Regarding "Why don’t men make the first move [anymore]?"


(Just gonna say; this isn't directed at all women or anything. The ones out there it's directed to; they know who they are. This doesn't apply to good decent women out there; the few of you still left.)

Some women nowadays ask why men don't act like gentlemen anymore, ask ladies out, and show as much interest in women as they used to twenty+ years ago. This also implies the question of why so many men are "cowardly" or "don't have balls anymore" to ask a woman out.

Why do so many men not ask women out anymore or make the first move?

Because so many women are vitriolic negative cunts nowadays that'll accuse any man of "sexual harassment: the moment he even tries to say Hi to her. These women only want 8s, 9s and 10s over six feet tall hitting on them, and think any man less than super-attractive don't have "the right" to be talking to them.

And what's worse is, society goes along with it and agrees with these women. Then, you have men going MGTOW and chasing their own happiness and deciding so many women are shitty human beings not worth the frustration over and these same shitty-ass human beings will then bitch about THAT.

So men have usually ALWAYS made the first fucking move; so many men are tired of women being pieces of shit, though. And I don't usually curse or anything, but questions like these fucking annoy me. Seriously; like a good 50% of women nowadays just have shitty fucking attitudes. They don't appreciate men anymore, or a guy bein chivalrous. And then they want to fucking whine and bitch why men won't "step up" and deal with their shitty fucking behavior and why SO MANY men are going their own way, giving up relationships, working on themselves and hitting the gym more and just seeking companionship with a dog or something.

I myself have been shit on so many times just for my height alone. Legitimately, 50% of all rejections have been from women mocking me for not being tall enough. I'm not kidding; I actually sat down and did the math on this. Half of ALL rejections I've ever gotten; in real life or online, have been to me being called a short-shit and rejected (viciously) on my height. 25% have been for my race and women telling me "I don't date outside my race/non-whites." And 24% have been due to simply my looks/weight, or just being physically unattractive in their eyes. I'll leave 1% to the "Other" category, like the woman being married, or not emotionally ready for a relationship right now and simply say no in a polite manner. And it's not like I "don't have game" either. Yeah, I get nervous because I KNOW I'm not tall and not what any woman has considered to be "attractive" or "good looking" or anything. But out of necessity, I suck it up and man up anyway, and just know how to act well.

So "game" doesn't matter in this regard. I still get rude comments from women, whether that be the shitty human garbage in Philadelphia, or any English-speaking woman here in South Korea (although they care slightly less about height and more about looks; it's a trade-off but doesn't matter much).

Still. This shit is so damn annoying. It's like, these women are the entire fucking problem here. They lack manners, tact, grace, class, or respect in any way. But then want to fucking complain like this. Like, what the fuck do you want? For men to just put up with your annoying shit and blowing the r@pe whistle anytime a man comes within six feet of you? Or for only 10/10 men to ask you out? Or what? God this shit fucking IRKS me! Not the stuff on the street, but the "Where have all the good men gone?" complaining, while at the same time doing the "Help! This man is trying to r@pe me!" shit the moment a man tries to court a woman nowadays.

Men under the age of 50 don't know how hard it is nowadays. They're still old fashioned. But any man that's like, 40 or under and isn't an 8 out of 10 or super fucking rich? They know the struggle. They know how absolute fucking SHITTY women are, nowadays.

I will legit tell you that early 20s me was a true gentleman. Like, truly I was. I've had life beat the shit out of me to where I have no more fucks to give. Just, this Clown World in general. I remain nice and respectful to most people, but my Bullshit Tolerance has tapped out. I am now definitely the type to go from Nice and Respectful, to "You fucked with the wrong one" real quick. Seriously; we're living in the fucking End Times, now. It's insane how shitty people are nowadays. Both women AND men. But let's be honest; most of this annoying shit come from women nowadays. Men just put up with it, thereby contributing to the problem indirectly.

But yeah. Every woman thinks a man is a rap ist nowadays. Or too ugly. Or too short. But at the same time complains why men don't hit on them or act like gentlemen anymore. I'm no longer a gentleman and I have shitty women to blame for it.

Can't win with them. Can't give up and just be asexual. What are you gonna do?

MyTake #52. Rant over.


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Regarding "Why don’t men make the first move [anymore]?"
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