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Three years ago I was hot. Metaphorically speaking, I was on fire. I was going on dates every other week. Every month I had a different girl texting my phone and meeting me for a date every other week. Not just any girl either. I was dating 8-10’s. I wasn’t used to it but I definitely enjoyed the ride.

That year I had made the decision to take charge of my dating life and get what I want. I wanted to have the balls to approach any girl at any time. So for one year it was my goal to approach 5 girls a day with the intent of having a conversation and asking for her phone number. Not just any type of girl. The goal was to approach the ones that made me nervous. Results didn’t matter. Numbing myself to rejection was the goal. Everything else was a bonus.

I had a problem with rejection. The girls I wanted to meet the most were the ones that intimidated me the most. I was part of the 90% pool of guys who “wished” they could talk to these girls. But one day, I decided rejection wouldn’t stop me. So I made it my goal to approach these women 5 times a week for one year.

Fast forward 4 months and I was in a relationship. I had dated about 4-5 girls before her and we clicked better than the rest. My dating life he took a complete 180. Not only had I been getting dates, numbers and eating rejection like it was candy, I had gotten myself into a relationship.


Currently I am single and it’s been three years since I had sex. My relationship in 2016 ended about 4 months in. We weren’t compatible in some really important areas . Since we broke up I’ve dated a few girls but I’m nowhere near as hot as I was in 2016 because of one single factor.


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Despite my previous success with changing my dating life I got lazy and let the feeling of rejection’s sting become as strong as the bite of a ferocious beast. Getting a date has always been one simple process for me.

Meet women until I meet one that likes me. This is common sense. You see it in every animal species. The aggressor tries to find a mate, fails until he finds one who accepts his mating call. The ones that give up, well, they don’t reproduce and die off.

I’m pretty outgoing, funny, smart, compassionate and hardworking. I graduate college next year and will be looking to become a news reporter. I’ll have zero debt, 10k or more to my name. A job and side hustle(Lyft/Uber), my own place, a nice car. To add to that I’m in very good shape. I’m finally working out consistently, 3-6 times a week. I’m already muscular but I’m pushing towards my personal goal of 160lbs, so 12 lbs left. Also I’ve published two books and I’ve been to two different countries with plans to see more.

What a catch right? I say that not to brag but to give some of my background. From the outside, one would say “Dude you’re cool. Don’t let rejection bother you. Just be yourself.” Which is true. Yet when I meet a girl (a girl I BARELY know) and she flakes on me or something I let it get to my head. It makes me question if I’m coming off weird to girls or if I’m doing something wrong.

I have no specific routine. I go up to girls, introduce myself and talk to them for a bit. I’m actually pretty good at this. Rarely do I get rude responses. The rejection I receive is usually polite. Girls sometimes apologize for saying no and I have to tell them it’s ok to tell a man no. We laugh about it and go our separate ways. Once every blue moon I’ll meet that one girl who’s in a bad mood or the mean girl who thinks it’s cool to laugh at me with her friends but I’m telling you they’re like 10% of women. Most women are chill and fun to talk to(unless they’re faking it).

I approach every woman this way. I’m too lazy to memorize lines or routines. I also want a girl to choose “me”. Not something i memorized and rehearsed. Some like me and go out with me and some don’t. And maybe, just maybe that’s the way this thing is supposed to look. At least for me. Maybe I’m doing nothing wrong at all and it’s all about me putting in the effort and letting time and the universe do the rest. There’s two differences between me in 2016 and now.

2016- I was getting dates. I was having sex. Simply by going up to girls and letting them know I exist.

2019- I rarely let women know I exist. I’m not consistent. I’m not going on dates and I’m not having sex.

I’ve decided to conquer my mind and get what I want again. Every aspect of my life is perfect for me except my dating life. I realize I don’t need a woman to be happy. But I “want” a woman. I want a dating life. I want to have sex. The only way I’ve ever gotten any of that was rolling with the punches and trying until I I got dates. I don’t want to wake up at 30 and be like those guys who check out women while their backs are turned and wink to their buddies. I’m going to be the guy who goes up to her and makes her day. I already have proof that I can do it. I just have to make the decision to not stop trying

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  • derek2017
    Look man! you're not doing good to yourself by chasing after women! Pick up artists are cucks and betas! you're saying that you're not in the same mood as before and thats because you're bored of chasing after women! Let me tell you another way that you can get laid without investing so much time at girls and getting rejected! Just tease them! Let her think that her body is not enough to please you and make fun of her (without being mean)! For this to work though youve gotta know her, so dont hit on them, get to know them, dont let them realise you want to date them, just get to know them! Speak with them and then as you get to know them start to tease them the way i told you above
    • Dongtai

      I don’t believe in the beta/alpha hype. I’m just me. If I’ve learned anything with dating it’s that there’s not “one” trick to attracting women. What works for me might not work for you. I happen to like chasing women, granted, it’s a healthy chase and not a toxic one. I’ve learned the difference.

      No tricks or gimmicks. I present myself to women as I am and go for the ones I want. The ones that like me stick around. My dating life was bored due to my lack of initiative, not how I went about taking action. Nice perspective though.

  • Anonymous
    I hope your 2016 = my 2019 and years ahead.
    Good luck to you too bro

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