Why bad guys will be always desired by the majority of women!


I've never thought I'd actually write a take about 'bad' guys because the term itself is rather immature and cringeworthy. It still doesn't take away that most women would ditch any guy for a 'bad' one. The question is why? One would think it is something for immature girls to do, but boy are we wrong if we look objectively at this matter. Grown women prefer them too, just with a different definition. Since I see this topic way too often, I thought I'd give it a shot and explain objectively why it is the way it is. The word bad guy is so often used, we don't know anymore who we are referring to. To some men, it makes complete sense why women desire a 'bad guy', while to some it makes them wonder what the hell women see in them. I will address different perspectives based on studies (my major has a lot to do with the differences between male and female too).

First of all, what exactly is a 'bad' guy?

To understand what pulls women to ' the bad guy' we need to know who he exactly is. It is so vague. If we have to listen to little girls, it's the one who misbehaves, but is he really? Is it rational that women fall for someone who only wants to use them? Who is he? Is he that douchebag who appears in certain movies? The player falling in love? The hero who disobeys orders and rules? The guy who treats his girlfriend like shit? The guy with a leather jacket leaning against his motorbike smoking a cigarette? The guy who knocks off everyone standing in his way? The guy in prison? The guy who bullies the girl he secretly likes? Or is it the stubborn mature man who follows his own way? Who the hell is THE BAD GUY?

Is this a 'bad' guy?
Is this a 'bad' guy?

Looking at the patterns, we know this for certain:

- He is aggressive and competitive.

- He is usually handsome.

- He disobeys orders/rules if it doesn't appeal to him.

- He is logical and has a thick skin.

- He doesn't care and is honest.

- He gets what he wants and he is dominant.

- He is dangerous and mysterious.

- He is confident and brave.

- He is less vulnerable.

The historical perspective

Now we know what kind of traits the generalized bad guy has, we should go back in time. I want to start with the historical perspective. Throughout history the main concern was survival, defending one's territory and conquering. Men took their roles extremely seriously and had no other choice but to do that. Since we live in an entertainment society nowadays, that concern faded away. The vast majority of men may not have that concern anymore but they still show patterns of it which I will explain in the psychological perspective.

What has this to do with 'bad' guys? That's simple, if we look back at history, a population was filled with bad guys. It was the only way to survive. Have men been nice guys of a certain country, their territory would be conquered by stronger men of other groups.

The heroes we read about, all have the traits of a 'bad guy', that's how they became a hero in the first place. It takes a thick skin/rationality, braveness and aggression to go beyond your comfort zone. They made strong leaders and out of all the men, their survival was the highest. Women were and still are attracted to such men for logical reasons; they wouldn't want to have a family without a father/a strong role model, they are at the top of the masculinity spectrum, and they could trust such a man protecting them. They were seen as a threat to other men too, especially those who had a high position. Other men respected them and behaved carefully around them. Letting them know how strong you are, was the way to gain respect. If a man behaved like a nice guy, he'd be seen as a doormat and other men wouldn't think twice to touch and take away what is his or who he loves.

As one has noticed, they disobey rules if they don't like it and they do everything to get what they want. Since they have a dominant character because of higher hormones (which I will explain in the biological perspective), the desire to have power is bigger too.

This 'bad guy' saved the world once. Notice his masculine facial features.
This 'bad guy' saved the world once. Notice his masculine facial features.

The biological perspective

Despite current efforts of the European commission to combat gender issues with respect to gender equality, men and women are different in several important aspects (Cahill, 2014). These aspects include cognitive functioning and behavioral traits. Some of these may be socially induced, but scientists have showed on intact animals that other factors such as genetics and gender itself are mostly responsible forthe sex differences in behavior and cognition. Therefore, the current research strategies are calling for including both males and females in the research in order to report the possible gender differences (Ruigrok et al., 2014). Indeed, the exact mechanisms and reasons of sex differences in brain structures that mediate some of these functional dissimilarities are unknown. Genetics and endocrine factors are the most prominent biological explanations and are interconnected. Testosterone is the major male sex hormone. It is present in women, although in much lower concentrations

According to several studies men are different from women, this is a fact. No feminism movement can change that. It doesn't matter how hard we try to be equal, we will never be. Men have always been the stronger dominating sex and they'll still be in the future. One can be offended all he likes, but this is factual. Although the testosterone levels are generally lower in men than the past era's, men are still functioning on it and always will. The reason why men had higher testosterone levels in the past is because the production of testosterone was highly stimulated (men trained a lot more/had to use their bodies a lot more, the environment was based on strength, diet was different etc). Women function on estrogen which is generally lower nowadays too. What has testosterone to do with 'bad guys'? To answer that question, we need to answer this question first: what does higher levels of testosterone to the male body?

-Muscle growth, increased strength

-Increased confidence

-Reduces anxiety/fear

-Strong erections/ strong sperm production

-Strong bones/ higher bone density (larger frame, wide shoulders (mesomorphic))

-Stimulates hair growth

-Healthier heart

-Increases impulsiveness, risk-taking

-Sharper mind/ the use of rationality is increased

-More energy

-Increased aggression

-Increased desire to dominate/ success and power

-Decrease of the use of emotions

-Increased competitiveness

-Superior spatial abilities

-Increased admiration for strategy and sports

-More protective

-Better immune system

-Attractive body odor

-Less likely to be depressed

-The use of fewer shorter words/ straight to the point / less talkative

-Stronger focus on solving problems on their own

-Deeper voice (larger adam's apple)

-Masculine appearance (testosterone stimulates bone growth, the jaw appears defined and pronounced, the chin bigger, the cheekbones and the forehead wider, the eyes deepset, the nose larger etc).

High T male.
High T male.

Sounds familiar. These traits are also seen in most 'bad guys' and 'alpha men' (also an immature word). This is in theory highly attractive to the straight woman as it indicates a strong immune system as well, next to masculinity. The higher the T levels are, the worse these masculine traits are. The lower it is, the less of these traits and therefore the more feminine traits.

To figure out the co

mplex relationship between hormones and hotness, researchers from Abertay University in the U.K. studied 74 Latvian men in their early 20s. They gave the men a Hepatitis B vaccine, which triggers the immune system to produce antibodies to fight the virus, and took blood samples before and after. Using the blood samples, researchers measured the men’s antibody levels, as well as levels of testosterone and the stress hormone cortisol.

The researchers then showed photographs of each man to 94 Latvian women, who were also in their early 20s, and asked the women to rate the pictures on a 10-point scale of attractiveness.

Turns out, the most highly rated men were those with stronger immune

responses and higher levels of testosterone. “The more antibodies a man produces in response to a vaccine, the more attractive his face,” Fhionna Moore, co-author of the study and a psychologist at Abertay University, told Cosmos magazine.

Up: male, down: female. Hormones influence brain structure.
Up: male, down: female. Hormones influence brain structure.

As we can see in the picture above, the male brain differs a lot from the female brain. The main differences between the male and female brain are:

The male brain:

- The male brain is predominantly hard-wired for understanding and building systems.

- Value more for power, politics and competition.

- When listening, neurons on only one side of the brain are activated.

- In interpretation of the whole sentences, men use one side of the brain.

- Only right hemisphere deals with emotions.

- Males have a hard time expressing emotions due to their brain structure (only on one side) (and not because of the environment).

- Male brains are larger.

- Less connective tissue between hemispheres.

- Not wired for human gaze.

- Smaller hippocampus (men recall fewer details except when angry or threatened).

- Talking increases dependence.

- Self-esteem is about independence.

- Men use their analytical brain structures.

- Smaller limbic cortex (regulates emotions)

- Larger frontal lobe (problem-solving, decision making)

- Larger parietal cortex (space perception)

- Larger Amygdala (regulates sexual behavior)

- More white matter which is responsible and needed for spatial tasks.

- Agression is instrumental.

The female brain:

- Predominantly hard-wired for empathy.

- Value the development of altruistic, reciprocal relationships.

- While listening neurons on both sides of the brain are activated.

- In interpretation, women use both sides of the brain.

- Faster and more accurate at identifying emotions.

- More adept in encoding facial differences and changing vocal intonations.

- Part of brain involved is large.

- Use both hemispheres.

- The female brain is 10% smaller and 11% more dense-wired for more gut feeling.

- More connective tissue between hemispheres.

- Wired for human gaze.

- Larger hippocampus (emotion/memory- women recall more details with emotional events).

- Talking increases oxytocin and dopamine (pleasure centre).

- Self-esteem is about connecting.

- Women use their emotional brain structures.

- Larger limbic cortex, which regulates emotions.

- Smaller frontal lobe (problem-solving, decision making)

- Smaller parietal cortex (space perception)

- Smaller Amygdala (regulates sexual behavior)

- More gray matter which is responsible and needed for verbal tasks.

- Agression is relational.

That's also how men can separate sex from love.
That's also how men can separate sex from love.

How is this possible? Considering that men and women started as the same at one point inside the womb. This has all to do with the huge influence of hormones, it changes the appearance of the brain structure completely.

The male fetus receives big amounts of testosterone, while the female fetus receives big amounts of estrogen. I mentioned it before: the higher the t levels (which is due the exposure to huge amounts of testosterone in the womb) the manlier a guy will be. The higher the estrogen levels, the more feminine a woman will be.

Even when a guy didn't receive enough testosterone and more of estrogen than the limited small amount (which is extremely small in boys), he will be still more masculine, than a girl with heavily masculine traits because of a lack of estrogen and a bigger amount of testosterone than the limited small amount (which is extremely small in girls.)

The psychological perspective

I mentioned the brain differences for a reason. The way the male brain is makes a man behave differently from a woman, and women are attracted to that. Men have due to their brain a higher feeling of responsibility to protect their family and to provide for them (look at history). Even nowadays where mainly women and some men are pushing the 50/50 rule, we can still see how the man feels more responsible and is more likely to take matters in his hands, even when his t levels are average. Not to mention how the protective instinct is still there. Especially when another male is around.

I've mentioned before that nice guys wouldn't really survive in the past, because no matter how we twist it, men will always look up to someone who is respected and look down to someone who isn't. Respect is so important to the male gender which is directly connected to their dominant nature.

A male who doesn't care about respect or doesn't give it much importance like nice guys in general, will be seen as unmanly and a doormat. They struggle to get a woman for a reason too. Someone like that is more likely to be submissive due to lower T levels and would literally worship a woman to keep her and not because he wants her. He will most likely use emotional blackmail if necessary. He would be desperately chasing women and lowering his standards.

A 'bad' guy values respect a lot, he wouldn't chase anyone but the woman who makes his heart beat faster. He is very rational and confident about it.

The generalized mentality from a nice guy
The generalized mentality from a nice guy

What is so important to the female gender is the feeling of being special. A 'bad' guy could make her feel this way, because she knows she is the chosen one. The nice guy can't make a woman feel this way, because she is just one of the others he tried his chances with. Nice guys are also the ones who can't handle rejection well, because of their inferiority complex/ low self-esteem.

Besides the preference for height, women also tend to show a preference for indicators of dominance in men, such as physical strength and masculine facial features. The controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson goes as far as claiming that women hate harmless men.

Attraction is determined by the hormones. Someone who fits in the top of the masculinity or femininity spectrum will be always generally attractive because their genes are the healthiest and their immune systems are the strongest. Not to mention, a straight woman, no matter her hormones, unless she has a lot of testosterone (then again she would be most likely lesbian, this is confirmed), will always fall for the one who is the most masculine. With men it's exactly the same, except it is about femininity in a woman.


Who is the bad guy anyway? Is he the abusive man? Theoretically speaking, it's just the masculine man who is given an immature label. Why? because they appear like robots or even cold (very rational and less emotional), they don't talk as much, they are therefore mysterious and they can be dangerous. They are a an exciting riddle to the female gender, because they're unpredictable. It's true they're more likely to be aggressive physically, but so is the nice guy emotionally. In the end it all depends on the intelligence. Someone stupid (or has had a hard past) and masculine is more likely to end up in prison and to have really bad behavior. Especially mentally immature girls and the stupid ones would go for such men. Trouble excites them.

Researchers of the University of Michigan conducted a study on 600 participants with their parents and children, over the span of 22 years. They found a distinct correlation between aggressive behavior and a lower IQ-score.

Women risk aggression from their partners as part of a strategy to counteract the threat of violence from other men.

Men who are masculine (with a decent upbringing) and intelligent are the most desired by any kind of woman. This is factual. These kind of 'bad' guys have a strong desire for success, use mainly their rationality and everything I mentioned up. The intelligence makes a lot of difference. They're more likely to value monogamy and marriage, because what is theirs, stays theirs.

Aspara found that men were more likely to be married (and to still be married four years later) if they were higher in intelligence, confirming the results of earlier studies.

“More intelligent men are more likely to value monogamy and sexual exclusivity than less intelligent men,” the study concludes.

What about the real nice guys

The average male has a combination of both masculine as feminine traits, with his masculine traits standing out of course. I’m pretty sure many of you have seen men who shout that they can’t express their emotions, that they are sensitive too, that they’re like women, etc. These kind of guys have feminine traits, and it’s definitely not uncommon. Considering how the average T levels decreased in this era, it really isn’t surprising.

They are!
They are!

A masculine guy doesn’t understand this, because to him, he doesn’t feel like he can’t express his emotions, he just doesn’t feel emotions that fast unless it’s serious.

Women on the other hand feel emotions really fast, which isn’t crazy considering their brain structure because they run on an entirely different hormone: estrogen, and their cycles.

The average guy has traits of the typical nice guy. They have both in common: a stronger feminine influence than the masculine guy has. Not only can they understand a woman faster, they also experience nearly the same emotions faster. What is the problem with that? It’s a good thing they can understand the emotions of a woman better than a masculine guy!

That’s exactly the point, because they understand it so much better, certain aspects of their minds are leaning on the feminine side (which is due to hormones), this means that they experience emotions closer to the average woman. This could be problematic, because women find it generally a turn off, since the need of feeling secure is nearly impossible with such men.

A masculine guy may not directly understand the emotions of a woman but he is at least not experiencing the same emotions so fast. This is a huge benefit. Women in general are drawn to this because it makes them feel secure. This kind of guy is most likely rational during an argument and unaffected by a woman’s emotions. The chance that the argument will end up in a serious fight is small, not only is he more likely to be rational, he also takes the control and if there is anything that makes a woman seriously weak, it is when a man knows what he is doing (dominant nature).

I’ve seen it way too often, the average male is prone to be affected by the emotions of his woman and reacts to it which makes it only worse. One can't throw fire on fire to ease the situation.

‘Bad’ guys aka Masculine guys will be always desired.

Of course there will be women who will disagree with me, which is fine, because as I earlier mentioned this has all to do with hormones which influences the brain and the rest of you. Averagely speaking this is just the way it is, they’re the most desired and always will be because it makes perfect sense. Just like how averagely speaking men will always prefer a feminine woman. The fertility plays a huge role, so does the healthier genes and the fact that they’re better to get along with the opposite gender.

Guys who aren't blessed with high T can always raise their levels naturally. Sadly, I don't have space left to continue writing (there is still so much to say about the average guy tho), so I end it here.

I hope I don't see any more takes (based on nonsense and opinions) about this subject. 🤓

#masculinity #attraction

Hard work increases T in every guy
Hard work increases T in every guy
Why bad guys will be always desired by the majority of women!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    So true. Great take. I was never into the bad boys growing up. Just knowing you are talking to a guy who plans to use you for sex isn't mysterious at all or isn't alluring either. I was more into the nice guys. But I've met so many nice guys who have exploded with rage when I just didn't feel a connection with them when we went on a few dates. It almost seems like they are desperate for a girlfriend not caring who it is and if they get along with her. But the way you described the definition of a bad guy being a man... now that's right up my alley.

    "Besides the preference for height, women also tend to show a preference for indicators of dominance in men, such as physical strength and masculine facial features." A guy who is masculine, dominate... is so sexy! A guy who has power is my number 1 huge turn on. When I say power, I mean power over me. I don't know what it is... When I think about a nice guy I think of a lacky or a slave. I almost feel like it's not their real personality. That doesn't turn me on. I want a man who knows what he wants.

    For some reason I've always had crushes on guys way older than me. Never acted on them. It was more a fantasy than anything. I've liked more guys way older than me. It's like the experience, the maturity, their masculinity. It's just so freaking sexy. Not all of the older men but certain kinds. That's what I pictured when you mentioned a masculine man.

    When I think about the nice guys or what most women find hot are those peach fuzz young guys who looks like boys. They spent like 2 hours on their hair, no facial hair, can't grow facial hair, no hair on the body, can barely lift 80 pounds, skin and bones, wears makeup (which isn't masculine in my opinion) and just feminine overall.

    I grew up on old movies. The whole gentleman but still a man thing was always my dream as a kid. I wanted to find a guy who would treat me right but is still a man and I can depend on him. Nice guys aren't really men. They say yes to everything and they don't have a personality. They are like a puppet. But a man stands up for himself and don't make a big deal if the girl doesn't like him back, he respects her decision (unless that's asking for too much) he's just mature.

    Anyway this is what your take made me think about.
    Is this still revelant?
    • "When I say power, I mean power over me." you don't see how guys will fuck this up?

    • aa180

      @Armourdillo She clearly has the typical "rape fantasy" so what she means by that is probably more fucked up than you were thinking anyway..

    • Anonymous

      @Armourdillo ummm... I'm how to explain it. Like I typically have crushes on my bosses just because they are my boss. I find it got that they can just fire me whenever they want. That sounds so weird but lol I don't know it's hot. It's like punish me 😉

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  • emmily2396
    Women are attracted to guys who exhibit manly qualities: strength, both physical and in terms of personality, courage, assertiveness, independece, and so on. Whether you exhibit those qualities in a good or a bad way it is up to you. A guy who exhibits those in a good way is more rare than a guy who does it in a negative way, aka a " bad guy". However, a guy who exhibits masculinity which isn't toxic is way better than an asshole.
    An ideal man would be the one thatis manly, but not in a toxic way. People should stop putting men into 2 categories: nice guys and good guys. A guy could have the traits of both. People aren't black and white.
    Is this still revelant?
    • 9teen

      Exactly, my point. That's why I involved biology.

    • I couldn't agree more.

    • Exactly, it's possible for a man to wear his masculinity in a mature way.
      My girl likes me because I'm a bad-ass but ALSO a gentlemen. It's possible to be both.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    I disagree in some aspects. Many of the traits mentioned are displayed in many guys not just bad guys and others I simply don't understand. For exemple, a guy can be secure of himself and have a thick skin, but unlike a bad guy is not going to become angry every time something messes with him. Being dangerous is something I do not understand as an attractive feature. "I have a 50/50 % chance he will beat me up if his team loses the game OMG soooooo exciting"... I don't get it really. If by dangerous you mean strong again no one needs to be a bad guy to be strong, physically or mentally, not even close.

    I get it, you mean the stereotypical bad guy has all the characteristics that girls like. Especially regarding sexual attraction! In fact, I think they hit full "bingo" with traits that girls consider sexually appealing. Fair enough, but he also lacks a lot of them regarding what constitutes a healthy relationship. He is more likely to be abusive, have a self destructive personality, be a bad father, cheat on you, etc.

    One man can be super masculine and be the most respectful, calm and mature in the room. Can have all the sexual desirable characteristics a bad guy has and simply not be so loud about them. It comes down to the image that each one portraits. The bad guy will display his appealing characteristics in everything he does and his less appealing features come later, so he is desired by the opposite sex. I totally agree with you. Some guys have those good qualities, but don't display them loudly so they don't immediately attract girls.

    Even from an evolutionary stand point a strong, secure and mature person, that is only agressive when he needs to be, can easily be a problem solver 20 times better and is a great option to raise kids an have a family with.

    We are not caveman anymore. Of course we still have our instincts, that aplies to us guys too, and bad guys appeal a lot to them in girls case. However it is called evolution for a reason.
    Is this still revelant?
    • 9teen

      Of course, you're right, that's why I made a point about the intelligence because that is what makes a huge difference between being the stereotypically bad guy with abusive bad behavior, or being the mature masculine man with decent behavior.

    • I certainly agree with that. But do you still call that mature masculine man with decent behavior bad guy? Not the stereotypically bad guy, but still bad guy? Just a more intelligent bad guy?

    • 9teen

      Not bad as in evil, of course. If we look at the masculine traits and compare that to women, I guess you'll get my idea of what I mean with the bad. That hero I mentioned was also seen as bad during that moment because he disobeyed and argued against the decision and so are there many more heroes like that.

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  • TonyBologna25
    Really good take. I wasn’t expecting this at all. I study endocrinology a lot in my free time and testosterone is the answer to almost all of this. Know that too much testosterone could be bad too though.
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  • Let me tell you a little story about Bad Boys. On September 18th, 1951 a movie came out with Marlon Brando called A streetcar named desire. Women all over the country went to see it as the husbands were working during the day. If you don't know anything about this movie it's basically a guy "Marlon Brando" who plays Stanley an alcoholic raging bad boy who at times showed much anger and even assaults his co-actor. Stuff like this was never seen before on film and when some of these women saw this behavior they didn't say to themselves... oh my gosh this is terrible... they were rushed with emotions that they never knew they had.. some passed out from the emotions getting so high. They were attracted to this guy and there was nothing they could do to change it. The women passing out all over the country made the papers and husbands were told lies about Theaters being too hot, etc etc. Some husbands figured it out and that is where the wife beater came into play. Here are some clips of the movie.
  • Spawnface
    Well, quickly looking over it the whole thing seemed impressive but reading it it kinda lost its glamour.

    There's a lot of writing here. Which usually is a good sign but I don't think much of it was all that neccessary. I think that because there's plenty of facts laid out, which appears nice, but these facts end up not doing a whole lot. They give it the impression that this is going to be a heavy hitting peice of writing but after reveiwing them the feeling is kinda lost. Nonethless, the structure hands down is terrific, I just don't think the content is. Actually loved the structure, can't say anything bad there.

    So, the argument is women like bad guys because bad guys are masculine. I agree with most of these facts and many of the assertions except for how masculine traits were just automatically ascribed to the bad guy. I can agree with the idea that women like male biology, etc. But I don't think there was a good enough effort to actually describe the bad guy. Basically, it looks like the badguy is the alpha male, is the masculine guy and the immature aspect gets totally overlooked. Like, the main reason why there would be any effort to distinguish between bad guys and men is because of those attributes alone and they aren't mentioned at all. So, all these facts just kinda seem lonely. They seem like they are missing their most vital component to give this whole thing meaning.

    So I was a little disappointed, but it was still impressive in many other ways.
    • Spawnface

      I should rephrase something so its more clear.

      The argument is that bad guys are masculinity.

    • 9teen

      Thank you for your time, when I write I tend to think about many things hence why you might read suddenly about something entirely different haha. I had no space left though so I guess especially the part bellow is kinda a mess.
      I appreciate the feedback!

    • Spawnface

      Your welcome. I think if you keep writing stuff you'll get really good. Because everyone kinda does that and after awhile when the things you write or speak become a type of rhetoric it's far easier to avoid those issues. Like the practice makes perfect thing really applies well to writing and like I said the structure is great in my opinion. If you could just improve a few things you'd have a real talent.

  • BrianMerritt
    Ok, if your definition of "bad guys" is simply "highly masculine," then yes, you are correct. But it's possible to be very masculine and also be a kind person.
    The question I THOUGHT you were going to answer was why do women like guys who are actually shit. Do their masculine traits outweigh their jailbird tendencies?
    I fit most of those masculine traits myself, but I don't consider myself a "bad guy" because I think it's possible to be BOTH a bad-ass and a gentlemen.
    • 9teen

      Correct, that's why I highlighted intelligence and upbringing in this matter. I explained it bellow.

  • chunlilovesvega
    It's the only time I actually finished reading a take. It's all so true. However I've been living this life for over 24 years and I haven't seen or met a male like this in person except in movies or romance novels. I am starting to think it might all be just myth, just what we desire as women but no such men exist in reality. Maybe the masculine physical traits are real, but it's just a form of appearance it doesn't define a person's inner-self..
    • 9teen

      I have met such men in real life. they're out there, they're just not so common, hence why they aren't average. The physical appearance is directly connected with someone's character. You'll find someone like this someday, I'm sure.

    • all other men aren't real men. would you rather die than settle for anything less that real men?

      if a man has emotions he's a retard and should die.

    • 9teen

      Those are your words, not mine.

  • MementoMori_
    Not bad but too many words to explain something so simple.

    No amount of fantasy or wishing thinking can change the fact that millennia of evolution designed men to be warrior hunters and women to be baby making homemaking nurturers. That's reality. Physically and mentally men are built for the former and women for the latter.

    Of course being a baby making nurturer is currently out of fashion so you'll never see another movie without an assault rifle toting woman in a catsuit shooting up a bunch of helpless men. This is the mandatory scene today in every action movie. It fulfills some kind of dream all women seem to fantasize about. One can only wonder where that comes from.

    I take exception to only one sentence in what you wrote:

    "It doesn't matter how hard we try to be equal, we will never be."

    Ahhhh but I think that both warrior hunters and baby making nurturers are equal since it takes both for mankind (did I say MANkind?) to survive. What they are not -- where the ubiquitous feminist narrative fails -- is THE SAME. Men and women are equal, but not the same.

    Of *course* every woman wants a killer man. That's what men are made for. They are the tribal warriors, the bring home the bacon hunters. Mankind is so stuck on itself, it thinks it's so post evolution. In fact we are the same marauding animals we were 200,000 years ago at the dawn of modern man. Hunters, killers and tribal warriors. We take what the other guy's got by whatever means necessary (but pretend that we don't because we are post evolution of course). Men protect, women nurture. If we were truly civilized maybe we would recognize the value of both and admit the reality of these facts.
  • Femdomina
    That's kind of a generalization, I'm always dominant, I don't like competition, but I guess bad boys are a bit of a challenge for me.
    As for the alleged brain differences: I'm not very altruistic, I'm not overly emotional, and I usually don't talk too much, but I'm great at decision making, problem solving and I have excellent space perception.
    Not all women are the same, and not all men are the same.
    • Femdomina

      Yup, it's all about the hormones, they vary from person to person, regardless of the biological gender ;)

    • Femdomina

      @JDavid25 That's the problem, people think that some traits are "typically male", or "typically female", but in reality, anyone can have those traits, regardless of the biological gender :)
      Maybe, well, girls do have testosterone, boys also have estrogen, both hormones are present in both sexes, which just proves that personality traits are not exclusive for one gender.

    • Femdomina

      @JDavid25 Biology has nothing to do with gender roles, that's a fact.
      Men have those traits a bit more, because of the thousands of years of patriarchal upbringing, not because of hormones.
      There are also some men who are are smaller, physically weaker, and don't have a broader physique like "men typically do", but that doesn't change the fact they are men in a biological sense.
      On the other hand, there are some women who have broader physique, "like men do", despite the fact they are women.
      The same goes vice versa, I've seen men who have wider hips, and fat growin places besides the mid area... but they are men, not women.
      I've also seen women who have narrow hips and no fat growing places... though, they are women, not men.
      Physical built doesn't necessarily influence someones personality, for example - a big and strong man can be submissive, while small and skinny woman can be dominant.
      But at least we agree on this - We shouldn't be tryin to be the same.
      PS - We also shouldn't follow the so called gender roles, because they are just stereotypes constructed by the certain social structures which were opressive, not just towards women, but also towards men who weren't "typical".

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  • shyapples2
    your painting with a very broad brush, not every girl and every guy is "wired" the exact same way, Some girls may not like the type of guy what your describing or even a majority, its about the individual more than the gender, sure there are plenty of girls that like that but not all or most
    • 9teen

      Read before you comment.

  • Silver158
    that all well and good until you get a little older and decide you wanna settle down and need a provider. Then, you try to change the bad boy into something he's not so he runs away with your younger hotter sister leaving you on your own with the kid seeking out one of those "nice guys" you previously shunned to keep you until you hit the cougar stage of life.
    • Silver158

      Facts are fun! :)

    • 9teen

      You did not read at all. Great, responding without knowing what the fuck I wrote.

    • Silver158

      So I did a good job without reading your take? awesome!

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  • gym4ever
    Lets be real, majority of money love "bad boys" cuz they look masculine, strong, cuz they are agressive and mostly cuz of their clothes. But trust me, whenever you see guy that look like badboy, he is not. That is called WANNA BE alpha male. Real alpha males won't show you they are alpha.
  • Eryxx
    Interesting take to read.. especially the relation between the facial attractiveness of the guy and his immune system. Didn't think they were related at all. I am still a bit skeptic about it but I'm gonna find out more.
    • Cask23

      Yes, attractiveness (in both sexes) is a proxy for healthiness of genes, immunity, and fertility - although we don't think conciously in those terms when we find someone good looking.

    • Eryxx

      @Cask23 yep, true.

  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy
    Nice guy and doormat is often mistaken with each other. Most men in the past were nice guys to each other, but not a doormat.

    Rude and aggressive men is a sign of a moron who acts like a animal and such people are hardly ever liked or respected from the heart among their peers since their evil heart and intentions is often showing.
  • AynonOMouse
    Way too long for me to read all of that, but I do disagree with two of the early points.
    They are usually dishonest, manipulative, and cowardly, not honest and brave.
    They way over compliment her to manipulate her and she falls for it like a sucker. He seems brave because he talks crap to people he knows won't do anything about it, but when those kinds of guys encounter someone like me they are a complete pussy and don't do jack shit.
    Disobeying the rules is okay for some things, but they often do stupid stuff to try to impress others which ends up harming the people they supposedly care about.

    I've had friends in the past that fit some of the typical "bad guy" stereotype, and they were on and off drugs, beat their wives, etc. But when it came time to confronting a man even close to how I am then they showed that they were pussies, even though they acted tough towards their girlfriend/wife.

    Strong guys aren't bad guys. Just because someone is strong, it doesn't mean he acts the way some of this says. I'm strong, lift weights, am 6' tall, 265 pounds, have more of the typical more squared strong jaw, and I don't act the way some of this says.
    by the way, in case I missed something important, I only read 1/3 of it. Just too long for me right now.
    • 9teen

      Perhaps it's time to read, so you realize you wasted your time writing that.

  • winterfox10
    It doesn't hurt that a lot of girls also want to be around the guys for a sense of adventure. I know that there is an appeal to living a little bit on the edge for many women. The best part of bad boys is that there is always that anticipation of wondering if she can ever truly be a part of his reality, without ever really sacrificing her own stability. Unfortunately, that charisma also has a tendency of getting women in a lot of trouble.
  • Cask23
    This take refers to "bad boys" but there is significant overlap with the Alpha Male concept - to the point in this My Take you could swap out "Bad Boy" for "Alpha Male".

    In a general sense it is very accurate that subconsciously women desire these traits from centuries of evolution.

    Once you understand this, the mating dance between male and female is so much easier to understand and goes a long way to so many "nice guys" never getting a women or getting friend zoned.
  • Raven_76
    Yeah but girls have to be worth dating and be desired by men... which they aren’t. Girls are basically objects because they don’t do anything else for guys. That’s why no man wants to marry anymore - because girls are you-know-what’s.

    Girls like bad boys. Guys like good girls but there are no more good girls. So girls are just used like objects and they deserve to be.
    • bailey11

      Generalizing! Good luck getting laid with that attitude! Maybe a lot of women wouldn't think you're worth dating either. The way you view and judge others is often a reflection of yourself. Would you like it if someone thought of you as an object and just used you?

  • tearout


  • Giggletr0n
    I always assumed it was a combination of the thrill, the unpredictability and the stereotype of "I can change him". It's never bothered me, I have never been to care about that stuff, but I still assumed there had to be a reason.
    • Robertcw

      Actually I think it’s mostly just physical attraction.

  • Tanyasuperior
    I always find this kind of stuff so funny. Female and Male brain is the same. I have a very sweet kind loving caring boyfriend who I live with in our new house we just bought together. He has a good job. Dressed well. Shave and shower every day. Treat me like a queen. If I see tattoo Joe approach me with a beer in hand, you say I should run for him? If so then my brain is not a "female brain"
  • esotericstory
    Most men who complain about not being able to express emotions are not actually men who feel emotions fast, but they are men that have decades of frustrations built up inside of them and if they want to speak about it they are sneered at by angry women. A bad guy would never want a bad woman, they are to belligerent and sassy for him. Women often mistakenly assume a bad guy will 'handle' them, no they won't. They only want feminine women.
  • Grayout
    So, I guess it's bad for males to have a type 1 bipolar disorder with a side of ptsd for dessert
    • 9teen

      Another one who did not read and comments like a moron.

    • Grayout

      Oh you know it

  • spear35
    They break rules, live on the edge and are different and not the same like every other guy which makes them seem appealing to girls, because some wanna try something new
  • CasaNorba
    out of everything you wrote you forgot to add one thing and that is...

    "they are desired because being with one will always give lots of things to brag about and make all my other girlfriends and my exes jealous"
  • Electric_Dreams
    Because they keep falling to sleep before the end so they never make it to the climax and crisis, they don't get to see the bad shit the guy does in the third act.
  • AdmiralBailey
    I didn't think it was possible to lose any more respect for women than this my take. Any excuse to not take responsibility for your own actions. When the "bad guy" leaves a single mom or with multiple broken bones the good guys are supposed to set all kinds of laws in place to keep you protected. Fuck women. I hope they lose more rights than just abortion.
    ~Mr Bails Extraordinaire
  • Pejtu
    Its too much shit to read honestly
    I can say the same about girls that dont give a fuck , they have the same mindset
    Most guys like girls like that
  • Massageman
    I would tend to equate "bad" with the result of what he does, not with his being as a human.
  • manmeat
    jesus way too much time on your hands if you can write such an essay go find a guy to fuck you and use up that time!
  • apple24
    Bad guys are sterotypical tough and manly... who wouldn't want big arm to be protected from?
    • ConnieS

      Because, too often, those "big arms" are used in abusing the woman in a moment of anger. They're called "bad guys" for a reason. Often, men who are confident are referred to as bad boys but bad guys often end up treating the people around them in a bad way. Personally, I don't think they're worth the grief.

    • apple24

      @ConnieS It sad that you just assume abused. i am way too old to not know the difference.

  • JulieRoze7
    Wow... I took. away so much from this👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👏✨‼️👍🏽Great story
  • i_love_stars
    More intelligent men (among all the men who actually married) are more likely to value monogamy and sexual exclusivity than less intelligent men.
  • Logorithim
    Because they are exciting to most girls and lots of girls think they can change them.
  • kitty71
    Because they ahve more fun and are more interesting to chat with? They re masculine and look strong.

    On a side note: Geez you have too much free time in your hands to write so darn looooong post
  • Ripper_E
    I don't worry about what some other guy is doing, whether he is good or bad. I worry about me.
  • Lman3000
    how I feel the world of dating is going
  • chriss
    It depends on the individual, everyone is different.
  • TripleAce
    Well that’s easy... it keeps women guessing and always having to kinda work at something
    Feels of higher purpose... it’s all in the head really
  • Tiger288
    I'm good guy and I won't be bbad guy for u and get u. I don't like bad girls too. I'm not scared of bad guys. Trust me some bad boys are pussy. I don't respect them for being bad guy/girl. I'm not doormat if they try me I would welcome them.
  • Fromdusktilldawn
    When I hear bad guy I think about Darth Vader, Jigsaw or the Terminator
  • baseballnerd24
    I do get it however you do need to realize you're average schmuck guy is not going to be built like the 6'7 282-pound star New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge and also be a complete total john wick type of navy seal sniper with 10 black belts badass that a lot of girls secretly want. I have found that the average guy isn't exactly an alpha or a beta usually like in the middle. Also another thing is as a woman I don't give a flying fuck if you go after these guys however don't go crying to the world on how you only date sexist assholes who treat me like shit. That's the one thing I hate most about women is how they almost inadvertently go after the kind of guys they pretend to hate
  • Stephen3355
    This is why I have no respect for women. They're illogical and make awful decisions when it comes to dating men.
  • John_Doesnt
    Bad guys are perceived as confident, and women are dumb.
  • markcrums101
    I think that most bad guys have heaps of confidence which I think is what's attractive not just the thought of a shitty person😂😂
  • WhatTheHellAmy2
    I am a sucker for gentlemen
  • Robertcw
    I would like to show a counter example to your argument.

    I have high testosterone, if you don’t believe me look at my side profile (see attached image)

    I have a prominent ridge over my eyes, a sloping forehead, a large nose and a strong jaw line. And somewhat sunken back eyes.

    My shoulders, chest and back are broad.

    But I’m mentally feminine in many ways. And I’m definitely not always stereotypically masculine.

    I feel emotions deeply. I also make emotional arguments even when I fully comprehend the more logical alternative because I can be stubborn and strong willed.

    I gain muscle easily and I am a fast sprinter and a high jumper.

    In this way, even with high testosterone it’s possible to have feminine characteristics.

    How? I don’t know. I’m just giving one empirical counter example to one of your central arguments. Why bad guys will be always desired by the majority of women!
    • Robertcw

      Here’s a photo of me at 20: Why bad guys will be always desired by the majority of women!

      Here’s a photo of me at 18: Why bad guys will be always desired by the majority of women!

    • Robertcw

      Here’s a photo of me at 18: Why bad guys will be always desired by the majority of women!

    • 9teen

      Your T doesn't seem that high anymore, you look pretty average now, on your twenties I would have believed you (although the guys with high T levels I know/saw have more prominent features). I have been observing in real life and I have noticed that the more masculine features a guy has, the more masculine his mind and personality is. This is backed up by science, this isn't just an opinion. So your T levels most likely dropped which became the result of how you are today.

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  • JDavid25
    Well, this almost makes guys seem like they ain't human.. I agree wit some things.. Men are generally a bit less emotional, and it don't come as quick.. But I think it depends on the man... If told in the wrong way this could be pretty toxic to a males mind.. He gon start to think that the only way to get a female is to be some tough, almost emotionless super dude.. This seems too idealistic in a way.. Although, I agree that masculine traits will always attract women.. But, there also has to be a decent balance for a connect.. Also "nice guys" are not simps.. Meekness is a trait that can't be helped.. And it is present in men too.. My Uncle is a nice guy, but he is also a very manly dude..
  • MackToday
    A lot of "bad guys" are just men of action. Since I got involved with the alt right I've seen young guys come in basically video game nerds and the like and start to bulk up, fash up their hair, stand up strait dress fashy with neat clothes and carry themselves more like soldiers. They've got the weight of the world on their shoulders after the red pill and it shows in their eyes. They know they might have to fight and die. You can't just fuck with them either it's the knowledge that their entire culture, race and way of life is under threat that changes them into something like the IRA used to be. I notice women start hanging around a lot of them where they never did before.
  • ryryryan
    If being intelligent strong sexy and fearless is bad then I'm a bad boy for life
  • DJZest
    I like the picture showing neural patterns of a man and a woman.

    Now, what if you assumed a liberal's gender based in it?
  • Champ78
    In my opinion I don’t it matters if you a good guy or a bad guy. I think it comes down to other things such as confidence, intelligence, being an actual good guy, not being too available (I’ve experienced that a lot).

    I feel like for me I need make her put in some effort if she likes me (unless she doesn’t like me). I think it’s best for me to be my main focus but try to include a girl if I want her to like me. Basically I want their to be equal effort between me and her and that’s not something I’ve ever experienced.
  • HereIbe
    Testosterone doesn't force any man to be a womanizing, abusive asshole.