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Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

This goes for women too. But that is another my take. Stop looking for a good woman if you refuse to have any morals yourself. You’re just gonna attract what you are and that’s garbage. Good women when they see you are running the other direction.

1. Virgins

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. A woman whose a virgin and saving herself. Isn’t gonna want a guy who has a high body count. You can’t claim you want a virgin woman but not be one yourself or at least have some morals.

2. Good Mothers

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

Sorry women who make good mamas have good moral values. Good mothers don’t want someone whose going to be a bad father.

3. Women who will cook or clean for them

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

Sorry. Women who are like this. Don’t want a one sided man. They want someone to love them. Not just cook clean and have sex with them. What do they get out of it?!

4. Career women

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

Sorry about your luck Chuck. You ain’t getting one of those either. You’re a deadbeat and you’re going to attract women with no ambition in life and doesn’t have the time to sit around and babysit your ass.

5. Women who are good to you

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

Sorry. A good woman wants a good man. You aren’t going to get some sweet wife while getting some on the side. She will leave you. You want a woman whose faithful to you and does everything right. But you want to go out and cheat with degenerate sluts. Then that is what you deserve to be stuck with. Degenerate sluts. You want a woman who ain’t one sided. Don’t be one sided yourself.

6. Intelligent women

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

Sorry intelligent women can see right through your bullshit and your double standards. They’re smart enough to see who you really are. Smart enough not to fall for your tricks. Smart enough to catch you when you’re sneaking around on her or using her for sex, money, whatever it may be.

7. Beautiful women

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

Women who are beautiful have a lot of options. They don’t have to settle for someone who has these unrealistic standards for a woman. But very low standards he holds himself to. Sure there may be some women who are maybe more hot. But good men don’t want them for a reason…. But truly beautiful woman. No sorry bro. It ain’t gonna happen. You can be rich or good looking or living in your parents basement. They aren’t gonna want someone who treats rhen like shit.

8. Nurturing women

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

Sorry! Much like intelligent women. Women with high emotional intelligence number one can see through your BS…. As well as. A good nurturing woman who you can cry on and will take care of you when you’re sick or hurting or having a bad day and will be emotionally supportive to both you and be a good mother.

Does not want a man who just wants to have sex with her and is never emotionally available to her himself.

8. A woman who genuinely loves him for him

A genuine woman. Wants a genuine man. Not a guy who tries acting all good just for her and not a guy whose a bad person. But wants a sweetheart of a wife.

She needs a good man herself and deserves one. A woman who will love you for you you need to love her for her too. As well as hold yourself to the same standards you hold her to!!!!!!

9. Not materialistic or superficial

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

I’m sorry. You want this supermodel looking woman. You want her to be perfect. You want her to cook and clean and do the dishes as well as make around the same money as you….. Ohhhhh. But. She can’t have standards for what she likes. She can’t say she don’t want to date someone based off the same criteria.
you’re going to attract women the same as you

10. A woman without double standards

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get

Sorry dude. A halfway decent woman even. Doesn’t want to have to put all the effort in. Has to be held to high standards. Bur she can’t hold you to any standards. I’m sorry. A woman whose supposed to work a job as well as do ALL the housework. Seriously?! Nothing against traditional people who have it give and take.

Yeah I think women who want to be a housewife or stay at home mom. But never does anything while her husband works his ass off is bad too.

But being a guy like that is going to attract women like that. Who will want to do nothing more then turn you into a little bitch. Like you already are.

Shall I name more?!! If you’re pissed off by this men (or women) take a look st yourself

Types Of Women Bad Men Will Never Get
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