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Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

16-20= 30 points
20-25= 25 points
25-30= 20 points
30-35= 10 points
35-40= 5 points
40+ = 0 points


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

4'10ft-5ft= 20 points

5ft-5'5ft = 40 points

5'ft5-5'10ft = 30 points

5'10ft-6ft = 10 points

6ft-6'2ft = 5 points

6'2ft+ = 0 points


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

Wants children = 40 points

Has Children = 5 points

Doesn't want children = 0 points


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

Size 0= 10 points

Size 6= 40 points

Size10= 30 points

Size 12= 20 points

Size 14= 10 points

Size 16= 5 points

Size 18= 0 points


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

Thin = 30 points

Athletic= 40 points

Fit= 50 points

Curvy= 60 points

Average = 20 points

Chubby = 10 points

Fat = 0 points

Obese= -20 points


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

Amazing cook =50 points

Excellent cook =40 points

Average cook = 30 points

Bad cook = 10 points

Won't cook = 0 points

Can't cook = -10


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

Extremely beautiful = 50 points

Very pretty = 40 points

Average pretty = 30 points

Below average = 10 points


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

University masters = 50

University bachelors= 40 points

University graduate= 30 points

Technical college = 20 points

High school = 10 points

No education = 0 points

Eye colour:

Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

Blue= 40 points

Green= 30 points

Hazel= 20 points

Brown= 10 points


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

Virgin= 60 points

1 previous lover= 40 pojnts

2 previous lovers = 30 points

3 previous lovers = 20 points

4 previous lovers = 10 points

5+ previous lovers = 0 points

Do you have a dowry: (The new more modern up to date dowry for 21st century could be considered what monetary assets bride herself brings to the relationship such as money, property, savings, earnings, an inheritance etc)

Yes= 20 points

No= 0 points


Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)

Enormous set = 50 points

Large set =45 points

Average set = 40 points

Small set = 30 points

Tally up your score to see what you get😉

Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)
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  • jadspop
    This list is entirely subjective...

    It's like a box office review of a movie or s have review... Even if we assume that this information was actually gathered actually (which I question) just cuz other people have someone/thing a good score dissent mean you'll like it to. .

    In short... The entire list is subjective... So don't go basing your self worth or anything on this list...

    I'm relitively sure it was all made on a small groups of not a single persons preferance of what they like... So I wouldn't call this list accurate or useful
    Is this still revelant?
    • Every thing in life is subjective even your own personal opinion.

    • jadspop

      I mean... Of course an opinion is subjective. . that's kind of what I just explained...

    • What you think is Subjective is subjective

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  • Yads_Is_Back

    This list is really messed up though lol
    But for those men who do take the list hypocritically, as a 420 it’s reasonable for me to have high standards, so if I make a list like this in reference to men, if you ain’t above 400 then don’t complain 😊👍🏼
  • MCheetah
    Ugh. I feel dirty reading this... This is also super right-leaning, white-preferenced, and extremely subjective. (Why are short women ranked the highest? "Curvy" is thin AF! ) But since @Yads_Is_Back pointed it out, I'm going to rank my ex on here before she passed away and see how she scores for sh*ts and giggles.

    Age (she would've been in 2020): Thirty in October = 20 points
    Height: 6'3.5" = 0 points
    Children: Wanted them = 40 points
    Size: 20 = 0 points
    Build: Inbetween OP's "standards of "chubby" and "fat," so I'll split the diff = 5 points.
    Cooking: Amazing; enough to be a professional if she wanted = 50 points
    Face: I'd personally say "Extremely beautiful," but going by OP; I'll assume some anorexic-bias here and drop her down to "Very pretty" = 40 points
    Education: Nursing school = 20 points
    Eye color: Blue = 40 points
    "Virtue:" Four previous partners = 10 points
    Dowry equivalent: Yes; she made slightly more money than me and as doctors, her parents were quite financially stable = 20 points
    Breasts: 40H bust = 50 points

    TOTAL: 295 points out of a virginal 20-year-old, wealthy, Masters-holding, 5'2" Alexandra Daddario 530 maximum, meaning the love of my life was only about 55% wife-worthy. Guess I should be happy it didn't happen then! /sCalculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)
    • Well there’s a first for everything 😂 lol but seriously, I can’t speak for women on Reddit but since males do the exact same thing, like the one I referenced for example, neither gender is any more innocent than the other. Everybody needs to get along, let’s be real

    • @Yads_Is_Back Alexandra Daddrido is 5′ 8″. Great tits though

    • No idea who that is lol

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  • Berethor
    It looks like you got two mistakes in that list, the height and education categories are from the male value on the sexual marketplace for marriage, but the rest seems to be about right, guys usually don't care much about girls height and education, the attraction for short girls is actually a fatish, an understandable fatish because shortness makes a girl look feminine and younger but a short height don't make a girl superior in the same way that tall guys are superior to short guys, when a short girl marry a tall guy then she is the one who benefit from it the most, because the tall guy have strong genes. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to date a girl who is taller than myself, it looks weird when a girl is taller than a guy, because guys tend to be naturally taller than girls, and if a girl is very tall then she might be a trans, there is trans everywhere nowadays. As for education, a girl could become a housewife, and then she is also less likely to sacrifice her motherhood and femininity for the sake of career, as so many feminists do, but that said an uneducated girl is more likely to be a gold digger, so there is sure some logical reasons for a guy to prefer an educated girl.




  • meetkitty123
    I was considering this... But hells to the nos

    You know what pardon me but this American is gonna try to curse it out British style...

    Bloody Hell are you taking the piss? What the arse! This cack is Bollocks! Only a berk would take this for face value!

    What the hell? you gotta be kidding me! WTF is this bullsh#t. Only an ass would take this for face value!

    Really who the hell came up with this shit?
    Nah I'm good not gonna waste my time.

    Whoever wrote this is a Wanker and can Naff off! They can chop their pecker off and shove up their own arse!


    PEACE I'm out

    • Guardian45


    • (Cheeky British fellow picks up the mic)
      Trigger warning. Low scores may offend
      (drops mic)

    • Actually it's the lack of tack in this questionnaire and your lack of consideration to the opinions of those who responded to you that is repulsive. This by no means calculates the value of a women. This list makes a mockery out of the worth of a real woman. This questionnaire is disgraceful and demeaning. Originally my detest was towards the original creator of the questionnaire and I figured I'd give you the benefit of the doubt. I figured you're new here and testing the waters. Now I see I was mistaken especially since you decided to take the immature route and attempt to take a low blow jab towards me instead of respecting the opinion that was actually the same as everyone else's if you bothered to read anybody else's post thoroughly you would have seen no one else here appreciates the questionnaire. Even the men are telling you it's bogus. Yet instead of agreeing with the individuals who are giving you their time on your post and laugh with them you are attacking them. For what reason do you have to defend this survey? Surely you did not write this yourself? Your determination to defend this piece speaks volumes of your character. Furthermore you yourself acknowledge and realize the offense behind the question and yet you still decided it was a good idea to post it. Somehow you made it seem alright and acceptable in your mind by adding the word trigger. You should have just been honest and say I know this is offencive but I don't give a damn because I'm in the mood to insult every woman out there because apparently my s*** don't stink and I'm better than everyone else! Hey you can try to sugarcoat this questionnaire all you want but it's clear by everyone's answers that you're not fooling anybody. We all see the questionnaire for what it is... Crap.

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  • Virgo31
    Lol I’m not in half these categories starting with age
  • It's concerning how the age between 16-20 has the highest point (like dayum, you's like them young af girls?)
    But anyways I have 360 points
  • Warmapplecrumble
    I got 280 😂😂😂😂😂 but I was unsure of some things so I under calculated :

    Like I didn't know if I was a excellent cook or average , or what big boobs are or what a below average woman looks like
  • Omg hahahahahaha life and relationships ain't about points and anyone going by points, well that'll be a big ZERO for them.. Damn man, people are more that POINTS...but here I got a point system for you...
    *Getting to wake up with your partner vs burying your partner-100 points
    *Being healthy enough to still have sex verses not- 100 points
    *Having someone that loves you besides/inspite of/ because of your little imperfections-100 points...
    The short and skinny of it: treat people like people not points
  • Tstrbrainer
    I don't think this list is correct.
    Not many 16 to 20 girls are willing to get married at that age, according to my knowledge.
    Plus there are other personality traits which might supersedes other factors like height, size etc.

    This list mostly feels like a general collection of opinions from fashion industry
    • wolfcat87

      Yeah, the age 16 was pretty pervy. Add on that most supermodels are around 5'10" or taller. How many men would turn them down? Plus, they don't seem to understand women's sizes. A woman who is 4'11" wearing a size 0 is built nothing like a woman who is 6'0" wearing a size 0. So, men have no idea what size a woman wears looking at her. lol

    • Yeah😅

  • Kaneki05
    This list is pretty much bs to me. Especially women not wanting kids that would have quite a bit of points especially at my age how about 900 points lol.
  • Juxtapose
    How is having kids better than not wanting kids at all? wtf?

    Kids suck.
    • Ya man true

    • _Whatever

      That's my point. I can't vote because this isn't accurately calculated.

    • @_Whatever it is. Its a general over all rating. You might not like the taste of whiskey but it has a set value.

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  • Avicenna
    I’d give taller women more points and curvy women fewer. Id deduct 40 points per kid she already has and differentiate between what degrees are in. I’d also award points for a good peronality and deduct for mental illnesses.
  • _Whatever
    The term "trigger warning" is retarded and no one should use it.

    Anyway, I guess I don't understand-- a HIGH score is allegedly a good thing, right? Then a lot of your tabulations here are complete nonsense, dude.
    • did you make this yourself or find online?
    • because could be made into a test for an online website. however could also make it the other way around for guys also.
    • however you forgot 1 topic when it comes to schooling or the result of schooling.
    • which is the amount of debt they are build up over the years.
  • DexWest
    I agree with @jadspop. It is completely subjective and does more harm than good. Last month was suicide prevention. Does this really help people's self acceptance or image?
  • R3DthatDude
    Lol can’t cook -10 this mytake is funny. I don’t think it serious just for kicks. However you forgot communication skills... naggs a lot -100 points lol
  • msc545
    Very subjective. Each man reading it would probably make changes in the point distribution.
    • Generally speaking its a general list and Generally most men would Generally want most of these general qualities in a partner.

  • havingfun101
    Marriage, cohabitation and childbirth are at all time lows. Not fat = winning. Calculating Female value on the S€xual Marketplace for Marriage (Trigger warning)
  • Homelander_32
    Beyond looks they all act the same-ish making them all 0.
  • UncleJessieRabbit
    I'll settle for at least a 275, at least according to your subjective criteria if I had the same as you did.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    This can be altered to a persons preferences. People like different ages, heights, builds, eyes (color, shape), size of nose, shape of eyebrows, facial shape, boob size, education level etc. Depending on where a person lives and what school or schools they went to they might have 10s of thousands of dollars in student loans. Having a degree is not a guarantee for a person to get a job in the field they went to school for.
    A person might not want anymore kids or any at all. Someone who wants to have kids of their own would rank lowest.
    What would a person get if they have heterochromia? What if they have both eyes a different color or one eye is two different color?
    With the virture part they could not be a virgin because they willingly had sex or were raped by one or more people.
    What's the difference between someone who is considered excellent or amazing at cooking?
  • 190 according to your stupid thing
    • Now all you need is a man equal to you
      Calculating Male value on the S€xual Marketplace (Trigger warning) REVERSED from the previous take

  • JessieBellll
    God I hate Momoa
  • Guardian45
    I find this post rather offensive
  • like 385 but this kinda wack
  • TallJess
    Why do girls underage have the most points?
  • MountAverage
    I kinda pity you.
  • sensible27
    I think 0 thanks for the invite though.
  • lanadelrey25
    330, with all honesty. That was fun! lmao
  • Very interesting!
  • KrakenAttackin
    Looks reasonable to me.
    • @Yads_Is_Back Not bad, but it fails to mention that women LOVE a guy who has banged 100+ chicks as they think they are landing a prize, so your "virtue" metric is wrong. Also, there isn't the biggest one of all which would be a "resources he is capable of providing".

      So, you are missing the biggest category and inverted in the virtue category. i give this a solid C+.

    • Cool. His also fails to mention things men want more, such as long hair. All I did was reverse his. (I won’t even date a man with more than three sexual partners so maybe I’m just weird there.) Being a hypocritical guy, I can see why you don’t like it 😂
      But okay, for your benefit of the doubt, even add to that the money part. What do you score? I’m curious.

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  • disgustingweebtrash
    Did you just post fax
  • Hazelstar99
    It's 370.
  • Coofeaddictnumo1
    I dont have the iq to answer this question
  • Zach1457
    • Good post man 👏
  • swettannie
  • Anonymous
    Men: It's women who put harsh standards on themselves, men aren't picky
  • Anonymous
    Here is what I like in a woman, related to this mytake:

    Age: I like women between 18-35, but I prefer 20-25.

    I like them tall, and I disagree with points, I don't mind if she is taller than 6'0.

    Wants children = 40 points

    Size of what? Shoes? Boobs? Butt? All irrelevant to me. Waist? Thin.

    Either Athletic= 40 points or Fit= 50 points
    Who the hell would date an obese woman? It's the same as fat in my opinion.

    It doesn't matter, I'm not conservative.

    Extremely beautiful = 50 points or Very pretty = 40 points

    Any education is good.

    Eye colour:
    What about grey eyes? What about points for hair colour?

    Only one of us has to a virgin :P JK, I prefer experienced girls.

    I don't care about dowry, I'm not a patriarchist.

    Average set = 40 points or Small set = 30 points
    No points for legs and butt? Weird.

    My values are quite different, but it was fun comparing different systems.
  • Anonymous
    375 :///
  • Anonymous
    Firstly, that first condition, age, which states 16-20= 30 points is kind of f***ed up. I mean shouldn’t it be 18-20? I mean a 16 year old is still in school, and by no means responsible. Additional condition: Age<18 = -∞
    Secondly, I would have to disagree with certain things. Personal preference, I don’t really want kids, cooking skills aren’t that important, eye color isn’t important, how many sexual partners you been with doesn’t really matter, and f**king dowry is not just kind of f**ed up.
    • modern dowry. Its what she brings whethef its potential earnings from a job or her savings or even property

  • Anonymous
    This is mostly spot on, but I have to disagree with you on a few things, and add a couple of others.

    Age: 16-20 = 30 points - should be 15. Women that age are physically but not much else. They tend to be very immature, self-centered and sexually bland.

    Has Children = 5 points - nah, that's a big goose egg right there.

    University masters = 50 - should be 20. Highly educated women tend to have their priorities fucked up and usually make poor wives and even worse mothers.

    Boob size - Enormous set = 50 points - gotta disagree here too. I would rather have medium size than enormous. Enormous boobs are typically not shaped well and women who have them tend to be chunky.

    I will add something that is extremely important to me, which is sexuality. If she is open minded, hungry, adventurous and kinky, that means big bonus points. For example, if she truly enjoys anal, which some women do (I've dated some) then I'm willing to forgive some other deficits.

    NOTHING makes up for being a feminist. She can score 1,000 on everything else and her score drops to 0 when she starts talking feminism. That shit is unforgiveable today.
    • A lot of women from what I've seen are feminists up until marraige time and when they have kids. Feminism is like a childish phase that most grow out of.