Is Your Dating Life Really Just a Geocache Hunt?


The whole dating/courting/flirting/seduction/cat & mouse game seems like a huge geocache hunt.

You try to follow all these ambiguous & often flat-out confusing clues & signals, which can take you through some very interesting & creepy places. And you end up everywhere EXCEPT where the actual geocache is. Or they put the clues in the form of a puzzle & you have to try to figure it out. And then some people are jerks & put in false clues to mess with you.

Some people are REALLY jerks & don't leave anything there at all... again, just to mess with you... so you waste all your time searching for something that ain't even there & looking like a blithering fool to anyone who happens to be watching you.

Or someone actually leaves a real cache but someone else swoops in & takes it before you get there.

Some of them have GPS coordinates so it looks like it's gonna be easy. But then you realize that they wrote down the wrong coordinates or that your GPS device (intuition) needs to be re-calibrated.

The good news is, there are, truly, some amazing and valuable geocaches out there. But they're rare & ya gotta go through a lotta duds and blood, sweat, & tears to find them!

So take heart! I thing there's a good one right... around... here... somewhere.......

Is Your Dating Life Really Just a Geocache Hunt?
Is Your Dating Life Really Just a Geocache Hunt?
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  • arabgoddess
    I ain't able to hunt unfortunately.. But spiritually I feel I am 😬😬😬
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  • sagevvalentine
    Sometimes I feel bad for you gentleman, because I'm not doing much of the hunting. How's for gentle encouragement! hehe. No really people are confusing and hard to read at times, especially difficult for men, who require twice as much brain power as a woman to be able to read emotions.
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  • nerms123
    That’s nice but geocaching is way easier in my opinion 😂
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  • Rangers
    Yes, even if you manage to find it, which you won't, someone already found it before you, so you lose.
  • wonderingwoman2
    i agree , if we could just see in other people minds there would be much less confusion and pain
  • genericname85
    no cause i find geocaches easily xD at least most of the time.
  • subpoenasubshmoana
    We used to go geocaching but I needed to disappear for sinterpol not to make her rapist go to prison so the geocaches we found have been removed
  • 林爱玲aily
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  • Anonymous
    women get a sense of both power and joy from looking down on men and rejecting them. There are 325lb ugly women who look down on any guy who is not a 180lb 8+. Any men who don't like this situation is labeled an incelIs Your Dating Life Really Just a Geocache Hunt?