Here's why women seek emotional connection before sex

Heres why women seek emotional connection before sex

Women seek emotional connection before sex men rarely do that.

There are 3 major reasons behind it.

1. Women have potential of getting pregnant so they seek connection because they want commitment instinctively. If they get pregnant and can't get commitment they couldn't survive millions of years ago in the wild. So women evolved to seek connection from a man so she can get commitment. That's why women get really upset when a guy don't call or text after sex. Because instinctively they want relationship.

Women aren't like men they don't need to fuck a lot of men they seek quality not quantity. They want to get the best guy they can get and want to be in relationship with him.

2. Women don't desire a guy based on 100% visual factors. Yes they are visual they look for visual signs but not like men. They also want to know if a guy is confident enough. Because a man's value comes from survival potential and having confidence, having masculine traits is so important for that. So women has to know the guy little bit to see his truth personality.

3. Women were in great danger always. Even today they get beaten, they get killed unfortunately. Having sex with someone you don't know well is very dangerous, very vulnerable position specially for women. They can be kidnapped, they can be killed, they can be sold, anything can happen. We can't relate with women because generally men are stronger than women. We don't think like that. So women seek emotional connection, they seek trust. They want to trust you about you will be nice to them.

That's why women seek emotional connection before sex even if it is a simple hook up. They always seek trust first. They always want to know you before sex.

Here's why women seek emotional connection before sex
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  • Anonymous
    Casual hook-ups and one night stands don't involve emotional connection. A girl doesn't go home with a guy she just met in a club because they had such an amazingly deep emotional connection that she fell for him and decided to have sex with him right away. She goes home with him because he's hot, confident, and makes her horny. The idea that women need an emotional connection before sex is a myth. In those cases they just need to know that you're not a serial killer or something.
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    • Number 2

    • Emotional connection can happen in 5 to 10 minutes it's a more mental connection rather than mechanic connection. Also alcohol helps women to be more courageous so their shields go down.

  • MillenniumBill
    Now according to who you listen to, women are attracted to men with multiple partners as a sign of status.
    And according to Vouge Magazine, "Modern" women require at least 30-40 sex partners before she can determine who her "soul mate" is.
    However, according to an April 20 2016 article in Psychology Today, the more sex partners either person has drastically reduces chances of pair bonding throughout life.
    So, whatever...
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    • Women are not made to hook up with a lot of men they seek quality. They want to get the best men that they can get and have relationship with him. These magazines, liberal media brainwash women.

    • Sortofa

      30-40 sex partners, what the flying fuck?

Most Helpful Girls

  • 5yrup
    uh... no its because my vagina literally can't take a penis attached to someone i have no feelings for or significant attraction towards!
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  • CarrieLee
    Those facts are bs lol i do not relate to any of them
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  • Celtero
    Bruh, that is a myth that will get you cucked hard. There's women who will suck off a guy in a club bathroom, there are women who will bang an 80 year old because he's rich, there are women who will get gang banged by the highschool hocky team because her dad doesn't pay enough attention to her.

    I doubt most women even have 'emotional connections.'
  • Mindwipe
    I agree with all your points, however they've been mostly made irrelevant in world where female empowerment, female sexual liberation, the pill and a welfare state exists.
  • moststrangestguy
    I know why... Now explain to me why food technology is not used to fix world hunger and how to kill 70% of the population of idoits
  • some101
    Not applicable. Nowadays girls only care about sex. It is very hard to find a woman who can wait until marriage
    • well eve they seek sex they seek connection, little bit rapport first like 30 minutes conversation or meeting in coffe shop to get to know the guy.

    • some101

      Lol, that's enough. That's the problem.

  • Massageman
    Yes. That's the way God made women! Viva la difference!
  • Games_
    The girls who look for guys only based on looks are genetically fucked up in my opinion
    • Tell that to the Majority of Guys as well.

    • Games_

      That's our nature lol, ur suppost to look for providers as women, men go for who they find attactive. there's no 50 50

    • Games_

      The stupid girls who focus on looks whole are the same ones who complain about wanting s nice guy and end up settling at 30

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  • livingthelife19
    Sounds about right
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • suncookie
    This is really accurate... than you😊
  • JermalTheBlackDog
    Yep. That's how I see it
  • Gedaria
    Sounds good...
  • Manuel2
    I totally see your views