Here's why below average men should go their own way (advice for most men out there)

Only by being alone you can archive true greatness. .
Only by being alone you can archive true greatness. .

Girls won't admit this, but girls pick guys based on looks. I mean, they should. It's simple to understand why they prefer guys with good genes, so they have better offspring—girls rate guys based on what guys can't easily change. E. g., height and face structure. (Good height and a good looking face means good genes) This is important to a woman; hence, looks matter far more to a woman than men.

So most guys who don't meet these high standards of women should go their own way. I'm a guy with an average face, 5'10ft, and an athletic physique. I don't get girls. A guy with a dad bod with a good-looking face gets girls more than me. This is simple biology. I also should make it very clear that I don't blame women for this. It's just their nature. I have accepted it and moved on.

In the modern age, women can earn their own living and take care of themselves. They no longer need a guy to take care of them. Therefore women don't care if a guy is successful or not.

You can be a successful guy and still not get any girls because your face is below average and your height. Average or below-average-looking guys, we need to understand this and go our own way.

I, for one, don't have the time to be saddened by this reality, and I'm just going to focus on myself and my success in life. I thought that getting a good physique and becoming a better man would increase my chances (I was naive, I know), but now that I realize this, I advise men like me to go their own path.

Women have countless good-looking men for them to date, and us going our own way wouldn't concern them. They can have fun and raise families with good-looking dumb guys out there.

I'm just going to be successful in life; I would also be well off than most cause I won't be taking care of a wife or supporting a family. I would then donate most of my wealth to charities and people in need, making me feel good about myself and fill the void.

"There's only so much fortune a man really needs and the rest is for showing off"

If you go on your own path and become successful in life, you could attract gold diggers. Still, personally, for me, I don't like cheap women, so I would rather die alone than do that, but again it's your choice.

Ugly, below average, or average looking men should go their own path, chase success, change the world for the better, and leave behind a legacy when they leave this earth.


Here's why below average men should go their own way (advice for most men out there)
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