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Men: Avoid Online Dating Apps!


Men should avoid online dating apps because the dating apps will remove your most valuable asset: confidence with women. Online dating websites will make most men beggars with women because the ratio of men/women highly favors men. The non-personal nature can cause women to become flakey in choosing men.

As an experiment, a male friend and I created a woman's profile on a popular dating app. We wrote a well simple profile for a 20 year old, Caucasian woman, who was in college, working part-time in an office, and looking for a monogamous relationship. We answered every profile question, so the profile was a complete and used proper English. We had unique photographs of a pretty woman, who was about 5'6", slender build with B cup, long brunette hair. The website was free. The dating website's search engine showed there were about three times as many men as women on the website in the 18 to 30 age range.

The results blew our minds away. Less than 24 hours later, we had over 100 messages from men. We did not read or open all of the messages (it was overwhelming), but some were well thought out where the men invested time writing a detailed, customized response. The dating app allowed users to see if a user had logged on, if messages were opened or deleted. We never responded to any of the messages and did not delete any messages during the experiment. By day two, we received repeat messages from about ten of the men from day one, saying they noticed that we logged in and were following up. By day two we had over 200 messages from different men. The response was overwhelming - literally. We closed the account around day three, we felt bad for the guys.

Online dating has become a billion dollar a year industry. Online dating highly favors women because of the ratio of men to women; fewer women are comfortable meeting strangers on the internet. Online dating promises an endless supply of men, so many women do not respond and become overly picky. For instance, with online dating a women can limit matches to men who are only 6 foot tall or taller; that height requirement eliminated about 85% of the male population. Women can't do the same in person. 99% of women are shorter than 6 feet, so as long as your are taller than the woman, you are nearly as good as 6 foot tall in-person.

Below is the reverse experiment where an 18 year old woman tries being a man online dating and discovers how flakey women can be in responding.

My suggestion is to meet women in real life, the way our parents did it. Go shopping at WalMart or Target. Go to a shopping mall. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Go to a dog park. Circulate and meet women. Say hi.

Men: Avoid Online Dating Apps!
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  • Anonymous
    I tried the fake account to see what it's like on the other side.
    It's crazy. I even made it overly simplistic with one or two word answers to profile questions -- utterly basic, but with a cute pic. And I get like 30 messages from men and women in that first night and, like 120 by the end of the week -- for doing nothing.

    Meanwhile, on my actual profile, I do that ridiculous thing women expect -- making profound introduction messages to grab attention or impress or whatever. I spend like 20-30 minutes on each girl picking the perfect 3-5 line message with an introduction, a joke, a comment on common interests, a compliment -- all that kind of stuff trying to be respectful, tasteful, and funny. But still I got like a handful of replies a week tops, and far fewer that get a second response. Got like 1 date, ever, from an app, and it was not good. Technology exacerbates the regular discrepancies between men and women, that environment promotes toxicity in women and disillusionment in men.
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    • It's toxic for everybody.

    • Anonymous

      @NicoletteXO But we can be more specific than that. There are specific ways in which it affects men and women, men become disillusioned, resentful, disheartened, and women become toxic, egotistical, and misguided.

    • AmandaYVR

      I'm glad you did the experiment. Many have, and all attained the same results.

      However, there is one issue with your interpretation - receiving "a handful of replies" is a good response. And you not being happy with that (because you're comparing the other to massive volume) means that you are missing the point of dating apps meant for finding genuine relationships (not hookups.) Humans cannot multitask. Not technically. It diffuses their attention and quality of focus on ALL tasks. And this is the way many men treat women online. They want volume, they want choices, themselves. But having a few people to get to know... even that is a lot, can divide one's time, and mind. Players want tons of options. People looking for love will (and need to) invest more in the individuals.

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  • AmandaYVR
    Yep, I pretty much agree with all that you wrote.
    I don't wish, for the sake of society, that all men simple stop using dating apps, but I would understand if men boycotted them for this exact reason. There's an Aimee Mann song I like called 'Wise Up', where she says, "It's not going to stop 'till you wise up..."

    I did used to think the solution to this was for men to writing better openers, put some effort in. I still believe it's a poor investment not to do this, and that volume is kind of disgusting, and if this merely about getting sex, then yeah, I see why you don't give a f about putting in effort or making a real connection. Effort is necessary for relationships. However, I have since been convinced that it's not this simple. It's not a guaranteed 'solution'. All the things you mentioned about what this attention is doing to girls' thinking... it's true. The psychology there is sound. They think they have options, and they're the prize, and the 'solution' is for the men to rise up to meet them, on their high horse.

    I've been coming at this from another angle, which is to continually encourage girls to read out, go for what they want; or at least what they find at all interesting. I've heard every reason, every excuse, every justification for why they don't want to do it. It now feels close to futile for me to even bother. They believe what they believe. (And they don't even support and interact with each other all much online. In this world, they receive.) And as long as they keep doing that, they're much, much, less likely to be with the guy they really want. Dealer's choice is a very powerful concept.

    And if their standards are so unattainable, they will stay single (some very much want that, to stay single, but I'm not referring to those, obviously.) Not only single, but getting offended by every little thing that a girl friend, co-worker, online acquaintance, etc. etc., said, creates an insulated, lonely existence. (Just look at the depression and suicide stats for online teens and female young adults.) They're on social media, on the dating apps, and many are seeking Likes, but they're stingy with passing them out themselves. You see the behaviour here on gag too. They claim it's because they get rampant dick picks (and yes, many do), but that doesn't justify the crickets on other girls' questions... questions completely unrelated to sex. What they seem to do, instead, is make up their own anon questions, and enjoy the receiving they get from others. That's its own form of psychological loneliness, not unlike a single, "Hey."
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  • coachTanthony
    I agree. Get all these beta males off these apps so my clients can succeed.
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  • Seinna
    This experiment is stupid... she pretended to be a man and messaged women with just "hi"? I'd almost never reply to that and if a guy writes even a sentence, I will definitely reply to a match on tinder. Like it or not, men have to put a bit more work. Yes, dating in general is harder for men... but that has always been the case. Because it's a bigger committment for a woman if she gets pregnant so she has to chose wisely. Realistically, a man can just move on to the next person. Not every guy will get to pass on his genes and this is not just humans, it's majority of the animal kingdom.

    But rather than focus on the negatives, I believe men should take advantage of their strength and innate leadership. A woman says the last word but we're not as free to just pick and chose, we usually depend on the guy messaging/approaching us first. That's a huge strength you guys have - how often do you see a great looking guy with an ugly girl? Not often and the opposite is quite common.

    To put it simply - men are not women and I don't understand why men, who are naturally dominating in a society would chose to put themselves on the victim pyre. That's not attractive at all, don't be so pessimistic and passive! Be men, be strong, be bold and girls will be attracted to you! Looks is not even half as important for you as it is for women and to a certain age you get more attractive as you mature. Us women, we have our youth, health and beauty. Sure, we can be successful and rich and smart... but realistically how important are those things in getting a good life partner?

    It honestly just boggles my mind that men would chose to victimise themselves.
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    • Speaking my language, lady!

    • yep, she created a male profile, but then sent a message typical of a girl: "hi". Which would be fine if it were a female profile, men would line up around the block to get such a special message from a female XD. But coming from a male profile, it's lazy and worthless, right @NicoletteXO?

    • @zeitgeist057 "hey" a super lazy intro, regardless of gender. Are you going to sit here and tell me it's impressive and showcases erudition?

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  • Diodoro
    I prefer our problems

    Imagine being inundated with fat chick after fat chick after fat chick, all hitting you with their version of game. When finally seeing a hot chick I'd just a breath of fresh air lol

    That would suck. I'd be like damn, why am I attracting do many fat chicks? Where are all the cute girls

    I think setting up a decent profile and personalizing your profile for the types of girl you actually want and seeing those girls come in fewer numbers but higher quality is better overall.

    I've matched with girls who were at the same bar as me that same night lol. Remember one a girl checked me out when she walked in the room as I was sitting at my table with some friends.

    She sat on the other side of the room. We made eyes at eachother here and there. Saw her tinder profile and super swiped on her, just because it was funny to me. Sent a quick little message

    She matched me and hit me back lol. We met up the next night at the same bar for a group date. Cool chick
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  • RolandCuthbert
    I understand your experiment, but I disagree with the interpretation of the results. It is not surprising that a dating site would have so many more real men on it than actual women. In fact, I really played around with the idea of creating a dating site that would be free for women. Why would a woman go to a general dating site?

    1. Why would she pay to be hit on? Especially when men online can be threatening, abusive or worse? There are too many sites where women can sign up for free.
    2. Many women in America simply do not think it is their job to initiate communication. Most believe they simply have to look good and advertise their interest a little bit.
    3. Then if the site isn't even niche. . . if it isn't geared to an ethnic grouping, a culture or a specific set of interests. . . what would be the purpose of signing up?

    There are sites specifically for farmers, military veterans/personnel, for Asians, Jews, etc. And I am willing to bet that those sites would grant male users a decidedly different experience. As for confidence, I think a good dating site does the exact opposite. I have counseled men who were terrified of the dating game. But after getting an understanding of their needs/wants, I was able to pair them with a service that worked for them. The biggest issue I have seen is sites that scam men out of money. They are told to sign up. They are paying a monthly fee and they get nothing but botnets. You didn't divulge the service you used. But I have seen services out there that are way worse. But if men are willing to pay, what is to stop them? They don't have to worry about providing eligible women. Then the worst ones, either pay for photos or use stolen ones to create fake accounts to engage these men.

    I met an Iraq war veteran with that experience. I felt so bad for that man. And the site had made him swear off women. He blame women for his experiences and I could not find a way to help him. This is not the site. I am just posting an example of niche sites. I think these types of sites are awesome. Men: Avoid Online Dating Apps!
    • Part of my motivation for posting this MyTake was there was a Medical Doctor who posted on this website after shear frustration on dating websites. The post was taken down before I could respond; he sounded truly depressed. My guess is he was working 60-80 hours a week and had little time to find a girlfriend, so he relied upon dating websites... to his detriment.

      I think specialized websites make matters worse because you reduce the size of potential women. Many Jewish women feel compelled to marry a Jewish man, so JDate (website for Jewish people) seems to be work. But most of my Jewish male friends try to avoid Jewish women for reasons I won't get into.

      If you are helping single men find women, I suggest you pair them up as wingmen. Hunting in a pack. But have firm rules for the wingmen, like no hitting on the same woman and no putting down the wingman.

    • Yeah, I really disagree with that. Again, why would a woman join a generalized dating site? Men don't have much in terms of preferences. But women do. Women have preferences in terms of culture, ethnicity, some have racial preferences, others maybe be picky when it comes to height or size. Men are more flexible in their requirements.

      As for Jewish men avoiding Jewish women, well I am quite certain there are folks within a certain ethnic group, race, culture, etc, who are not willing to date within their own group. That happens everywhere. The point is even if that is the case, you will need a place where folks can meet others of a specific interest or group identity.

      I was a member of Blackpeoplemeet for years. But at the site we have dozens if not hundreds of women who were Asian, Latina, "White", Italian, Ukrainian, etc.

      They came to the site because they wanted to meet African-American men. Wn also had non "Black" men wanting to meet African-American women.

      I just don't know of any general dating site that has much success, unless you are willing to make a huge investment of time and money.

      Oh, I am not a matchmaker. I just thought about the idea when my consulting business fell on hard times.

  • Shizunk
    The video is great, but I suspect you are using some pretty bad dating apps. I generally get the impression that the English speaking apps are worse from what people say about them.
    The only site I am willing to use is a free web with no algorithm whatsoever. It is a list of profiles you can filter by age, location and a few other key characteristics, and then you get a list of recent postings only listing a single photo and a short description of what the person wants. So you know exactly how recent her attempt is, she is forced to formulate some sort of a half coherent summary of what she wants, doesn't want, etc. You can usually look at education, location, age, photos and very little else. I am very discriminating there, i scroll through a lot of profiles, respond to a few where I can make a good case for a date. And while the women certainly still complain about getting flooded with messages whereas I have few, an overwhelming majority are great conversations I am glad to have had, even if there ends up being no date. It is definitely a lot easier than trying to pickup random people in real world.
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  • Slartybartfast
    Great post. Online dating is a soul crushing and degrading experience. It's what convinced me to call it quits and stop dating entirely.

    If women expect me to jump through hoops and take that kind of abuse I'd rather eat glass.

    Whatever happened to equality in relationships? Standard decency and respectful communication?
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    • _piotr

      There is no equality in relationships. Women want to be treated like queens and exploit men. I do not expect any decency or respect from most women as they only love themselves and either hate men or believe that men are inferior beings.

  • Wester1967
    I was in the USA the past month. My first foray in to online apps. What a joke. I got hit up by about 20 women during the month. All 20 were basically asking for money within the first 1/2 hour. I managed one date for the following week. Two days before she sends me her cashapp and a request for her $150 "fee"... LOL... A couple of other goofy arse conversations followed by ghosting.

    This month I move to a South American country for work. Within the first 48 hours I have well over 20 matches of girls age 20-29, and 5 days out they just keep coming, 2-3 new ones every day... and also now about 40 matches with single mothers and/or women in their 40s and 50s. That's on jump for all you USA boys still living in dating all hell out there. I'm still trying to process the gigantic difference. But I will not be going back to crazyville any time soon.

    Also I notice that most of the responses on this thread are from a particular vitriolic female ranter who blocked me or I blocked her. Lord have mercy I can only imagine what's being said.Men: Avoid Online Dating Apps!
  • TheSpaceGnome
    Sorry, but you have it backwards.

    It's MUCH easier to find compatible matches when you can sift through well written profiles from an entire country for someone who shares your hobbies, interests, goals, views, morals, lifestyle choices, etc. and looks attractive to you. This is something thats literally impossible to do in person.

    Are you seriously suggesting that its easier to find someone who meets all of that criteria when you shrink the dating pool to your city/town's population, and leave it up to blind luck/circumstance to even find them, and then hope they are even looking for an SO, or that they are even the type if person you are looking for? Let alone that you are what they are looking for?

    Horse shit, pure horse shit, that would reduce your odds at finding a match by a massive amount that might as well be zero. And grocery stores? Dog parks? Work? Really? That just screams creeper alert.

    Also, a person liking you =/= match.
    Compatibility AND them liking you AND you liking them = match.

    The disparity in messages for online dating is only a thing because most men message women who either say nothing about themselves, or aren't their type.

    Women aren't being too picky, men aren't being picky enough, if they were, the message reply rate would be the same, and matching would be rare, as it should be, because dating someone who is very different from you in personality, interests, and hobbies, is idiotic.
  • Jamie05rhs
    What good is confidence going to do me with random women? Help me get a date? But why? What if I don't want a date with her?

    The reason people use online dating is not to find a date, but to find a MATCH. That's the whole point; that's why the technology exists.

    The reason we want to find a match is because women are different. No, I'm not talking about their looks; that's something that's obvious from the outside. I'm talking about personality, beliefs and values.

    "Confidence" is something that is way OVER-valued.

    Look, I have plenty of confidence. If I wanted to, I could dress up nice, shave, brush my hair, put on deodorant and/or cologne, and walk up to any woman I want and strike up a conversation with her. You think that's hard to do? No; not at all.

    But confidence is irrelevant, unless you're just looking to get laid. Because in that case, any woman will do. What's the common denominator between all women? Yep-that's right: a vagina.

    But I'm looking for more than a vagina. I have higher standards. I'm selective. (As all men should be. As well as all women.)

    This is why your argument is fundamentally flawed.
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    • iWantToCry

      Whats wrong with male companionship. At least then you'll stand a better chance at enterprising together

    • gag2021

      @iWantToCry I've seen too many beautiful women that have ugly personalities that makes them very unattractive. Arrogance is a big turn off! The ones that act like they are looking down upon you, that you are not up to their level. I don't want or need that.

    • Jamie05rhs

      @iwanttocry That's a very valid point. And I agree. I have had some really good male roommates, and the arrangement has benefited both of us. But we're not talking about that here. We're talking about romance.

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  • NicoletteXO
    I just watched the video.

    The one thing that is glaringly obvious is this; the 18 year old girl offered lame introductions. "Hi, how are you?" is super lazy. No surprise that she got no responses.
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    • And yet that exact "lame" introduction will result in a conversation almost every time in real life.

      You support the point made. A guy has to do some fantastic feat of shining out amongst the 100 or 200 other messages a girl got for the day, just being a normal person and opening with a "hi, my name is ____, what's your name?" is "super lazy".

      Yet women aren't doing anything fabulous in return, how many super witty intros from women were coming from women to the 18 year old girl's fake account?

    • @zeitgeist057 Personally, I unmatch any person who sends me a 'hey' or 'hi how are you" - for my tastes it is lazy and unoriginal. It indicates the man will not bring the quality of connection to the relationship that I will bring. I did a self-inquiry exercise to see check myself with this - I decided to message some men (normally I wait for them to message me, since it is my experience that these encounters work better). It took me about 20 seconds to craft a thoughtful and personalized message that was far superior to "hey". It actually reaffirmed my feeling that these messages are really sub par. Men simply need to lift their game. It's actually not hard. I do not support the point made, and I do not appreciate that you pretend that I do.

    • @zeitgeist057 Also - I disagree. If some completely random person walked up to me out of nowhere and said "hey" - with absolutely no other context - I would think it was bizarre and creepy. If they said something heartfelt like "um, look, I was sitting over there and noticed you were reading a book on applied ethics - that's a real interest of mine. You're also gorgeous! I felt quite drawn to introduce myself, if that's ok?" ... if they said something like THAT in real life, different story.

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  • MrNameless
    I don't think men should give up on online dating, because it widens their dating pool. Trying in person and online will give you the best results. It's true that the average man won't get great results online and online apps have made women more self entitled, but you never know. Really work on your profile and make it stand out, especially on your opening message (make it original and not something what most men would say, but something interesting still).
  • Ayanna240
    why don't you continue your victim playing and women blaming? maybe it makes you feel better about being rejected by women.
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    • @Ayanna240 You didn't read the entire MyTake. There is no "women blaming." The point is men should not use the dating apps because the "odds" are really, really bad for men. It's advising men to look elsewhere, rather than struggle on dating apps.

    • Ayanna240

      its indirectly shitting on women. i think its common sense for any man to look for other ways to find women if dating apps didn't work out. but then when you do explore other ways to find women, you will find something else to be victim playing about either way

    • @SunnyFlorida she might have read it, but didn't understand it, which is why she feels attacked and being defensive.

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  • ArrowheadSW
    I got on the internet when it was still very new and dating apps were not a thing yet. I met so many local women. Went on dates, met up for coffee, etc. When the dating apps started, all of that ended. Mostly for the reasons that you describe.
  • Avicenna
    I'm sure some people will say that things have changed greatly from when I was a young adult (I didn't hear of a dating app until I was 26, much less try using one), but it's not impossible for young men to meet women IRL. To be fair, your odds get better the older you are (I've had plenty of success, even on a dating app), but there are fewer women who are married or have kids at those ages as well. Just get out and live your life, being opportunistic when you get the chance to talk to a woman.
    • gag2021

      Good luck with that.

    • Avicenna

      @gag2021: A guy will never get anywhere if he is totally negative

    • gag2021


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  • Nomina
    I didn't read the whole thing, but I agree with the general sentiment. To get off the apps and meet people in person again. Rebuild social skills.
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  • KlinkyCoder
    And they are trying to restrict real-life meeting too. I'm beginning to hate modernity. I would love to have been born in the 1940s USA, I would be able to be a kid and teen during the 50s and 60s and adult in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Peak life quality. And no social media technology and smartphones either. People also appreciated physical media back then.
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    • Yeah, I've also did online dating (stll trying at it occasionally) but I don't seem to have any luck, the original opinion is right, online dating is more on the toxic end for men, and a lot for women too.

  • DWornock
    It is unknown what the true male to female ratio is because many profiles are fakes and the fakes may be mostly female which would greatly increase the true male to female ratio.
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    • gag2021

      I've been approached by too many scammers, but at least they are relatively easy to detect.

  • Shiningtempest
    @SunnyFlorida Using online dating apps or meeting another person face-to-face for a date is equivalent to playing Russian Roulette.
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    • @Shiningtempest The old saying from the Florida Lottery, "You can't win, if you don't play." But you have a better chance of winning with face-to-face encounters.

    • iWantToCry

      No you dont bro. You have a better chance meeting through mutual friends. Not random interactions. Your conclusion made you sound clueless and preachy.

    • @iWantToCry If I'm going to date, I'd rather date a woman through an introduction from mutual friends.

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  • thomasmore
    I met my girlfriend before dating apps even existent, but I met her online on a dating platform.
    What worked for me by far the best, was checking out the profiles of girls that did not have a picture in their profile.
    Without any pictures in their profile, nobody was looking at them, so pretty much every one of them was visiting my profile to find out who this guy was that checked out their profile. A few of them seemed to like my profile and contacted me, if the chemistry was right I did get their picture after all, and with one exception, it was not their appearance that prevented them from adding a picture to their profile.
    I dated some of them until I got together with my Girlfriend 11 years ago.
    I know this will not work in tinder, but it could still work on some web based platforms.
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  • KrakenAttackin
    Proof positive. Women in their 20's have all of the dating power.
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  • Subarugirl
    Lol overly picky... you say that like it's a bad thing when trying to find a partner. If you're gonna act like 90% of them men on dating apps you're gonna have about the same amount of luck they do...
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    • Yup. So funny how it's these same men who are like "women's standards are impossible" who also call us 'sluts'. So... how does that work? We ignore all the men who seem to have potential because they actually make an effort, and instead keep our legs crossed waiting for your pudgy-faced, lame-ass 'hey' at 1am? And then somewhere deep inside of ourselves, we realize "this is the ONE"? LMFAO.

  • Jaximus-Lion
    TLDT! No worries. I never used a dating app and never will.
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  • zeitgeist057

    I am sometimes tempted because I know there are lots of women on those apps and beautiful ones at that, but I know it is a waste of time for exactly the reasons you illustrated. I'm not interested in being one of 100, 200, or more messages (imagine if the account had been left open more than 3 days!) that aren't even going to be opened, let alone read with any focus or intent, valued, or responded to.

    I'm absolutely for meeting people in person, it's a much better venue for me.
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  • Fromdusktilldawn
    thats exactly what I'm saying all the time, thanks for telling it in detail bro
    I have been trapped in that unfair online dating game too
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  • _piotr
    It only confirms my view that life is unfair. Women have almost everything served without any effort. They walk through life on easy mode.
  • Browneye57
    Too much story. Dating apps are for losers. You'll see.
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  • msc545
    Brilliant, helpful post - thank you, and post more of these please!
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  • Julious0202
    my experience with tinder was terrible.. I just only found sugar babies, trans and gays... I removed the app and I never regretted it
  • ChiPaPa
    I had nothing but bad experiences on them.
  • Jouth
    holy shit super trueb
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  • Anonymous
    I think it's worth bringing up so people know the reality of the situation. Just because you hear something you don't like doesn't mean it's shitting on women. Some women really do need to learn to deal with criticism better. As for Dating Apps, I wouldn't say give up on dating apps. Just don't rely on them since they are in favor of fewer guys. Instead, focus more on working on yourself and building up your confidence socially in person. You will be much better off focusing on yourself than women any day of the week. I'll also add some of these women's standards are too high for what they probably can actually get (Examples being Single Mothers). Lastly, look at the Fine Print before signing up for Dating Apps. Some (If not many) of them use botnets. I don't think any men are signing up for botnets and they should get their money back.
  • Anonymous
    If you’re a woman and you think a man needs to say more than “hi” or you won’t respond... somethin wrong with you. Hi is how a conversation starts naturally. What u want a fuckin monkey dance?
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  • Anonymous
    Everything you said is very true! I have my own restrictions also. I'm not interested in divorced women, which eliminates about 95% of the profiles. Though meeting in person is very tough also.
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  • Anonymous

    It has to do with an attraction impulse.

    Doing donuts in a sportscar = attraction impulse

    Looks like an actor = attraction impulse

    Looks tall and muscular = attraction impulse

    It's a 3 second decision. Anything you write is secondary.

    I knew a pretty woman who had something like 150 matches, that's 150 people she liked back. You're right. But the numbers aren't any better IRL. It's best to just avoid relationships entirely until something comes to you.
  • Anonymous
    old video but still accurate
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  • Anonymous
    sadly these same women will complain when they 40, over weight and live with cats.
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  • Anonymous
    Agreed, for all the reasons you mentioned.
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