Have relationship problems? Then this is for you!

Have relationship problems? Then this is for you!

Hello, guys and girls and trans.

It’s been a year since I’ve joined GaG and I’m proud to say the pattern of the questions here doesn’t vary much over time.

It just keeps cringing and show how screwed and fucked up one can be behind their phone or computer screen. But we’ll get to that later, wayyyyy later.

Because now – me, a self-proclaimed Dr. Love is in the house *cue the claps and excitement*

Without further ado, here’s the top 11 classic love questions :

1. My crush stares at me and do this/that when I’m around. Could he be into me?

There’s a fine line between “signs” and “overthinking”. He could be liking you or it could be a coincidence, or he’s being friendly.

My advice would be, ask him directly. Guys like assertive girls. This is 21st century. We’re all equal *cough*

If he rejects you, you can move on and find another guy to stalk and crush on. If he accepted, yeay.

2. My boyfriend doesn’t reply my text. Is it okay to spam his inbox or would he be annoyed?

This depends on when, where and what kind of a guy he is. If you’re texting him while he’s working or having diarrhea, well….can’t blame the guy for not replying. I mean., PRIORITIES!

As a girlfriend, be understanding, especially if he said in advance, “hey babe. I’ll be busy. Text you later.” And be more understanding when you know how his schedule is.

Of course, if he’s a nice, sweet guy, he wouldn’t mind you spamming his inbox. In fact, he might find it cute. But let’s face it – it’s mostly during the chasing game it’s cute.

3. He likes girls’ picture on Instagram and Facebook. Whyyyy?

It’s because he likes them and he sees no harm in doing so. I mean, not like they know each other, righhhttt?

Don’t sweat it. The girls don’t even know them and won’t pay attention to them unless they’re filthy rich and do something worth remembering. You know, like buying them a house on Hollywood or 123945329 carat ring.

Likes on facebook or Instagram? Meh. The girls have 5652135 other people to do that too.

4. He doesn’t tell me his password on his social media or show me his phone. Is he cheating?

Most likely, no. People just value privacy. And together forever in relationship in this day and age – about a year, tops.

5. We have differences – religion or race or skin color or politics or zodiacs. Will it work between us?

It’s only a problem if you made it a problem. If you wanted it to work, you’d do anything for it to work. Or at least try to, until it’s not working anymore.

Relationship takes two for it to work (ignore this advice if you’re in open relationship).

p/s : Zodiac isn’t a valid reason to act shitty. Don’t blame it on constellation.

6. Long distance relationship – yes or no?

Refer answer no. 5, minus the p/s.

7. How many dates before getting intimate?

Do it when you’re ready, not as a favor or pity. Ignore the talks about how ‘poor guy pay for dinner and didn’t even get blowjob’.

If it’s gonna takes 100 dates for you before getting ready to kiss him, so be it. You’re not gonna die just because you didn’t have sex on first date, and he’ll still live if there’s no sex after three dates.

Just maybe 30$ poorer.

p/s : If there’s no vibe after first date, say so. Don’t use him for free meals. That’s a bitchy move.

8. We’re friends with benefits, but one of us caught feelings.

You entered the ‘relationship’ with sex as main concern. If you want more than sex, but he said no, then voila. No more reason to stay and called it friends with benefits again.

You’ll just be all mushy and gloomy and overthink, ‘he said he wants sex, but we cuddle, so maybe he wants more?’


9. I’m xx age and never date anyone. What could be the problem?

Let’s start with, do you even go out to meet someone?

Next, do you have bad breath? Bad armpit? Bad personality?

There we go with the answer.

10. I’m attracted to older men. Is it okay for me to date them?

Young lady, make sure you’re [insert legal age].

Yes, I know how attractive older men can be as they get their shit together, financially stable and have their own place, which means you don’t have to go to crappy motel or be quiet for fear of your family finding out.

But some could be using you to boost their egos, use you for personal gains and/or married. And if they’re married, breaking up with you is easier than paying alimonies.

11. I’m attracted to taken men.

Well, it takes two to tango. You can try to break him up with his girl, but if he said no, then back the fuck off.

Just know this, if he cheats with you, he can cheat on you. Karma is a bitch.

So, I believe that sums most of the questions when it comes to dating/relationship section on GaG. Feel free to chip in or pats me on the back for solving / adding more fuel to your fiery relationship.

I take all comments with open arms and throws the trolls in fire.Ciao!

Have relationship problems? Then this is for you!
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  • Jamie05rhs
    I disagree with what you wrote in #4. Sure, some people have short relationships (and some people WANT to have short relationships), but cheating is a different thing entirely; that's cutting a relationship short when it could have been longer.
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    • aialex


      But my point was, just because he hides his password, doesn't mean he's cheating.

      Because I know the same girls who asked for password, don't return the favor.

    • Jamie05rhs

      Okay; I agree with you on that point.

    • Jamie05rhs

      I think I would probably share my password with my wife, though. I don't see any reason not to. Unless my job required a security clearance.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Secret6620
    Loved it ♥️🥰
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  • Daniela1982
    Your My Take definitely highlights the kinds of questions we get on GAG. As far as #3, no, guys like Instagram models/girls because they like getting off the them. They know they can never have these kinds of Ho's so they just spank their monkey to their pics.
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    • aialex

      Yet, the questions keep on coming.

      It's like they don't know how to read!

  • MackToday
    Guys and girls and tranys and... you missed thousands of genders and orientations! Have relationship problems? Then this is for you!
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    • aialex

      I like to keep my intro short. Otherwise, they'd stop reading.

    • MackToday

      No excuse, you have to know of other kulacks in on this to. I suggest you inform on them now while you still have your health. Back to the room full of bed bugs unless you can give me at least two names.

  • Pejtu
    Anybody that believes in astrology and zodiac sighs and all this bullshit is just dumb as fuck thats all
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    • aialex

      Who knows? Some just need a reason to break up.

      "Oh no. I'm Libra and he's Cancer. Our compatibility is 98%. Shit. Got to ditch and find 100%"

    • Pejtu

      Yea some People are like that true

  • SpiritBear
    This would be wildly helpful to me as well if I had anything close to a relationship.
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    • aialex

      Nothing wrong with preparing yourself for relationship!

    • SpiritBear

      @aialex, I'll save this take then :)

    • Jamie05rhs

      @aialex You're absolutely right! I like your attitude. Being prepared is key.

  • Browneye57
    Reasonable. I guess you've been around the block. ;)
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  • JimRSmith
    Excellent take - I did enjoy this! :)
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  • ilovehentai
    i need to level up asap , i guess i ll just copy paste this to answer the question
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  • smg99
    I loved this so incredibly true :)
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Nice take
  • Anonymous
    If he doesn't show her his phone/his browsing history, he might be hiding something.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent MyTake!

    1. ... ask him directly? That's easier said than done! lol

    3. Why is he even deliberately checkin' out other girls on social media if he has a girlfriend!

    4. That's sad if the shelf-life of a relationship these days is a year, tops.

    7. He may be monetarily "poorer" if he takes her out on dates but he should be richer for having her in his life. If a guy is worried about how much money he's spending on dates (within reason), maybe he shouldn't be going on dates.

    It's also a b* move to ask a woman on a date and expect sexual favors for "dessert" - especially when he hasn't indicated that when he asks her out. I mean, we're not mind-readers! (But I know why guys don't say anything - if they did, they probably wouldn't get many dates.)

    8. As it says in Smashword's free ebook: "Woman to Women", it is normal for a woman to develop feelings for her partner after she has sex. It's just how a lot of us are wired.

    10. That can apply to younger guys as well as older guys: using a woman to boost their ego, for personal gain (sex), etc.