Gentlemen! Women are sick and tired of fishing/hunting pictures and your generic dating app profiles!

Gentlemen! Women are sick and tired of fishing/hunting pictures and your generic dating app profiles!
Gentlemen! Women are sick and tired of fishing/hunting pictures and your generic dating app profiles!
Gentlemen! Women are sick and tired of fishing/hunting pictures and your generic dating app profiles!

Guys, I am begging you to stand out and be original. Stop being so generic about your hobbies that women are swiping left on you. I am actively talking and planning dates with 12 different women right now. You could be too. But stand out! Be unique!

Women are tired of: I like to fish. play video games. I love the ____insert sports team___. I've been to "x" foreign country.

Guys. Unless you are a model. Women will yawn and swipe.

A woman wants to know what is your passion!? But also what makes you different than every generic guy out there?

I recommend having in your profile: "My dream celebrity date would be____" Women will really respond to this because they can compare themselves to that person and think about whether they are "your type". I have gotten Soooo many girls to message me with that strategy.

"Two Truths and One Lie". This is another good way to show some depth to you as a man. Dig deeper and hook a lady in.

"Pet pictures". Women like animal pictures because it gives you a friendly perception. If you can love an animal then you can love a kid.

Gentlemen! Women are sick and tired of fishing/hunting pictures and your generic dating app profiles!
Gentlemen! Women are sick and tired of fishing/hunting pictures and your generic dating app profiles!
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  • tellmeeverythingplz
    Agree! I have told many guys about this. It doesn't look great to hold dead animals up to the camera or act like you're eating it raw. Most women don't want to see that. It's fairly gross. Showing your real personality is best. If your whole life is killing critters and playing games that's not going to attract many women.

    Books, movies, goals, favorite classes, art, sciences, carnival rides, anything else to show the real you. People or characters you've crushed on. Meyers Briggs personality test results. Love language. Anything guys! Give us some insight.
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    • Sixgun77

      Hunting, fishing, and video games are part of "anything" and can indeed portray "the real you". Attracting the right woman is far more important than faking it to attract many women.

    • @Sixgun77 if that is your entire being that's not much to bring to the table. I'm a life long gamer, table top RPGs, board games, video games, I still have my Sega Genesis. But that isn't my whole life. Almost everyone likes games these days. If you like sports and hunting you don't have to lie but you should have a lot more going for you.

    • I'm a game modder, mod tester, and machinimator, and novelist. By no means the most successful in any of these. A jack of many trades. Yet, all I get on POF is abuse from women, and the site then hitting me up for more money. Why do women hate digital craftsmen?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Phoenix98
    as opposed to women’s profiles?

    Let us not forget women’s profiles lord have mercy, lying about their age, weight, personality posting pics that make you wonder whether your looking at a dating profile or escort profile. Posting pics of them acting like children, beyond drunk with their friends, filters out the ass in every picture.

    Nothing real, nothing genuine at all.
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    • Levin

      Women's profiles are pretty much irrelevant since let's face it, Many men will swipe right on pretty much everything they see!

    • Phoenix98

      @Levin I’ll meet you half way and say you have a point but it’s not entirely true.

    • themythos

      Dont forget the one bio pic thats a giant group photo and a" i have high standards as the bio"

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  • OlderAndWiser
    I do online dating but, of course, I read women's profiles, so I don't see how other guys present themselves. However, I have the impression that the competition is not playing smart and that explains why so many guys are down on online dating. They blame women, they blame the sites, they blame anyone but themselves.

    I don't have any hunting or fishing pictures posted, I have a sincere profile that says who I am and what I am looking for in a woman, and I get enough dates to keep me busy.
    • Apope16

      You are well on your way to Jedi Master Level

    • I've concluded I'm too niche. And dating site gals are basic. It was doomed from the start. For some reason, dodgy professor types just scare women away. But I am what I am.

    • The women I have met online are anything but basic. That sounds like an be insult. Perhaps that is a clue about the problem you have with dating online.

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  • ItzLaura
    I don't mind if it's fish but if I see one more guy with a dead pig or goat in his profile imma puke
    • Apope16

      Yuck. Guys do that?

    • Sixgun77

      Now I want jerked pork and curried goat.

    • ItzLaura

      Yep, sadly they do

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  • lumos
    I don't really mind a generic profile per se, because I have swiped generic profiles right if their bio is fun and if they look attractive in their pics. However, if someone is already struggling with finding dates, doing at least SOMETHING to stand out will definitely help.

    3 interesting photos will always be better than 10 generic photos. Quality over quantity. It's kinda like your CV. You might not want to mention all the short odd jobs you did as a teen, if you already have a couple of decent and more mature experiences that have a lot more to do with the job you're applying for now. In that same way, you don't want to have 1 somewhat interesting picture and 5 boring bathroom mirror selfies (with a dirty toilet in the background...)

    You don't even have to over-exaggerate or lie about your hobbies. You can still take an interesting picture at the gym that doesn't involve flexing in a mirror. Do a silly pose with some weights, do a handstand, whatever. But yeah, no dead animals please. The only posing you should do with animals is with live ones. 99% of women will find it kinda gross to randomly have a picture of a dead animal shoved in their face when they're just looking for someone to go on a date with.

    All it takes is being a bit more creative. It really isn't as difficult as most people think. Asking a friend for help could also be a good idea if it really is that impossible.
    • Levin

      Aye, I take a similar outlook with women who eat meals with dead (albeit slightly more processed for consumption) animals on their plate! Leftie swipe.

    • lumos

      @Levin I guess I'm a hypocrite then since I still eat meat :D

    • Levin

      Aye, maybe I'm playing the devil's advocate a little. But I suppose it's a valid point!

      Same people who harp on about how much they love their dog, they distrust those who don't like pets.

      I think to myself, well, you eat animals. Bitch. :P Not you specifically, just annoying loud mouthed hypocritical people I do not like!

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    If I mention what I do to set myself apart, the dating app calls my account spam, and removes me without a chance to appeal. And when I imply it without stating the name, trolls come after me over politics, wasting my time and theirs. I state my passion, and thots come on my profile just to act like playground bullies, as if I'm supposed to be impressed. And whine when I fight back.

    I say I'm a game modder and machinimator, and aspiring novelist. They go running back to the guy with the fishing pic. And then whine that he's a dick. And I'm like: "And I'm supposed to still feel sympathy for you?"
    They resent hunters and fishers as basic bros, but then sleep with them anyway, because anyone with geekier passions is too hard to wrap their minds around. And they're far too narrow minded to give that geekier dude a chance.

    While we're on the topic, there are a lot of basic bitch profiles out there too, which turn me off just as fast. If you clearly couldn't care less about me, but think your pooch can do no wrong, and have to feature a dog in every picture, and demand I have one, I'm not interested.

    Stand for a cause. If I agree with it, we may be able to work together on each other's, and get somewhere. And really stand on it. Don't just virtue signal it. I want to see dedication. A focus that is blind to self. I don't want a material girl. Be the next Elizabeth Johnston, not the next Taylor Swift. The latter's just another Hollywood thot. The former, in the thick of the culture war. And the wolves descend on her Instagram like they haven't eaten in a month. I've made swatting them away a hobby. Guess which one represents a woman I respect.

    In short, dating apps are cesspools for shallowness. And the apps themselves encourage this. Makes profiles safer for ad sponsors, as Nazi Karens get hair triggered to hysteria if anyone with a profile should dare have an actual personality. Which equals corporate liability. Dare to be awesome, you get sued. That's why we can't have nice things.
  • WhiteSteve
    I’m not sure why women are so upset about this. They wouldn’t want to see a pic of me like I wouldn’t want to see a pic of her with a dog, or holding a drink while wearing a cocktail dress, or standing in front of her “21”-shaped birthday balloons, or standing in a row of her carefully selected not-as-attractive-as-me friends at the beach or pool, or her in her workout clothes, or holding her pumpkin spice Starbucks cup, or any number of the “generic” pics women post. I mean, look, I’m the last guy on here to be disparaging women, I’m not one of that crowd that comes online to vent out their problems attracting women, lmao, but this one... come on, ladies, you’re throwing BIG stones in a glass house with this one. Common sense would tell me not to broadcast that I shot an animal dead to a bunch of women, most chicks don’t want to see that shit. Fishing... I mean, I catch and release, the fish isn’t even harmed, first of all, so nobody knows the fate of the pictured fish most of the time, haha. But the real thing is, guys, we don’t take pics of ourselves the way a lot of women do. I don’t take selfies, lmfao, you kidding me? I mean, I have, but it’s by request and/or something uncommon is happening. And that’s why I’m having my picture taken with the fish. The fishing trip is a special occasion with my buddies that happens like once a year, the picture is more to document the fish, we’re just kind of “there”, and that’s why I even would have that sort of pic in the first place. So if I’m making a dating profile for myself, I’d have precious few pics of myself anyway, because when I go to the beach or the bar or whatever special event, the last thing on my mind is “let’s get a picture of me doing this!” So just about the only pics I’d have of myself are from “that time I caught the 5 pound smallmouth”, we just don’t document our lives the way women do. We have all kinds of passions like anyone else, but we’re not capturing images of it for posterity, lmao. But if we post a pic in workout clothes or at the gym, now you’re a try-hard or conceited... I mean, give a guy a break. It’s not my issue, I’ve been off the market since before Tinder, etc, but I feel bad for guys when I hear stuff like this.

    Not knocking your Take, I agree with it in practical usage, but I think the principle held by women is a little much here, and I wanted to address it, haha.
    • *they wouldn’t want to see a pic of me fishing

    • Agreed. Women can be plastic and boring too. It's not just guys. This post happens to be focused on men but you are absolutely correct.

    • Even if a fishing pic is special to you be aware that nearly every other man has the same pic though so you will blend instead of shine. I recommend saving that for later and focusing on what is in your daily life and tells about your long-term goals.

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  • jalas4612
    Dude. I am too. Lol at the same time, it's a representation of what the gentlemen enjoys... just saying.
    • Apope16

      True. Good point. But just helping guys out there

  • angeliquedevereux2
    I love the hatred behind fish pics. This is what the internet was made for 😂😂
  • weasley8
    Thank you! I don't use dating apps, but sometimes my friends will have me go through theirs, and as soon as I see a dead animal it's an automatic no from me. It's just gross. Personally, I don't see how anyone could get enjoyment out of ending the life of another creature. And I have separate issues with catch and release. If that's the best thing you have to show, you need to lead a more interesting life.
  • Hermes-Paris
    Oh pooh! I like to hunt for bargains on couture clothing and shoes. I bet if I held up a pair of trophy Christian Louboutin shoes no one would complain! I get what you are saying. I was on a site out in the southwest for a while and half the women out there had gun pics and jeep pics. Doesn't anyone just like to go to the opera anymore?
  • cast277
    Why would you change anything on your dating profile?

    Its supposed to represent you as a person meaning the generic parts too. Just because it doesn't get that next tinder hoe into your bed doesn't mean it needs to change.

    Its people who look at profiles and only see pictures and not that there is a real person in them that need to change. Dont like something about me? Swipe left please.
  • esotericstory
    Who cares, we are tired of their hoe pics but apperently its empowerment. Men keep doing what you love and dont listen to stupid women.
  • silvermoon84
    Eh, I don’t really mind the hunting/fishing/pet pics. It’s no different than the Instagram pics girls post containing those annoying filters and the duck faces.
  • faithie_Artist
    13 women... that’s totally doesn’t make you look messy..
    • Apope16

      Do you agree with the general thrust above? That these apps are like going to a fishing expedition?

    • I hate all of it, especially the fishing posts. Honestly dating apps are like the thrift store, You just pick and accept whatever’s been used

    • Apope16

      Unless you are dating illegally under age people... we have all been used my beautiful friend.

  • DizzyDesii
    Nothing wrong with fishing but when i see “i love video games” *swiiiiipes*
    • by the way women differ. If i see pet pics *swipe*... if i see dream celebrity date *swipe*

    • I like the generic stuff cause i know what we have in common. If we lack things in common then SWIIIIPE

    • What if you see "I like DizzyDesii on GaG"?

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  • geonator
    @Apope16 do you have any recommendations on resources to use to improve one's profile? Or on anyone who does business on advising on dating profiles?
    • Apope16

      I don't have any recommendations but the next best shot would be to ask a female. Ask one female in her 20s that is a complete stranger, ask one female in her 30s that is a complete stranger, then ask 2 female friends that you know.

      Show them your profile. Ask them, "If you saw my profile what advice would you give to improve it?"

      Women are predisposed to lie to everyone. Women are liars because they dont have the strength to tell you what they really think. They are trained from childhood to please.

      So dont ask if they would swipe right. dont ask if they like the profile. dont ask any of that shit. because they will just be nice and sugar code shit. Just simply ask what they would change or improve.

    • geonator

      This is very good advice. I appreciate you taking your time to give it man, good luck with everything and stay healthy.

  • purplepoppy
    I don't mind "grip n grin" fishing photos but the fish shouldn't be the star of the show. I'd rather see a photo of a guy doing his hobby than a bathroom mirror selfie.
    • cast277

      A fair and thought out opinion.

  • Bananaman177
    Fuck those women and fuck simps.
  • _inkRat
    Hah and you think pic with me getting dirty while rebuilding engine is a lot better? xD Hell at least they are proud of there hobbies, and if girl can't stand fishing pic, I dont think it will last long. These guys are proud of there hobbies, so why pic of hobbies is so bad?
    Ps. if you girls can't stand dead game in pic, they aren't for you and you can go and spread your philosophy elsewhere. Hunting is still part of being human, city dvellers won't understand it.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    In metropolitan cities it's more likely that guys will have "generic partying photos", at least here in UK where we have this binge drinking culture. Either than or "20-something guy in a suit taking a mirror selfie".
    • That's unattractive too. Both guys and gals post boring stuff instead of showing their personalities... unless that is really all they are.

    • @tellmeeverythingplz my point exactly

  • razzmatazz110
    Why do you care? If they want to be a loser let them be a loser. TBH you out here sleeping for women like this makes you seem beta AF!
    • Apope16

      As an alpha i really dont care what other men think of me.

      With that said... the whole point of this post is to help men get dates. Period.

    • Tell yourself whatever you want to sleep at night. Men don't need your mark ass out here helping them out. I don't know if your gay and just being a weird ass, or maybe you really really want to ask a question on gag and this is the best you can come up with, or you on here trying to be Captain save a hoe. These young ass kids might not be able to see it, but you faker than a 3 dollar bill!

    • This guy is a fraud literally millions of people go fishing and hunting and he thinks it's weird to take a picture with a fish.

  • SentientBrick
    I caught them all myself. Ladies I'm the most handsome now right?Gentlemen! Women are sick and tired of fishing/hunting pictures and your generic dating app profiles!
  • 007kingifrit
    alright but we're tired of blank profiles, comments about how much you like your dog, and asking us to get things off the top shelf for them. oh and about 500 other super generic posts

    most people are unoriginal and generic... that's what makes them generic
  • MuffinBoi
    Ok, well sorry for not being boring and having an actual hobby or two.

    Other than that though you do offer some pretty good points for getting more messages.
  • blondfrog
    As opposed to the females dating profiles? Lying about their height, weight, personality, duck lips, pics of them drinking alcohol with their friends, etc? Should I keep going?
    • spartan55

      Right? You are just scratching the surface there... 😂

    • blondfrog

      @spartan55 I know I was lol. Dating sites are both for fake people, so they both deserve each other honestly.

  • Torari
    "change your hobbies so us women find you more attractive"
    Would you rather hunters put up pictures on themselves playing soccer instead when they don't actually play soccer?
  • Beth12345
    If you are going for quantity, sure lie about your hobbies to impress women. But keep in mind relationship that begin with a lie are not good. Either, she'll find out that you lied to her, or you'll end up living a lie and very unhappy.
    • cast277

      Yes! A voice of reason.

    • But why do you think guys need to lie to stand out. I'm sure not every single guy only likes hunting, video games and/or sports. The person that made the mytake even gave some examples. How can you choose if you basically have nothing to choose from?

  • KrakenAttackin
    Well guys are sick of the "bitch patrol" pictures where you are in the middle of girls, all dressed like skanks, in a bar, with guys swirling all around, and all of you are holding drinks. Believe me, both genders have room to improve with photos.
  • Sixgun77
    Like I'd have any interest in a woman who had a problem with pictures of me fishing or shooting. Ignore the OP's advice and make sure your profile is accurate so you end up with a women who's interested in the real you.
  • Mellontikos
    The only thing that matters is if the guy is attractive to you. Those dudes are showing themselves at their worst. That's all.
  • angryyhedge
    What are they supposed to post then? Why judge a man based off him holding a fish? Too many people out there giving worthless dating advice. I've seen some profiles of women complaining about this it's ridiculous. These are usually the women that men swipe left on. If a man holding a fish is a deal breaker then you're not worth the time it's simple as that.
  • Rafita
    But I love to play videogames and watch anime. What's wrong with that. Even so I still get matches on dating apps. My bio is more like a meme than a descriptivo.
  • SarahsSummer
    Sure, anything to differentiate yourself from the rest of the boys out there. dates with 12 different girls? That seems stressful.
    • Apope16

      Haha. Not dates. Just talking to 12 who want to date me. And yes, it is stressful to be a ladies man. but why are women acting weird? You ladies get HUNDREDS of messages from guys every day.

    • You said you are planning dates, I couldnt even begin to imagine planning dates with 12 different guys

    • Apope16

      Yeah. Its a bit crazy. Hopefully I can narrow them down by the time our shutdowns end.

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  • JackSmy
    How is that different from the myriad women's posts, "Do I look good" in this crap dress, or shoes, or the thousand other crap things?
    Am I supposed to be impressed that she posts a pic of her, looking slutty, like she is a 'catch,' like you are saying that the guy holding the fish, has a 'catch'?
    I have met so few women that have any passion but just looking 'hot' and then what?
    Yes, a TREASURED FEW that know how to cook and want to share different foods and styles together! LOVE THAT!! BUT SO RARE!!
    One that loved gardening, another that loved some crafty things!
    Women bitch about hunting/fishing but offer FUCK ALL for anything else but shopping and fashion, and shallow shit, for most but the rarest joys of your gender!!
    The irony is that I HATE hunting and fishing!!!
  • devilman666
    Whatever. Fuck those worthless broads, I'll continue enjoying my hobbies, and eventually I'll find a woman who will also enjoy the things I enjoy. Sorry, I'm not going to change my whole life to make it seem a little more exciting, imagine me telling women on tinder to stop enjoying their hobbies and focus on cooking and cleaning instead, because it will be more attractive to men. I'd be labelled a sexist, but since you're only talking shit about men, society thinks it's fine. Also, while lying about who you are might work for a while, I think it will not get you many long term relationships.
  • FreyaRed
    Aww.. those guys need catfishes instead of pikes. lol
  • Daniela1982
    Why is that so different then women displaying their selves on Instagram? There are women who like the outdoors and activities like fishing and hunting/target shooting. At least the guys who show these pics get out there and do things instead of going to clubs and strip joints. I think I for one would reply to one of those dating profiles and not those clowns showing their cars or pics with girls or an old girlfriend. I mean if you are trying to attract girls why show pics like that? By the way, is that picture a Northern Pike? Those suckers put up a fight!
  • Uhphyshal
    what if i'm not that interesting. what if i have no pets, no celebrity interests, nothing other than the few hobbies and a semi- attractive appearance? what then? do i lie?
  • cicchis0
    It's garbage but there is a reason for it. Most men aren't narcissistic enough to photograph themselves or ask others to photograph them (my Instagram account is filled with photographs that I have taken of things I find interesting, not photographs of me), so the only time they are photographed is by a friend, usually when he wants evidence of something they've done, such as a hunting/fishing trophy or a holiday adventure. Men hate clicking through group photos trying to figure out who the profile belongs to and don't want to subject women to the same thing, ruling out many of the holiday adventure and party photos. This leaves most men with little more to choose from other than photographs of graduations, drivers licenses, passports and fishing/hunting trophies, so you end up seeing a lot of dead fish, and maybe some bathroom mirror selfies to make up the numbers. I can advise that women's profiles are equally as predictable and boring.
  • Slim57
    Good for them, and we're tired of their multiple people in pics, Snapchat filters, duck faces, and aerial photography pics, I don't even use dating apps anymore, waste of time.
  • IdentetarianimSucks
    Mentlegen, the new standard of manly tinder picsGentlemen! Women are sick and tired of fishing/hunting pictures and your generic dating app profiles!
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    Yeah take a picture of you and and a dead body. And I'm not talking about animals, I'm talking about people. What's that, where do you find one. Get one. Ineptitude is the true killer, I embrace it
  • cyclopspanda
    a lot of women on dating apps care about 6 ft guys with 6 pack abs that makes 6 figures and has a 66 inch shlong. Hobbies dont matter unless its one that shows you make a shit load of money. Dating apps are hook up apps there are no ladies to be found on there just easy women. If it works for you great, more power to you but its not rocket science to get a chick on an app designed for hook ups. And again they are not ladies they forfeited that title when they started hooking up with dudes they met on an app.
  • cute_short_nerd
    However a 8-10 ft blue fin tuna would actually grab my attention, damn.
  • Fulbau
    -"A woman wants to know what is your passion? But also what makes you different than every generic guy out there?"
    all guys can't all be different from each other. Clearly if a guy is posting these hunting/fishing pics then they must have a passion for hunting/fishing.

    -"I recommend having in your profile: "My dream celebrity date would be____""
    I strongly recommend against this, because that's setting some high standards in some women's minds as a comparison of themselves VS a celebrity's looks, which only scares away more women.

    -"pet pictures"
    I think this one is good. Having a pet, especially one that looks well taken care of and having a good time can show being responsible and potentially having a sensitive side.

    as for Tinder, well you gotta realize that the people that post there are the ones not having luck with women to begin with and are likely looking for ones that accept them for who they are and what they njoy, for better or worse.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    I believe if you are sick and tired of seeing certain types of photos then do not respond to people with those photos.
  • Sharknado88
    Na I never had hunting/fishing photos in my profile, swapped out many photos, some showing what I'm passionate about and some just good photos of me. I've rewritten my bio countless times, trying the two truths and a lie and being honest of what I'm looking for. Through all of that I still don't get any attention. All I get are the girls that talk for a bit than ghost/unmatch me a couple messages in. I believe women receive many more likes than guys do and I unfortunately dont appear to stand out.
  • ChefPapiChulo
    You’re so full of shit. Nobody swiping on your ugly ass. Back in the day, we’d post our matches as proof and conversations. Not just claim shit.
    Imagine hiding who you are and what you are passionate about to appease women.
  • elisa_0
    All I want is a cute guy to play Minecraft with and to have sex with. LOL
  • Smegskull
    So? Like we aren't fed up with their "I like to travel" generic profiles with the same party and duckface pics.