What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles


Hello ladies, are you having trouble getting high quality men to swipe right on your dating app profiles? Here are just a few annoying things that you are doing WRONG.

Thicker Than a Snicker

What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

Any mention of your weight show profound insecurity and is an immediate turn off. Why draw attention to it? Ask yourself, are skinny girls on their profiles apologizing for how skinny they are? Women who are in normal weight range make no mention of their weight.

Height Requirements

What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

Demanding a man be 6ft tall is like a guy demanding a woman be Double D cup size. Its insane.

Face Only Cropping

What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

Shame on you if you do this. Save yourself the trouble of a guy not calling back after a date and telling his buddies he was catfished. Stop doing face only pics ladies! Show us what you are working with. If you are ashamed of your body you have more work to do before ever even dating. Dating means vulnerability. One pic? Okay. No full body pics? swipe left!

Downward Camera Shot

What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

Ladies. One picture like this is fine. But if every picture is a camera pointed down at your tits in order to cover up the fact that you are overweight? Us guys see right through this.

List of Demands Entitled Woman

What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

Demands like "You must have your shit together" or a list of ultimatums makes you sound like a bitch. We are swiping left!

Hotter Girl Trick

What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

If you have a profile photo with your hot and skinnier best friend to get guys to swipe right? Guys assume the less attractive girl is the profile chic. Ladies, only YOU should be in a profile photo!


What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles

If you want a serious relationship with a guy. Stop posting half nudes. Have a bikini beach shot. CLEAVAGE IS GREAT!... But if you're in a bra and thong chic on these apps? You ain't wifey class.

What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles
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  • ShadezMcgee
    Some good ones in here. I remember when I tried using those and everything you said was on point.

    The hotter girl trick. The cropped photos. The demands.

    Some you forgot, though.

    "Not here to hook up." But then contradict that by literally showing pictures of hookup life at clubs or in less than appropriate clothes.

    Political view x, y, z. If you are a certain group, they tell you to swipe left.
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  • warrenstone
    Requirements. It’s so cringe.

    Get off your high horse 🙄 you’re a receptionist at a neighborhood clinic and a 6.5 with an hours worth of make up.
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    • yofuknutz

      Probably the STD/gum Clinic working her visits to the clinic that's why she works there

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  • Daniela1982
    I see I'm gonna have to do a what men should not have on a dating site profile and #1 is a dick pic. What Women Should Not Have on Dating App Profiles
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  • modelUN242
    You’re right, so many entitled fat short girls demanding unrealistic expectations. If you’re fat, it makes no sense to demand for a lean person, which goes for both genders. Work on yourself first.
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    • yofuknutz

      Especially Nancy Hernandez unbelievable using a metal bed to plow that and even then the frame bends a little bit

  • the007datingcoach
    Women who have had children and yet refuse to date single dads 🤣🤦‍♂️

    Funny really they complain when men don't date single parents yet 🤷🏼‍♂️
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  • have_a_good_day
    I wish all men could just start ignoring women. Take the power back. For too long women have the say in this game.
    We ignore them and have ourselves a good time. We will feast on food, we will drink our drinks, we will watch our sports and fart our farts!
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    • Now you’re talking!
      That’s why I ignore men. I read books, watch tennis, go for walks, bake and cook all for myself.
      I don’t need some bozo telling me what to do and what to say. I’m educated, have my own place and a car. Who needs men why you have it all?

    • Exactly, catworld!
      Nobody needs anybody.
      Once people start to realize that then finally, maybe just finally, we will find a cure for cancer

    • I’m sure a lot of men do this already 😆

  • AzzaBlue
    I am currently on POF (and am regretting it) and the vast majority of female profiles (say 95%) are complete and utter garbage. These women are so lazy and entitled that they put little to no effort in to their profiles. Yes, I understand that women on these sites get inundated with dozens maybe even hundreds of messages a day, but that is no excuse for laziness. Also I find it kind of hilarious that many of these women will write that they are done with players/ sleazy men. And yet they believe that their shitty and extremely negative profile is somehow going to attract someone of substance. Firstly a shitty profile is going to attract shitty men. For example I saw a profile recently that literally said as a headline "Show me a picture of your dog not D! ck." Does anyone honestly think that she is no longer receiving dic pics?
    Secondly, these women wouldn't know substance even if it bit them in the arse as they are devoid of substance themselves.
    These women will likely have pics that don't leave much for the imagination and they will not write anything that would give you a glimpse of their character/ personality. Instead they may write "just ask," or "I will fill this out later," or "I like to live, laugh and be happy." WTF? I personally think that the majority of women are just after "one thing" just like the majority of men. This is fine, but be honest and up front about it. However for those of you ladies that actually want something "real," I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you have a slooty main picture, and you have written nothing in your profile that suggests that you have a personality than you are basically communicating to the men on these sites that you are nothing more than a hole for their dicks.

    In life you get out what you put in, and if you don't put any quality effort into yourselves, don't be surprised if you attract low quality.
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    • @azzblue. Don't even tried disabled dating. They even rubbish saying. On my experience with disabilities dating. I got men they just want a women over age of 30 . Dating sites suck for both men & women.

    • AzzaBlue

      @Splatzonelover1 I don't doubt for a second that it sucks for both men and women. I was merely sharing my own experiences with dating sites. I've also tried dating sites for the disabled and you're right as its members seems to be even more shallow. Sigh!!!

    • Even with some user that even said. I saw a user that just want someone that has autism has one number. Same thing with learning disabilities and also found a women hater. I feel more of bait for older men since I put has red flags guys over 30 ,40,60 and 80 . These guys that I don't even when but always get them on learning disabilities even know I put them on waring.

  • EmbraceThePain
    Yeah, a lot of women on dating sites have some rather contradicting things on there. The one you mentioned where they say “not here to hookup” yet post sexually provocative/revealing photos is a rather common one I’m sure. I don’t requirements are evil, but they can be unreasonably limiting and quite shallow, to where it may put off a lot of men that even meet these requirements. Also, I think it may not be a great thing after all because you never know what kind of amazing man or woman you will meet if you set up certain requirements that are unreasonably limiting and shallow. I think women should have reasonable requirements, stressing more so on the nonphysical side than physical side even though the physical is indeed important too. How women set up their dating profiles can mean the difference between attracting the men they do not want to attract and subsequently having a negative experience from it, or meeting someone they can really see a future with. So, I’ll make a list right now of what I think a woman should not have on their profile.

    •physical requirements.
    •sexually revealing and/or sexually provocative photos
    •generic/unoriginal posts or sayings
    •filtered or heavily photoshopped pictures
    •weird pictures
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  • Jamie05rhs
    Good take, @Apope16. I think I pretty much agree with all of this. The only thing is I actually don't mind her having a list of demands. Because if that's what she really wants, then it saves us both time in the long run if she's honest and upfront about it and I can just swipe left and move on. And I would say the same about my own requirements. If she doesn't like them, she can just swipe left and move on.
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  • zeitgeist057
    I don't even bother with dating sites/apps. Unless I am just in the mood to waste time, which is rarely. Or rather, I waste my time doing other things.

    I've had two good relationships from dating sites, actually both OKC. The first one I just cut and pasted to over 100 girls and got back a handful of replies and one became my girlfriend for over a year. The second she actually messaged me first, I had just changed my location, so I must have come up as "fresh meat" in the area. That was a 5 year relationship. I also had a couple hookups and one pretty good friend. But the time spent was very low return compared to if I spent the same amount of time checking out and approaching girls in my city.

    Plus a lot less surprising and you get a feel for people a lot quicker. Even if you end up messaging with some girls on dating apps, it's boring af and goes nowhere, they just want to chat and get attention but don't want to meet up so I move on. I don't need a texting buddy.

    Also, the points are good about "hotter friend" and "headshot only". I don't even bother anymore. If there are multiple girls in multiple pics, or just headshots, it's automatic rejection from me. Not that I'm some high and mighty hot commodity, I'm just not interested in those women.
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    • @Zelitgeist057 . Don't even try the disabled dating. Very much shallow and too entitled. My experience with men on disabled dating are be the worst type men.

    • @Splatzonelover1 I don't know what that is, but I probably won't bother with it. The only ones I really ever muck about with are OKC, Bumble, and Tinder, and that's only when I'm really bored or otherwise in a low spot, lol. So that's a good sign hahaha

  • humanearth
    I never used computer dating before, but if I did, your advice makes a lot of sence.

    See I am the old fashion type. If I would ever go back to the dating game. I would stick with the old fashion tried and true.
    Findng people to date in person. Back in my dating years, I have meet girls at the store, beach, concerts and who knows where else.

    I never had trouble getting dates doing it the old fashion way. The hardest part doing it the old way. Is getting over the fear of walking up to a stanger and start talking. But that goes away fast once you try it a few times.

    Sometimes the old ways are the best ways
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    • Apope16

      You are 52 . Now days it won't work for younger people. Unless you are online you are creepy as a college kid to pick up in person.

    • You might be right and its a sad day

  • HawkPerception
    Due to all that you mentioned and more, I've been done with dating sites for a while. Not many girls with decent profiles. However, I'll say that most guys just swipe right on everything until they get a match to their taste. Not everyone is as picky and goes through others profiles like us.
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    I agree with it all... but, if that's how they think, instead of swiping left, I'll swipe right and teach em a lesson...
    Big or small, short and tall... ill fuck em all...
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    • Apope16

      Then ditch them after. Thats what i mean. They won't get a relationship

    • AzzaBlue

      Shit noooooo!!! Who knows what kind of diseases that they are carrying. Yeah sure you can use protection but still ewww. I have a rare immune condition, and if I were to pump and dump strangers (I wouldn't though) I feel that I would need to take a very long shower as well as overdosing on anti biotics.

    • Excuse me my brother and his now wife met on a dating site (christian mingle) they were both virgins and stayed virgins until marriage. I am on that site too, I have no diseases and I am a virgin waiting till marriage! Not ALL women are the same, it is time you all realize that!

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  • molonski2
    Good post , plenty of full body shots
    You can Crop face as long as there are genuine body shots , dont lie about weight
    The shots should not be overtly sexual , a little sexy but no massive pose. Just keep it really , and make sure it remains real.
  • cksutherland
    OP is a sexist idiot.

    Aside form the fact he's body shaming AND slut shaming here, he's also *checks notes* created a list of demands and expectations for women on dating apps including one that says women shouldn't make demands or have expectations of men on dating apps... lol what a f**king incel douche bag.
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  • jshm2
    Sheesh! That last pic I seriously thought was a piece of raw chicken or something. Zoomed in to top laugh at both the pic and the suggestion.

    You should maybe add "don't post shitty pics" to the list and, "don't add pets, as it's you not the pet, you want them to date.
  • TruthBringer
    Ah Tinder... A woman's ego boost and a man's waste of time.

    And I'm saying this as a person who has had succes on Tinder himself...
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  • Hyped_up_on_coffee
    You do know tinder is a hookup site. The woman in the first picture is just trying to appeal to ass men.

    For the second one , everyone is shallow. Height requirements are a bit vapid but it’s not as bad as what gay men put on Grindr about no black , Asian or trans. Not to mention you seem a little bit shallow on the weight thing when it comes to women.
    - I have also seen men do the hotter guy trick
    - The girl on the bottom with nudity is just trying to get laid. Not find a husband.
    - In all honesty you just sound bitter.
    -If someone wants to find a good partner it’s better that they sign up for a quality site such as Match. com , Christian Mingle , or any site that has specifics. List their values and what they want in a partner , have both a face and a body shot , something with a pet and something involving a hobby.
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  • BloodySmoke
    I would also add that having duck face pictures, pictures with the dog filter or sticking your tongue out are nothing but irritating.
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  • Guanfei
    I agree with everything. Most of those are a swipe left reason.
    If I can't know what you look like or if you're too picky and entitled, it's a big no.
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  • slatyb
    I did a lot of online dating, had one multi-year relationship that fell apart, then met my wife on match. Great take. Some additional points:

    * Be positive, Talk about yourself and the person you want to meet. Don’t list negatives like “no liars.” That just tells us you have boundary issues and your life is a mess.

    * if your dog or dogs are in every picture we will wonder where we will fit in.

    * Get a friend to take pictures. Have them take a lot while you change position and expression. That way you’ll get a good one. Avoid posting selfies. You have friends, right?

    * it’s fine to talk about what you enjoy. Don’t list your possessions or income. That just tells you get your sense of worth from spending money, or probably better, having someone spend money on you.
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    • I’m glad you’re married and off the market. You come across as very shallow and judgmental.

    • slatyb

      @ItsACatWorld Really? How so? What's "shallow" about anything I said?

    • Your requirements for example. No selfies.
      Well everyone posts selfies. I have mostly selfies. It is because I’m single and I typically travel alone. Plus I don’t want to bug my friends to come over for a photo session.
      So I were listening to you, I would give up on dating because despite being successful and fun person I have only selfies.
      Also, not everyone feels comfortable asking friends to take a picture of them.

      Additionally, how does saying “ no liars” means I have boundary issues? It’s a personal preference.

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  • hello_kitty_man
    I completely agree with all of these. In my experience if you put all the things that a guy MUST be then you're severely limiting your pool of potential matches.
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