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What my medical friend told me about dating in college

What my medical friend told me about dating in college

He told me he does not like girls that are too good looking, he looks for girls a little above average and other medical professionals told me the same thing, they did not want a girl too good looking cause they want to know they are her first choice and will never get cheated on.

A lot of fake bots and profiles tried to bait me with pictures of guys they consider to be perfect in proportion or assets but what they don’t understand is that both men and woman fall in love with people they can relate to and choose that over the gorgeous models they can find in magazines.

Also that a gorgeous 10 out of 10 woman might have anger management issues or be impossible to keep faithful and devoted to them. Hailey Bieber has been criticized by millions for not being as gorgeous as Selena Gomez, but Hailey Bieber is far more simple in personality and taste than Justin Bieber’s previous girlfriend and a lot of guys prefer simplicity to complexity.

In the end, compatibility, whether cultural, religious, ideological, moral, social, holistic, biological, or dietary is more important than being the best looking person out because most girls filter out very good looking guys anyway. Just like the doctor did that I knew in school.

What my medical friend told me about dating in college
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  • Moose304

    One thing that chaffs me is people of both sexes that just look on the outward when it comes to beauty. I am speaking as a male so understand I know the opposite is also true. When it comes to the outward I am looking for a lady that keeps what she has clean. Takes a bath once a day. Etc. If I find she has a good heart and won't put up with things like being disrespected I find her to be the total beautiful package. Also, I am speaking as a 60-something male. There is a lot more to say, but I will hold my peace!

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  • bobthe1st

    We look at our own looks, intelligence, financial situation and go for similar depended of our qualities and values some point higher some points lower, if your super intelligent then maybe you look for another quality more because you can't find it, same as looks, financial success or otherwise

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  • RavVid

    First I will deny any girl is simple or simplicity.

    Other than that I would agree. Overall I think 90% of the population want to fuck 10% of the population but you will have a happier life if you are more realistic.

  • zagor

    I want someone who is attractive enough for me to want to have intercourse with her. Beyond that, it is personality and the other things that make me want to be with her.

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  • shark58

    In our culture we have a saying: ... lets celebrate love where it falls...

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  • JamesDiaz11

    That is actually a good strategy, but not because of the perceived character flaws of young, beautiful women.

    Medical students, despite their insistence to the contrary, don't have much prestige/ social market value. They aren't actually doctors (half won't make it), aren't paid dick, and won't for the foreseeable future- on top of being hugely in debt. So, it would stand to reason for these people to go for slightly above-average girls, who are their age or younger, as these girls are equivalent to them on the sexual marketplace.

  • rtj1211

    If you're going to date the very best looker around, then you have to be the very best at something she values too. There's dozens of 5ft 2 inch multimillionaires that married a 5ft 10 inch model, after all. Those models valued material comforts and the masculinity of a self-made rich man.

    You might be an amazing musician, a great sportsperson in a sport that doesn't pay much.

    What you won't be is bang average at absolutely everything. Unless of course, you are an absolute genius at relating to females via understanding the male and female psyches.

    • ROFL. Those models only care for the money - and why idiots who marry such women deserve to lose half their fortune in divorce - and only a moron with a pea-sized brain would think otherwise. What when some of those millionaires are not self-made but inherited businesses you imbecile.

  • ethanallen

    Women are beauty objects for men.

    Men are success objects for women.

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  • Smoothing

    You actually hit the nail on the head.

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  • Henry37


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