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Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!

Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!

I am ripping a plaster of sweet lies off rapidly here but this is no secret to any of us. While it appears to be an unpopular opinion the matter of this fact is here to stay and has been for thousands of years.

I have read into the triune brain theory and the reptilian complex of it. There is a heavy support with proven effects of the theory, that women's reptilian complex is activated by certain but very obvious criteria (Money and power (such as physical strength and stoicism)). We men have this reptilian complex too, however it is being activated by different factors (most notably beautiful women. For some of us it's also their big boobs, for some men it's the girls big butt and other physical properties).

We are visual and logical and women are emotional and feelings oriented. When they think of flowers we think of gears. When they think of minor details we think of the overall usefulness. When they think of how person A is doing or looking and we think of how object B is performing or it's effectiveness. When they think of the prettiness of the amethysts we think of the sturdiness of the material.

Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!
Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!

Have you ever seen a rich man with an ugly woman or a fat woman? I haven't.

I can't say the same regarding beautiful women being with ugly men. One reason being that ugly men can be rich and that effectively compensates for what they lack in. I need just one picture to prove this point

Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!
Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!
Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!
Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!

To recap it all

Men get aroused by young and beautiful women, who have sexy bodily features.

Women get aroused by being sponsored yummy meals in nice looking restaurants and feeling and seeing these muscles.


I know not all of them are gold diggers. The ambitious women in Europe tend to not take any of this crap and some women in other cultures take an example from them. They do their thing and are happy and share their happiness like the sun shining on us.

Money and power gets women aroused! Young and beautiful women gets men aroused!
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  • G3tAClue
    Contrary to popular opinion on GaG, there are American women who aren’t gold diggers either. Women who want love and don’t care about money. There are guys who don’t look at beauty on the outside but beauty on the inside. What would you consider these people, anomalies?

    I’m so sick of being told I’m a gold digger when I know I’m not. Usually guys with lots of money think that’s all they need and don’t work on their personality or how they treat people. This same concept applies to women who think all they need is beauty. In the end, these people end up disappointed and wondering where they went wrong. Bitch, you lack the essential part of finding a genuine person! A personality...

    So lesson learned, if you want to find someone who won’t use you for money or you body, work on yourself as a person first. If you don’t want to get used then don’t give away your resources and see how long it takes that person to leave you.
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    • Anonymous

      Yes, anomalies is a accurate description to that.

      "if you want to find someone who won’t use you for money or you body, work on yourself as a person first."

      What about the girls, who get butthurt if I suggest to split the bill even if I am the one, who asked them out?

    • G3tAClue

      I’d say they aren’t worth you time. We are living in very difficult times right now and any woman who insists that the guy must pay for everything is a selfish brat.

      If you want to split the bill, then wait for the woman who wants to do that as well, or better yet, for the woman who suggests that first. I know it’s hard to find women like this, but they exist (ehem... me!). But you won’t find these women on social media obsessing over themselves and looks, it takes time to find a good person, male or female.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah! Fair enough. I can see your point. The freeloaders try to make us feel bad about not giving in. That is a good early warning sign. :)

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  • fit_confident_blonde
    I ❤ my boyfriend even though he is neither wealthy nor powerful
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    • jestergent

      Rare gem

    • sentientme

      what made you fall in love with him?

    • jestergent

      Who would down vote this lol

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  • DianaWest
    a load of bullshit where we have all become fucking useless drones wanting the same things and doing the same things. we all want to be beautiful and smart and rich and handsome and successful and powerful and have a nice trophy wife or man to fuck at the end of the day and ride around in a ferrari and complain about our diamond ring being too small or not sparkly enough. such toxicity and bullshit. i discovered something recently. you wanna know what it is? i don't give a fuck about a man's money. i don't give a fuck if i "succeed" and make a six figure salary, or if i buy a mansion or get to become famous.

    all i care about is my health (physical and mental), family, and happiness. that is what we should all care about, but it seems we are all so fixated on the trivial bullshit. constant competition, malice, and envy. constant shitstorm for who has the biggest boobs, abs, house, nicest car. i give two fucks for all of that, because i know that when i die decades from now and become food for plants, no one will care how hot, smart, rich, famous, or successful i was. people in other places are dying because they drink polluted water, and here we are not happy because we don't have the latest iphone. ugh. so dumb. i used to be this idiot. but as each day goes by, i slowly stop giving a damn. yes i will try to be the best version of myself only to make myself happy and to respect MYSELF, but i won't be in a constant state of worry and depression about what Billy Bob and Georgia have compared to what i have.

    and yes, i congratulate you for the last few sentences you wrote. i am just ***generally*** bored of everyone who is so materialistic and shallow, so not a personal attack on you or anything.
    • Anonymous

      I appreciate what you wrote in response. You kinda spoke my mind on several paragraphs. It's good, that you found a solid ground with real values!
      By all means, there's nothing wrong with getting rich or getting whatever we please be it an old cellphone or the latest iphone (i mean why deny it if you want to get it and can get it?) but if that's the main reason to make others pay for them, that's where they sold their soul and are set up for a nasty surprise.

    • AvaW359

      They are are set up for a nasty surprise... that also goes for the idiots who pay for a fuckin pretty package they believe actually means that they did better than others. Cause that pretty body is also looking at other opportunities, other idiots with more money... and so these "relationships " tend to end with nasty surprises.

    • Anonymous

      @AvaW359 Sometimes I think they all deserve what they had coming their way. It's asking for it. Can't feel sympathetic towards any of them.

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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    I would say that attractive men with a stylish appearance and confidence arouses women. Not every single woman is aroused by money and power. Just as men tend to be aroused by women that they find beautiful, women are aroused by men that they find handsome and confident. Most women aren't in relationships with rich men because rich men comprise a very small portion of the population. If anything, money and power might give a woman more reason to stay in the relationship and/or use the man if she has ill intentions and doesn't really care for him. If a man does end up with a woman that is only attracted to money and power, then simply put, he made a poor and foolish dating choice. Simply put, me personally, if the man has a lean and athletic build similar to a basketball player or track runner, well-groomed facial hair, nice haircut or hairstyle, and has the confidence to approach me, then I would be attracted to him. However, being sexually attracted to the guy doesn't mean that I would accept his offer. He also has to be a kind and caring person, and not weird or creepy. If I do accept and he proves that he is a loving and loyal person, along with being good in bed, then I have great reason to stay with him. I don't care how much money a man has, but I do prefer that he can at least support himself so he wouldn't have to mooch off me. The amount of money doesn't determine whether or not the man is a good person and worth spending the rest of your life with.
    • DianaWest

      true. i am much more attracted by a man's personality and his style (how well put together he is) than how rich he is. could care less. problem though is that most dudes in my city throw on some t-shirt with holes in it and ketchup stains on it, and they're ready to go out in public.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that's totally sensible. Different women like different things. I like to think, that quality women look beyond the money and the glamorous lifestyle because that tends to be true.

    • @Tiffany_Taylor_Made Only a desperate man would want to date you anyway.

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  • Dali-chan
    Only if the girl is lazy and don’t want to get her own money, and the guy is extremely shallow. These two go great together, tho. I personally saw many exemples that would contradict that theory tho.
    • Okay

    • Anonymous


    • Okok

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  • there r tons of women that aren't gold diggers. infact i think a majority of us are genuine and prefer love and emotional connections over money. i hatee gold diggers tho, they're so shallow, weak, worthless and annoying.
    • Anonymous

      You got that right!

  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Eh, parts of this may have truths to it. But if so, it then has to be realized that the beauty of women can be resisted and that sexual urges can easily be overcome if one wishes them to. That contrasts with money and power, which are important for survival, whether it's enough for just that or that and women. Basically, men can just do as they would, which is focusing on gaining money and power that comes with it, even in mild amounts, without ever coming in much contact with a woman, if he so desires. Women can do the same, without dealing too much with men, and more often that is what is happening, but even so, the beauty part of a woman is something many of therm still try and take advantage of, even if unconsciously. But as the economy goes down and Covid 19 is set to make physical beauty even harder to get value out of, many women that have been so dependent on that for so long will lose out, as there will be a reduction in the number of men that are either willing to or can actually afford to have them around just for beauty's sake.

    This can explain why establishments like Hooters is shutting down, strip clubs are doomed, and I think even Onlyfans can't go on forever, as boobs are not worth 8$ to look at when a google search for the same is free and selection is far superior.

    Actually, from what I know, it may be that slowly but more often, male porn game makers, or sex robot engineers and such that will have the most success in the long run, with females losing a lot of power in their ability to make money from just beauty alone. Why? Because in cartoon/3D games/sex dolls and such, males can design girls however they want, make them do as they please and will always know what mainly male customers want vs girls who are always going to be guessing with no guarantee they are correct.

    This is not meant as an insult to girls either, as I salute the superior ones who are willing to take on any role as needed. If anything, it's a slap to the face for gold diggers, which perhaps less likely, but do in fact sometimes include males.
  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    This is hilarious!
    I can guarante you that if they are with a woman who is with them just for money chances are he is get cheated on often since she does not really love him she has no reason to be loyal.
    He has a very expensive prostitute nothing more.
    On the other hand

    You have no idea what your value as a man is if you think those are the best things you can offer a girl.
    • Anonymous

      Right? Oh well! But for real, who will say no to free stuff?

    • Free?
      I can have everything I want but in return I have to live under another person wing and do whatever they wanted of me.

    • Anonymous

      Well okay. But there are still plenty of men out there buying women their meals and that's all they get to do with them. She doesn't even need to kiss or hug him.

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  • 1truekhaleesi
    Oh god what does that mean for me considering and ex of mine was dirt poor and abusive? And the sex was shit. What box do I fit in?
    • Anonymous

      You fit into the category where women drop the toxic and abusive men. Nothing wrong with that. In fact its expected.

    • Possibly the "I didn't think I could get anything else so here I am worse off than if I had nobody" box.

    • @FýrdracaDócincel hmm no. I would rather be alone and celibate than in an abusive relationship.

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  • Vmm90
    There are 100% people out there like that.

    I personally value who someone is, not their job, money, car or stuff in general.

    The last guy I dated I constantly told I loved him for who he was, I didn't care about those things.

    I'm working my ass off to get ahead to afford things myself. I personally think that's how it should be. I would never want to rely on someone else.
  • David92506
    I enjoyed reading what you wrote and gave it a "thumbs up."

    I would also like to add that when I was in college there was also a group of young and beautiful women who were only interested in being around young and handsome men. They weren't interested in being with anyone else, even though they had lots of money.
  • Kit_Kat88
    Wealthy men can be more valuable if they intelligently manage their money. That means they can be wealthy for life. Women’s beauty fades as we age and no matter how much plastic surgery we get, the loss of youth is visible.
    • Kit_Kat88

      Yes it’s biologically programmed for women to place importance in the amount of resources a man has, and for men to place importance on a woman’s youth and beauty

  • princessde
    Men love sex. If they get it from someone less richer, they are at an advantage too as in they control the woman. Woman is happy having daddy. Man takes care of her. It could be true love too. Equality is not important. If it were then, man should also produce babies hahaha.
  • elieg
    This is my logic: if you girl have the beauty with shittu attitude. I prefer the bad looking one with the amazing attitude that's why you see lots if hot guys on streets holding hands of ugly or average girl. We guys can read if the girl is after your money. They get so lost they dont know how to act.
  • TrulyPink28
    I listen to Kevin Samuels and have come to understand that looks and age are very important to men and when it comes to women who want to marry a HVM who is rich.

    Women have to be averaging 50-59 kg if 5ft4/5. In other words, about a healthy BMI 21.6 no matter what height they are. Personally, outside of being more 'attractive' physically, being at a normal BMI is important for our health.

    What I don't understand is why younger men who (at least 10 years) approach a woman who has money and looks younger than her age?
    • Anonymous

      I guess they take their chances.

    • Anonymous

      However if it's for the money, then the term is called Gigolo aka the male gold digger.
      We love young and beautiful women pretty much the same way women love old and handsome men.

    • The average woman is average looking though. How can these women win?

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  • DannyFanny
    Nooo I don't believe it, I'm sure it's true for some but I've never been more attracted to someone because of money or power
    • Anonymous

      Different women like different things. That's alright!

  • Nmalinova
    Well I believe this post of very very generalising and putting genders in tightly sealed boxes! Sure every culture is different and has surely left their mark throughout history (looking att he provider in Asian cultures and the perestroika times in post USSR...) However even then one cannot say that women are on the lookout purely for rich and powerful men and men only for beautiful women! Having worked with people from a certain status/background, it is true that in some cultures it is a social status that a man acquires in having a beautiful and young mistress, but this certainly is not the rule for everyone! Women also aren't solely interested in money and power, especially considering that nowadays they can manage to feed the offsprings themselves (most of the time)! I believe this statement is certainly rather old-fashioned/outdated for many ambitious people out there (just my opiniom!) 😊👍
    • Anonymous

      Yes. It's sad but true. But there is hope to not fall into shallow practices granted the women can still be very beautiful without very much effort and the men can provide for themselves and maybe also have some leftover.

  • katkittie55
    I'm definitely not a gold digger, but money and power do get me going though I'm not going to lie.
    • Gagname

      I respect your honesty Kat. And you’re beautiful.

    • you're just a gold appraiser you let somebody else take care of the digging part ;P

  • AngieDD
    Relationships should be based on mutual understanding, sustainability and effort. If in any way it’s on sided it’s not a relationship just call it any other thing you feel like... it’s not a Job or money making opportunity and I for one always look to leave things and people better than I met them; that’s if they’re letting go for whatever reason.
  • billytrash
    Women don’t want to work especially if there attractive enough to get free shit the more power a man has the more money he has the less of a chance they’ll have to work. Two hundred years ago women would marry a man for money and stature love was never even a consideration. Men are always paying women are always selling. Unless of course that is you find an individual with a soul a heart and an original thought. Like a unicorn something rare and pricless
  • AvaW359
    Although I partially agree with the main point here, bloody hell... your attempt at trying to scientifically justify a rant , is both cringeworthy and hilarious and the last thing it shows about you would be logical thinking. High emotional charge never pairs well with talking about something you simply do not even remotely understand. The only good thing is that you posted anonymously.
    • Anonymous

      Challenge me! I do not see any arguments from you.

    • Anonymous

      Needless to say, that most people agreeing to this in one way or fully. So who doesn't understand now? Either most of us are idiots or you're it.

      you're either wrong Or in denial.

    • AvaW359

      You're really confused. And you don't want a discussion, you seem to want and argument. You're telling me when I'm thinking of flowers you got the weight of the world on your mind, You don't see how ridiculous that is? Then you got on my turf and fucked shit up. First of all, do you need explanation of what a theory actually is? Calling me an idiot... will not fix the crazy fuckin shit you wrote there. I don't know why are you pissed at, but maybe you should be looking into what kind of women you go for and why cause there lies the problem. Your the one who was asking about splitting the bill? It would be insane if me to expect him to pay every time and for everything. 2 people date so they can figure out if they want more, a relationship, getting married. Well, then it is TWO people who are dating and they must work together and that means that fuckin bill as well. Or if you pay today, next time I will. I am from LA , I know. That is not all women. But yeah, experiences with that sort of women will make a man say fuck it, you're all shit. But from that till talking about how the brain is structured and how certain behaviours arise.. . stuff is very simple and you don't need science: the world is made up mostly low quality individuals. And especially in what we call the west.
      The man who was my husband made me feel safe , gave that sense of security but it was him not money. It's confidence , that gave me the feeling of being safe , protected.. That is something you don't need money for. If a man's confidence comes from his bank account... that is not attractive to me and I'm not alone. A man who has money and the way he acts, the power , influence all come from money... I see him as frail. Everything he has sits on quicksand. If money is gone, what's left of him.

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  • Torari
    It's an ugly truth, but true none the less. Anyone who really gets into it and does their research realizes eventually that this is the bases.

    Women, are attracted to high social status.
    Men, are attracted to physical beauty and sexuality.

    We all like to imagine we're "not that shallow" but that's just a lie we tell ourselves to feel good.
    • It's not that simple, though. As a woman I am attracted to a man's physical appearance much more than his social status (of course I care about personality and such, but this is discussing shallow aspects of attraction). I'd rather be with a McDonald's cashier who looks like Pedro Pascal than an unappealing millionaire that I – at the least – could never enjoy sex with.

    • Torari

      It is that simple. But as i said, it's an ugly truth. So you'll never acknowledge it.

    • Torari

      I said social status. Not financially rich. Social status and looks are directly Co-related. Just being good looking by default grants you a decent social standing to begin with.

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  • Youryeodongsaeng
    Your title is from the 1900s. Then, some women were beautiful and never needed plastic surgery. But some wanted men with money and power. Then we had some men who blame a beautiful woman and her body for causing his erection. Like, why were they looking in the first place? Have their parents not tell them it is creepy to stare at naked women?

    Some men used to believe that they had all the power and were more powerful than women. It made me sick and it still does when a man or men think that women are low class in every way. I like to think we are equal.

    How I know this, I was reading a book that was published in the 1900s. It didn't have anything to do with the world. It just had fake characters. I did a bit of snooping on the internet as well. I like 2000s era.
    • Anonymous

      You have a lot of learning to do regarding male attraction towards women and how men's brain function.

    • lucas262

      No we're not equal.
      We're different neither is better or worse.
      Its apples and oranges

    • @lucas262 "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

      “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” and that “everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, … birth or other status.”

      Women aren't born less than men. Without women, men would be nonexistent.

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  • MzAsh
    Women with their own money and power aren’t going to be as impressed with yours.
    • This is certainly true. However it seems as women have become more successful professionally that they also experience become less success romantically.

    • Oram52

      Not true. Research shows women still desire men from similar socioeconomic status. That's why many successful women refuse to date men who are not successful.

    • MzAsh

      I can understand the fear and risk of dating a man who might hold them both back, financially. I once dated a guy who was always trying to borrow money for me that I never got back. But beyond that risk, I think it’s fine to date someone who earns less as long as he lives within his means and isn’t a moocher.

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  • Furuok
    Who doesn't want the easy life. Being divorce in 5 years giving your money to a worse mistake you ever made over looks instead of loyalty. I think it's very fair that the rich get the awkward naughty crunchie stuff. While the poor get the struggle. You know if you don't plan your life early on. You have to be a couple just to survive? Being rich has its perks & are great ones. The constant worry of my money could get old real quick.
  • Nonfrivolous
    Money and power gets everyone aroused. Men would choose the norwegian one between same looking russian girl and norwegian girl
    • Anonymous

      My ass.

  • LovingLover
    1) fat guy photo is a scam. We know the lady in the pic name. Forget it though.
    Bonus: a guy who inherits lots of money and doesn't have work is not attractive to me
    2) I totally agreee about the money, yes true but it doesn't mean I refuse to work and I'm not interested in "rich" men, just productive men who can take pride in providing. It doesn't mean I refuse to work.
    His looks are also important and power is not important to me. He doesn't have to be a manager or influential. I like a skillful guy who can fix a car even or fly a plane even, If he works hard.
    • Money can't buy a genuine experience in being loved. But sometimes some of these women are genuinely interested in the man and the money really doesn't matter to him so why should it matter to jealous onlookers..

  • nelly83
    Money and power means nothing if the sex is absolutely dreadful. No I won’t marry a 75 year old man for money.
    • jestergent

      I've seen it all then , in person. Age 23 hitting on a 19 yr old then. Her 73? 70 something year old boyfriend comes up and walks her away lol. I was like in my mind, "Good Job Sir!" I remember he was paying for college in the short convo with 19. Win Win for both.

    • nelly83

      @jestergent no 19 yr old would ever date a 73 yr old. Chances are she hates having sex with him but is only forcing herself to cus she is desperate for money.

      No woman would stay with a man she absolutely hates having sex with unless she’s a lowly person with no education and has no potential in life.

    • nelly83

      @jestergent it’s basically the equivalent of prostitution. She doesn't WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU, but she has to. Just wait till she’s done with college , she’ll be gone within a millisecond.

      The old guy can’t get anyone else other than a prostitute who is having sex with him for his money. It’s a dreadful thing she has to put up with. Imagine yourself fucking a 73 year old woman. How terrible it is

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  • CuteNerd9
    There's a difference to there being some truth behind this and whether or not its right. I've heard similar arguments about brain function regarding raceisim, but that doesn't make racism right or justifiable. Also, you're painting with a pretty big brush. I have seen many contradictions to what you're saying. I have seen plenty of less attractive and/or heavy women with wealthy men and I've also seen very attractive women with less attractive men who are not wealthy. I honestly feel that this stereotype fits those who are more vain and shallow, because typically when I do see contradictions to this, both people in the relationship seem to be highly intelligent and a bit more evolved in terms to shallowness and vanity.
    • There are always exceptions but successful marginally handsome to unattractive men with beautiful women in the general rule. Usually if a man has a unattractive or less attractive woman they've been together for quite some time.

    • CuteNerd9

      I'm not saying this isn't true for the majority of people. I just disagree with it being okay. I feel all people should be judged based on the quality of their character and not on such superficial things. The ugly side of this is that you get women who fall for power and money before character and then end up getting mistreated because they ignore the character of the person, or miss out on a great love because of the absence of money and power. Or men who become completely submissive and "whipped" by obtaining the most beautiful thing they can and they're forever afraid of losing her so he does stupid and ridiculous things for her that he wouldn't otherwise do then he eventually ends up feeling taken advantage of. There's a reason why we don't live on primal instincts alone anymore. Now of course the ugly side isn't true for everyone either, because good relationships are not built on or determined by these superficial things. Lust is built on them. Love is built on something deeper. The better people understand this, the better a relationship can be.

    • Very well stated. You have highlighted what is the great tragedy of the human experience. Unfortunately I fear we will never overcome it.

      If we were to asses relationship in a predominantly objective and data driven way, we would likely be in much more stable relationships, if the data shows that we should be in relationship at all. Unfortunately there are no balanced formulas on how to properly relate romantically, no model that has shown any glowing results that we are willing to accept. So we're left with this archaic 16th century model of perusing love. But unfortunately, for most that lends itself to being disproportionately in pursuit of a feeling, reacting to instincts rather than thumbing through the data. And with the advent of social media, our dating/romantic neurosis will run even more rampant today than it ever has before.

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  • Barbarian8
    That is not true my friends.
    Eventhough , I have spoken to some women , over thirties, who told me thst love won't pay the bills. I think Women are most nicer than men snd this is my own experience.
    It is almost always the men who are jealous and trying to put me down.
  • Tiffylove
    Okayy let me sayy... the man in the picture is attractive asf, even if he were broke, women would want him... now him being rich attracts models.

    Money equals power true, women love men with power because we are attracted by dominance all is true. I would also like to point out not all women want a rich guy. Majority of men have average income and majority of those guys have wifes.

    Men wanting beautiful woman depends. majority of men are attracted to the everyday women and full in love with them they dont look like models but to the man they are beautiful and they love them. If we are talking about normal day people, no majority are not what you described. If you are talking about celebritys then yes majority are what you described, but as you can see their relationship don't last because they are together for the wrong reasons not for love.
    • Anonymous

      Now what if these rich and powerful and attractive men offer a night or two to these wives, who are married to these average income men? Will they run off for a night or two?

    • Tiffylove

      Fuck noo... I am loyal to my man. Have had men ask me to be their sugar babies i said noo. Would you men cheat on your wife with a woman who is more beautiful? The problem is you putting all women in one box I think thats crazy. Women are not driven by Money like you think we are not hookers. most of us are hopeless romantic if you can't tell, then see the love stories that are so popular with females. You are focusing on them models who date rich men and then putting all women in the same box.

    • Anonymous

      Huh. How come i haven't seen women being hopeless romantic. When i spoke with girls most of them seemed rather cold and ghosty. Maybe it's just where i am. How do i find these romantic women?

      No, i don't think many men would cheat on their wife if a more beautiful one comes across. One thing, that you must understand or two is that as long as we are happy with our wife AND we get to have sex with her on the regular AND most importantly if the man is the faithful type, then cheating has no room for us.

  • CubsterShura
    No one denies it though. What was the point of this myTake?
    • Anonymous

      Women say they don't care about money.
      Then they proceed and go out only with men, who have lots of money and throw money at them.

    • Indeed. I agreed that many women do claim that they don't care about money, or at least not as much as some other qualities. However, you cannot say that they are all lying. The women who indeed go after rich men may not even be the same women that claim it to begin with. If woman A told you she doesn't care about money, but you saw woman B throwing herself at rich men, you cannot conclude that woman A lied, or woman B lied.

      Sure, not all women who say they don't care about money aren't being truthful and they are absolutely hypocritical for saying one thing and doing the other. But it's NOT fair to put the blame on all women.

    • Anonymous

      I saw women B saying they don't care about money but did the exact opposite.
      Not saying the opposite of that doesn't happen.

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  • shygirl789
    I'm aroused by a hardworking man even if he doesn't have money. A lazy man who's rich because he's born into a wealthy family doesn't cut it for me
  • JustAnotherSoul
    Hear me out, i think is only natural to seek comfort and wellness... Its the base reason why people evolved invented and created so many things, in order to assure their well-being. And in this day and age, money is the best way to assure those things. Looking around at animals we can notice this pattern of females only choosing to breed with the strongest males, or the ones with the largest territory. At the end of the day they will be the best providers, and will assure their future offsprings will survive and thrive. Also "attractive " features in women, as voluptuous breasts and hips, are signs of fertility, and are bound to attract males... Its in our dna after all.
    These things aside, humans are a bit more complex than your ordinary mammal... There are people who are seeking a more lavish lifestyle, and there are people, me including, who prefer a more minimal life... Nothing wrong with either
  • PureWoo
  • sensible27
    I think there maybe a subset that qualifies this but I doubt it's all...
  • hellish-kitty
    Not accurate. At least not to me or to any of the girls I know.
  • Miristheiss
    I've got to claim the moral high ground on that one.
  • SwanHale
    It’s not the money. It’s the power that does it for me. Of coarse that’s instincts for women to want a man that leads other men or has SOME kind of an up on the other men around him. Wether that be, a pastor (which are hot to me because everybody looks to them and how they lead is hot to me, a cop that holds authority, doesn’t have to be in the lead of an arena of people. But seeing a man that leads , what could be, only a few people is HOTTTTTTTTT to me. It almost doesn’t matter what a guy looks like, if he has that and holds himself with a command presence when compared to other inferior men I MELT and I want to get closer to him. (Physically closer to him like if we are standing close to each other my instinct will be to get abnormally close and face away from him so he can notice my behind 😂☺️)
  • Brendan824
    What all woman want is security and respect which is why woman go for richer guys or guys in power cause the feel financially secure and respected
  • Vonnieboo01
    Wealthy mean like extremely beautiful women. This don’t apply to anyone average... Next.
  • SaraSmithishere
    Clearly you don't live in Los Angeles. I see a lot of plain and overweight women with wealthy men.
    • Anonymous

      ... So?

    • MyTake Owner, so what she said literally goes against what you said above.
      I will even help you...

      "Have you ever seen a rich man with an ugly woman or a fat woman? I haven't."

      You said that.

    • Anonymous

      @ThisIsMyOpinion Thank you! I now see to what point she responded. It's hard to catch up to it without quoting something first or telling a counter argument to something specific I said.

      Anyway these men have chosen their women and their reasons are pretty much their own. It's not my place to judge.

  • Lman3000
    Uh huh sure pal, Wtf has the human race become now?
    • Anonymous

      Smartphone zombies and social media addicts. Who saw it coming?

  • lanadelrey25
    These pictures disgust me
  • 8lutty
    well I like old woman
  • Jacked_Jones
    poor men in these photos...
  • asshole_
    guaran fucking tee it
  • MagicalHero212
    Great why
  • playwithme2pl
  • Anonymous
    Most people on this site are NOT rich and NOT very attractive.

    So none one of us qualify to be gold diggers.
  • Anonymous
    Incel spotted.

    Jokes aside, not all women are like that. If I ever find someone I love, it would be based on personality and how much I get along with them, etc. I’m not interested in money or power. If I fell in love with someone who wasn’t exactly the richest, it wouldn’t make me love them any less. Just keep your head up, one day you’ll find someone who loves you for the way you are, you don’t have to have wealth or power just for a girl to like you back.
    • Anonymous

      Right on!

    • DianaWest

      this exactly. i've had so many men come up to me and flex their gold watches and Porsches. when i walk down the street, i'll see an obnoxiously loud Lamborghini driving 10 km past the speed limit, and then i'll see it again about 2 or 3 times, and then they'll honk in case i didn't see them. **rolls eyes. i really don't care. honestly, the best men are the ones who know how to treat a woman. same for women. for me, if an individual is honest and genuine and kind, that's all they need to be. problem with some men is that they go after the women who walk around wearing designer from head to toe, boobies spilling out of their tops, chunky garish jewellery (like 4 gold rings on each hand) and heavy makeup and then complain about how "shallow" and what gold diggers all women are. lol.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha 😆 you ladies are so funny 😁 I'm loving this. i would definitely go out with either of you to talk about so many things 💕

  • Anonymous
    I don’t care about money but if your power level is over 9000 maybe I’ll be interested.