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Women look like fools going on dating apps trying to look for love.

Women look like fools going on dating apps trying to look for love.

To understand why men cheat on good women. It is because we are too nice we allow men to act any kind of way. We lack boundaries and people do not take us seriously when we dont say anything to them about their bad behavior. Trust me I had been a doormat because I had low self esteem and thought that nobody was going to love me for me. We ignore red flags in hopes for the man to change but that just gives him more reason to do it. Since he thinks that he can get away with it. I say the reason why if you are a woman and go on dating apps because it is easy for men to get women. If a man was really confident in himself than he will get a woman in the real world. I dont care if people had got married through a dating app or not. But that is a chance that a man is more likely to cheat if you met him from a dating app. It is obvious that men be talking to other women on there and was not only seeing you during the time. It takes time for someone to reveal their true colors. So that is why it is best to find connections in person because the person you found on a dating app might turn out to be a serial killer. Just saying

Women look like fools going on dating apps trying to look for love.
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  • little_bird1
    Not true. They are there because it's easier, same like women. It's not like a man can just go out and get a women, it's not a supermarket lol.
    What matters is their goals. The one wanting a hookup will want it in real person too. It doesn't matter where you met, the process is the same.
    Also, it takes some social skill to screen out fuckboys from dating apps. If you've been on in enough, you'll learn. The problem is that most women just swipe endlessly without really paying attention to their info and other stuff not related to their looks. And then they sit and wait to be messaged and asked out. It's just so sad, women don't realize that they have a huuuge advantage there by taking the lead! I guarantee you that just with a few simple, well put questions you can find out what a man is all about.

    And yes I am one of those that met my partner on a dating app. He looked cute enough but what I really liked was his info and the fact that he quoted my favorite (not so famous) philosopher. I messaged hi first, we exchanged 2 sentences, then I asked him out first and he picked a time and place like 5 days ahead. We didn't message in between, but when we met it was it.
    For me, dating apps are just to screen a protentional partner and to set up a date. People ruin it with chatting in between.
  • Heavenly_
    Well It isn't wrong to search love on dating sites 😂