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Top Ten First Date Tips From Someone Who COULD Be Your Grandfather

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Woodstock, 1969.  I was NOT there;  I was only 14 years old.
Woodstock, 1969. I was NOT there; I was only 14 years old.

When I was a young man, my generation thought that we were radically different from our parents' generation, we did things differently, and they were simply incapable of understanding anything about us. We didn't want to listen to their advice and we learned all of our lessons the hard way. Fifty years later, I realize my generation was just like me parents' generation, except that we drove newer cars and listened to louder music . . . but the boy-chases-after-girl-until-girls-lets-him-catch-her story was just the same, including all the sexual games and escapades.

Your generation may think that you are radically different from your parents' generation, you do things differently, and your parents are simply incapable of understanding anything about you. You are probably wrong, just like we were wrong, so if you want some dating advice that MAY have some relevance to your life, continue reading. If not, TTYL.

I had a big crush on her, like many other guys!
I had a big crush on her, like many other guys!

1. There were many girls I could have dated when I was very young, but I had my standards and I didn't want to go out with THOSE girls. I should have realized that it's just a date; going out with a girl doesn't mean that you're going to marry her. And dating someone, getting some experience, instead of sitting home on Friday and Saturday nights . . . my social development would have happened much quicker. I'm not suggesting that you should date a girl whom you abhor or detest, but if you can imagine having a few laughs together with her, give it a go. You might even get surprised!

Zoot Suit. Surprisingly, this would NOT make a good first impression!
Zoot Suit. Surprisingly, this would NOT make a good first impression!

2. If you have known the girl for a while, this section doesn't apply as strongly, but . . . a first date is your only opportunity to make a good first impression. Would you rather make a good first impression or a lackluster first impression? So dress nicely enough that it looks like you are trying to make a good impression. Be on time. Select a nice location, something that will tell her "he's trying to make a good first impression on me," but nothing over-the-top.

3. When you meet, compliment her on her appearance unless she really looks like a total slob. Odds are that she spent a bunch of time worrying about her hair and her nails and things that you'll never notice, and if you compliment her, she will feel that her effort was not wasted.

4. You don't have much dating experience and you're afraid that you will run out of things to say and it will be awkward. There are some questions that are always appropriate for a first date, and you should review a list of questions before the date. You can even store them on your phone and review it when you excuse yourself to go to the men's room. Having this questions available WILL keep the conversation going!

Do you still live at home?

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Are they all still at home?

Do you share a bedroom with a sibling?

Has your family lived here your entire life?

What do you want to do after high school/college?

What's the stupidest question a guy ever asked you on a first date? After she answers, respond, "Man, I'm glad I asked! I was getting ready to ask you that same exact question!"

Do you like watching any sports?

What kind of movies do you like?

What are your favorite restaurants? (These last three questions can give you ideas for future dates if you are heading in that direction.)

My favorite first-date restaurant
My favorite first-date restaurant

5. Find out something about her interests and, hopefully, there are one or two that are also interesting to you. Do a bit of online research to educate yourself about her interest so you can ask about that. If she is into classic rock 'n roll, ask her if she is a Beatles fan, Rolling Stones, etc. That will get her talking.

The Beatles . . . of course!
The Beatles . . . of course!

6. If you take her to a restaurant, she may be nervous about what to order: shouldn't order the most expensive thing on the menu but doesn't want to insult you by ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, either. So you make a few suggestions. "I might get the Blue Crab Cakes" or "I hear the Strawberry-Crusted T-Bone is excellent!"

7. If you are self-conscious about excusing yourself to go to the restroom, you don't need to announce, "Excuse me but I'm going to the men's room to do number two." Just get up and, as you are rising, say, "Excuse me. I'll be back in just a minute."

Top Ten First Date Tips From Someone Who COULD Be Your Grandfather

8. When the waiter asks if she wants dessert, she will say "no" but she really wants to say "yes." So, before she has a chance to say "no," say "I'd kinda like to try a dessert but I don't want a whole dessert. Would you like to share one with me.?" Of course, she will agree to do this as a favor to you. Ask her what looks good and she will probably select whatever has the most chocolate in it. So you order that with two spoons or two forks, and sharing a dessert requires that you sit closer together, so you have a chance to become a bit closer!

Top Ten First Date Tips From Someone Who COULD Be Your Grandfather

9. After the dinner, if the date is going well, have a follow-up activity planned. "Would you like to go watch the trucks being unloaded at the Kroger?" or, hopefully, something more entertaining than that, like "would you like to go to the music festival in the park?" or whatever people do at 8:30 or 9:00 pm in your area.

This was NOT a serious suggestion!
This was NOT a serious suggestion!

10. At the end of the date, when you are saying goodbye, move forward to give her a hug. Make it a full body hug but don't put your hand on her butt! Not yet! Pull your head and torso back from her but keep your arm around her waist, then look directly into her eyes . . . from about six inches away. If she closes her eyes, tilts her head to the side, or moves her head one millimeter closer towards yours, she wants to receive a good night kiss and you should not disappoint her! It's a first date, so this isn't one of those I'm-going-to-examine-your-tonsils-with-my-tongue kisses but it is a kiss on the lips that lingers for a few seconds. Then you back away, wait a few seconds, and say "I hope to see you again real soon."

You turn this . . .
You turn this . . .
. . . into this!
. . . into this!

You just had a successful first date!

Top Ten First Date Tips From Someone Who COULD Be Your Grandfather
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  • exitseven
    That is exactly the way to do it. I will write a sequel to this about how not to have a successful date.
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  • ayari
    How romantic it is 😍 It would be perfect if could do that ‼️
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Nice read! And good advice...👍👍😊
  • ChrisMaster69
    Late to the party but that was incredibly spot on.

    very impressed.

    I really agree with the have a date or something rather that sitting at home.

    we get one shot at this life.

    the skills you learn early on mean you have a fighting chance when it’s important.

    on food, a few restaurants will do a sort of date platter / Buffett for both mains and desserts. Restaurant I go to does mini deserts for people dating.

    Yeah excellent write really good read.
  • Crazybeeguy
    Besides the first date questions aren't good ones.
    It is an excellent myTake? When I do a date, I like the conversation to flow naturally. Both people are usually nervous, so to ease the conversation I don't ask questions about family, that is a convo for another day. I like number 1, sometimes people should just hang out and have fun. No "date" needed, this helps a lot when no expectations are involved. It was great otherwise, thanks for the share.
  • Twinrova
    Grandpa, can you please tell me stories about our Roman pedigree? Am I related to the Optimus Princeps, Trajan? Thank you, grandpa. I love you. :]
  • pleasestopthis
    As the saying goes, "there's nothing new under the sun", young people who're humble enough to listen can benefit a lot from our parents and grandparents' wisdom.
    Nice take, it was very interesting
  • lanadelrey25
    haha I laughed pretty hard at the truck unloading part
  • goaded
    "Strawberry-Crusted T-Bone" What the heck is that?

    Excellent Take!
    • Thanks! "Strawberry-Crusted T-Bone" is something that I made up as a spoof of upper-scale restaurants where the waiters always recite the daily specials and it's usually something-crusted-with-a-something-coating-floating-in-a-pool-of-something-that sounds-like-it-will-make-you-throw-up. Just a little bit of humor to lighten the mood!

    • goaded

      Both ingredients love black pepper, it might even work...

    • goaded

      No. It's terrible.

  • darkcloud1945
    Shit I remember those days long long ago. you describe very well. Thanks for the memories. The best thig about those times was we did not have AIDS to worry about and some of the funky STDs there are today. If you showed a little class you did well in the date dept sex was another thing but fun trying
  • DCooper
    I thought you were going for something more like this...https://www.youtube.com/embed/SdXHW0DJEEU
  • PaynefulPleasures
    Great read I'm really impressed thank you for sharing ✌️
  • spartan55
    "wanna watch the trucks being unloaded at Kroger" 😂😂😂😂, love it!
    Solid advice that any generation could benefit from!
  • CubsterShura
    You said that I'm like your daughter, does it means I'm everyone's mom now? 👀
  • Napolii
    First tips:Never date just go buy a hooker to avoid heart breaks and judgmental scenarios.
  • legalboxers
    interesting.. truth be told, you were my fathers age. His only advice. Education is next to godliness. and you can't have enough degrees. BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD.. (etc)
  • Massageman
    Very nice. Covers the bases well. (remember when there was first, second, third base and a home run? ) but I digress - - - - - - - -

    Especially liked # 8- win-win strategy.
    Re #9- in small towns, doesn't everyone watch the rainbows in the oil slicks at the local filling station?

    One point about questions/conversations - ask "open-ended" questions, not "closed-end" questions. So, instead of asking, "Do you like the Beatles?", ask/request "Tell me what you think of the Beatles."
  • Joshua0213
    Lol I actually do watch the trucks unload at the local grocery store, its fun and relaxing to watch, good list I agree with all these things
  • jimmy2
    Lol ohhhh my nail on the head. What he trying to say ladies we are slower but better in sex
  • Jamie05rhs
    "Don't put your hand on her butt!". As if that was even an option? Lmao.
  • Arumin_Ian
    Thanks grandpa... this is good stuff
  • loves2learn
    Good advice! That was fun to read.
  • 1stranger
    Hmmm.. very nice advices. Thanks..
  • Jenngirl00
    I love it
  • Ninjazzed
    Love it
  • Pogi-Paddy-2
    Great advice, couldn't have said it better.
  • Avocadorable
    Thanks for the helpful advice.
  • Krystal23
    This is very interesting I will keep this in mind
  • msc545
    Very instructive and interesting!
  • eyekneepain
    I really benefit from this thanks
  • Likes2drive
    Well that was good dating advice 👍
  • princeofromance
    This was an interesting read.
  • UncleJessieRabbit
  • WowwGirl
    Not to shabby Old Top🌺
  • Anonymous
    Hey Bobby Brady, this sounds great for the olden days, but it doesn't really work that way anymore.

    Sometimes the guy kisses you (or more) before you've even had a date.

    If you're going out, it's usually at 11pm or midnight before you go do something, not 8pm. We mostly hang out, not date.

    Sharing a dessert as an issue? We either have a dessert if you want one, or not. If I just had dinner, I'm usually too full for dessert. I can have something at home if I want, or find something in his refrigerator if I end up there.

    A guy has never said to me, "I'm going to go do a #2." Eww. Usually he'll just say, "be right back."

    We're at restaurants all the time, with our friends, by ourselves, with our bfs, I have no trouble ordering what I want at a cheap or fancy restaurant. And most fancy restaurants are pretty chill these days unless they're for business people or talent agents or something, then they're intense, but we don't go to those anyway. This is not an episode of Dawson's Creek dude.

    We don't have any trouble talking, otherwise we wouldn't be on a date in the first place.
    • Thanks for the witty condescension. You are obviously an intelligent lady and someone as intelligent as you should realize that all of the users on this site do not live their lives as you live yours. Many of them are inexperienced, shy, and more concerned with doing things the right way.

      "Sometimes the guy kisses you (or more) before you've even had a date." I'm sure that is your experience.

      "If you're going out, it's usually at 11pm or midnight before you go do something, not 8pm." No. If YOU go out, it may be 11 pm or midnight but that doesn't mean the rest of the world is doing it the same way.

      "We mostly hang out, not date." I know. Your generation doesn't want to call it a date. But what happens is that you express some interest in each other, in a very guarded way, so that if it doesn't work, you can deny that you had any interest whatsoever. It's an example of that brazen honesty and candor which you embody.

      "A guy has never said to me, 'I'm going to go do a #2.'" No sense of humor?

      "I have no trouble ordering what I want at a cheap or fancy restaurant." Yes, you're a big girl now.

      "We don't have any trouble talking," How many telephone calls do you make per month compared to how many texts you send or receive?

      Responding just for the purpose of throwing out some clever put downs says much about who you are. Good bye.