woman I was in love with.
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    • thanks so much!! ♡
      haha good to know!

      thanks for taking the time to post your opinion as well! it means a lot

    • No need to thank me, I like your takes, and it is sort of fun talking to you, so thank you for having me.😉

    • awe you're so sweet!
      I'm flattered ♡

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  • hotstuffSRD
    Sounds about right. Tbh a good girlfriend is more than enough 😂 LOL
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Most Helpful Girls

  • tokyomewmew
    Thanks for the ideas for the future!
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  • Chikky
    Really nice mytakes😉
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  • OlderAndWiser
    A good gift is one that shows that you spent time selecting it for your companion and it is something that they wanted but would probably not have bought on their own.
  • PrincessGrail
    Awesome Take!
  • xTom98
    Id actually prefer not to get gifted shoes or cologne, its not well thought of and its not about materialistic stuff... It needs to show you're caring and thought of it, not got a last minute present.

    So in my opinion A Letter, Message, Keychain or anything else that shows your emotions for me in a unique way is best.
  • Aguysopinion4799
    The phone case and the food one then the genuine letter I feel are the best ones

    Phone case because it is something you use daily and also shows people you are with someone :)

    Food because going out for a meal with your partner can only be described as romantic and hopefully also relaxed :)

    Genuine letter because, I LOVE a genuine letter! Knowing the person went to the effort of writing it on paper instead of text is a much more touching present in my views ^_^
  • humanearth
    How about a nice watch?

    ♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡
  • LittleRedKat
    I'm glad you clarified the shoes are matching. Here I thought you were gonna use a man and a woman shoe
  • Clo917
    If I ever manage to get a boyfriend, I'll use this haha. Really, nice take!
    • awe♡
      thank you dear!♡♡

      I'm really gonna miss you :(

    • Clo917

      Me too. ahh I feel bad for leaving now, y'all have all been so sweet >.>

    • it's okay! hopefully you'll come back one day♡

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  • A-man-22
    The key thing about getting a guy a present is practicality over everything else. ( Food is good too)

    I'd rather have a cheap useful present than an expensive one I'll rarely use.

    Also, If it's something I can use everyday that I'll use for a long time it will keep me thinking of you.
  • Max_SS
    Food is definitely the way to my heart. Anything that takes time and effort to make is a great gift
  • it should be more from the, heart kike a concert ticket to his favorite singer or band or sports tickets if he is into that but 1 great thing is always movie passes cuz if you been with a guy for awhile then those type of things make guys happy an can be not to exspensive if you plan ahead
  • StellarDrift
    Depends on the guy. Prob go for something personal and thoughtful. But the fact you're spending time trying to figure out what to get says a lot.
  • Unit1
    Nice try but not quite the right ideas.

    1. I am pretty sure, that we all got them already and there's no need for more.
    2. Unless he has one already or doesn't even have a phone. I used to not have one 2 years ago.
    3. Unless he has too many shoes but that is unlikely to be the case.
    4. Ja! Now we are getting somewhere.
    5. Goes without saying but the way to a man's heart is through his skin and ribcage... but more accurately through his... fire hose.
    6. That's a repeat of number 3
    7. Score!
    8. I thought this was a standard part of a relationship like hugs, kisses and sex, not a gift.
  • IsaJones
    Aww! I really like tht keychain idea, thts super cute! Gonna have to steal tht one😉
  • gym4ever
    gucci Cologne? Smells like shit. Versace way better.
  • kingofthellamas
    Snooze. How dull is this shit. I'm glad I'm not your boyf
  • Subie
    #4 and #8 are the best in my opinion.
    Good mytake:)
  • John_Doesnt
    The best cologne for men is Drakkar Noir.
    ♡Gift ideas for boyfriends ♡
  • NerdInDenial
    Most of these gifts are kind of bad. Food is the probably the easiest or something that he needs or wanted for a while.
  • Kitty46
    What about concert tickets or a fishing trip with his friends. Maybe a naked portrait of his girlfriend or in really sexy lingerie.
  • Eryxx
    Just show me some real love and gimme some self prepared food and I'm all hers.
    i would go with something that will last and has sentimental value like customized jewelry
  • abortedFetus
    1. no
    2. no
    3. no
    4. no
    5. maybe
    6. no
    7. i guess
    8. i guess

    Overall Grade: D-
  • Druvzz
    Buy a dunkin donut and insert it into your boyfriends penis and then lick it.
  • DollySummers
    Try foot massage & cookies
  • Texaskid1

    Enough said.
  • LuvAsh
    I'm single but thanks for this Mytake💕💕
  • Good take
  • Rawkstar26
    Good mytake
  • _Black_Canary_
    Good MyTake!
  • CT_CD
    Interesting myTake
  • DharanS
    I agree with the 5th one completely.😜
  • Ordinarygurl_
  • l collect watches another one would be nice
  • rapfan107
    Food or find out something he's really into
  • Anonymous
    I'd like a son.