Don't Make These Critical Mistakes on Your Online Dating Profile!

Don't Make These Critical Mistakes on Your Online Dating Profile!

Bad grammar is going to happen. It happens to me every day. Really bad grammar is a different story. Here are my top cringe worthy mistakes and faux pas I see in online dating profiles. 👇

Top Grammar Mistakes:

1. I am looking for a women who is funny. (you mean woman)

2. If your looking for a down to earth guy. (you mean you're)

3. I has my own house and good paying job. (you mean have)

4. I would say know to a one night stand. (you mean no)

5. I'm first and for most a gentlemen. ( you mean first and foremost / gentleman)

Don't Make These Critical Mistakes on Your Online Dating Profile!

Top Faux Pas

1. Looking for a real man. (plastic men beware)
2. Just as comfortable in jeans as I am in a dress. (Thanks for the heads up)
3. Luv to laugh. (don't we all?)
4. I'm not good at writing about myself. (than writes about self.)
5. I work hard and play hard. (awesome)
6. Love to travel. (to 1989?)
7. Looking for my partner in crime. (said Fonze)
8. NO HOOK UPS PLEASE. (all in caps of course)
9. Love going out or staying in. (Thank god)
10. Love good food. (because bad food is just ok)

Your dating profile is prime real estate. Don't waste it on cliche sayings that you heard about 10 years ago. Always get someone to proof read your dating profile. We all make mistakes. Don't let the easy ones like this screw up your online game. 🍷🍷🍷

Let us know what grammar mistakes get you fired up below! 👇💯

Don't Make These Critical Mistakes on Your Online Dating Profile!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • bloodmountain1990
    From my experience, the girls I’ve met who say “no hookups” I ended up hooking up with on the first date and they were the ones who initiated it lol.

    I feel like using dating sites today, not tinder, but OKC, POF, etc are very hard to find someone that stands out. A lot of times I’ll see millions of profiles that look the same that say “I like to travel” “I like walks on the beach, exercising, music, traveling” without any specifics and yet these same people wonder why they don’t get interesting messages.

    Then there’s the cringeworthy “Just Ask” 🙄 lol. It’s like what am I gonna ask you about? Your thoughts on the 1994 Detroit Tigers?
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    • Bahahahaha.. omg too funny dude. Yeah.. Just Ask is a huge one! I can't believe I forgot that.

    • SilenRose

      When I was on OKC I saw a bunch of "just ask" on guys profile pages. I was starting to think the profile I wrote for myself was a waste of time if the guys here aren't even taking the time to write there's. Then when they would message me they would ask me questions that were already answered in my profile and avoid answering questions I asked them. Needless to say the convo's were cut short.

    • vishna

      Yes, just ask is so lazy and uninspired, I swipe left every time.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    It's not a grammar mistake but a cliché: "I love to take walks on the beach."

    It seems that at least 80% of women say that. If it was true, there would be an endless parade of POF, match, OKC, OurTime, Tinder, etc. candidates at the beach, the mayors of beach towns would be required to limit beach access, and the beaches would be closed once per month for repairs.
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    • Yeah no doubt. I love when they say I love to hike, camp and fish but when you talk to them they haven't hiked in 10 years, fished in 20 and never camped in their life. They say it sounded adventurous. Total Fail!

Most Helpful Girls

  • Fitness-Fanatic
    I don't use online dating but if I did, I would overlook spelling mistakes and grammatical errors... like the ones in your Take.

    English may be their second language, they may have learning difficulties, or eyesight problems etc The reasons are endless. I'm not turned off by grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Unless it was totally illegible
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  • AuroraRoseat
    I don't see anything wrong with loving to travel except that it can account for many possibilities and situations. I understand the rest and get them though.
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    • SilenRose

      I see nothing wrong with it too. You're just letting the guy know that if he wants to be with you he better have his passport ready. But some guys see this as a "gold digger" train of thought. Because they think you want them to pay for them. Fine by me though. If that is your mentality then it's best we never meet. 👍

    • @SilenRose It's always better to be specific... like I love to travel. I have been to Greece, France, and Rome, would love to see Thailand in the future. This gives you something to chat about when messaged especially if they love to travel and have or want to go to any of those places.

    • SilenRose

      I mentioned I like to travel but I didn't put the places since I figured the pictures of me in those places was enough. 🤷‍♀️

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Logorithim
    Maybe I am just the forgiving sort, but I'd overlook grammatical errors if I like the profile's contents. The point is well taken though, that it's part of making a good impression.
  • Allie_Oops
    Plastic men beware lololololol
  • Lol! this is funny! you sound super smart!
  • sawno
    The absolute death sentence for me is the classic female "I don't know what to write here just send me a PM". Unless your blindingly attractive and an absolute 10/10 i won't even bother approaching if she is unwilling to put in the small effort to write what she enjoys in her day to day life or is looking for in a guy.
    • Yeah some women get so many messages they get a little cocky with this shit. The problem is... the "Right" guy won't be sending her any messages... her loss.

  • Phanta
    CoachTanthony: You made a good presentation. However, it still doesn't stop the fact that for every 20 messages a man sends out he typically only gets one back, and the fact that about half the women's profiles on dating sites are phony ones from scammers.
    • I can get 1 or 2 dates a week with online dating. I am 48 5'6 and 30 pounds over weight. Although all of that you have stated does exist.. it shouldn't be the focus... your photos need to be on FIRE... Your Bio needs to be short, positive, mysterious and to the point... and if you're only getting 1 message back for every 20 something you send... then something is broken on your end. Those are the real facts. The level of patience and willingness to adapt just isn't in some guys DNA so they get off the train and start complaining that online dating doesn't work. Most guys won't invest in their photos or upgrading to a package where you get qualified women in your inbox every morning. Most guys shoot themselves in the foot with pride and ego instead of just playing the damn game. I see it everyday! Thanks for the comment and kind words!

  • ChiTown33
    I used to have a lot written on my profile i erased it all and added more pics. and the response i got was probably five-fold.
    I'm a firm believer that the less you say the better. women say they want to know you. They really don't and if you leave it blank they'll create a story about you in their head based on your pics (better than anything you can write believe me). Do yourself a favor. If she's looking she's at least semi interested don't go screwing it up by saying something! lol
    • Strafe_19

      I realize talking especially over text when they can't tell the intent of your tone is also a mistake.

    • ChiTown33

      @Strafe_19 Yeah this is why emoiji's are so valuable.

    • Strafe_19

      Does that work for you? I never usede emojis that much besides the laughing and thinking face but I hear some people say women view it as feminine?

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  • genericname85
    the "Looking for a real man" and "no hookups" are actually the same thing and hard passes for me on dating sites. it's basically saying "i've been fucked with a lot and now it's your turn to make up for all my horrible past experiences" xD like heck no. gett off my turf and get a therapist.
    • Spot on dude! Everytime you say what you don't want you are basically telling everyone what you have already had.

  • ChgzDaniel
    I think the "Critical Mistake" Is making the profile, to begin with.
  • Halucinator
  • MusicMayhem
    It's really quite simple. A good profile is one that creates positive emotions in the other person, i. e. funny. Your first job is to get their attention so they message back. Listing hobbies is plain and won't separate you from the thousands of others you are competing against.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    When some one types 1 for the spelling won, 2 for the spelling to or too, 4 for the spelling for, eight for the spelling ate, u for you, b for be or bee, c for see or sea, t for tea or tee, r for are, ur for your or you're etc. It drives me crazy. For the height, eye color, hair color smoke drink, etc they have it saying prefer not to say but complain if one of them are not what they like on yours after you message them. Sometimes I saw some people being too specific like a guy has to be 6'8 or taller, black hair, hazel eyes, has to keep up with trends when it comes to his clothes etc. How about when you have to ask specifics if you want to talk to them because what is on their profile is too broad. For example: I like going places, I like to watch movies, listen to music, watch sports etc. How aboit asking to video chat after texting back and forth for a while but they rather meet in person instead. I would like to know if the photos are really the person I was talking to before meeting them.
    • I instruct all my clients to have a virtual coffee date before actually meeting the person. Many apps are coming out where this will now be built into the app. I have gone on hundreds if not thousands of dates in my lifetime and only once did the person not look like their photo. Some of this stuff is just not worth worrying about !

    • @coachTanthony
      There still are a ton of catfishes out there.

    • There are cat fishes, prostitutes, fake profiles, bots, so what is your point? Are you not able to spot them? Do you feel as if you might get played or something?

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  • brennanhuff
    Truth be told, the bottom stuff is what women often write. But I'm pretty sure that doesn't stop women, even average janes from getting plenty of right swipes and messages. Or men minding. Yes I know the creeps and thirsty men will obviously not care. But this usually won't hold off from decent, non creepy men from swiping right on a pretty girl.
  • Blunique
    Grammar and punctuation just shows you are educated in some way. When I'm texting someone I am relaxed and I don't think of grammar or punctuation. But of course if someone is using numbers for letters or they are writing really weird where it's hard to understand then that's annoying.
  • vishna
    "I'm not good at writing about myself." this. is. so. true. Who wants an unimaginative lazy person.

    • many of my friends wire that and they hit up by men left and right, why are unimaginative girls better than average males who actually try on their profiles?

    • vishna

      @Armourdillo Maybe the guys are more into the girl's looks.

    • or maybe guys aren't as shallow judgement rapist pigs like you girls say all men are.

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  • Gedaria
    I like it. But I find when you receive profiles put together different to what you would like , I find it usually a none English speaker trying to get over his or her wants.
    I keep getting emails from Russian girls and it can take some time to decifer the email. But great fun !!!
  • Nyx_85
    I'm looking for a bionic gentleman who wants to travel with me to 1989 where we can be partners in crime but while we work hard we play hard... but NO ONE NIGHT STANDS!
  • wingattebaby16
    Good points

    I have given up on online dating sites.

    Either they are free (POF) and have crappy matches and losers.


    You pay but gen get nothing of any value. Peeps just wanting to build their ego, "I got 50 responses today!"
  • xXSaturnXx
    Na I don't do online dating, the men that use those sites/apps are almost always super desperate, they send cheesy pickup lines and the dreaded peen pic. I found my man out in the real world, kinda like a rare pokémon lol
  • Strafe_19
    a lot of things turn me off. When a woman says she's looking for a relationship or dating but doesn't explain much about herself on her dating profile. So you message her after you mutually liked each other. Then ask what does she do for fun, and try to have a basic conversation, but she can't answer, and is dead boring. I get it! you probably messaging a lot of people but if you're that stuck on one person then reply a week later when it doesn't workout because you put all your eggs in one basket I don't think I can take you seriously.
    • Strafe_19

      I guess I'll point out that I only respond to the really hot ones so if course. Brain dead

    • She might not be messaging a lot people... so many men think this but in reality... she is really just lame AF... time to move on!

  • Rangers
    Just give up on online dating and meet people in person. The only thing girls want on there is attention
  • Unit1
    7/10 OF your Top Faux Pas i just don't agree with you. That's literally the about me section and a description about the person someone might date.

    For example i love traveling and seeing the world from various places and also doing vacations abroad, so i don't want women to expect me to raise a family and kids and get friggin married but to either travel with me or do their thing.

    Oh wait, were you actually being sarcastic 🤔?
    • Those are so broad and generic. People should say they would live to visit Europe or France someday and would love a partner who wants the same. Not just say.. loves to travel. That really tells me nothing.

    • Unit1

      Well, while I agree, that a more descriptive description is more useful than just saying "i like to travel" it is important to not fill up the section with a heavily detailed description about a few things rather than compactly fit everything in, so that in a few sweeps you'll learn more than spending time scrolling through sections.

    • Well it really depends on what app or site you are on. If you are using Tinder, I tell all my clients to keep it short... real short. If you are on Match or POF... you can expand a bit but still keep it short. Nobody likes to read a book... agree with you there! Thanks for the comment dude!

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  • juan101
    online dating is pointless for most men

    unless you are a 9 out of 10 in looks
    it's pointless ALL WOMEN HOT OR UGLY
    go to those men not sure why the ugly girls are even trying lol
    • Not true at all my friend. Good photos of the dude on the left by a professional photographer will get him dates. I am 5'6 48 years old 30 pounds over weight and I can get 1 or 2 dates a week. This in all due respect is just red pill nonsense. It's much easier for men who have given up to follow red pill theories then work on themselves to achieve what they want. I see it everyday.

    • juan101

      tell what do you do for a living?

    • juan101

      tell me

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  • Eternallylucky
    I don't think it's the problem of misspelling, I'm sure everyone knows how to spell simple words but they just can't see upclose on the screen. (Are they long sighted?)
  • PasticheGrizzly
    Both my boyfriend and I said we don’t do hookups in our profiles, no caps.
    We’ve been dating for 8 months now.
    • Your boyfriend put he doesn't do hook ups in his profile? What? really?

  • LegateLanius
    I appreciate the advice but I will simply never make an online profile again.
  • Aetotone
    Actuaylly, I. think its cute if a girl can't text write.
  • Lance1965
    I really take no notice of grammar mistakes. I am more concerned about the actual content. A few grammar mistakes would be the least of my worries.
  • KenM9215
    hmm so what would you suggest to someone who is up for both outdoor and indoor activities?

    From my personal experience I see women put on their profiles that they are into hiking, traveling, the outdoors etc etc and for me I'm like, that sounds like fun and I would be totally down for that. I'm also the kind of guy who is down to do just about anything as long as it's fun or rewarding, So having nights in is totally fine with me as well.

    I guess what would you say for those who are very eclectic in what they like to do?
    • Being specific is great. People just need to make sure if they put hiking and haven't hiked in 10 years they may be attracting the wrong people. Outdoor and indoor activities tells me nothing really. People should share some short stories of their indoor and outdoor activities so one can get a sense of that they like and do.

  • Jack_L_andTurn
    Biggest crucial mistake I ever made on one was filling it out. Real life is so much better
  • Browneye57
    These are nuthin'. Check mine on the same subject... :)
  • ThisAndThat
    I don't think online dating works. To begin with it's in the virtual world where everyone can be anything they want to be, literally, virtually. Those that have never been successful in their lifetimes can and probably will get their success in the online virtual world, have what they desire, be who they want to be. The problem is is when it comes to coming back to the real world where they can't back any of their virtuality up. Which is coincidentally why you'd never meet scammers in person. The only difference between somebody that lives their life in the virtual world and the scammer is the individual living in the virtual world has a desire to live or have the life the they can't have in the real world while the scammer has the desire to get into your pockets. So if she's 950lbs in real life, she may be 120lbs in the virtual, and while he has no hair in the real world, he's a wall street hippy in the virtual world.
    • 14 million people are online dating. Of course it works. Online dating is just a tool to meet people in real life... it's not meant for people to have a relationship totally online. That is something totally different.

  • zagor
    Then there's the profile where she spends most of the text ranting about what she DOESN'T want.
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • Xenia667
    This was funny. Great mytake 😁
  • Hilarious
  • BillieJean1070
    Too funny.
  • Iron_Man
    Interesting Mytake
  • SirRexington
    Grammar, that will solve everything!
  • jacquesvol
    My dating profile? 404 not found.
  • Nice222
    Good advice
  • ChiPaPa
    I've never liked dating sites.
  • clampfan101
    I’m done trying online dating.
  • Darknut
    Dont suppose to
  • OfDeath
    You mean *then* writes about self right?
  • kojikurac
  • red_knight
  • Shelly0007
    I am rolling on the floor laughing mwahahaha
  • Anonymous
    People who say " could of" instead of "could have"! That really grates on my nerves!
  • Anonymous
    I don’t like the do and don’t.. it limits people
  • Anonymous
    Online dating... Never met any quality men there before lol pass
    • What makes you see this? I’ve had very high success in online dating

    • Anonymous

      @Wraithofsparta Not so say people don't have success in online dating. I just feel like I never have so I don't do it.

    • SilenRose

      Same with me. Only successful twice. But I ended it with both guys. 🤷‍♀️

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