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Dating with a disability


So I wanted to come on here and post a myTake on dating with a disability. Hear me out! Last night I came across a question on GaG asking if anyone would date someone with autism. So I put in my opinion and then I looked at everyone else's opinions and a lot them said no because they automatically assume that once people have autism even adults have a brain of a child and can't live a normal life. That really irritated me. Well I'm here to prove them wrong! Because it's not true! There's different levels of autism, severe to mild. Then there's a high functioning autism and its called aspergers syndrome. I happen to know all this because I myself grew up with aspergers. When I was really little, I was actually pretty severe at one point, but as I grew up and got the help I needed in school, I eventually grew out of it and now I'm very high functioning and smarter than anyone would think. I know how to act my age, I know how to live in the real world, I can drive, I cook/bake, I have a job, and luckily nobody ever notices because like I said I know how to act my age. I'm more than ready to be back in the dating world! Although I've never mentioned my aspergers because I'm afraid guys wouldn't accept me for me, but I know there's good guys out there who would. I look for a man who will love me for me and accept me for who I am. Also be there for me no matter what. Disability or no disability. The answer to that question on GaG, I said yes. High functioning of course. I would date a guy even marry a guy and raise children with who also grew up with a disability like me and spend the rest of my life with. People shouldn't automatically assume right away that people with autism or any other disability can't be normal. Well we can! Everyone is different! Don't ever judge a book by its cover! If you meet someone and they say they grew up with a disability, get to know them first. Don't automatically assume and walk away because of that. Because that person could be your new best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your future husband/wife, your soulmate, your life long partner. You can still live a normal life, date, get married and have a family even if you grew up with a disability. I'm not only speaking for myself, but for others that have autism/aspergers, adhd, anxiety, etc. Whether anyone has a mental disability or a physical disability, get to know them. Never judge a book by its cover! Give us a chance! I think y'all should think about that!

Dating with a disability
Dating with a disability
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  • FictionalCharacter
    That’s a nice story. I do believe people should live their life however they want. They don’t need other people permission what road they should follow since it’s not their path.

    If people don’t agree with your choices on who you love, then just shut them up and live your life happily.
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  • Adogdog
    This is so true! Thank you for sharing!!!
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  • CaptainSmartass
    Yep. That's true. I'd date someone with autism. Especially as I also have it, so it'd be wrong if I didn't.

  • msc545
    Very nice mytake - I can see that you are very articulate and intelligent - great!
  • Michael82
    I have a brain injury so I'm in your shoes
  • Anonymous
    I have autism, or high functioning autism, some people call it aspergers as well