Why most dating advice for men is bullshit - pt. 2


Seeing how my last take garnered a lot of attention and stirred some controversy as expected I decided to make another one, maybe even turn this into a short series because there's trully a lot of bullshit left to unpack.

Last time we discussed how confidence is grossly overrated.

Why most dating advice for men is bullshit

We also covered what really makes a man sexy - his appearance, status, wealth and preselection. Let's call those your "assets". We'll learn how to use them effectively in a future episode(perhaps).

In this post I'd like to respond to some of the criticism (and hate) I'm getting by explaining why dating and relationships in general are bullshit.


I actually used to be a romantic. I watched all the Disney movies and got completely brainwashed. True love, love at first sight, love against impossible odds, I believed everything. It didn't help my family told me to always respect women and be kind to them and I was brought up in a religious family.

And even though love at first sight never happened I started dating like they did in the movies - with dinners and walks in the park and coffees and going to the cinema and dating for weeks or months not even mentioning sex. At that point in my life if a hot girl offered to fuck me dry I'd tell her to be gone! I'm looking for love not some petty deed!

Uuhh just thinking about this makes me cringe
Uuhh just thinking about this makes me cringe

Long story short it never worked. And I saw many of the girls I went to dates with hooking up with guys who were downright jerks. And then I heard them complain that the jerks just want sex from them.

Well I learned from my mistakes. When women say they want a relationship they are right - they want a relationship with the sexy guys other women want. It is therefore important you value your independence very highly and don't offer girls a relationship or your resources on a silver platter. That's being too easy. It tells them no other woman wants you. It screams low preselection and makes you seem desperate and unsexy.

Women always have options. They have dozens of guys waiting in line for sex. You should always have options too. If the girl is not playing along you should be willing to walk away like "whatever, there's other girls I can sleep with right now". That's how you'll be able to attract a higher calliber of women.

The story of my life
The story of my life

Women like to pretend they don't want sex but in reality it's probably more important for them than it is for men. In general if the girl doesn't want to have sex with you you won't be able to have a relationship with her either. On the other hand turning a casual relationship into something official should usually be trivial.

Why most dating advice for men is bullshit - pt. 2
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