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How I Met My Sugar Daddy (Game For Women) Lesson one: The Do's and Dont's

How I Met My Sugar Daddy (Game For Women) Lesson one: The Dos and Donts

As women we all want to live a successful lifestyle, we strive for financial stability, future ideal careers, businesses and etc. However, our main goal in life is to live comfortably and sometimes we may need a bit of help but, before I give you free game I am 19. I'm young but not dumb and definitely know what i'm doing. (before all the b.s comments come) Here are the basics

  • What are sugar babies?
  • Younger women who accompany older men in return for investments (going on dates, traveling, spending personal time together and being a good looking girl on his arm to flaunt of course. Sugar babies are NOT prostitutes there is no sex involved, if you are sleeping with your daddy he most likely is of very high status or a splenda daddy (fake s.d)

If you are a young women its very important to understand that your body is a temple and shouldn't be wasted. Never sleep with your daddy unless he's pushing up daises.

  • What are Sugar daddy's
  • (a bit about my daddy too) Sugar daddy's are older men who have an above average amount of wealth ( my daddy is 52, he owns 2 companies makes very good money, is divorced and looking for someone to spend time with because s.d's are very busy business men, s.d's are usually lonely and just want someone to connect with on an intellectual level, s.d's usually have a bunch of money that they have nothing else to spend on. So why not with a hot babe? I've never done anything sexual with my daddy, I let him touch and caress me but I enforce boundaries.)


  • sleep with your daddy
  • be desperate
  • beg (the mentality is he needs you, not you need him)
  • ask for money right away ( however you can speak of allowances or steadily allude to money
  • trick yourself into thinking you're in a relationship this a mutual partnership
  • don't get drunk on the job

(always remember time is money)


  • be genuine (not only are these your sponsors but they are people)
  • being open, fun, and charasmatic because that's what they're looking for
  • make them believe that you care for them even if you don't, sell them a dream
  • act, dress, think, and smell like your already of high caliber and watch the money fall
  • be pretty (some of us got it some don't) never look cheap or be cheap.

Ask me questions below i'll be happy to answer

How I Met My Sugar Daddy (Game For Women) Lesson one: The Do's and Dont's
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  • meetkitty123
    Well that's cool. There's no shame it it. If both parties are in agreement and sex isn't involved then why not.

    I know a lot of people are giving you shit about it but I actually think some just do not like the no sex part. Others have some kind of issue with you collecting money off of it.

    Its Its mans money. He knows what he is doing. If he wanted sex he could pay for sex. The thing is it's very easy to find a prostitute. That's not the hard part but a prostitute only stays with you for the sex. once you get off she's up and gone. there's no companionship afterwards. he's just left there with a limp dick and all alone.

    So actually I get it. these are guys who clearly understand that sure they can get their jizz off with a prostitute for an hour but then there's no one left to talk with. no one to share their problems with. No one to just hold them and give them a sense of security. I mean come on we've all been there before. we're having a stressful day and there's no one to hug that's the worst feeling in the world.

    Think there's lots of men who would take a hug and someone to listen to them over the sex.
    I remember my grandfather being in a nursing home and I go visit him. I would bring him things to his community room. And at first it would be just him and I. Yet before I knew it I was surrounded by men. At first I was a little wigged out but then I realized these guys don't have anyone to talk to.

    I realize every time I come to visit they're always alone and my grandfather is the only one who has someone by his side. I also noticed that my grandfather would look better than the rest of them and I realized these nurses are picking up on my schedule so my grandfather looks good but what about the rest of them. So if they needed their pillows adjusted or have their TV channel changed I would do that for them.
    so I took it on as my personal mission to show up on different days at different times. And I also began to nag the nurses when the other men needed care.

    So I guess in a way I became there pro bono sugar baby. When I would bring my grandfather coffee I would bring some for the rest of them. When I would sit and talk with my grandfather I included the rest. I think that's what also made me like older men their generation are so sweet to women. they treat us right. They are such gentlemen and they got interesting stories. they fought wars. they seen times that we can't even imagine. They live the life when a person could start one job and know that that would be their permanent spot. they would build up in the company and retire from that one place. It was such sweet listening to all their stories.
    Sometimes older men just need that. They need someone to hear them, fluff them up and make them feel good.

    The world is just full of people who are lonely and can't find that friendship much less that permanent romance. Let's be real that's why a lot of people come to GaG.

    I know what it's like to be hated on and be accused of being a sugared baby.
    My man is over 40 years older than me and there were people who really hated on me because he bought me groceries, outfits, a car and he bought me a house. However we stayed together. He wasn't the sugar daddy to me. There were some people who encouraged me to just be his sugar baby. that I was too young to make a commitment to someone so much older than I. But in my case I found someone good and worth keeping.

    Just do you. If you're helping them and they're helping you I don't see the problem.

    I have to say though I am very curious to how did you meet your friend; your sugar daddy. was it random? someone you new to a friend? what's that part of the story?
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    • @Guardian45
      Where's your answer?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much I keep being called a prostitute lol

    • Well you know what you are or are not doing I wouldn't pay any attention to those sort of comments

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  • Ellie-V
    I have a deep respect for sugar babies and their relationships. It’s so mature, if done correctly. And you really only hear the dustiest and the bitter betties complaining about how other people choose to live their lives. Men of means don’t mind spoiling and spending on the right things or the right people.
    I see comments calling them “trash” and “manipulative”... how? 😂 Two consenting adults having a full understanding of what they want is nothing manipulative and there is nothing bad or trashy about a person living in luxury.
    Just because it’s transactional doesn’t make it wrong. Like any other work, you are paid for your time. Some jobs take more labor than others. It’s not hard to comprehend unless you’re broke.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Regmorus
    Wow, from how you describe it it looks pretty good! I actually thought sugar baby always was a relationship of daddy and baby with sex involved, but this thing with "true sugar daddy" is not bad at all.

    You help the man, the man helps you, everything is perfect. And you get money for that. I really don't think it's anything bad. Indeed it sounds nice for men like these probably don't have other options to have some real companion for non-sexual love. So I could even consider this deed of noble and honorable if one of the reasons you do it would be genuine compassion.

    Pretty interesting idea of sponsoring.

    Though of course by all that I am not sure in my mind how to evaluate this letting touch and caress. This makes this thing feel somewhat off to me though in modern times it's completely normal to use your body in any way you want to make money. But again it kind of depends on what exactly you allow (I am NOT necessarily asking).

    So not sure how to feel about it taken altogether. Too unusual of a situation.
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    • Regmorus

      And yeah. Someone should probably warn you. Everything that follows is only hypothetical, I don't assume anything bad about the concrete person you have this relationship with, but what MIGHT be. If everything works out just like you view it, then all is perfect. But nevertheless someone have to tell you for the case if you have not thought of some scenarios already.

      His strategy might be: on one day he suggests that he gives you a very expensive gift (in the worst case a gift you won't be willing to refuse to take, like paying for some special study programm or a car or similar or going to the bahamas etc.) and for that you'll only have to lift your boundaries a little bit. And so on. And finally you could need a lot of money because of some other person dear to you (in good story they don't have anything to do with it, and in bad story...) and for for example saving their life or health you will only have to sleep with him just once and after that he according to him leaves you alone or similar.

      Again it's all hypothetical, but it might be playing with fire.

    • Regmorus

      *correction: in good story 'he' has nothing to do with it and in bad story...

    • there usually is sex involved. what she said happens rarely, but there are some pathetic rich men out there..

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  • BrianTG78
    My friend screwed like 6 of his Sugar Babies. All of em actually. Cycled through them each week night. Believe me, you're not the intellectual conversation they crave. While you may not be a dolt, you've already stated you're looking at a mentor. A teacher. You're not on the same intellectual level. You may have potential, but they have wisdom, experience, and accomplishments. You have your hand out asking questions that make him cringe when he remembers he's not even fucking you. Caressing is sexual. And you're willing to be grouped in with prostitutes and escorts whether you're willing to own up to that or not is irrelevant. That's as desperate as it gets in many societies eyes whether you or I agree or not.
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    • Anonymous

      Your friend classifies as a splenda daddy if he's fucking girls and paying them those are prostitutes. I am a professional a know my worth. He is my mentor as well as my investor he will be teaching me business. He thinks i'm beautiful and only craves my attention he likes, cuddles, and someone to listen, just because he has stature doesn't mean i have to sleep with him these are things we have talked about privately.

    • BrianTG78

      And sugar babies are everywhere online. Or girls that want a daddy at least. Learned from the same trash that taught you apparently. First words are "cash ap me". Pathetic. And what's genuine about acting like you care? Why is the sugar daddy fake if you're sleeping with him? Guess she's just a whore, not a sugar baby. Just got off track a little. Missed the last class.

    • Anonymous

      You're a bit bothered for someone whose not paying my bills... I can be pathetic and yes you can build genuine care. It makes him a splenda daddy because sugar daddies want company not sex there's a difference. You can't shame me while i'm over here making business moves

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  • startingfitness
    just a heads up for the young girls. no real man will want to marry some trash buss down like this. we consider all of these prostitutes, sex or no sex.
    same with onlyfans thots instathots and all these other wannabe whores.

    you won't get respect from men this way, you are considered bottom trash. keep that in mind if this is what you want.
    • Anonymous

      Who gives a fuck definitely 100 percent wouldn't marry someone like you. I'm trash for sure let's compare bank accounts and see who's lacking? Right you can't 🤑

    • Naydyonov

      Who gives a shit about bank accounts? Unless you plan to buy your husband or wife.

    • DianaWest

      i agree. girls who use their sex appeal because they're too stupid and/or lethargic to use their brain for money. those men could be dangerous/crazy. is a teeny tiny 20 something really as powerful as a 50 something guy? girls in this scenario NEVER have the power.

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  • DianaWest
    don't care all that much about what others do with their life. but if you post your life on the internet, don't expect to be congratulated by everyone around the world. just keep in mind, for your own safety, that these "boundaries" you create may one day be broken by a man who decides to follow his own rules and "boundaries" instead of yours.
  • bamesjond0069
    This is retarded. Im rich and i won't even spend 1 cent on a girl for a cup of coffee until she fucks me and certainly not gifts or fun stuff unt i know she is loyal to me and cares about me. I've met girls like you because im rich and always out and about with girls in town but why the fuck would a man do this unless he is a loser? Well maybe a rich loser?
    • Anonymous


    • Haha well that explains it. It just blows my mind i guess.

  • Celtero
    Man, seeing this stuff is suuuper lame.

    Like, I dunno what bothers me more...

    The fact that men are such prideless cucks they'll waste their money for attention.
    Or that women complain how oppressed they are and how hard they have it when there's plenty of guys out there who will just give them free money.

    I guess these days it's just too difficult to work hard and be in a quality romantic relationship.
    • most of them fuck them bro.
      there is one at my college and she gets dug out.
      but this chick doesn't want guys to think that because she knows it lowers her value to men.
      there are some exceptions though.

  • Flower7
    Interesting information. So did you meet him online?
    • Anonymous

      Yes I did meet him online through a regular dating app surprisingly

  • Silverio_Stieger
    You're not prostitutes, you're Escorts
    Someone who is paid for their time. Often compared to a prostitute.

    An escort is not paid to have sex but is paid for their time. What they do within their time is their business, which could in fact be sex.
    Guy: I paid for an escort last night for the banquet
    Guy 2: A prostitute?
    Guy: Nah man. An escort.

    By the way, I have one only question for you: I assume that while he pays you for everything else, you won't mind your daddy eventually fucks with all the hookers and/or women of the world (including your mommy) except you right? 😉
  • jahaims
    I didn't know you speak for all woman. Good to know.
    • Anonymous

      All women dont want success? You sound stupid and just want a reason to be mad lol

    • jahaims

      You did not state all women want success. You made an absolute statement defining what success meant for you then implied all women want the same.

    • Anonymous

      Mad for no reason gtfoh

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  • DavidHart
    My quest is:
    Do u happen to know what's the requirement/criteria for a male looking for a Sugar Mummy/Mummies?
  • Avicenna
    Doesn't sound like there's much in it for the guy. Seems like it would be easier to just have platonic female friends.
  • TheUniqueOne96
    Cool, whatever works for you.

    Enjoy it and stay safe.
  • nelly83
    Hun I have experience as a sugar baby. 95 percent of sugar daddies require sex especially if they are spending a lot of money on you. No guy is gonna spend 50k on you a year just to have a friend. Sex is a huge part of male satisfaction and you better be prepared for him to get his money’s worth. He won’t be giving you oral, you will be giving him oral. He will be doing things you might not necessary like in bed.

    If you don’t want to have sex , You might be able to find a cheaper nicer sugar daddy who gives you 100 dollars for a massage. But this is not what 95% of the business is like.
  • DJandPaige
    How do you know if the daddy is genuine and real? The sites and apps I've looked at, don't seem very concrete.
  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    You mean prostitutes?
    • Anonymous

      You tried it but that was cute

    • That's what everyone knows you are. Literally.

    • You are a 19 year old having sex with a man over 50. Ya mommy must be proud...

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  • postaldudePL123
    Nice career!

    Who needs a college degree these days.
    • Anonymous

      I'm glad you assume being I'm going for my bachelors in forensic pathology 😉

    • That's really nice, I wish good luck sis😊

    • *wish you

  • cloud9vortex1234
    Let's be honest now. You sleep with them.
    • Anonymous

      Nope I dont lol

  • Bhavin2184
    Interesting take..
    It just seems weird.
    • Anonymous

      Its not for everyone

  • msc545
  • bklynbadboy1
    This is pathetic! lol
  • jimmy2
    Hummm thoughtfully said
  • Anonymous
    "a bit of help" lol

    To each their own. If a guy isn't being mislead (which he probably is if specific discussions have never happened), then whatever. If I were the woman (or had a sugar mama), I'd still feel guilty and that I was using him. Willingly or not. It's like legally stealing from them lol (that's how it would feel).

    But take a minute, read the "dont's", the read the first do, then the 3rd do LOL Where is the "genuine" exactly? And people wonder why there's murders in the world? What if it was reversed, how would you feel? Really think about that, what if it was reversed? And you don't like being called a prostitute, but you even say yourself, "time is money". Like a business transaction. Like a prostitute. Exact same thinking of one. You're only going about it slightly differently, but really no differently. You are still "selling yourself". Sex or no sex. Prostitutes do that also. You can get one for companionship and nothing more. Why you instead?
  • Anonymous
    How did you meet your sugar daddy? I keep bumping into fake ones
  • Anonymous
    You're saying sugar daddys are old rich men looking for hot young women to connect with on an intellectual level and NOT have sex with? That seems entirely backwards as it doesn't make any sense
    • Anonymous

      Also you didn't actually say how you met your simp

    • Anonymous

      Some men are more mature than you mentally been there done that

    • Anonymous

      Oh ok 👍

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  • Anonymous
    Is that a joke?
    • Anonymous

      I guess so anonymous, whose anonymous lol pussy

    • Anonymous

      Boohoo 😭

    • Anonymous

      Aw your pockets crying? Broke hoe

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  • Anonymous
    How did you meet him?
    • Anonymous

      I'm making a part 2 on how to find them

  • Anonymous
    Thanks for the heads up