Psychology of Color


Psychology of Color

#WowgirlRocks #girlsaskguys
#WowgirlRocks #girlsaskguys

Color and Cognition

Our brain processes the color we see in a more complicated way then most people actually realize. Different colors trigger different emotions and feelings inside of us all. Color influences our perceptions of things on a daily basis. Color can even influence the taste of the food we eat.

Psychology of Color

Color in Promotion

When marketing products or when dating, it’s critical you consider the impact of color makes. Research shows that the proper use of color increases brand recognition by 80%. A further 85% of consumers buy because of color. Color is the same with dating. Color will impact your dates feeling towards you even if their subconsciously influenced by them.

Messages in Your Clothes

Purple Passion

#wowGirlRocks #gag
#wowGirlRocks #gag

Purple is the perfect blend between the stability of Blue and the energy and power of Red making it the most common color used to express luxury, royalty, and wealth. In marketing, it is used to soothe and calm people. So maybe wear that Purple dress on your next date ladies, because Purple also represents mystery and beauty.

The Blues

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#Wowgirl30qRocks #WowgirlRocks

Blue creates a sense of security, peace, and trust in a brand or in a person. People are 15% more likely to retain you in their memory if you're wearing Blue at the time you first meet them. It is also associated with productivity, loyalty and it’s a non invasive color. The non invasive colors like Blue and Green tend to relax people more in general.

White Light

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#WowgirlRocks #GAG

White symbolizes cleanliness, purity, and safety and can be used to project neutrality towards something. This is why many doctors and nurses wear White. White in a invitational or welcoming color. White is the color of clarity, freshness and used to spark creativity in people. It is very alluring to guys along with Red. White is the color of innocence were Red is the color of wildness.

Red Hot

#WowGirl30q #GirlsAskGuys
#WowGirl30q #GirlsAskGuys

Red envokes strong emotions in people, it increases appetite, symbolizes sex, love, lust, and even increases a person's passion and intensity. Red also triggers a need for impulsive behavior and excitement. Red is an aggressive or invasive color that makes anyone male or female notice your strong presence. Red is truly the color of the wild when it come to psychology.

Go Green

#WowGirl30qRocks #wowgirl30q
#WowGirl30qRocks #wowgirl30q

Green is a representative of health, serenity, and tranquility. Its a color of nature and balance. It has been know to alleviate stress towards others when first meeting you. The human eye is able to designate the most shades of green than any other color, so green is a very powerful color tied to your memory. If you want a peaceful and memorable first date wear Green.

Thanks for reading if you did.

And please remember,

#WowGirlRocks #GirlsAskGuys
#WowGirlRocks #GirlsAskGuys


Psychology of Color
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Desconhecida
    I loved the fact you wrote about chromotherapy! The science of colors is something I really believe.
    We should also remember the effects of colors for healing. Yellow lights tend to make us tired, depressed when blue and white lights make us more focused ~ that's why in schools we use very bright lights inside the classrooms.

    Loved it! You do really rock!💋
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  • SydneySentinel
    I love the blues in that picture! I don't know exactly what shades they are but they're pretty.
    I'm interested to hear about how psychology differs for those that perceive it differently.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Juxtapose
    A lot of color association can be attributed to nature and how we evolved.

    Red, blood.

    Yellow? Urine.

    Blue? Water, sky, and usually not a color found in bodily fluids or other things that can cause a feeling of disgust.


    Good mytake.
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  • coachTanthony
    Red is what I always tell my female clients to wear during photo shoots. Spot on! Cool photos and cool take! Always interesting !!! Nice job!
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    • Wowgirl30q

      Thank you good sir.

    • Wowgirl30q

      @coachTanthony that's why I wear pink. They never see me coming..😂

    • Hey coach, we finally disagree on something, and it's women's clothing? LOL When I see a business woman in red, I think " there's a woman who bought into the hype that 'red means strength, power, aggressive confidence and security'. In my experiences, I've found it to mean exactly the opposite. Women who consistently rely on, or wear red, lack those qualities but are trying to convince onlookers that they have them. To me, it's like wearing a neon sign that says "look, I really don't have going on what I want to make you think I have going on". If I see a red dress at a cocktail party, it screams "look at me, I want your attention because I can't get it any other way". Ok, it's safe to say, I loathe that color choice most any time.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Quite an interesting myTake, and one that would have never occurred to me to write. I general, l think that men are less attuned to the role of color in emotional responses, and perhaps one of the reasons is that about 10% of men have some form of colorblindness while less that 1% of women have that deficit.
  • razelove
    When I was doing lighting I had to look this all up, but slightly different effects for light you're projecting vs. refracting. Always before picking a color scheme, asking your client for one, or steering them to another one you have to ask what the function is, what the purpose of it is, what kind of people will be attending, and how they want them to feel.

    Pair that with some subsonics, a good public speaker, and you're off to the races.

    Nothing is worse than having a meal for fundraising and they want yellow, not gold, (more red and green saturation) but straight yellow color, most of the food isn't touched. No one wants to donate unless they had an obligation to beforehand.

    Color makes a big difference. Just look at what happens at a concert when you fade the lights down, bring up the white, and it isn't a strobe, people go to either the bar, bathroom, or the exit.

    You pick your sequences, patterns, and the timing for them beforehand, program your chases in, alter the tempo if needed, manually control some spotlights and change programs as needed, and just let it fly looking for issues as they come up. Generally you'll program a few and keep using them over and over again for different events and shows, just adjusting for location, amount of lights, etc.

    Same for the subsonics. Why would a frequency no one can hear and can barely feel make a concert or public speech so much more intense?
  • Shezadi
    First of all, it was an amazing article and I appreciate these light hearted topics.

    You forgot to mention pink, which is my favourite colour.

    I heard light pink means hope.

    As a girl, I am very happy to say that light pink means hope.
  • Lauren-green
    I love this ❤️ I love drawing and doing arts, and often use colours to represent moods in the art piece etc. Today somebody said green was a primary colour, when I corrected them and said it was a secondary colour they started insulting me 😒
  • Robertcw
    This is helpful. I may play around with this myself. But what do golds (chino color), silvers and grays communicate?
  • You really should post original works... I already did a Mytake covering colors and Psychology... Next time give credit to the person you are copying... You are not original in the slightest 💎
    What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?
  • LoU_Hades
    I'm blue person. I like blue color (not especially on clothes) but I like decorations and even now I have blue desktop background.
    Blue light wavelength increases testosterone level in males and I'm addicted to this hormone because it makes me think clear and focused.
    I dislike brown and yellow. Brown has in my culture the meaning of decay and autumn, yellow means envy. That's why you should never give someone yellow flowers.
  • Sensmind
    Very good take - Yes there are layers and layers of psychology going on at a subconscious level, it is fascinating sometimes to take a step back and think about it.
  • humanearth
    Back when I used to job bids for a construction company and went to interview the customer. I alway wore my blue shirt and my red tie.

    When I wore that I got the job most of the time. My boss said I was the best he had.

    So yeah color can work for your job as well.

    I know about these secrets of color since high school.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories
  • worldscolide
    There is a lot of merit to this, the reason the film maker that made nightmare on elm Street, Freddy Kruger, red and green shirt is because it evokes strong emotion.
  • It's a fun new way to look at colors and how we feel about them :)
  • MillenniumBill
    Frankly, I've never subscribed to the notion that colors "mean" anything. Colors either fit or don't depending on who is looking at them.
    Any other interpretation is for overpaid psychologists, poets, philosophers, and writers for Disney who have too much time on their hands.
  • lightbulb27
    Great info!

    I wonder if the colors trigger similar emotions in us or if it is more cultural. e. g. for christian/west, white is pure.. savior... good. For Muslims, black I believe is that color and white is "bad".

    I found having my "colors" done helped in finding the tones that worked best for me. Til then, I would wear orange and feel ill. It does have an effect, not just that it's orange, but that I didn't look or feel good in it.

    good point about taste! things that look "bland" often are... overcooked vegetables as example.
  • Iwillneverunderstand
    Interesting take you have here.
    Pretty cool to know little fun facts of this sort
  • CubsterShura
    I love wearing bright colors. It just has such a fresh and life-giving vibe!
  • TheDreamer21
    My go to color is blue. I noticed that when I do wear red, I feel more confident.
  • Powderpuff97
    Color yellow makes me happy and it’s my favorite color
  • DiegoO
    It's relative. Depending on your culture a specific colour can mean something different than what it would mean to another culture.
  • ShadowofRegret
    I tend to wear a lot of black, blue and purple colors...
  • lovedejj_xo
    Pink and black are my favorite colors depends on the day.
  • Nik1hil
    Your pictures have so much color it's scary to me..
  • Philyouup
    the whole industry of a advertising is about Psychology. and yep color is a big factor.
  • AniKai
    There is one thing to consider: not all colors suit everyone, and some colors suit others a whole lot better than others do.
  • The_man_whol_aughs
    Dear god the first picture is scary as fuck , those soulless eyes , fuck

    But yea I'm red , green and black
  • oldoldold
    Yeah it doesn't work on me but an interesting article
  • sp33d
    Oh wow, quite accurate, I must say. Where did you find out about it?
  • Creepazoid
    I wear black and white a lot
  • Plitty-Tank
    I disagree with you that those colors are always accurate.
  • bridgetlessley0552
    Blue is a cool color, it’s the color of the sky and sea
  • Jennifer_32
    I bet getting high with Wowgirl would be fun as hell.
  • crresss
    i have very good color perception in spite i m a guy. Is that normal?
  • GreenGold1992
    yay for color power
    • blue for me, by the way

    • Wowgirl30q

      Good choice

    • Well it makes sense, I always have a a sense of security, peace, productivity, loyalty, relaxation, and trust, especially those blue or I'm familiar with. And its my favorite color.

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  • rapfan107
    That really interesting
  • Sevenpointfive
    but my favorite color is orange
  • Agape93
    I’m usually wearing black, green or brown.
  • Dav1ss
  • Sabretooth
    Getting involved in psychology?
  • lofii
    The best color in the world is blue
  • Caplismdie
    every color is so good.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • andreasderjuengere
    Why are some colours missing here?
  • mehrshad_hargez
    Wow wow
    Red is my favorite color. 😜😎
  • NaomiCruz
    love red
  • Lotusinwater
    I ware a lot of blue and sometimes white lol
  • pchilex
    blac is color of snakes.