4 reasons why women might want to be with much younger men

4 reasons why women might want to be with much younger men

Before dating my current husband (who is 16 years younger then me) I would have laughed at the concept of dating a younger man. I assumed younger men would be far to incompatible with me. However, after eventually decided to be open about dating who would eventually become my now husband (which took a lot) I found out a lot of my concerns about the age gap were not the case with him. In fact, I found out there were a few positive things that came from him being so much younger

1. Energy

I'm a very high energy woman. I'm always on the go and always am up to do something new. However, guys my age tend to want to slow down. I found that I often felt a little tied down because they didn't want to go out and do things as much as I did. That's not the case with my husband. He is fully able to keep up with me and I think the age gap has something to do with that

2. More open

While it's not always the case I do think younger men are a lot less inclined to expect the woman they're with to conform to gender roles (at least to some degree). If you're not appreciative of that being with a guy who doesn't hold onto such ideas is a huge relief. I think that's much more likely to be the case for younger men

3. Easier to have kids with

By the time I reached my early 40s I still desperately wanted children, but I knew it would be much more difficult for me. However, I've been able to have two kids with my husband fairly easily. I think that it's at least in part because younger men are often more fertile then older men. When you're at the edge of childbearing years that can be a big difference

4. Better stamina in bed- need I say more?

I get the perspective some women have that younger men aren't truly 'datable'. I used to hold onto that. I realize that it's certainly not right for everyone However, for some women I think that there are a few positive factors they may be overlooking. That's certainly the case from my experience

4 reasons why women might want to be with much younger men
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