GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating


GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

Thanks to all of the girl's @MzAsh @Sydneysentinel @AmandaYVR @SarahsSummer and especially Princessgrail for their contributions. So, without further adieu here are some Girls from GaG, with some tips on Love and Dating.

PrincessGrail *
Flirting Tips

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating


Laugh at things he says. Make sure whatever he says is supposed to be a little funny, then laugh sweetly and happily when he says it. Again, make sure it’s real laughter; think of something that really is funny if it helps you laugh. Doesn’t matter if what he says is corny or lame; it will warm his heart and make him realize you like him when you laugh at even his worst jokes. Oh, and I like to toss my hair when I laugh.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

Touch Him:

Touch him occasionally while you’re talking. Don’t do this constantly, and do it to emphasize a point you’re making. Being touched is one of the clearest ways a guy knows a girl likes him. Touching his arm is best, especially when part or all of his arms are bare.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

Touching his knee works too, but do NOT touch his thigh unless you want to send a clear sexual message.

@Wowgirl30q *

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating


Getting someone to be attracted can be as easy as putting on your clothes in the morning. Researchers have discovered that people find red and pink extremely attractive colors on women, and that men are more likely to become interested in people who wear those colors. Red is also associated with sexual energy and action. Pink is the color of femininity and softness.

@SydneySentinel *

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating


Dog park, book store, grocery store, or even a club of some kind-- be ready to meet a potential date wherever you go. These places are are great places to meet new people someone interesting. A good time to make easy and natural conversation. Ask what kind of dog they have or if they have any good recipe suggestions. It's also a good time to make note of them interacting with other people nearby and see if he may be your type.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

@AmandaYVR *

Mindset Tips

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

No Risk, No Reward:

I know you’re scared. Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past. Maybe you’ve been disappointed because of something that never really began. But one of the great, hard truths of life, is that holding back (in all ways, not just in relationships) hurts you more than helps you.

My advice is to try and incorporate this and see it this way – if you take a chance, if you go after what you want (such as that person), it may work out, and you may actually attain what your heart desires most. If it doesn’t work out, you have gained

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

strength in knowing that you tried, that you were brave. This is how you build true confidence.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

Vulnerability is Key:

No matter how you meet, the most crucial factor in a successful, reciprocal, genuine relationship that lasts, is being truthful, being open, showing who you really are, and accepting the consequences. You cannot be loved unless you are truly known.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

@MzAsh *

Intimacy Tips

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating


When you start having sex with someone new, tell him what you like. At first it may seem uncomfortable to talk about specifics but opening the lines of communication is essential for having a great sex life. Your man wants to please you. He would love to hear what it is that he’s doing right and what it is you want more of. Just let him know and he’ll happily oblige.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

Sexual Mystique:

In the flirty or beginning stages of meeting someone, the power of having a little sexual mystery goes a long way. Talking bluntly about your own sexual history or desires right away runs the risk of revealing too much too soon. Instead, make a joke with a sexy reference. Then, progress gradually as the relationship moves forward. He’ll be intrigued to pursue harder in order to get to know the inner most sensual and sexual side of you.

@SarahsSummer *

Letting Him Know Tips

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

Act Now:

Often times guys will have a crush on you while you have a crush on them but nobody is really sure of the others feelings to be honest, a lot of times guys are just clueless. You have to practically club them on the head with your attraction. I learned one way to get their attention is with food. Like the old saying “The way to a mans heart is through his stomach“ so in the past I’ve put together little gifts of food. One time in college during Girl Scout Cookie Season, I found out my crush's favorite cookie was thin mint and made them from scratch at hom for him.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

Take a Risk:

So many times I read on here about a guy or a girl having a crush for three, six, twelve months or even longer, and not doing anything about it. There’s really no point in having a crush on someone if you don’t actually let them know. You need an opportunity to spend time with them, get to know them better to develop a real relationship with them if you really want to be with them in the future.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

Sometimes you need to just throw caution to the wind and jump into it head first. Chances are if you have a crush on him, someone else may too. The other girl acts first and then you get mad at the guy for choosing her not you, or mad at her because she stepped up when you couldn’t. Don’t let that happen you will always regret it. Say something, do something, take a risk, let him know.

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating

Thanks for Reading...

GaG's Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating
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Most Helpful Guys

  • You have to practically club them on the head with your attraction. (Ha Ha Yas!)
    When you start having sex with someone new, tell him what you like. (Bingo)

    Very nicely done ladies! Some really good info in here!
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  • AustinMan
    A very good My Take. Congratulations!! You hit all the buttons I talk about.
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    • Means a lot coming from you 😀

    • AustinMan

      Fully deserved. I hope you get a lot of positive feedback on it. I just wish there was a way to edit them.

    • @AustinMan I learned a long time ago the more malice the response the more miserable the person. No worries 😃

Most Helpful Girls

  • Dav1ss
    I'd love to be part of these one day this was amazing
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  • luvstoned4him
    well done!
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  • OlderAndWiser
    This was an outstanding collaboration! Here is one guy's perspective on a few of the points you made:

    Color: Red and pink are nice colors, but white is the color of innocence and purity and it will get me going every time. Also, about 8% of males with a northern European ancestry are color blind, and color won’t be a big deal to them. What I most want to see is that a date was important enough to a lady that she spent time getting herself ready; that tells me that she has a great attitude.

    Location: Remember that you can act helpless in a hardware store and most guys will stop and try to help you.

    No Risk, No Reward: I always say, “You’ve gotta take a chance if you wanna find romance!”

    Vulnerability is Key: Absolutely. Most guys want to rescue and protect you. Being vulnerable evokes that response.

    Intimacy/Communication: NEVER tell a guy what your ex did to get you off. We know that you probably aren’t a virgin but we still don’t ever want to hear about you having sex with some other specified guy. You can say “lick up and down real slow” and we’ll do it, but say “I used to cum real hard when Brandon licked up and down real slow” and most of us will want to get up and leave.

    Also, never tell a guy that what he is doing isn’t working. Instead, say, “that feels good, but it would feel even better if you. . .” And make some noise so that we know what we are doing is good!
  • ManOnFire
    A decent Take. Nothing I haven't already heard or known before, but a decent Take with serious notes for the inexperienced unlike some of the other posts on GaG. I don't really like that laughter segment at top, I feel like to laugh even when he's not funny is a little dishonest.

    Pink does make me horny, but blue and purple also light me up.
  • SydneySentinel
    Signed with a kiss...
    Wow very intriguing.
    Laugh: I do like a smile or slight giggle. Makes me realize i tapped into something. 😊
    Touch: I love being touched. In my culture women touch a man when she likes him and likes to touch him. Runs her hands in his hair. Touches his neck. Always putting her hands on my arm or chest. It's intimate but it's not sexual is more spiritual for me.
    Color: My favorite color is red. And i do like pink. It reminds me so much of the girls and women I've met in my life and how great they really are.
    Location: This idea is great I myself is trying to figure out where women go. Unfortunately I am allergic to dogs even though i had one. 😎
    No Risk, No Reward: I've always been the kind of person not to get hurt. But this: "strength in knowing that you tried, that you were brave. This is how you build true confidence." Is quite true. Another woman might come around that will say yes or ask you out. That feels great.
    Vulnerability is Key: This one is scary for me. I have had women afraid of me because of this. In my experience they normally don't like me for "being truthful, being open, showing who you really are, and accepting the consequences." They think that all guys are players or liars and they don't want to take a risk with me. The women that do know me and are my friends are often picking up the pieces and trying to me back together. They will fight for me and attack any woman who hurts me. Sister, exgfs, friends. 😢💔
    Communication: This is very important. We only have one life. We don't know if we wil be gone tomorrow. Opening up ensures that you seize the day and that moment because it will never come again.
    Sexual Mystique: Discovering who you are is fun. When you flirt or make a comment that makes me pause and say, "wait a minute" it is exciting. I have friends who do that. We are not trying to sleep together they have bfs and a few are lesbians. But that sexual flair makes me question myself and my own sexuality and love that.
    Act Now: when you are younger you think you have all the time in the world. Then life takes you on a ride. You thought you would be here and end up over there. When it comes to being with someone you should take it. Before you realize it's too late.
    Take a Risk: I do this a lot. Friends, dating, gfs, or whatever you need to take that risk. If you lose out in that person in being a part of your life you are not complete. I love all of my friends because I took the risk and they did too.

    This is the best my take I ever read. It means a lot to me as a person. To the ladies that contributed.
    *standing ovation*
  • ariadneR
    I lived this. Well done ladies.
    there's this one girl at work who flirts with everyone who has a dick, but it's so obvious and fake and truth be told I've seen my brain a whole lot since she started lol.
    When things are done over the top, it's annoying and it doesn't work.
  • slipperydip1994
    @Wowgirl30q I love that first photo of that silhouette couple kissing on the beach. They look like a perfect couple, great height difference, great female-male differences. It is, perfection.

    Take a note, guys and girls.
  • Wolframium
    „GaG's Female Users“
    2× more male comment than female.
    :-D Like…doy ou know, what I mean by (part of) this: My impressions from this site after 2 years ↗ ?
    Girls! Be more active. Like 8× more than now. Comment. All the time. To everything. Otherwise it will be just sausage fest.
    • We love sausage fest

    • Yeah, I can imagine probably majority of girl are fine with it in the majority of cases.
      But I'm not fine with it. Just as the vast majority of guys.

    • How's that our problem 😂?

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  • lightbulb27
    We are lucky to have you beautiful and smart ladies! Hope you land your fish!

    That first "Sydney" photo is remarkable... a cross between batman and the something more sinister over gotham.

    I agree with what is written... especially hitting him over the head part...

  • JackSmy
    WOW! I Read all of your words, and they are good, and I believe you, saying these. The visual images are excellent, and enhance the presentation you posted!
    Since you did not say women exclusively, I think I need to say something, but not here, about some of the fantasies, with your wonderful post! PM if you care?
  • Yepppers I agree with all.
    Take Risk, Tell them what you want in the sack
    Tell the truth and be open
    The best pick up joints Laundry Mat and lingerie store. (Don't laugh really works.)

    You know what funny. Everyone has to learn this stuff. Your not born with it and your not taught it.

    Till now class is in session

    Thanks girls it was fun to read and so true.
  • Hans222
    I absolutely have to confirm this take is very accurate: if a girl would do those things around me I'd get a very warm feeling <3 :D
  • MusicMayhem
    This was surprisingly good. I was expecting some lame defensive behaviour with the basis of avoiding players like "be friends first", but it was succinct tips that focused on action! Nice one.
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake , I saw this couple at our local Aquatorium
    where they have music and events go on in the Summer months and this Woman
    was stroking her husband or boyfriends knee , i thought to myself oh wow. 👀
    • Woooow😀

    • Yeah , it happens and i don't think the Woman
      knew what she was doing or realized it but people
      can see things you know big eyes. LMAO

  • Grond21
    You girls knocked it out of the park!

    Showing him you care (laughing, food, touching) is huge.

    And being vulnerable is key. You said it well. You cannot be loved if you aren't known.
    • I wish I could have done ten girls but I might have gone crazy😂 kidding and thank you

    • Grond21

      Haha, you are welcome

  • Sonorous
    I especially like the laughter part. Even if I say something stupid and unfunny, I like it when things aren't taken so seriously. It makes me actually want to be around the person more since they show such a positive outlook. I don't expect a fake laugh but even a smile or a joke would be great.
  • BlackRoseFairy
    This was actually amazing! I love it!! You girls did some great work. Thank you for putting all this together ❤
    • I looked for you to join😃 you weren't around that night. But I thought of. You

    • Thank you for thinking of me! unfortunately I had to delete the app due to storage issues, so I am less active now. 😕

    • You where in heart

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  • SarahsSummer
    Happy to be part of this collaboration with all my G@G sisters! It seems to be very well received. YAY!
  • Justacatlady
    Wonderful job ladies! These are great tips and can be used by any person to court the person they like. 🥰
  • Rangers
    I can't believe this, for the first time in forever, I actually agree with you and liked your mytake. I must be dreaming, but just incase I'm not, thank you!
  • loveslongnails
    Nicely done, ladies! While I don't "agree" with some of your advice, I think as a whole it will be helpful to a lot of folks. If you care for a male opinion on some of them, let me know !! :)
    • I think it's a great idea to hear why you may not agree with some of these! Constructively, of course 😊

    • Interestingly enough, the ladies may not all agree on everything together. But these are our collaborative ideas that have worked for us at one time or another.

    • @SydneySentinel 1st ever collaboration

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  • Rica_ChicaUSA
    Nice but where's my mention

    Really, though, great Take!
  • KennyD421
    Umm I am so interested in what you all wrote about and everything stated on this subject... I am going to use it as a lesson to help myself with my relationship issues and how to put my own out there for others and help me with my own insecure feelings about myself... thanks greatly appreciated your opinions...
  • Creepazoid
    This was great! aside from a few I think is only ment for girls I believe these tips work well for both genders. There is no reward if no risk is taken. Communication very important for all relationships. Being truthful, being open, showing who you really are and so much more on this my take if not all I agree with. I think the only thing I'd add if I haven't just skimmed over it is knowing who you are as a person and being comfortable with that including your flaws.
  • Lliam
    I'm impressed. Kudos to all the bold, sensitive, experienced and insightful GAG girls. Good advice.
  • AndrewMG
    Awesome work girls and awesome artwork/presentation @Wowgirl30q
  • NickiB
    Great mytake. This had to take some time to collaborate with all those users.
  • ikisseddeath
    I really liked your points they connected to what I tend to think and want you did a lot of good work
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Laughter and touching are great. I am not sure why you aren‘t recognizing the males who has dating knowledge but oh, well.
    • You should do one

    • I agree with the arm touching. I might be surprised and spooked at first, but I'll probably get used to it eventually and I'll like it if I like you.

    • But don't just come out of nowhere and touch some guy's arm if you don't know them.

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  • leahzrc
    I didn't read any of this but lmao just be yourself and if a guy doesn't like you who cares
  • EmbraceThePain
    Except for Sentinel and Wowgirl, are those actual pics of the users?
  • Kayla45
    This is quite an impressive collaboration, very different views too! I enjoyed reading this, great work you gals put into this as well! 😊🌟
  • FatherJack
    Even though I will never date again , this is good , sound advice..." a lot of times guys are just clueless " , very true , and why this is true is because the male brain is totally differently wired to the female brain and does not register very subtle cues , unless thoroughly trained to spot them. Add to that #MeToo and other feminist led anti male propaganda , downright nasty , as well as man-hating women , are the reasons a lot of men will not approach women , unless given a " club around the head " and a VERY big green light
    • We're not feminist

    • @Wowgirl30q I know you , and the contributors are not feminists , you would never have posted this if you were. My point is the influence feminism has had on a lot of female minds , encouraging hate and hostility towards human males. Not seen from @FitnessFanatic for a while , she's anti feminist , and refused to go over to the Dark Side , even after a terrible experience with an ex.

  • RolandCuthbert
    "a lot of times guys are just clueless." No truer statement. I think one of the things that women do not consider is meeting guys in a group setting. Invite him to a group outing. It will do a lot to make it less uncomfortable. You can focus on him and talk to him without feeling intimidated or awkward. One lady invited me to a grouping to see some weird Sean Connery flick with Richard Gere. But it was cool. And we could talk without feeling the weigh of having to make conversation, because we were surrounded by other people.

    You can do that first to get a feel for the guy. And it is also great to see how he interacts with other people.

    But yep, some guys, like me have to be hit over the head pretty hard. I did not realize this one sister was into me until she bought me a bottle of my favorite Scotch. . . Chivas.

    GaG&#39;s Female Users: Tips on Love and Dating
  • Juxtapose
    Good advice, especially the parts that emphasize communication and action.
  • MrHopper
    Listen, talk, communicate and compromise, one day one of you will miss the other and long for even the most annoying thing they did to happen again
  • CandacePerry
    Great take. Some user might dislike pink. I prefer purple. Red it ok.
  • FunkyMonkee
    And DON'T forget to show him your tits!! Or at least let him touch them.
  • Jltakk
    "Guys are just clueless. Sometimes you have to just club em over the head with your attraction"

    Hun, thats called communication.
  • Gedaria
    I love it, You are so right. Touching is a good part for sending signals...
  • stardust101
    Good job 👏
  • DWD1994
    I have a better tip. If you like a guy, tell him. We're not mind readers.

    No, we're not going to think you're 'desperate' for being straight up.
    • Some might, but they're not the ones most of us are seeking! Great tip, though...

  • MzAsh
    This was fun, great job ladies!
  • roland77
    A few points of mine:
    - No fake laughing (I dislike it)
    - Pink is not my color, it says Barbie Girl to me (and I don't mind green or whatever she will wear later anyway)
    - Yes, keep hands not to close to our genitals, can be shameful for us to have errection in front of you.
    - A simple restaurant but with good and cheap food or ice cafe will also help (classics do work!)
    - Yes, be yourself means being authentic. I cannot love a faking woman.
    - To shy to communicate directly by saying it? "Yeah, continue licking there, that is awesome!" Maybe not for all girls, then try the non-verbal approach: crawl our head or play with our ears while you find it awesome and release our head when not.
    - Mysteries want to be discovered!
    - It is normal to guys to not always express their feelings to women. I did it, both positive and negative and she likes me more now!
  • CubsterShura
    Beautiful! This was an amazing colab.
  • 1828avaava1828
    nice take lasses!! bravo!!!
  • WhiteShoulder
    A beautiful Take. Thank you 💗.
  • AJC997
    This was great. Great collaboration and work
  • smartrider
    Can't agree more.
  • TheRealQuestion2
    Love it! Thank you all! 👋😊
  • Razal
    Interesting and informative 😉