Confessions of a Ladies Man: Women Play Mind Games in Dating Because They are Bored and Without Hobbies


Sometimes that woman is playing games with you on dating apps or in real life because women are simply bored. They don't have any hobbies. They don't really have any life. She literally has nothing going on in her life that is independent from other people.

A woman's modern day life consists of swiping on dating apps, playing games with a dozen guys during the day by messaging them all day, watching some shows on laptop or tv, and then taking new booty/cleavage picture selfies to post online for an ego boost.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Women Play Mind Games in Dating Because They are Bored and Without Hobbies

What are a woman's hobbies? They aren't really activities. Music? TV shows? Basically boredom activities at home where she is stationary and on her phone swiping dating apps and taking more pictures for attention.

Gentleman, you are the prize. The time and attention that you give to a woman is your currency. A woman's only game plan to take your currency is the prospect of sex. The fantasy and allure that you may one day get a chance to be deep inside her.

When a woman isn't texting you. She is not "busy". She is talking to 5 other guys for their attention. After work hours what is she doing that makes her "busy'? A woman literally has very little going on in her life. If she is not spending her time with you it is most likely attention from other guys or just very low interest. Men can easily assume that beyond attention of other men she is bored and lonely.

A man's power is ignoring a woman. If she really likes you she will contact you. Why? Because other than messaging a few other guys (who are clueless and thirsty) she has nothing else to do. But hey...maybe her girlfriends are around. Then they can go party at the bar attract attention from...guys.

Women are completely dependent on other people for entertainment. Either dating app guys or girlfriends. They have no hobbies of their own. Are there exceptions? Sure. Gentlemen. You are a dancing monkey to her with a tambourine. Just merely her amusement.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Women Play Mind Games in Dating Because They are Bored and Without Hobbies
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  • MysteriousDarkness
    The only things you think women do outside of work are: listen to music, watch tv, take selfies; play mind games. If that was all they did then why do I see or know of women who: workout/exercise, do gardening (flowers and or vegetables), do arts and crafts (crochet, knitting, needlepoint, painting etc.), read, write (novels, poetry, autobiographies etc.), cooking etc.
    Once again just like all your other mytakes you are acting like you know all about every woman's life. You think you know what every woman is going to do everytime before they know what they are going to do. The truth is you don't.
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    • Apope16

      I date women. I have LTR relationships. Im going on a date tonight with a painter.

      But... I have spent 20 years being in the friendzone. Women told me all the dirty dark secrets. What i wrote is what women have told me.

      My best friend is a woman. She tells me like you say... its not true. She has an active life. Bla bla bla... but 2 weeks ago she also told me that she went on a date with a chubby guy she wasn't even attracted to because she was bored and lonely. Even went to his apartment knowing he wanted sex after a date because she liked the attention. Sge didn't even want to kiss him. I know girls who show their tits on snapchat just because they like getting the ego boost of confidence.

      Im telling the truth spoken to me BY WOMEN.

    • @Apope16
      What you said in the mytake is not how a lot of women are. You are basing your assumptions on the few women you personally know

    • This woman you're describing sounds just as toxic as you so it's no wonder your friends with her.

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  • Unit1
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    • Apope16

      If you knew the truth of red pill your dating life would be like black licorice

    • Unit1

      Oh look, a complete stranger on the internet, who calls himself a ladies man lectures me about my personal love life perspectives.
      I'm not interested.

    • @Unit1 You will find that he isn't far from the truth as you think he is:

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Leylaland
    So playing with guys is not a hobbie what a shocker o. O...

    Hobbies of mine: play geshin, draw, workout but not insane work out, dance to some kpop music, tease some guy to look for my pleasure and masterbate, gardening I have chilies, cilantro, Hortensias (Spanish name), Cooking not a hobbie but what I do that takes a lot of time and wash dishes. Watch k dramas. Or a show of crimes and lawyers, read webtoons, haven't found a book to read. Yet. And sometimes take selfies for my own pleasure iget horny watching my boobs lol and then look for a guy to finish the job. ... there done.
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    • Leylaland

      What do guys do all day? Scratch their testicles while swapping pictures of sexy girls? I wonder...

    • Apope16

      Good list of hobbies. You sound like a very dateable woman.

      I think if you ask most guys their hobbies are more individualistic and don't require the entertainment of other people. For me it is: Songwriting, guitar, poetry, writing novels, writing articles on GAG, going to movies ( i like going to theaters alone). Things like that. But all of these hobbies are independent. They are things that a man does without women. A man is on his purpose and his mission.

      Most ladies hobbies are social. They are very dependent upon other people to be entertained.

    • Leylaland

      Ahhhh now I understand what you mean, I now understand why I'm not like my friends to clingy yeap, they take my me time just talking about stupid stuff, rumors, critiques, shadig other women etc.. haven't found a real girl friend. Thats why I have whatsapp plus so I don't have to answer their messages. But i think is more like a personality thing, I feel when around people they suck my energy. And need a me time. To charge myself their is a name for that.

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  • hi_it_is_me123
    I see nothing with getting to know new people to have a love relationship with them. Dont guys do that too to get to know girls and choose the best one? I see nothing wrong with getting to know many people and choose the best one to date. Of course you should not play with anyone's feelings and you should be honest. Maybe I am wrong. I also think you should not have dating apps when you date someone aka have girlfriend/boyfriend. My partner can look up my phone and vica versa since i dont hide anything
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    • Apope16

      What are your hobbies? I see you are attacking guys. But what are YOUR hobbies?

    • What ARE your hobbies. I only "attack" incels, not men. I would not even call this attacking. Try better

    • But your hobby is definetely attacking women.

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Here we go again 🙄
    Really, can I really ask why you lump all women the same. Or why you don't understand that the more preconceived negative false assumptions you have about women is the very reason you probably have issues with women and relationships.
    No woman in her right mind is going to stick around if they're constantly put down or judged by "other women's" actions instead of their own..
    And women don't have hobbies?
    You've never seen women at the Gym
    You've never seen women play golf
    You've never seen women that are artists or musicians or women that garden or or, etc, etc...
    Oh but let me guess, their "really" just doing those things to trap some poor innocent unsuspecting male into their evil web of deceit and destruction 🙄🙄
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    • i think he made good overarching statements that were not intended to "lump all women together as the same" but more to give a general idea of what seems to be the trend ignoring exceptions that aren't explicitly claimed not to exist.

      and of course "most" women don't stick around a guy that puts them down. that's why there's so much sweet talkers that learn how to tell women what they wanna hear in order to get laid. though i would challenge you to explain to me where this huge problem of continuous domestic violence against women comes from, if they didn't stay with men that abuse them. it's certainly not a majority but not a small issue either.

      i do personally prefer the women you are describing. they are attractive to me, though the reality in my personal experience seems to be that "most women" aren't like that. most women do have nothing to offer besides the things they came equipped with naturally, cause they don't have to as men chooe them by virtue of those exact things in a majority of cases, specially at younger ages.

      to me that seems very real. it's not exactly a positive thing but the positive thing that is that not all girls are like that. it's not easy to find a good partner. i think at least with that you would agree.

    • i mean it beegins with simple conversations. most dates i'm on i have the to carry the conversation, cause the women apparently don't even know how to have one, since they're so used to a man taking care of that...

    • mind you, wen we say "women have nothing to offer", we're not saying that women have nothing at all going for them in their lifes. they can have a career, a good income, a house. good car. can take care of themself. all good and well. yet still have nothing to offer that is relevant to our needs and desires.

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  • NathanDavis
    wondering how many Jurassic Park movies out there, only seen the first.
    wondering how many Jurassic Park movies out there, only seen the first.
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  • meetkitty123
    Oh the sour words of a bitter person. What ashame you feel you must bash an entire sex to get your sentimental displeasure out. The truth is these painful wounds you carry have very little to do with gender. We as humans have a natural tendency to generalize. Example feeding an infant something green if the infant finds it unpleasing they will naturally believe any food that's green is unpleasant. So regardless of sex it truly comes down to the person doing the bashing, and the people who root and add to the bashing. One would have to ask themselves what have these people contribute to cause this bitterness they carry? I know everyone wants to play the victim card but we can't all claim victim then of course there are the individual who are actual victims. Actual victims must acknowledge that they are now safe they are now empowered and in control of their own choices. We all have some role in our own misery. For example this bashing post. Just like any other bashing post it doesn't make the host doesn't come off enticing by any means. Any woman who prior to this post who briefly came across this gentleman's profile and found this individual to be interesting is now looking at him in a different light. This is the same if it was a woman writing such a post any man who thought of her respectfully will now have lost respect for her. You receive what you dish out. If you going to be negative then it's negativity you will get. My first reaction of the post was not offense but sorrow for the individual's plight and cry for comfort. My second thought was I certainly would not be interested in dating an individual who displays such angerish. This sort of post just builds a bigger gap between them and the opposite gender. Regardless of gender a bashing post simply makes an individual appear rather frightening and unapproachable. It's like coming across an abused dog in a kennel. The dog may growl show teeth and puff up making a bitter frightful scene. Most individual's would back away from such a creature and pass it up. Sadly because of the dogs behavior the dog gety dismissed and overlook which keeps them locked up in a terrible situation. Worst yet is that behind all the pungent attitude there very well could be an amazing sweet lovable creature who simply needs someone understanding and patient to bring them out of their barriers. But this requires a rare type of person to take on such a challenge and risk. Note I said rare. So whether we are referring to an animal or a person any individual who comes off full of negativity and hatefulness is naturally going to be overlooked by the majority and this causes a cycle. The individual acts harshly, they get overlooked and they become more resentful. Over and over again. The only ways for such a pattern to be broken is if an extremely rare individual steps in and takes a chance on them or if the individual would have a change of heart and decide to no longer be so indignant. Yet I believe this isn't something that can occur entirely on its own. Returning to the abused dog reference. For the dog to make the personality switch they would require a bit of assistance. Someone would have to intervene perhaps by taking the dog out of the kennel and putting them into a tranquil foster home. So in other words for the bitter hurt individual to change their mindset someone would have to intervene on their behalf. Someone will have to make them aware of their actions and encourage them to take a good look at how they are behaving and thereby metaphorically speaking taking them out of their dark kennel. Look it's not a gender issue. This is a dating issue. We all get burnt we all meet individuals who hurt us. We all at one point or another have to dea with games or heartbreak. RARELY does it occur where a couple can say they met young fell in love married and stayed together. The bottom line is cr@p happens it's how we choose to respond to it that makes the difference.
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    • How is this "bitter" and "bashing"? What he described is universally known male experience within the modern dating world. The only thing that's bitter here is the truth he has given. And damn it indeed seems to taste very bitter for you. Hence why you wrote an entire essay ranting (which no one is going to read by the way). Here you got some evidence:

    • @TruthBringer
      Thanks for reading 🀣😊

    • Oh yes I did read, just the start of your rant, not the rest lmfao

  • WolfBaneGal
    ROFL. Are they ONLY women you associate with SLUTS and WHORES? I mean the first paragraph was so utterly pathetic it's obvious you don't have anything to do with decent self-respecting women or for that matter women who may actually work beyond sweeping floors & cleaning tables.
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  • modelUN242
    I’ve never used a dating app because it seems exhausting. I found someone when I was 20 and I feel like he’s the one. I also haven’t dated before.

    I do think a lot of what you said is true since women have way too many options and feminism have made them have inflated egos. My guy friend got rejected by this fat woman plus she was ugly (she was 25 and he 22). Unbelievable.
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  • IveGotNoName
    Another one of those posts where you can't disagree because you'll inevitably be attacked and disliked by the delusional mytake owner
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  • Lynx122
    I think it's just because women are more socially oriented so the less interesting women often just look for people to entertain them because that's what interests them. But it doesn't mean all women have nothing to do.
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  • K-I-S-S
    Confessions of a Ladies Man: Women Play Mind Games in Dating Because They are Bored and Without HobbiesWhile it does seem in most dating sites women in general expect men to be interesting/entertaining.

    To say it's because they have no hobbies is just weird. In my country, women tend to have more hobbies than men, and in other Europe women seem active too.

    I know tons of guys who just like to drink and watch tv.
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  • Levin
    Preach, brother.

    About time it's turned back on women, who might realise they ain't so perfect themselves!
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  • Screenwriter
    Whoa! Who ARE these women that you know?
    You have definitely been hanging around with the wrong crowd.
    Everyone I know has hobbies and interests and is busy engaging in those hobbies and interests and that's been true my entire life. My parents were like that too. So is my 25 year old son and HIS friends.
    Hiking, biking, rock climbing, canoeing, gardening, sewing, painting my house, keeping up with repairs, changing my oil, laying sod on my front lawn, going to gallery openings, the museums in town.
    I don't know how ANYONE has time to be bored with so many wonderful things to do and so much self work to achieve.
    You need some new friends...
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  • gausslu
    So what do you want us to do? Ignore women on dating websites? What good will that do?
    I mean LOL it comes down to GREED. Women want all the ATTENTION for themselves and GIVE NONE to men. For every time a woman "initiates" something, she 1) risks rejection/insults 2) Lessens the amount of attention she necessarily gets. Women are greedy and want to use there sexual power to take everything LOL. Power corrupts.

    I am tired right now!
  • Svellte
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  • genericname85
    yeah, i noticed that. the vast majority of women are leeches that wanna leech of the value that a man brings to the table. the type of "emancipated" women feminits go on and on about is incredibly rare.
  • TruthBringer
    Asbolutely well said! And of course, once again, you're getting hate from the pink comment section. The truth sounds bitter in the ears of the weak. Too bad for them, studies have shown that your Take is on point. Women simply use dating apps for free attention/validation and because they are bored. I've lost count to how many times girls told me they use Tinder because they are "bored".
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  • InventorofWarp
    This entire fucking MyTake is so fucking toxic that I actually had to give the internet some Tylenol after reading it.
  • AzzaBlue
    No, women who play mind games are moronic children. Next question.
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  • Knighted2170
    What kind of narcissistic B. S. is this? You have to be kidding me.
    So, the only reason she would be texting is that she is bored, lonely, and playing mind games? She is completely dependent on others for entertainment?

    What a load of crap.

    You obviously do not know women.

    I don't know where you are getting your information from, but I would ask for my money back. If this happens to be what you "know" from your own "life experiences," then you're an idiot.
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  • Jamie05rhs
    How sadly ironic. Because if she actually allowed me to be her boyfriend, then she would never be bored again. I would make sure of that.
    But I guess that's too hard...
  • Alpha4U
    Thats why you need to put her in her place. let her chase you
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  • WowwGirl
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