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Calculating Male value on the S€xual Marketplace (Trigger warning) REVERSED from the previous take


Okay, so this is the reverse of the take Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning) posted by @British_Empire_1707 . I don't agree with any of these and there are MANY more conditions by which we select men, which is a good thing, but since this is kind of just a reverse of the previous, let's see how the males rank now.

Acts like a toddler : - 15 points
Acts like a teenager : 0 points
Acts his age (man) : +30 points
Acts mature with a touch of wisdom : +50 points

Conceited: - 30 points
Confident: 50 points
Careless: 0 points
Miserable : -10 points

<5'7" : 0 points
5'8"-5'9" : 10 points
5'10"-5'11" : 20 points
6'-6'1" : 30 points
6'2"-6'3" : 40 points

Wants children = 50 points
Has children: - 5 points
Has children he doesn't take care of or claim: - 20 points
Doesn't want children: 0 points

Size (pants waist):
23-27 : 5 points
28-34 : 50 points
35-38 : 35 points
39-43 : 20 points
43-48 : 0 points
49-52 : - 10 points

Thin/Skinny : 20 points
Fit : 40 points
Athletic : 50 points
Average : 30 points
Muscular/Toned : 60 points
Dad bod : 10 points
Fat : 0 points
Obese : - 10 points

Calculating Male value on the S€xual Marketplace (Trigger warning) REVERSED from the previous take

Charisma and Social Skills:
Won't communicate : - 10 points
Sucks at communication : 0 points
Bad : 10 points
Average : 20 points
Excellent : 40 points
Amazing : 50 points

Everyday Life
Plays video games > 2 hours a day : - 10 points
Socializes in person a lot : +30 points
Stays home / introverted / tends to be a loner : 0 points

Handsome: 50 points
Cute: 30 points
Average: 10 points
Below Average: 0 points

Calculating Male value on the S€xual Marketplace (Trigger warning) REVERSED from the previous take

University masters = 50
University bachelors= 40 points
University graduate= 30 points
Technical college = 20 points
High school = 10 points
No education = 0 points

Eye Color
Blue= 40 points
Green= 30 points
Hazel= 20 points
Brown= 10 points

Virgin= 60 points
1 previous lover= 40 points
2 previous lovers = 30 points
3 previous lovers = 20 points
4 previous lovers = 10 points
5+ previous lovers = 0 points

Dick Size
<6" : 0 points
6"-6.9" : 10 points
7"-7.5" : 20 points
7.6"-8" : 30 points
8"-9" : 40 points

If you're man enough to show it then let's see what you get :)

*If you post anon, be sure to figure in the - 10 on the attitude part. Confidence matters.

*****NOTE: As I said, these are not standards of how women pick men, but they are common preferences in a biased view (my own) just for the fun of flipping the take previously mentioned above. It's just a fun experiment, nothing else.
With that said, it DOES prove a point. Given that I scored a 420 on the other one for women, it's reasonable for me to demand at least a 420 here while not being a hypocrite because I met that standard myself. (And I put a few more categories on this one, so I'm giving the guys an advantage, actually, because of more ways to score points. Giving you the extra benefit here, guys.)
And again, it's just a game. Doesn't mean anything apart from the point above being proved, which is shared in both this and @British_Empire_1707 's take.

Calculating Male value on the S€xual Marketplace (Trigger warning) REVERSED from the previous take
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  • Wewladdy
    Most of your posts seem pretty bright but honestly this one seems full on retard. So much wrong with it. Like, factually wrong. Standards so high only like 1/100th if even that of all men could meet. It's like me saying a woman has to be this height, weight, have this hair and eye color, cup size, interests, job, etc. She has to be an innie, not an outtie, even. C'mon.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Wewladdy

      Don't know how to edit posts (can you even do that on this app, serious question?) But doing a little more math, not only could 1/100ths of men not meet these standards, but I'd wager 1 in every 300 even would be a stretch.

    • Well considering that it’s SUPPOSED to be wrong and not real, yeah 🤣

    • Wewladdy

      My God am I retarded lmao. Didn't realize you just made a reverse-copy of a guy's post. Durrrrrr.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • My qualifications of a man would have to be a book haha. But don’t worry, I’ve already the one man in existence who meets all my requirements.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Mine would too 🤣 I know what you mean

    • I know what you mean too. Actually despite the standards game (for male/female shopping), the right one don't necessarily must have all those "good" requirements, as long as he/she meets, as you said, all our requirements

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  • Ugh. This post makes me feel kinda offended, and I never get offended by anything but stupidity. I mean, I know OP said she just copied this from another user's female-judging post, but I've seen real women on Reddit make these before. And assuming this was real, I'd have to say the person who made it was a hardline conservative male who was also a virgin over six feet tall. So many of the rankings have a bias to them, that suggests preferential treatment to right-leaning men who are average in everything but height. Once again, I know this isn't real in regards to @Yads_Is_Back, but women on Reddit have made a real version of this, which I once mocked.

    With all that said, here is how I measure up:

    - Act my age: 30 points
    - Careless attitude: 0 points
    - 5'11": 20 points (though honestly, this should be a "0" or "-10" in points)
    - Doesn't want children: 0 points
    - Size; I'm a size 43 exactly, so I don't know where I rank here; let's just assume "43-48" was a typo and 44 was meant: 20 points
    - Build: -10 points, since I weigh 280 lbs and going by a BMI of 39, I am technically "obese."
    - Excellent communicator: 40 points
    - Stays home / introverted / tends to be a loner: 0 points
    - Face: Below Average, if I were judging: 0 points (see picture below)
    - University masters: 50 points
    - Brown: 10 points
    - Without going into my sexual history here, I'm just going to cut the difference at 40 points.
    - Dick: 10 points (though this should really be zero, as it's not a good length or size)

    So... I rank at a 210 out of a 620 virgin Bruce Wayne, which means I'm only about 34% dateable... Seems way too high!
    This is how I currently look; sans the suit.
    This is how I currently look; sans the suit.
    • Well there’s a first for everything 😂lol but seriously, I can’t speak for the women on Reddit. But considering there are male posts of it too, just like the one I gave a link of, one gender is no more innocent than the other. Everybody has issues, let’s be real lol

  • Grond21

    Acts mature with a touch of wisdom : 50 points

    Confident: 50 points

    6'-6'1" : 30 points

    Wants children = 50 points

    Size (pants waist)
    28-34 : 50 points

    Fit : 40 points

    Charisma and Social Skills:
    Excellent : 40 points

    Everyday Life
    Stays home / introverted / tends to be a loner : 0 points

    Cute: 30 points

    University bachelors= 40 points

    Eye Color
    Green= 30 points

    Virgin= 60 points

    Dick Size
    6"-6.9" : 10 points

    Total = 480

    Attitude was a bit too black and white. I'm not as confident as I want to be.
    Build is in-between fit and average.
    Charisma is lower than my communication skills
    Everyday is hard to say, especially during Covid
    And I have no idea about my face.

    The rest are accurate though
  • blondfrog
    How did you come up with some of these calculations though? lol. So obese gets 10 points but fat gets 0? Obese is heavier than fat lol. Also the education thing is one of the things I have to disagree with. Well there is more but those don't bother me cause they are your opinions and I am okay with that. I only have my associates degree and because of experience and a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work towards my career I have been ending up getting better and higher level jobs in my field. Somebody like me in my profession with IT can get a certification and end up landing a really high paying job. Take SQL for instance. Also I will say one more thing. Somebody like me doesn't fit most of your criteria and lets just say a woman like or with your standards has been attracted to me. This is my nice way of putting it. Even if the attraction was short lasting she was still attracted to me. I think you know what I am talking about. Lets see I am 5'8 technically 5'7 and half because throughout the day you become a little bit shorter as the day progresses. Last time I was muscular tone was in high school. Usually have been skinny most of my life. Brown eyes, definitely below average in terms of attraction. At least next to the photos of those guys you posted. On top of that I have like 4 different auto immune disease. One being super obvious. As you can tell I don't even have any eyebrows.
    • I explained this in the description lol
      And some of the values are negative. The value for obese is -10.

    • blondfrog

      Oh I do see obese -10. Sorry lol its early in the morning. Still some of these don't make sense to me. Mainly the education one.

    • Read the description 🤦🏻‍♀️Lol

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  • Love how you start penis size at 6 inch. Pity you didn't assign a minus figure for smaller ones just for the trigger effect
  • DudeDiligence
    I'm a 355. I scored well in some things (height 6'3", masters degree, blue eyes, want kids, athletic) and not so well in others (probably not that mature, attitude meh, virtue... fail, social skills... fail).

    Yads, I'm surprised you scored blue eyes higher than brown.
  • YHL6965
    That's all very subjective and a lot of factors seem kind of pointless when it comes to long-terms. Like would you value a doctor in gender studies more than a bachelor in physics for example? And, in the end, does that really matter? I don't know, this valuing system kind of lack depth or even relevancy for my taste.
    • It’s purposely not accurate and is a game. I put that on it, but apparently a lot of people missed it or didn’t read.

  • Snickermarstwix
    305 and I really don't get the logic behind the way you did the score but then it's your preferences and only your own.
    The "act your age" doesn't mean anything but hey, find your happiness. I just don't believe you'll date your "420" that you're looking for. Maybe to bang but not to date.
    • Actually, my soon-to-be future hubby is even higher than that :)
      And obviously you didn’t read it. This is not the actual scale. This is not how we pick a man. Did you not learn comprehension in school? Because if you read the middle part then you must have read where it says this.

    • And yes, maturity is a biggie

    • Lol gl to your future husband

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  • Juxtapose
    I got 210.

    I lost most on the kids things (childfree forever) and video games lol (how is watching tv or your phone any better?).

    The dick size one fucked me too. I'm 6 inches (well above the global average of 5.3) but my dick is THICC and has made every girl I have fucked cream on it.

    And the previous lovers thing absolutely crucified me xD 5 lovers is *not* a lot for my age, I actually feel pretty inexperienced compared to a lot of guys and especially you women.
    • What’s common is not always what’s most desired :)

    • Juxtapose

      True, but I'm definitely not common in a lot of respects.

      Good job trigging people too. 10/10 I hate the "sexual marketplace" shit too. It's dehumanizing.

  • MysteriousDarkness
    To me a point system like this is flawed for a few reasons.
    1. Physical beauty is subjective. Where would someone be on the point system that has heterochromia? They could havex2 different color eyes ir one is two different colors.2. Depending on where a person lives schooling could come with a lot of debt.3. What would be the difference between excellent and amazing charisma and social skills?
  • TremorJay
    Maturity: 30 pointsAttitude: 0 pointsHeight: 20 pointsChildren: 50 pointsWaist Size: 50 pointsBuild: 30 pointsCharisma: 20 pointsEveryday Life: 0 pointsFace: 50 pointsEducation: 20 pointsEye Color: 40 pointsVirtue: 0 pointsDick Size: 10 pointsTotal: 320
  • Danny_dan92
    Not counting for 2 cause it would be extremely cocky to even try to rate myself in those categories

    But of all the others I total up to 150
    • +500 for being a man and being an honest. So cool, a 650

    • I would hope you forsure didn’t add points towards height lmfao

  • Myk13
    Maturity = 30 pointsAttitude = 50 pointsHeight = 40 pointsChildren = -5 pointsSize (pants waist😒) = 50 pointsBuild = 50 pointsCharisma and Social Skills = 40 pointedEveryday Life = 30 pointsFace = 50 pointsEducation = 20 pointsEye Color = 10 pointsVirtue = 0 pointsDick Size = 30 pointsTotal = 395
  • E_Z_Z
    Yet I might have under calculated things because I can't really tell so I took the average of them yet it won't matter a lot only a few points in the end
    and believe me I'm not overshooting for people who might say I did but feel free to believe me or not after all this was a fun post to check
    Thanks for the fun post and have a good day !
  • FackThePackers21
    A lot of it doesn't apply to me as I'm only 16, but I scored a 380 whilst skipping a few parts. I don't understand your fascination with colored eyes though, it reeks femininity.
    • Eye color, skin color, those aren’t masculine or feminine, just more along the lines of race or ethnicity. I have brown eyes but that doesn’t make me more masculine.
      And again, it’s not my actual view or standards list. That would take me forever to write 😂

  • StylesbyDR
    Id give myself a 320.

    But these are mostly opinions. The way I vew myself could be lower than what others perceive.
    • Yeah, it’s not meant to be accurate. It’s just a game.

  • Bluemax
  • msc545
    You forgot to include the amount of money a man has!
    • That would depend on the woman, as to whether she considers that a factor or not, but this list is by no means accurate anyway. It’s purposely not 🤣

    • msc545

      Every woman considers it a major factor

    • True. I would say even more: the woman who pretend she don't care about money is liying

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  • FýrdracaDócincel
    Calculating Male value on the S€xual Marketplace (Trigger warning) REVERSED from the previous take140

    maturity and attitude because both are subjective as hell and rely too much on others' personal opinions..Skipping
  • Browneye57
    Do you ever have even one original thought in your little head?
    • Plenty. Usually it’s the ones you hate.
      And here’s triggered man #2

    • Browneye57

      It's rather obvious you just copied this from somewhere on the internet, so I was asking.
      We have an awful lot of regurgitated bullshit on here. I do like your scoring, but it's un-original. Oh well. Fuck your triggering bullshit.

    • It’s not meant to be original. It says that in the post. 🤣🤣🤣 It’s purposely NOT original lmao
      Ohh yes, that’s exactly what the triggered person would say

  • ZackBan
    Mine is at 440, however I find it interesting that virginity actually gives more points than sexual experience... that's a whole new perspective to me.
  • jahaims
    I don't think that is even ballparking it. People are to shallow and place more value in different areas
    than this chart.
  • BlueEyedBirdWatcher
    Aside from the obvious that this is almost entirely superficial, it also has some pretty strange priorities.

  • Protein_mate
    I got 495

    Acts his age (man) : +30 points
    Confident: 50 points
    5'10"-5'11" : 20 points
    Wants children: 50 points
    Waist size 35-38 : 35 points
    Muscular/Toned : 60 points
    Charisma & social skills, Excellent : 40 points
    Socializes in person a lot : +30 points
    Face, Handsome: 50 points
    University bachelors= 40 points
    Eye colour Green= 30 points
    Virgin= 60 points
    Dick size <6" : 0 points
    • You forgot the dick size 🤣🤣🤣

    • If you're really toned, you must have a little dickie. No offense, it's just biological: you're in the Silver Back category (I'm talking bout gorillas, just in case you were lost), think about it!

    • As skinny men often have a big mamba!

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  • TallAnon
    Waist size isn't correct for tall guys, lol.
    Also, my height isn't on the list :( 6'7
    Lastly, I'm a game developer, lol, >2? How about 14? Lmao
    • TallAnon

      Taking the values as-is, I'm at 330, having add no points for height.

  • UncleJessieRabbit
    At least 250 points for me (conservatively).
    Fun game, but don't females have a different standard for ranking males?
    • Yes. It just shows how hypocritical the men’s standard is.

    • In what way were my own standards hypocritical, exactly?

    • I said men’s, which is grammatically plural. Nobody said anything about yours. You didn’t even give yours. Obviously I’m referring to the take that this one is a reverse of.

  • J2ohhhhh
    Am I confident for taking the 0 point thinking that I can make up for it elsewhere or it is careless? Either way I didn't take the point for that and also happened to be 6'4 what's and other 0 so 390
  • xJeremyx
    315. But its more than enough given that I've had a great relationship before. Because there's so much more a man can offer.
    • xJeremyx

      also, you never included vocal pitch! I'd score quite well there🤣🤣

    • Yeah, a lot of things were left out. Hair, vocal pitch, and quite many others. On purpose though because this is not a real scale, just a reverse of the previous one

    • xJeremyx

      honestly though, would you prefer a low voice, high, or anywhere in between?

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  • tartaarsaus
    I’ll go for 300 on the basis of me not being fat, being average height (about 6’), happen to go to university and am okay at communication. That said, I’m quite average in most things.
  • Silverio_Stieger
    Well, I'm good for your standards 😏 : 450 lady 😎 also I have the advantage of being half latino half caucasian, it means I blend perfectly both hemispheres. Plus, I'm aquarius-gemini ascendant, meaning a lot of fun with me (socially and privately)

    Otherwise, I don't agree with the dick thing. In fact most of the girls (for real) fantasizes with a BC (BBC or BWC, doesn't really matters actually), but then when they face one (again, for real) often results in a nightmare for them: they're shallow, they're narrow, it hurts them, it hurts more than they like, etc.
  • Rippersavage
    Score: 390

    Also there's an error at the dick size category, u put 8" for both of the last 2 options
  • All of these calculations actually all make sense to me. Very interesting 🤔
  • 0112358
    I scored myself a 395. Of course i missed out on the points for confident which would have thrown me into the mid 400's lol
  • Kittyboy
    Crap, got 160, but I created my identity and emancipated myself by wanting to be the opposite of all those toxic norms lol.

    That said, the "virtue" thing is really patriarcal, women don't care, as a virgin I should get 0 for exemple, women don't care or are neutrally fine with it, and if anything it kinda indicates being introvert, softspoken, submissive, nerdy etc... so could go in the negative if you parody toxic masculine standards, so I'd be at 100^^

    I also have blue eyes but that does along the cute face, so 70 points I'm happy about hehe, + 20 for skinny^^
  • Natehunter199
    MATURITY- Im mature with a touch of wisdom but after some drinks the redneck will come out +50-10=40
    :AUDITED- Confident +50
    :HIGHT- Im 6 foot +30
    :CHILDREN-Have 2 kids +5
    :SIZE- 31in waist +50
    :FACE-Cute +30
    :EDUCATION- Sarted at a university and fished up in the military +25
    :EYE COLOR-Blue + 40
    :VIRTUE-Only one lover, married high school sweetheart +40
    :DICK SIZE-🤔 You choose, but im not loosing 10 points on confidence
    • Forgot BUILD- Had a athletic build but i think covid droped me down to fit +40

      And it won't let me had a picture. So make up a number for me on dick size

  • Feelicks
    I want to be mad at this post but meh. 300ish, math is hard lol
    • Lol it’s a game, no worries 😉 doesn’t mean anything more and is not the actual scale

  • Alex_988_2
    You sure you can take 9 inch daily?
    And both mytakes proves women care about personAlity more than guys. But that is not bc all guys are just shallow... it's to an extent biology.
  • Smegskull
    ======145 not bad for someone who gets 0.004% response on tinder
  • I got 505. I think I did OK.
    Great mytake.👍😉🤣🇬🇧
  • Avicenna
    Well, just for kicks, it was 435 (I subtracted 15 for my three kids but added 50 for wanting kids).
  • 007kingifrit
    Maturity: 50 points
    attitude 50/-30? it depends on your perspective
    height: 10 points
    children: 50
    waist size? no man knows that
    build: 20
    social skills: debatable, 20 I think of myself as a bad conversation starter but with lots of interesting things to say once you get me going
    personal life: i will take that -10 with pride
    face: 10?
    education: 50
    eye color: the weird bluish grey pink of my eyes is not on here so... blue? 40
    virtue: uuuuh define lover... nvm i'll take the zero WITH PRIDE
    dick size: 30

    290 + whatever my waist size is
  • Tstrbrainer
    Wow it was fun reading this 😂😂😂😂.
    Mine is around 250 I guess.
    But I'm not disappointed as you are already taken 😂
  • Rangers
    How is the virgin getting points?
    15 for acting in between a teenager and adult because I'm very severely bipolar.
    -10 for attitude because I have severe depression and bipolar and work 58 hours per week and make very little.
    10 for being 5'9"
    0 I can't have children as I'm infertile
    35 points for 38" waist
    0 for being fat
    20 for average to below average charisma
    0 for being introverted
    0 for below average face
    15 for some college but no degree
    40 for blue eyes
    30 for 2 lovers (I've had two girlfriends but had sex with 4 girls)
    10 for 6.5" sword
    Total: 165
    • The virgin gain points as she will be his first! Everyone wants once at a time the first to smash a little flower 🤣😜

  • Nachowedgie
    270 in your opinion. The answers I gave are also affected by my own lack of self confidence/self worth so the results suffer
  • I dont know where I stand relative to other guys so I can’t rank myself
  • gmen26
    390, I have no idea what my dick size is but being as virgin helps a lot lol
  • FriedPickles1218
    I feel like you were mad while writing this...
  • shocked you didn't add in income amounts.
    • Income amounts aren’t factored in on my scale anyway, and actually it’s not on a lot of women’s. We tend to want other things that a lot of guys don’t want to offer, so when those guys aren’t so fortunate with women they want to say we are gold diggers to make us look bad and to try to justify why they can’t get women. Just their defense mechanism and it’s super lame. I mean, obviously some women are, but I would say even the majority would date a man like Jack in Titanic or Noah in The Notebook (examples).
      So I’m guessing that you haven’t had the best of options when it comes to women, as you bring this up. No offense intended by that, but usually a guy complaining about the money factor or generalizing women on this is a direct signal that he’s miserable and suffers in dating, so we know to avoid that guy.

    • And one way to clearly prove my point on this is to show the ignorance of yours. Here we go:
      Women who do go after money, aka gold diggers, want a man with money for a RELATIONSHIP/partnership, and it doesn’t affect sex. Great shows of this are like Melania and Donald Trump. Trump is by no means sexually attractive and Melania knows the same. She wouldn’t have sex with him for a one-night stand, but a lifetime of luxury benefits her. And other examples, like that when these women are looking for sexually attractive men only, a 60-year-old fat guy with a fading hair line won’t be at the top of the list even if he’s a millionaire. Nope, not if she’s going just on sex value.
      And really this stuff is common sense

    • well going by your chart here I am only roughly a 275 score. but at least I have good income and great credit with no debt to my name either.

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  • Gwenhwyfar
    Great Take!
  • themythos
    Virgin 60😂
    • themythos

      I got 310. Below average face should be minus points because its a huge factor in reality.

    • I thought about making some more of them negative but I wanted to be nice lol

  • mike5150
    225. I graduated to dad bod during covid lol