Why You Shouldn't Date Your Type

Its time to expand your horizons...
It's time to expand your horizons...
Fall in love with someone who makes you glad to be different.

They say “opposites attract” but most people tend to date someone with similar tastes. After all, when a couple realize the many things in common they have, they get even closer. However, even though it may seem like a challenging idea, you should date someone who isn't your type ~ at least once in your life.

Think about what the experience can teach you. For one, you will learn new things, fun facts, crazy ideas ~ if you love the Beatles, you can find out that Paul McCartney really is a great person and that John Lennon was aggressive. That's one kind of information you learn from a boyfriend who's not your type ~ and hates the Beatles ~ for example.

More importantly, you will become more tolerant.

We surround ourselves with similar people because it is comfortable, easy and safe. So, of course, the same can be applied when we talk about dating. But when you go out and are exposed to the friends of the person you are dating and who is not your type, you realize that they can help you in the tolerance category.

They can open your mind to new ideas and beliefs
They can open your mind to new ideas and beliefs

The problem of having an ideal type of boyfriend is similar to the mentality of shopping in one store, wearing only one color, or having the same haircut for decades ~ and that means you're not living life the best way. You're stagnant with what you know, assuming it's the best thing to do, and you never try anything else. It's boring, and you don't even realize it's dull, because you've never given anything else a chance.

It's not easy dating someone who's not your type because they're the opposite of everyone you've dated before. Stepping outside the comfort zone presents daily challenges, which is great!

Your partner must challenge you!
Your partner must challenge you!

Who knows? Your type may even change!

When you love a man opposite your type, you realize that all the superficial things you've added to your ideal partner didn't make sense. And your “type” can evolve. Maybe he doesn't have to like the same songs as you, be an unconditional drinker or look like a Calvin Klein model.

Think about it!

Dating someone different can not only make you realize that there are more people out there to date and love, but it will also make you better understand your needs and desires for your relationships. You'll have a better idea about which person you need next to you in the long run and which one is best for a casual adventure.

I'm not telling you it's going to be easy - I'm telling it's going to be worth it.

Just for once in your life, live!



Why You Shouldn't Date Your Type
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  • Avicenna
    Well, this may be great advice in some cases, but as someone who has stepped out of his comfort zone numerous times when it comes to dating (more often than not), it's riskier. After some experimentation, I've learned that I have been too tolerant and open when it comes to dating far outside my type.
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    • Like I said, at least once in life we should have this experience

    • Avicenna

      Oh, I'd definitely agree with that. I just meant that I did it too often and thought I could overcome issues which were obviously problems.

    • Avicenna

      And these were not small things. Now, minor things like her height, although I have preferences, they are not going to keep me from dating a woman.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • laurieluvsit
    GREAT myTake!

    You have outdone yourself again Ms Desconhecida!Why You Shouldn't Date Your Type
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  • winterfox10
    I totally agree with the sentiment, but someone needs to say that "opposites attract" doesn't mean total opposites. They're talking about extroverts being attracted to introverts. Not peasants hooking up with the heir apparent in their country.
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    • What do you mean?

    • What I'm trying to say is that you need to have some overlap with the person you are interested in. There needs to be some common ground. The phrase "opposites attract" is about small things, not big things.

    • Oh yes, I mentioned that

  • bluehen46
    This is a very good though. idea of being more tolerant is good but i have various times read that tolerance is for the person without strong opinions or those who have no opinions and today it seems things are very one sided particularly in the united states.

    Not saying tolerance is bad, but there are few places the the majority our tearing down statues of hte nations founders and various traditions and symbols are under attack when the majority is still the majority.

    Opposites do sometimes attract. I guess it comes also to a view of dating. I was a late bloomer and did not start dating till i was 19 and stupid as it sounds i viewed dating as how i find a wife as i knew i wanted to get married and have a family. For quite some time i could not have cared if the first person i dated and slept with i married. I would have preferred it. But yes with today's casual attitudes towards most things ( not saying its bad just not was i was) your advice is pretty good at least once and sometimes you could find that right one
  • Miristheiss
    Big stuff and core values need to link up... the little stuff can be different or you will split.
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  • DavidHart
    So how many times did u date someone who are opposite of your interest?
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  • Kurαȷ
    The only thing this is good for, is to confirm for yourself that it is a terrible idea.
    Most people's preferences only become narrower with time, exactly thanks to experiences with people who they should've never been with.
  • mattl338
    I did try this.

    It didn't work at all.

    I'd rather date someone who's like me or who has very similar things in common with me such as hobbies, likes, opinions, etc.
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  • Shiningtempest
    @Desconhecida I'd rather date my type than trying to date someone who isn't my type.
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    • That's fair. I didn't advise to seek someone different, just to keep an open heart and minds once.

  • Lliam
    I agree with you to an extent. Your partner can have different tastes in clothing and music, have their own hobbies and interests, etc. Those things can add spice to life. But I think it would be difficult to get along with someone who didn't have shared values. For example, I couldn't be with someone who was closed minded, religious, into partisan politics, too materialistic, or into constant substance abuse. Even our entertainment preferences need to be somewhat but not completely compatible. For example, I would have a hard time with someone who enjoyed going out clubbing.
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  • Twalli
    I agree you shouldn't date someone who is ccx exactly like you, but you should have some shared interests.
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  • asshole_
    I think I should date my type

    It's my "type" after all, right?
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  • TheLastLady
    I'm not dating my type currently and it's been exciting.
  • alance99
    Nice Mytake
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  • legalboxers
    I learned that last night...
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  • Fairyluna
    I did this once, and now he is my type! Haha
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  • jaybigj
    I don't know
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  • Gwenhwyfar
    Great Take!
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  • Jjpayne
    It's a fun idea to consider for sure! :)
  • Lman3000
    That's shit advice.
  • msc545
    Excellent Mytake - thanks!
  • Anonymous
    Not like I had a choice to date my type anyways 😒
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    • What's your type?

    • Anonymous

      I stopped having one cause every time I like "MY TYPE" im always rejected, to the point where I feel too shameful to even have a type. I Kinda gave up on dating lol

    • Your type will be the one you fall in love with. Sometimes the heart is the one that chooses them...

  • Anonymous
    At what age did you realise this? Does this take describe your husband/long-term boyfriend?
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