Harsh Truth #1: Your personality sucks. That's why no one wants you.



A lot of things annoy me. I don't like people so it might surprise you to know my entire professional life has been dedicated to helping people. I was a combat medic in the Army for 10 years during which time I became a personal trainer and set my eyes on furthering my medical training. I like this app because sometimes people genuinely need questions answered and a bit of guidance. and I'm happy to help anyone that's ready and willing to help themselves. However, there are those who roll around in self-pity, convinced that their narrow point of view is true and proper despite it falling apart with the smallest bit of scrutiny. I see it so much that I feel my hate for mankind grow. It is my thankless job to do what their parents or friends failed to do, remind them of reality. This may come in the form of Harsh Truths and more generally what grinds my gears. Now, these truths aren't even harsh. they're self-evident but they may be a shock if you've chosen to live in a bubble. It is my divine purpose to drag you to the light. kicking and screaming, you will be saved. because at my core I'm a people person. I just hate 80% of you. Anyway, I don't do edits. so if you see misspellings or grammatical errors, write it down and take it your little hovel and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you're smart because you noticed I wrote wired instead of weird. there are studies that suggest you're miserable and unlikable already so I will feel bad making fun of you.

Harsh Truth#1: Why do they only like me for my body/why do they only want casual sex/ etc..It goes without saying that humans are very complicated creatures. Far more complicated than movies would have you believe. People don't fit into neat little archetypes like jock, nerd, cheerleader, slut, or whatever. You'd think that'd be pretty obvious since everyone reading this noticed in school that you didn't fit neatly into any group. You're multifaceted. Maybe you were a cheerleader but also enjoyed physics and art. Nothing crazy about that because it is normal. at the same time, people are simple in that they do what makes sense for them. Nothing I've said so far is weird or out of the convention of rational thought. It baffles me then when I see questions lamenting that people only seem to like them for their bodies. Ask yourself, would you stay with someone that wasn't interesting, funny, made you feel good, enriched your life, charming, etc...? No. Why would you? It stands to reason that if someone ONLY seems to want you for your body, that they don't value your offerings. That's the root of it. That could just be a person looking for a hookup, but those circumstances are within your power. if it seems to happen to you consistently. maybe your personality just isn't very good. Whenever I mention this, the person makes it clear that they are impressive. They have degrees and they're award-winning musicians (they say behind a veil of anonymity but we take theses anons at their word, right?). So now they've just made the issue even more clear. They are attractive enough to be wanted for their body, have untouchable personalities and achievements and yet people consistently only want them for casual sex. Does that make sense to anyone? does it make sense to them? Simple questions. I'm not a philosopher. It takes me all of 45 seconds to ask these very simple questions. Questions that they, despite having this issue for a lot longer, haven't thought to ask. And here's the Harsh Truth: Look inwardly. Stop trying to offload your issues onto sex or society. "Oh, it's not me I'm perfect, it's society that's rotten that's why people only want me for my body." No. People only want you for your body because that's all that's on offer. You don't have interesting opinions, hobbies, you're not funny, you've skated by on your looks for so long you've not had to develop your other traits and are now lamenting it. I asked you all earlier, would you stay with someone that's boring, uninteresting, vacuous, one dimensional, etc... most of you likely said no because people are complex and need more from their relationships. It's not enough to be good looking. This idea that men just want hot girls is born from a fundamental misunderstanding of men and attraction. Every single man on this app will take someone that can make them laugh, whom they connect with on a deep level, and makes them forget their stress over a vapid hot girl any day. Quote me I don't care it's the truth. much as you'd like to believe men and women are one dimensional and fit into your weird version of the world, they are complicated and search for fulfillment. That's the reality. Look at yourself. Don't blame the world. You've gotten by on your looks and now cry because no one wants you for anything else. Make up some random achievements all you want but it doesn't change the reality of your situation. Just tells me you don't want to face it. Give me an okay looking girl that sends me memes and is passionate about something any day. At the end of the day, people want to be with someone they can connect with.

Harsh Truth #1: Your personality sucks. That's why no one wants you.
Harsh Truth #1: Your personality sucks. That's why no one wants you.
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  • Screenwriter
    IF you sell yourself on your looks alone, often people will search no deeper, as the photo used might indicate. It gets you followers and hookups and admirers for the short term. If you aren't raised with values that emphasize your brain and personality, you might get lost in that fog. It's unfortunate.
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  • pookiez
    Also, one guy might find one girl interesting her just being simple. And another guy might call her boring. It's all about preferences, but nice my take
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  • Slim57
    You can say all you like but people like you know nothing about people that are the complete opposite of you until you've actually been in their shoes, or have thought their thoughts, or have felt their feelings, you just think it's so easy but you're wrong.
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    • I've talked to people like this which is what informs my opinion. As I do with all my opinions. I don't say things unless I've got solid reason. You are doing what you criticize me of doing so I'm not surprised you haven't quite thought it through.

    • Slim57

      But even then, you don't know what they're really feeling or thinking just from what they say alone, in what way am I doing what I'm criticizing you of doing?

    • I make the effort to get to know them. On this app and others, over the course of my life. People are very simple in my ways. If you meet someone and they're not very interesting, odds are you won't stick around. If someone consistently is approached by many people, it's likely they're attractive and approachable, but if they don't stick around, as u mentioned above, it's because there isn't much there to keep them interested. None of this is complex. So let's say you're very attractive and many types of people approach you, some have sex with you, but very few stick around beyond that. What would that tell you?

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  • DamnSam
    Thats why you dont judge a book by the cover...
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  • Optymistyk
  • poneglyphs
    This does hold some truth to it.
  • Blondegypsy23
    Very well could be that's why I'm single