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Here's why below average men should go their own way (advice for most men out there)

Only by being alone you can archive true greatness. .
Only by being alone you can archive true greatness. .

Girls won't admit this, but girls pick guys based on looks. I mean, they should. It's simple to understand why they prefer guys with good genes, so they have better offspring—girls rate guys based on what guys can't easily change. E. g., height and face structure. (Good height and a good looking face means good genes) This is important to a woman; hence, looks matter far more to a woman than men.

So most guys who don't meet these high standards of women should go their own way. I'm a guy with an average face, 5'10ft, and an athletic physique. I don't get girls. A guy with a dad bod with a good-looking face gets girls more than me. This is simple biology. I also should make it very clear that I don't blame women for this. It's just their nature. I have accepted it and moved on.

In the modern age, women can earn their own living and take care of themselves. They no longer need a guy to take care of them. Therefore women don't care if a guy is successful or not.

You can be a successful guy and still not get any girls because your face is below average and your height. Average or below-average-looking guys, we need to understand this and go our own way.

I, for one, don't have the time to be saddened by this reality, and I'm just going to focus on myself and my success in life. I thought that getting a good physique and becoming a better man would increase my chances (I was naive, I know), but now that I realize this, I advise men like me to go their own path.

Women have countless good-looking men for them to date, and us going our own way wouldn't concern them. They can have fun and raise families with good-looking dumb guys out there.

I'm just going to be successful in life; I would also be well off than most cause I won't be taking care of a wife or supporting a family. I would then donate most of my wealth to charities and people in need, making me feel good about myself and fill the void.

"There's only so much fortune a man really needs and the rest is for showing off"

If you go on your own path and become successful in life, you could attract gold diggers. Still, personally, for me, I don't like cheap women, so I would rather die alone than do that, but again it's your choice.

Ugly, below average, or average looking men should go their own path, chase success, change the world for the better, and leave behind a legacy when they leave this earth.


Here's why below average men should go their own way (advice for most men out there)
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  • ChubbyKing
    Have you ever considered the fact that maybe you're just completely undesirable? Getting a woman to like you isn't hard if you have a good personality. Let me put it in perspective

    A girl can get into a guy's life if he finds her attractive but personality is what lets her stay. Every guy knows that. Here's the thing, it's no different for women. Getting noticed may be difficult, but that's why you can start as a friend. The friendzone is a euphemism. The reality of it is, if she's your friend and doesn't want to date you eventually, it means there's something she dislikes about you. She could find you weird, ugly, etc. That whole "I don't want to ruin our friendship" is just a cop out 9/10 times. So look introspectively. You don't gotta be rich, you don't gotta be a model, you just have to present yourself in an appealing way. If you struggle to get any women to like you, the issue isn't them bud, it's you
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  • SupremeWarlord
    I get it, being single is perfectly fine, but come on man, you're full of bullshit.

    Pardon my language, but I know one guy who is ugly, fat and very short, yet he could get lots of women (okay the women were far from being famous models, but you get my point), he was really a pleasant guy to be around, he even makes fun of his own height, self-deprecation, but without feeling truly inferior.

    If what you say is true, how the hell did he get a wife and had children with her? Magic?

    Unless you're looking for unobtainable women, you should be able to find someone.
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    • Steven8000

      He is right actually. I am an ugly guy that never had a girlfriend despite trying and I am confident. I know other ugly guys who never had a girlfriend as well and they are confident too. Guess what? They never had a girlfriend either. I also only got laid for free one time and they got laid for free only one time, very few times, or 0 times.

    • Yea these lames are delusional and crazy

    • Steven8000

      @Aphrodite801 it is not delusion. He is speaking facts. The original poster.

Most Helpful Girls

  • DianaWest
    oh, what's with this bullshit? about 30 or 35% of men i see i am attracted to. i dare say even 40%. in my opinion, about 40% of guys i see are at least a 6 or 7/10, and i have no problem feeling attracted to guys who are slightly above average. i don't get this bullshit about the top 1% of men or the top 10% of men getting girls. the guys where i live just don't know how to dress. y'all dress like slobs, with t-shirts with holes in them and dirt all over. try to dress more stylish. girls like guys with style and nice hair cuts. i like guys who wear leather jackets, jean jackets, ripped jeans, skinny jeans, polished shoes, long coats, leather boots, etc.
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    • RedFever

      Ripped jeans?

    • Hanmakev

      So 60% of guys are unattractive guess what? THATS STILL MORE THAN HALF!😂

    • DianaWest

      @Hanmakev i am attracted to almost half the guys i see. that is more than enough.

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  • imanf7
    Most of the good looking girls I see are with average and less average guys. so what you say is incorrect. good-looking men make about 1 to 10% of men , so what are you saying is not true , otherwise most girls will be single. also just because a guy is good-looking doesn't mean he's dumb. And everyone has a type , what is ugly to you , is good to others
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    • Smegskull

      Average is objective what you see (and then judge to be average) is subjective.
      All but 1 man on earth could go their own way and there could still be no single women, they just date the same guy...
      Sort of true, being attractive doesn't make someone dumb but it does allow free access to things that others are motivated to be smart to obtain.
      Again sort of true, some things are objectively attractive some are subjective.

    • garykingg

      I would personally date an average or even below average woman myself. That makes sense from a guy's perspective.

      But I don't understand why women would want to date an average or less than average looking guy. Don't you want the best possible offspring? It doesn't make sense.

      If looks didn't matter people who call themselves 'incels' wouldn't exist. All I'm trying to do is to show that below average looking guys who get zero attention from women another path to success.

      They can choose to go this path, understand that they can be happy without a woman, and find success in life, instead of feeling down on themselves cause they didn't find a life partner due to their looks (which are out of their control for obvious reasons).

    • imanf7

      It's easy , it's all about confidence. women are attracted to confident men , looks are secondary , a confident guy with a great can win any woman. as for the incels they're clearly lack confidence and they're turned into sad people , it's all mental

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  • Explorer91
    You feel despair because women don’t want you.
    but might I say it might be something else causing this rejection.

    I understand women want men men with a good looking face for example.
    but technically that would be 15 percent of the male population maybe. Even if you want to make it higher whatever.
    that would mean 85 percent of women would never find a partner. Because there’s only 15 percent of men with good looking faces.
    obviously most women can’t and don’t date men with good looking or great genes only lol.
    This is just your perception. It’s not the reality.
    it may feel frustrating because you don’t understand the real causes of what is leading you to be rejected so you have decided this is the reason.
    sure maybe it is the reason SOME women reject you.
    But i can guarantee you many women end up with men 5 foot 10 with average faces and nice physiques. And they would be lucky with that.
    I think you need of work on your self awareness of the real issues holding you back.
    • Steven8000

      I never had a girlfriend despite trying cause I'm ugly. It is a fact.

    • Explorer91

      @Steven8000 there’s a difference between ugly and an average face. You made it seem like your face is average.
      If you really are ugly. I’m not sure how you are equating this to a gender issue, don’t know many men who want women with ugly faces.

    • Chthou95

      Men aren't as picky

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  • Jfranco12
    That’s not really true, I’m a good looking guy, I’ve been working out 10 years, I have always taken care of myself. I have gotten compliments from both men and women and I’ve been rejected many times even by average looking women. I’ve also never had a girlfriend. They choose someone based on emotional attraction. Sure looks do play a part, just like how for us we look for a pretty female with nice boobs and a nice butt. For girls thought it’s mainly how you make them feel.
    • Steven8000

      It is true what he says. I'm an ugly that is confident and I know other ugly guys that are confident and we never had a girlfriend. Also we only got laid for free one time, hardly ever, or 0 times.

    • @Steven8000 Firstly you don’t ooze confidence and even looking at your profile pic I can see that you’re miserable and that’s so unattractive. You don’t give off good energy and women are clearly repelled by it. I fell in love with an absolute “ugly” guy but he has a good heart and he didn’t pity himself or hate women and it showed in how he did interact with me and it made me fall for him despite his looks. My theory is you are ugly on the inside and that can absolutely be fixed with some healing. Good luck.

    • Steven8000

      @Babebabebabe I need to correct myself. I used to be confident for many years and it never worked with dating. Also many people take pics with them not smiling. It doesn't mean they are depressed. Also I never said I hate women cause I dont. Wow you fell romantically in love with an ugly guy. Ok. BUT THE HUGE MAJORITY of women will not fall romantically in love with a guy they think is physically ugly. You know that. Just cause you are a minority of cases doesn't mean anything. Also I have known tons of ugly guys that used to be confident as well and they never succeeded with dating either. So enough of you thinking just because you are a minority of women that will fall romantically in love with a guy she thinks is physically ugly doesn't mean most would. Cause most won't actually. Nearly everyone cares about looks to an extent when it comes to dating. Every person that I have known that claimed they didn't care about looks with dating turned out to be lying. I remember this one girl told me she doesn't care about looks when it comes to dating but yet she said days later she wouldn't date black men because she doesn't find them physically attractive. Have the guts to admit that the reason I never had a girlfriend is because I am physically ugly. Oh wait, you don't have the guts cause you are a chicken

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  • Daviddd5412
    As long as I'm alive I don't think I could ever give up the hope of falling in love. I'm not the most attractive person, or the smartest, or the funniest. But for me, a life without that hope would feel very empty. I guess it keeps me going, even if it's a lie.
  • JustinTimberlegs
    Sounds like your standards are too high. You, like the girls you are describing, are putting too much value on the looks. They won't date someone below their standards, you won't either. Hope you find the woman you're looking for though. Good to hear you are working on yourself instead of getting too caught up in looking for a relationship.
    • Steven8000

      That is bull. Even average and ugly women have high standards on looks these days with dating. Quit assuming he is going out of his league. I am an ugly guy that never had a girlfriend despite trying. And no many other ugly guys that never had a girlfriend despite trying too. And none of us have standards too high with looks. Also I only got for free one time so far in my life and it is similar with those exact ugly guys I told you about

    • I'm not saying it's fair, maybe "ugly" women have high standards and it still works out for them. You still have girls who think you are great, you just don't value their feelings because they are ugly to you. Everyone's standards are different anyway there will be someone you find attractive out there that likes you too, they will be harder to find the higher your standards are

    • Steven8000

      You are putting words in my mouth. I went after women of all look ranges in my life when it comes to dating and even women that I thought was ugly, have ridiculous high standards with looks when it comes to dating. Just have the balls to admit that the reason why I never had a girlfriend is because I am ugly.

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  • InferiorElegy
    Clearly this post is filled with bitter females and white knights, who obviously don't know what it's like to be a physically unattractive guy, even one of the females said she considers a 6/10 to be unattractive.

    As a guy who is well below a 2/10 physically (and I know this because I have heard it my entire life), who works out all the time and when I had females in my life I used to hear "You have an amazing personality" " I wish I could find a guy who's just like you" and other things like that but those same girls and pretty much every girl has told me how unattractive or ugly my face is. There was even one girl at a bar a long time ago who I had a great chat with and when I went to ask her out she told me "If it wasn't for your face, I would go out with you, I don't mean to offend you, I just don't find you attractive" and that was actually one of the nicer rejections I've ever recieved.

    Giving up on trying to date was a choice that I had to make, even if I won't be alive much longer at this point.
  • ronaldo75
    It's not about being below average and going their own way. All "below average" guys and all guys in general will eventually get access to post-wall women once they reach their late 30s and especially past 40. Women avoid the topic but women become incredibly abundant to any guy with a middle class job, decent car and a clean apartment after you're about 35 and have your life together, coupled with the fact that at 35-45 women go downhill in terms of attention big time. The trick is to not get caught up or get committed to these women after they're past their prime and only using you now that they want to settle. Have sex with them, date them, have fun but do NOT allow yourself to get suckered into live-in situations, financial commitments, raising other men's kids and ESPECIALLY marriage.

    I feel entry-level MGTOW get it wrong when they say it's about totally avoiding women and never interacting with them. This is really not how anyone should live and it's pathetic on some level. MGTOW should really deal with teaching men how not to allow their life-path to be altered or interrupted due to relationships bullshit, how not to SPEND on women needlessly, and how not to get tied down past a certain age and especially with woman past a certain age, single mothers, divorcees etc.
  • Bigtatas
    Wow. I think the weeknd song is about you... Heartless. shallow and just wtf? I wish you could see the other side. of. the coin where guys that normally aren't "LIKE OMG SO HOT!" are some of the best husbands, fathers and providers on this ball of dirt! Brains/smarts are sexy too! If nothing else can make you happy then I feel sad for you bc you are missing out on so much potential. Gotta have closed eyes and a open mind and an open heart.
  • MCheetah
    "Ugly, below average, or average looking men should go their own path, chase success, change the world for the better, and leave behind a legacy when they leave this earth."

    As a guy with a dad bod with a 6/10 face, I agree with you.
  • Rachelspiks
    "Good-looking dumb guys"? Why are you equating being attractive with being stupid? This MyTake is completely moronic.
    • Hanmakev

      Because we attractive people get handed things in life learn is for you normies and uggos

    • @Hanmakev Do you think you're attractive? Show me a picture then, and I'll be the judge of that.

    • Hanmakev

      No thanks I don’t want you touching yourself to me you freak

  • tartaarsaus
    A lot of below average looking men are in relationships.
    • garykingg

      Probably most of them are rich. Why would a girl date a below average looking guy? It doesn't make sense from an evolution point of view is all I'm saying.

    • Nope

    • Steven8000

      I never had a girlfriend due to being ugly.

  • exitseven
    I am just average looking at most and i certainly am not rich. I had a few girlfriends and most of them were fairly attractive and very nice and somehow I managed to marry a wonderful girl who shared my values.
  • Avicenna
    I disagree with your premises. Attractiveness is multidimensional, and a woman's idea of what is physically attractive in a guy varies.
    • He’s calling others dumb but I’m pretty sure he’s the dumb one because he’s talking rubbish

  • rachel776
    all you have to do is walk around the mall to see this isn't true. try to find one girl with a good-looking guy, especially older like 25 or 30
  • Nik1hil
    Here's why below average men should go their own way (advice for most men out there)

  • EternallyCorrect
    The main reason you don’t get women is because you don’t know how to interact with them in a way that they find attractive. That’s all. There are plenty of ugly motherfuckers who get women.
  • ChrisMaster69
    Sorry but that’s just so much bollox. Okay I’m not sorry, it’s just bollox.

    if this was true, the human race would have died out long ago.

    I would hazard a guess that the big black cloud of doom and gloom following you or hovering above your head is the single biggest problem with a girl even looking at you.

    attitude, physical bearing, confidence are all visible things that others can pick up on.

    Everything you put, just shouts out that you are weak and give in too easy.

    life sucks, it’s hard but never surrender.

    also how do you think your average girl thinks wandering around, she’s compared herself to the latest Instagram person and falls short, she’s sad and despondent.

    I have rarely seen a post from a girl on here on about how weak and pathetic she is, it’s mainly guys.

    yeah huge amount of luck, but we all have a chance if we have the bottle to take it.
  • harmseygracelu
    No mate. You're not getting girls because you're either going for the wrong girls, or I'm sorry to say this, but you're a crappy guy. Girls don't only care about looks, not at all. My older sister could be a supermodel and she dated this butt-ugly guy that cheated on her. She has a crush on bloody Ed Sheeran just because of his personality. The guy I like isn't necessarily that cute, he's a little nerdy, but I like him anyways because he's a nice person.

    Looks aren't everything to girls and if you find the right girl she'll love the heck out of you, warts and all. Girls are a lot more forgiving than you think.
    • My first boyfriend was 5'9 (I'm 5'8) and wasn't too cute either, but I really liked him.

    • Hanmakev

      Wow your sister is friends with Ed sheeran?

    • @Hanmakev No she's not haha, he's just her celebrity crush

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  • genericname85
    every man should go "their own way"... as well as every woman. cause every life is different and everyone wants different things for their life...
  • phonetic_au
    Never seek validation from a woman, your life hobbies and travels are more rewarding than getting rejected by women
    • RedFever

      Hobbies? Like what? Playing computer games all day long?

  • zagor
    There are a lot of guys who aren't in the top 50% in looks who still get girls. You're just not doing it right.
  • Twalli
    I got a girlfriend and doubt I exceed a 4 without a baseball cap on. To compound it I am short. So I call bullshit
  • TheGreatAwan
    Yes. I only wish to fuck hot blondes and dump them before they get too close. Aside from that I am single forever and avoid women at all costs because they only want Chad.
  • Bored97
    The poster of this question is a LAME

    You bitch & complain a out petty things that don't matter in the end

    Females are phoney too the TEE

    They only care about their own security & selfish needs

    There not worth being around 24/7... trust me... they are drama queens & will bit h more than you on every minute of every hour of every day

    & on to the next point

    I live in a low income city & constantly see guys just as homely both appearance & financially wise scoop anything from a 5/10 to a 9/10 broad because they ooze masculinity

    There probably well endowded & make the females feel feminine & they probably "clique" on an "emotional" level
    • Bored97


      I'm asexual to a TEE (cowardly female neighbors can vouch for that)

      Don't care for emotional or physical connection... BUT lusting comes & goes

    • Bored97

      @Aphrodite801 are you talking about the poster or me? Because I clearly told you that I'm asexual

      You'd be very surprised that a lot of people agree with me on that

      Believe it or not there's people who don't have sex or intamacy

      Some crave power & glory... you need to get out more & encounter more personalities

  • Juxtapose
    How is it that I am literally autistic and can find a girlfriend while you bitch and moan?
    • He clearly has a skewed perspective on that entire concept

    • Steven8000

      Cause you are not an ugly man like me.

    • Juxtapose

      @Steven8000 You could work out & find the best "look" for what you're working with.

      Pay attention to your fashion, smile more, be easy to talk to and again, exercise, bulk up.

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  • disgustingweebtrash
    Completely correct, but wrong.

    Men who are frustrated must become ungovernable, why should you invest into a community which ostracises you?
  • Nick473
    Girls dont care that much about looks there vag is not wired to there eyes. They care more about what you say
    • Nick473

      Na its biologically different.

    • Nick473

      No its cause woman like you are weak your the delusional one and spoiled

  • DWornock
    As you state, it is a fact that women select good looking men because that is a strong indicator of good genes. If you go to a dance or anywhere that people go to meet the opposite sex and sit back and watch what you will notice is the almost without exception, the women all act as if looks is the only thing. And, they are not even nice about it. I was standing close to this pretty girl (maybe thinking about asking her to dance) and a guy asked her to dance. She turned him down and less than 3 seconds later, before she turned around and with the guy that asked still next to her, a better looking guy asked and she quickly accepted. That blew the rule that if a lady turns a guy down, to protect his feeling, she should sat out that dance because that didn't concern her at all.
    • DianaWest

      why should it concern her? if an obese woman asked you on a date, would you accept because of a rule? some men can be just as mean and cruel. not saying you have to be mean to someone, but why should she have to sit down for a whole dance when her potential husband could be right in front of her?

  • White_Boy_506
    My brain hurts from reading this moronic BS 😪. Literally just stop pursuing white girls. They are second class to Asian girls anyway.
    • Its only white girls that make you put up with this BS

  • Xylem1992
    I sense a lot of resentment and anger. You have to let that stuff go.

    right now, you're projecting all of your negative feelings, to every single female on the planet. think about that for a second. (I'll wait)

    Okay! So either 4 billion people have a problem, or you do. I think you're not frustrated with the ladies, I think you're frustrated with yourself.

    focus on yourself, improve your strengths, defeat your weaknesses and you'll have more confidence.

    When that happens, you'll see things in a new light
  • Smegskull
    Why wouldn't you just advise this to all men? Attractive men don't deserve to be leached on any more than the rest.
  • Chthou95
    a lot of men are going to die virgins and alone. That's the brutal truth
    • RedFever

      Well, a lot of men deserve to die like that.

    • Chthou95

      @RedFever a lot of women are abused in relationships. That's their fault

    • RedFever

      No. It isn't actually.

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  • NathanDavis
    No thanks... I'm happy
  • rcljr
    Yep, right after I bang your mom and sister
  • Sketti2021
    Rubbish 🗑🚮
  • WowwGirl
    Stupid girls pick on looks
    • Hanmakev

      No hot ones do only yo less attractive females say sht like oh we care about personality and crap you say that because the 1% of men he’s talking about are completely out of your league

    • WowwGirl

      @Hanmakev no man's out of my league ask,

    • Hanmakev

      @WowwGirl yes a bunch are because you can’t compete with women who are hotter and sluttier than you

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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Just change your location
    • garykingg


    • Like country side were the city idealogies are not that spread little bit outside the grid of the city and closer to nature

    • garykingg

      Don't you get it man?

      Women need good offspring. It's called biology and evolution.
      All the girls will get the best guy and there are many out there for them.
      What me and most under average look guys should do is build our physique be healthy and financially independent for our own sakes.

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  • Aphrodite801
    What a lame 🤡🤡🤡
  • Babygirl_S
  • Anonymous
    lmao wait what
    i mean i don't deny that i tend to prefer tall and slim guys but one of my previous crushes was shorter than me when he first came to my school, and my current crush is 5'10. But my first impression on him was "wth is this guy full of acne" but then I fell for him because he tied my shoelace for me (it's a long story).
    • Anonymous

      by the way my friends considered all my crushes to be too unattractive and out of my league (but i don't consider any of them too unattractive for me even now)

  • Anonymous
    Even guys that do get girls should go their own way... too many men waste their time chasing tail, instead of chasing purpose.
  • Anonymous
    I agree with you, there will come a day when average men who aren't "incels" will be shamed mainly for wasting their time on what they werent meant to have.
    • Calm down you’re like not even 18 lol

    • Anonymous

      @Babebabebabe Im ugly enough to not have any girls care about me

    • You’re still so young

  • Anonymous
    I remember seeing this YouTube video about an Asian girl dancing with a very huge fat white short white guy
    So if you're white, you have a slight chance
  • Anonymous
    Never commit to a female but fuck all of them that you want. never get one pregnant though
  • Anonymous
    "I, for one, don't have the time to be saddened by this reality"

    Riiiiiiiiiight. Lol