5 Dating site profile texts to avoid for girls


So you just joined tinder and are thinking about texts to put in your description or you are on there and wondering why you're faced with shit people all the time? Here's what you should avoid and why:

5 Dating site profile texts to avoid for girls

1: "I wanna be accepted for who i am" or "i am just myself"

To us men that just translates to: "i'm an insufferable bitch and i know it". we assume that you have been through lots of rejections or harsh breakups where you were left for who you are.

2: "No one night stands"

we get it. no girl on a dating site is looking for one night stands, cause every guy knows a girl doesn't need to join a dating site if they're looking for a hookup. Also this hints towards bad experiences in your past or maybe you've been fucking around a lot and don't wantthat anymore. we also understand it as code for: "i'm not gonna make this easy or fun for you!"

3: Just emojis

I'm not sure how the younger generation feels about this but my generation thinks it's childish and uninspired. so if you don't want us to think you're a plain bitch, put a text too.

4: You expect something more than just "hi"

If you mention that with any wording in your description that tells us, you are way too entitled and think you're the bees knees. very few men are into little princesses that think they are hot shit. we understand that women get a LOT of texts and it's a hassle to go through all the "hi" first messages. but think about how dating sites work for men. 50% of the women are fake accounts that try to get you to some pay site and another 30% of girls never answer no matter how much effort you put to text them first. consider this to be like a "knock knock". you don't need to be creative. just reply with a hi if you're interested in the dude to show you're a real person and you wanna talk.

5: You mention that you're interested in sex

We assume you are either a prostitute that expects us to pay for sex with you or a fake account.

Avoid all of the above. rather put just nothing and leave it blank. that's not optimal but better than any of the previously mentioned things.

If you have other things to avoid or things for men to avoid, put it in the comments :)

5 Dating site profile texts to avoid for girls
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  • gaurwaith
    I still think there's a lot more to be said and avoided by women on dating apps. A few of my "favorites" are: chances are if I swiped right it's because you have a dog, or I will probably like your dog more than you, or I'm on this app looking for friends nothing serious (wtf, why are you on a dating app then?), or I never message first/make first move (wow, wet blanket). there are many, many other profiles like this that are just total turnoff, the girl could even be gorgeous and I'll still swipe left if she has an if awful attitude like this.
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    • I like your dog more than you xD what? That's not how you get a guy interested :D

    • gaurwaith

      I know right? would be hilarious if you show up for a date with her and bring your dog and then leave, "hey you two have fun! bring him back before midnight!"

  • tychus
    why are people always interpreting shit... if someone says "no one night stands" it means no one night stands simple and easy no need to interpret anything. i always tell ladies i go out with first day "if you're not looking for something serious, tell me right now I don't do casual hookups". jesus christ
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    • People always have their reasons. Even if it's just that they've been asked that a lot.

    • tychus

      not really i have no particular reason. I'm just not interested in casual shit it's that simple

    • well for a man to say that it makes sense, cause it makes a man stand out of the crowd on dating sites.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Gottabsavagee
    Or when girls put “I’m not here a lot, dm me on instagram”

    What they are really seeking for is followers
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    • Yeah one of the many ways people abuse dating sites to make cash :/

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  • LIM1T
    Dating apps is almost a waste of time. Everyone's ego and standards go sky high - especially for women. They will always want someone better, hence why they keep swiping left - even on decent guys because they still have the hopes of finding someone better. They want to find the "perfect" one. Here's a reality check - there is no perfect one.
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    • well obviously you just use dating sites on the side. i mean why not. i mean would you say no to a free lottery ticket? yeah the chances are low but so is the investment so might as well.

      i totally agree that womens egos are super inflated by all those low value men trying to fuck them making them think they're hot shit when they're average at best.

    • LIM1T

      Fair point - doesn't hurt

  • Flamdring
    Hm. I would disagree with the number 5 since dating apps are virtually entirely about sex. Hoping to find your true love there is the same as going to a football (the real football ⚽) game and hoping to meet your future wife there. It can happen, but the chances are very small.

    What I do fully agree with you is the whole crap with writing more than "hi". Like you said, many profiles are fake and many women do not respond no matter what you write if you do not match their physical type (another reason why dating apps are mostly about sex), so why expect us to make any kind of effort even before we receive your answer in return? You get a "hi, how are you?", simply respond nicely and a conversation can start. You do not expect a man to approach you in a café and use any of the awkward pickup lines, do you?

    Overall, I think dating apps and sites have spoilt women to a much higher degree than men. Thanks to photoshop and all those disgusting animal faces that many women love putting on their photos, it gives women total control to ignore anyone who does not match their "perfect" image. There is simply no chance of even starting a conversation. I think it creates a false image that dating offline is the same, but it could not be further from the truth.
    • Dude not even Photoshop. Just angles... They are so good at hiding fat. Fell for a fat chick a few times now cause the angle on the image made them look normal weight...

      Besides yeah dating sites may be mostly for hookups for men. But most women actually do look for love not sex. However mentioning they want sex is slightly weird, cause that's what every man will offer them either way xD

  • maxambit
    Hi my name is... I enjoy long drives to nowhere. I enjoy watching sports , go (insert local team here). I have (x) kids and they come first. I dont like short men, bad teeth or poor hygiene.

    This is the standard profile for women on dating sites. Petty boring stuff.
    • haha yeah fat, unkept and unemployed with multiple children from multiple ex partners but only looking for a muscular slim model like man at least 2 meters tall with a high income job and no hookups xD that's what i see a lot too.

    • maxambit

      Also the whole travel thing is just code for high priced whore. If travel is mentioned you better have some major money. As soon as the trip is over she will ge gone.

    • so true. all about traveling without any money. yeah i get it. i'd love traveling too, if everything is payd for by someone else xD

  • Maysexy
    I also use dating app very often. For my other kinky things and ideas, I often use KinkDr to date. I can share my story inside. Still very interesting. www_kinkdr_net? i=9hLTLD
    • isn't it obvious that i'm experienced with dating sites? didn't it occur to you that i already know those lame tricks that are used to bait guys into paying for some shitty site, cause you lure them there with sexy promises? xD man those bots really don't get more smart.

  • aaronbw
    I'm not trying to troll but this is reading way to much into this. Some things you are somewhat correct on but the same can be said for men too. Expecting more than hi doesn't mean an "entitled bitch," women get hit with ad bots just as much as we do and also would like an actual conversation with a human. Also the one thing I do agree on is the emojis, I dont mind some emojis but if you try to write a paragraph with them then yeah instant childish turn off.

    Also, what you SHOULD warn against is that stupid soliciting for money by saying "cash me 5 (or insert amount here ___) bucks to let me know its real." Obvious cash grab and or a stupid cam profile.
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    • Bots don't hit you up with a "hi" xD never seen this cash me thing personally. But yeah that is so obviously a fake account, you don't need to warm people about that :D

    • aaronbw

      Actually bots do start with hi. I've matched with people and it starts out with high. I'll continue talking and then I'll notice the speech patter before the inevitable cash grab or invite to a cam site happens.

    • aaronbw

      *hi, not high

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  • themomo84
    Rofl but I think there's a wide berth for interpretation.
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    • Well sure there is but the ones I mentioned are the ones us guys apply :D

  • Nadim171
    Honestly all those things don't bother me personally. I like it when a girl uses emojis
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  • zaragosa
    I mostly use em for hookups
    Very hard finding an honest girl who want to do it for just sex and not because she's a prostitute
  • Usernamesrdumb
    90% of women looking for 10% of men. Attention and validation is apps are for. So many simps.
    • well it is kind of a projection of real life, cause 90% of the people you meet are trash and women are out for validation alone, not for sex while men want only the sex xD pretty much the same as on dating sites.

  • NightFlirt
    That makes perfect sense. I am impressed.
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  • pizzalovershouse
    ok 👍
  • jimmy2
    Well i he happy with onr night stands.. lol
    • They're not the best to me but I don't get why women hate them so much