A noobs journey through Tinder


Introvertedness, peer pressure and a non existent dating life, these are the reasons i joined this carousel of dick pics, content sellers and "nice people" all to find THE ONE..."this is the way of the mando.....Tinder girl".

So how were my 2 weeks on Tinder, it went about as well as expected, some good a lot of shit, made some friends made some enemies, learnt little and my expectations ruined.

The meaningful highlights

  • 3 dates nothing past 2nd date, became friends with one of those dates (she's a helicopter pilot for the forest service and one of the most wholesome persons I've ever met, also yes i got friend zoned stfu its not always a bad thing) the other 2 were duds but both took it well.
  • Matched with my substitute teacher from high school (i didn't recognize him but hey recognized me) and subsequently retched after being told "I've filled out my body nicely since then".
  • blocked 7 times for not replying whilst at work with a highlight being "real women dont work goodbye bitch" after explaining i was at work.
  • a lot of women ending chats with self promotions to their content (nothing against sex workers but im trying to find love damnit)
  • The revelation that its not just guys that can be "nice people" and that women can be just as bad.

So on the whole, lots of matches, lots of dead ends.

So questions

    • "why do women complain so much about online dating when they have endless options to choose from and can pick the most compatible men out of hundreds that write to them,they are spoiled for options!? - so i cannot speak for every woman who uses a dating app but at least when it comes to me there's not a lot in the way of options, if you mean just people that find me "attractive" then sure but that's a different subject for a different time, if you mean in terms of personal feelings and compatibility there's really not and you have to filter through a lot of fluff to find an ounce of mutual likeness.
    • Do women realize just how shitty online dating is for men who are less than a 10/10 in looks and under six feet tall? We literally get NO ONE writing to us, even as a reply to our own messages, its so skewed in favor of women and yet they still complain - Have a rough idea and id like to use my powers of analogies to describe it, Women get 100 cakes but 98 of them have laxatives, men get 2 cakes a year. Not my best work but maybe you get my point.
    • When putting together your dating profile, are you aiming for a type of guy or just very general? - in a way, i put what i like and was honest with who i am and what to expect
    • When or if you agree to meet someone for a date, what security do you advise or carry out before meeting? - as a general rule LET SOMEONE KNOW WHERE you're GOING AND WHO WITH! i cannot stress this enough, going to busy places is smart and refraining from alcoholic drinks until you know you're comfortable with them is good.
    • How to make a girl comfortable through a dating app? - patience, a lot of guys rush or try and push the conversation a certain way so just slow down, think about what yore writing because with messaging its almost impossible to convey emotions and proper context.
A noobs journey through Tinder

Was a little rushed when writing this so sorry about that, thank you for reading and feel free to give feedback and ask questions pertaining to the take, hugs and love from this idiot <3

suggestions for future mytakes would be great too if you're interested in my opinion on stuff

A noobs journey through Tinder
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