Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!


Hello and Welcome everyone! If you use online dating apps and sites and you are confused about your dating profile maintenance, don't worry because Hal is here to help you. This is for both for guys and girls. Stay tuned-

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

1. Ain't No Dogs

Many people do this. Hell! just because someone told you that girls like dogs doesn't mean you have to insert every picture of you with a dog and especially, if you don't own or don't meet it on daily basis. After a few meetings, the other one will automatically know that you were completely bragging.

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

2. Snapchat Filters

This goes mainly for girls. Please just stop this shit. They wanna see the real you i.e. how you look in general. Those filters hide a large part of your face and it's a really big turn-off for most of the guys. And guys, if you use those filters, you seem really girlish and you might already know that.

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

3. No Specifications

This is really really bad according to me. Many people are already insecure about how they look and in between, when some people mention things like "Tall guys only" "No fat girls please" etc etc. Please avoid mentioning these things.

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

4. Private Social Media

Don't ever share your social media if it's private. Many people give off their insta and facebook accounts and they eventually are private. Who the hell wants to follow you? They just wanna stalk you up, stroll here and there and see your posts and comments.

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

5. Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies in which you try to look hard seem really weird for a dating profile. Don't post one even if you have the most amazing body ever. Ask someone to click you instead. According to some survey, many women said that shirtless men mirror selfies are one of the biggest turn-offs for them.

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

6. Self-Centering Status

Stop posting a status like "You will never find a girl exactly like me" "I'm hotter than the hell" "Straight from the heaven" and all. It makes you look arrogant and narcisstic.

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

7. No Resumes

Stop bragging about your achievements and qualifications. "Senior Research Analasyst" etc. Stop right there. They are looking for a partner not an employee for a high-paid job.

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

8. Sexy Poses

No sexy poses please! "Wait what? Hal I'm gonna kick you rn. Sexy poses are meant to attract those people out there." My anser is You might probably attract some people but most of them interpret "sexy photos" as playerish. So it would be better if you could be as simple and plain as possible.

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

9. Keep babies out of your profile

Seriously mahn! please stop posting your pictures with a baby. It's really irritating. What the hell are baby photos might be doing on a dating profile? And do you know what is even more annoying? When you say "This baby isn't mine". Who the hell said that it's yours, huh?

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

10. Party Party and Party

Just Stop!!! No more party pics. If you're the one who constantly post pictures with friends in parties and parties and more parties, you're not at all in a benefit. Especially, if you're really drunk in most of the pictures.

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!

This was all for this time haha

Thanks for reading😊

Love you all❤️

See you soon💗

Oh Please, Don't Add These Things to Your Dating Profile!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • vishna
    yesssssss 3 is so bad bc even if I'm not one of the people he just barred, I think it's tasteless and shallow.

    also, yes, shirtless mirror selfies are so gross. however, I don't mind a mirror selfie that much if it's full body, well lit, and not in a bathroom

    great MyTake
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Most Helpful Guy

  • nbbn5
    Bhaii Snapchat filters 🤦🤦
    Samajh ma nahi ata kaun ha filter ke neeche
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Good take! You know you can have up to 5 different profiles on Instagram so if you are looking to show off a few more photos of yourself just create a new account so they don't have your main one! Tip of the day!
  • Logorithim
    Very good points. I do wonder, however, if some people's target audience might want to know their prospective date's profession right off the bat.
  • YourFutureEx
    I don't agree with 8 & 10. But rest are spot on.

    It doesn't matter how she looks and what she has written, when you are using this
  • Kiran04
    Babies, yes. Resumes, yes. Self centered or self absorbed headlines, yes. Snap chat and mirror selfies, yes. Those suck. Partying, yes.

    Dogs, no. In fact, it's been proven that men with dogs are viewed as more attractive than men without. Sexy poses, no for women. Men love sexy poses.
      "don't post pics with them if you don't own or don't meet it on daily basis."

  • Onlythisone
    None of those bothered me as much as guys who post pictures of them with girls, makes me think they are sleazy.
  • cinderelli
    I don't use dating apps... and I don't plan to either but I love that dog picture lol.. I LOVE dogs and a guy who loves dogs is a major plus point for me.. he doesn't have to include dogs in each and every picture.. but like if he does have a dog and he likes to take pictures with it.. it's <3 <3
  • 10dsw
    VERY GOOD! Agreed 100%.

    Coming from an online dating veteran with 1000+ Tinder matches and 100+ online dates.
  • I agree besides the dog pictures. It's actually been proven that men are perceived as more attractive if they are seen with pets and babies, because it makes them seem like they could be good parents.
  • shephardjhon
    No Resumes? Do you know any Indians or Pakistanis or other Asians?
    They LITERALLY ask for a resume, specially for men and they try to find out exactly how much he earns, either with or without asking.
    • lmao I'm indian bruh

    • @Halucinator
      You are 16. Wait till the "ristay wale anuties" get involved in finding you a match or you will see it if you have older siblings. It is also the reason why YOU will never be allowed into any field other medicine or engineering, maybe if you family is very liberal they will allow you to be a lawyer or businessman. You think "3 Idiots" was a joke?

  • BuchitaBuchys
    So basically, just don't have an online profile then lol jk
    • lmao well hail guru😂😂

    • TripleAce

      you and online dating is this...
      ... probably micro analyzing every situation and unapologetically wondering why all these guys like you when you don't even see it yourself...

  • skytatoe

    1. False. Include the dogs. If you're on Tinder you're there to fuck anyways, who care if they realise you don't have a dog after a few meetups. Its long past the stage where they care enough for it to be a problem, you already had sex.

    2. So overused and unfunny. And for a dating / hookup profile it doesn't "highlight your sense of humor or some shit' , just makes us roll our eyes, but most will still swipe right to see if they can fuck you though.

    3. Specifications are ok. Makes you seem like you have standards to the masses. Not everyone will see through it. Of course don't make it a long list, but there is something to making yourself slightly unattainable. Marketing does pay off.

    4. Lotta people are on there for validation, follows and likes are extra validation. So keep it there if you want an ego boost.

    5. Yes and no. Girls say they don't want fuckboys, its a turn off etc... But fuckboys are called fuckboys for a reason: Cause they fuck a lot of girls. So take that bit of advice with a grain of salt. There is something to being a cocky self indulging narcissist. They won't wanna date you, but they will fuck you.

    6. See 5. Debatable.

    7. Agree. You can't play both angles. If you're going for the fuckboy approach to fuck girls, you can't start talking about how you give to charity and you're vice president at blablabla... nobody cares, wrong mood. If you're going for the 'date me' approach, sure but you need to make sure you're not supplicating. Very easy to come off like you're seeking validation when you list your accomplishments, thats unattractive.

    8. Sexy photos are good if you want to get laid.

    9.. Yeah again, thats a mixed one. If you're going the fuckboy route, lose the babies. If you're going for Mr Dateable, go for the babies. Marketing works.

    10. Drunk pics? No. Party pics? Yes. But vary them a bit.
  • D_Bone_Steak
    Forty something year old fat chicks party at my place... I've got frozen pizza 👌
  • es20490446e
    I just put my best one single photo, fill all the specs, and write nothing about me.

    It works wonders.
  • CHARismatic110
    So just don't put anything in your profile then? Got it.
  • 0112358
    On several of these points, research contradicts you.

    Okcupid actually releases data on this.

    An animal in your profile pic actually boosted response rates from an average of about 28% to around 38%. They are among the most successful photos. For men, posing with an animal is the -most- successful, followed immediately by showing off muscles. But it's easier to borrow a dog than get ripped.

    For women, sexy poses and faces dramatically increase how many messages they get.
  • JDavid25
    I don't agree with mirror selfish so much cause sometimes people don't have anybody to take a decent pic of them.. But I agree with most of what you said especially the specifics, and the self centered status.. I can't stand those.. LOL..
  • Fauzillic_Bolt
    Numbers 1, 3, 8 and 9 are not bad to me. I'd do those things. It's important to inform my potential dates with evidence if I have a baby and be specific what I want in a woman. Showing animals or sexy poses is not strange. It shows off your style and passions.

    I agree that the others are not needed and shouldn't be told. 2 seems too corny, 4 seems creepy. 5 and 6 arrogant and number 10 is not necessary to show her you drink because words are enough to show that.
  • dragonfly6516
    A fishing or golfing pics. Ladies don't want to see you doing things men get accused of doing to avoid spending time with us! LOL
  • xZoeyx
    I won't have a dating profile so you ain't gotta worry about me😂
  • EvanR
    What about half-pics, they only have photos of one side of their face. Seen so many of those and gets on my nerves
  • LegateLanius
    Agreed. Almost all female profiles did a lot of those things.
  • UnaKaizen
    i dont think dogs in a pic are bad if the dog is important to you. if its just to look good than ok, bad.

    i think taking a selfie is ok, it can be weird posing for a friend. might be more comfortable doing it yourself.

    filters with ears and noses and distortions other than misleading they look dumb and horrible.. just so randomly stupid. i still dont get it. are they meant to disguise or people just think its cute?

    party pis 'sexy' pics just look dumb. again if baby is in your life im ok with it. if its someone elses, no. people want an idea of who you are. if you're a dedicated parent-why not a baby. just dont borrow one.

    bragging is always lame.

    I don't know if i mind accomplishments or specifications. its info, so...

    private stuff-no good.
  • lord_chilled
    Dog and baby pics are cheesy af.
    can't believe girls fall for that sh*t, but then again, guys fall for a little cleavage or bent over booty shot all the time, so...
  • torken
    i disagree with a lot of this:

    If you have a pet or a kid, you SHOULD have or allude to having them in your dating profile. If i'm allergic or afraid of kids and dogs, I don't wanna date someone who has one.

    Mirror selfies are dumb, but they let me know how nice and tidy your bathroom is. helps me avoid very messy people.

    i think you're allowed 1 pic with friends. makes me think that you're at least not so creepy that people will allow themselves to be photoed with you

    i TOTALLY wanna know some of your resume details. Are you in college? what do you do? Those are gonna be questions I ask within minutes of talking to you, I might as well know it up front. I ain't trying to be someone's meal ticket
  • Dim1213
    Good my takes add in no bad selfies and its perfect.
  • amarahorrorstory
    Wow, I thought I was picky. It's okay with me if they have party pictures, I appreciate social people, being drunk isn't cute but a solo cup won't scare me away. I think pictures with kids is fine, it means they like children, and I prefer if they clarify the kid isn't theirs, because when you're in your 20s, it very well could be. I mean, with qualifications, I know not to even look at them, leave em there so I can swipe on you faster. I think mirror selfies are good, they allow you to see someone's whole body without the aid of someone else. I take self-centered bios as a joke honestly. Mine was like that and so was the guy's I've been talking too, I think it was clear we were both joking. If sexy poses bother somebody, I hope they swipe on me, and to the left. I don't inspect someone's profile that hard, it really depends on how you interact.
  • issabelle
    honestly i like the dog one i think they should keep them in but the filter one i totally agree with
  • Astoriana
    And... you're an authority on this subject how, exactly?
  • MusicMayhem
    Snapchat filters are the worst! They make a girl seem so childish and lame.
  • TacosRAwesome
    Only ones I'm not into is dogs and parties. I don't like either. Rest is OK.
  • Iron_Man
    Trust me if I was ever to join a dating site I wouldn't put any of that stuff up
  • MrCasanova
    Yep, all of these things are something to read up on and actually take a cue from.
  • scooogy
    I kept it simple, with a simple profile and a simple and short description
  • crystalstr7
    Just post normal pictures of you
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • Hungry_Shark
  • hannahbanana11
    This seems very much so bias
    • I'm sorry?

    • The entire take seems based on your personal preferences and opinions which is fine but I was just saying

  • CT_CD
    I put all these things in my dating profile
  • Nice222
    Yes yes. I agree
  • CarpetDenim
    I like babies and dogs though.
  • Afrochick
    I kinda like dogs hehe
  • ChiPaPa
    Dating sites suck, plain and simple.
  • zagor
    I agree with all except the dog one.
  • Darknut123
    2 5 and 10 disgusting
    • Poppykate

      I like the skeleton guy in 2. It’s funny! I would go on a date with skeleton man! 💀 lol 😂

  • disgustingweebtrash
  • Good_Behavior
    "I'm a dog mom!"

    Instant Left.
    no never ever lol
  • fredrick89
    Inspirational writing
  • Anonymous
    6,7,8,9, and 10 SPOT ON bro. The rest though is personal choice I guess. There are dense girls that see a guy with dogs and instantly fall in love. let them learn the hard way that looks are deceiving. Same with guys who like snapchat filters. Plenty of info out there that says looks are deceiving and it's quite obvious, so let it smack them in the face. If I were to online date, stuff like that is like a filter. Duck lips? NOPE. Snapchat filter? ehhh mirror pic? eehh... I can eliminate the women who seem like idiots and go for somebody smart. Number three though ESPECIALLY important. I lived in Texas so there were some reallly stupdly picky people. "Christians only" "must be somebody who beleive in god" "white christian males only" (yes there were things) "no black guys" "tall guys only" etc. Even if i fit some of those, INSTANT reject. It's a dating site. There are going to be A LOT of people DIFFERENT than yourself. Open your fucking mind! I trolled some of the girls with those specifications. They deserved it. I am Jewish. Can't date me due to it? then you are pathetic of a human being and not worthy to be online using a dating site JEWS probably invested in that came from Google which JEWS own. Don't like certain people, then don't leach off them. You can't date black guys/don't like them? Then don't be BSing you like rap and hip hop! If I could I'd make people who don't like this or that person unable to use ANYTHING from them. So these kind of judgmental pricks would die off. Waste of seed in my opinion.
  • Anonymous
    I never do anything of this yet I neve get any matches. I'm pathetic.