Dating As A Military Man Is Horrible (my experience and I quit)

Dating As A Military Man Is Horrible (my experience and I quit)

Hello everyone! I'm 19 years old (about to turn 20 years old) and in the air force. I've currently been in the air force for one year and it's been ok. Ever since I arrived at my duty station, dating has been horrible. Most women (civilians) don't want to date anyone that is military. I've had multiple women reject me for this. When you're in the military active duty, 9 times out of 10, it's extremely hard to find a girl that isn't taken. Like if you tried military women, most of these women have already been taken because the military is dominated by males. So, doing an other military member is off the list. Going back to civilians, since I wanted to date someone that is my age, it's really hard to find a girl that is my age to date that is civilian. The reason why is because there are really no outlets to find a girl my age off base. If I was in college, I would be surrounded by them, but this is the military. Dating apps, don't get me started on dating apps, since I live in a very dense military area, which is full of dudes, dating apps are absolutely horrible (probably worse than most areas). Most guys would agree with me on this. I tried sliding in Instagram DM's and it sucked, like 90% of women did not give me a response and a lot of them blocked me because I was just some random that slid in their DM's. The ones that did respond did not want anything to do with me. For example, I slid in a girl's DM's and we talked for a while. We had a lot in common. I asked to her hangout and she responded with "I'll have to see". Which meant she had to see later in the weekend in the plans. Not only that, she also told me that she started seeing this one guy and they went on a date last week and hanging out with each other this weekend. This was an absolute slap in the face when I was told this. After this, I blocked her on everything. It might be because of my lack of experience since I'm a virgin and never been on a date. But, this is me hanging up the towel for a few years (until I separate from the Air Force). Like if you're planning on joining the military and you're a guy going active duty, just quit dating until you get out. It's just bunch of bullshit.

Dating As A Military Man Is Horrible (my experience and I quit)
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  • ShadezMcgee
    As an airman you should be more focused on your career as an active duty member, not chasing tail. Save your money. Stay on top of your PT and dedicate yourself to being a high speed member than can be relied upon. Your doors of opportunity will open.

    In the meantime, build bonds with your team and fellow airmen. Go out. Have fun. Women come when you least expect it. Don't focus on outcome. Women like easy going guys who aren't dead set on making them a direct priority despite what movies and TV may show you.

    Women love men that have purpose. If you keep blowing up women online and texting them, you are not only chasing and proving yourself, but you are showing them you have no goals or ambition if you have time to talk to them all day.

    Focus on your purpose and mission and build yourself up as a man first.
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  • DarkLordNoodlez
    I would say it's probably best to get your life just the way you want it before joining the military. The military often causes severe psychological problems, so it's best to have a spouse/family to help with that. Really my recommendation is to just not join the military so young.
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  • Curmudgeon
    Yes, being tied to the military means you really cannot date. the ONLY exception to this is certain foreign bases, and that assumes you like the foreign women of the area around the base.
  • TwoToTooTutu2
    It's all based on where you ended up. Fort Bliss which is right inside El Paso has none of those issues. Honestly love being in Bliss. It's those Frince bases out in the middle of nowhere that suck major dong.
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "I joined the military because I wanted to get laid. You wouldn't BELIEVE how it turned out!"

    You don't fucking say...
  • rabbitzzz
    I heard you will be getting deployed in Ukraine soon. Lots of pretty locals there.
  • Anonymous
    I would add, way off topic, that if the Biden Regime is still forcing U. S. actively enlisted service members to take the coco jab, to lawyer up and avoid it at all costs.