How to Attract Girls Even if You’re Short...



Let me mention a few names and you can tell me what they all have in common:

Al Pacino

How to Attract Girls Even if You’re Short...


How to Attract Girls Even if You’re Short...

Okay, no surprise here… they’re all short guys. But you know what? They were all awesome with the ladies (and not just because of their celebrity status… they were all players before they became famous.)

1.)In fact, the reason they could attract girls was because of their strong inner attitude.

There are a couple things you can do in the short term. Wearing boots right now will subtly add 2 or 3 inches to your height.

Also, when you dress, wear vertical stripes and tight clothes. That will make you look SLENDER, which will make you appear taller.

2.)Long term, one way short guys can be more dominant physically is to work out.

In fact that really should be first and foremost. If you’ve got muscles, it helps A LOT, not only with your physical appearance, but also with your confidence levels, strong inner attitude, and poise. So get in the gym.

When you’re muscular and you’re a short guy, you become like a pit bull. And by the way, I’d like you to experiment with that.. do not always be the nice guy who’s polite. For the next few months, try to let your “inner badass” come out a bit when you’re with girls.

Do the affirmation, “I’m becoming like the pitbull who can dominate the bigger


Once you start feeling more and more confident in a few weeks, change your affirmation to,

“I AM like the pitbull who can dominate bigger dogs.”

I’ve noticed that a lot of short guys develop a VERY strong presence by having cultivated that inner badass.

Now, I’m not saying you should become a jerk… but just try to balance out that inner nice guy.

3.)Next thing to do long term is to GIVE UP any approval-seeking.

Who cares what women think of you? Go through life doing what you want and being who you are. (That is so key by the way… those guys I list above were players exactly because they went through life doing what they wanted and being true to who they were.)

You see, short guys who are badasses really have a bit of an advantage. Because of their stature, they automatically are able to have more rapport with chicks (who tend to be short themselves) than the guys who are beanpoles. And when you add to that a bit of a “badboy” element, it makes chicks dripping wet with attraction.

The bottom line is this: only if YOU feel uncomfortable with your height will it affect you with the girls. If you feel completely comfortable with your height, then they will too.

By the way, when it comes to tall guys, what women find attractive about them isn’t their height. It’s their dominance.

If you have a tight sense of inner confidence, and project a personality that sucks them in, height will be the furthest thing from their minds.

So to sum up, be true to yourself, take risks in life, cultivate your inner badass, and stop caring about anyone’s approval. And hit the gym ASAP. And do the fashion things I said.

Then you’ll attract girls without worrying about irrelevant things like height.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, quite true. In a nutshell, confidence is the main key. I know guys who are short but don't have any problems with girls because they're confident. They're not insecure about their height---sure they may would prefer to be taller, but that's like saying you'd prefer to have blue eyes. Doesn't mean don't find yourself attractive, despite not having them.

    I think GENUINE confidence is very important though, don't put on some cocky air in an effort to "make up for" your lack of height. A genuinely confident person doesn't feel they have to "make up for" diddly squat. While you may realize that being short isn't exactly "ideal" aesthetics-wise, you're secure with who you are and simply don't give a crap about that aspect of your external appearance, because you feel and know that you have plenty else more going for you.

    • *doesn't mean YOU don't

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    • @Red_Dragon I don't see being a short guy as a bad thing either. Society in general has made it seem like tall guys are ideal aesthetics-wise though and sometimes it's hard to not be affected by what society is claiming is ideal, especially if you don't fit into that ideal. So what I'm saying is even if a person would prefer to fit that ideal better, if they're secure with themselves then they won't let the stigma affect their self-esteem.

    • To me there's some bit of affect if being tall is ideal to them. Maybe they can "move on" from it, but I still say there's some level in which the ideal has taken effect. Not to say it's totally a bad thing for a guy to prefer being tall, but if he's short it still doesn't hurt his self-esteem, but still it's not better than a guy who doesn't prefer any height.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Great take.
    It should be featured because there is flood of such questions.

    • thank you... how do i share my take... i submitted this this and its not showing up in the main list where people see all the questions and takes?

    • It is showing, but if it got popular then it will be featured on the site for whole day long. :)

    • OH OK OK... GOT IT

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What Girls Said 1

  • Dudes, as long as you're taller than the girl, you should have nothing to worry about. Aim for us shorties if you're short.

    • I think he's writing this as a pointer to guys that are attracted to gals that are taller than they are. Just a thought though.

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    • I'm medium height, but I've noticed that short girls prefer tall men a lot more than tall girls.

    • ^ Not really, I'm 5'0 and I like short guys so that I don't have to crane my neck to look at them haha. My preferred height for a dude would be like 5'7 but I'm fine as long as you're taller than 5'0 LOL. I'd look sooo awkward next to a 6'0 guy

What Guys Said 3

  • Ehhh I disagree. I'm short, shy, and awkward, and females still love it. I don't know if I just look adorable to them or if it's my mannerisms or both, but one things for sure and that's that I'm being myself.

    Hell one of Al Pacino's characters, Scarface said the same thing. Just be yourself. Don't try to figure out how to lie (pretend you're confident). Be confident in being yourself. There's a difference. If you are a shy person then be that person. Don't pretend to be confident and outgoing.

    Working out is nice, but just as many girls have shown interest in me when I quit working out as they were when I was. Working out more of less is for me... because it makes ME feel good. It's very relaxing after I'm finished.

    • being yourself and confidence go hand in hand... working out and other things are just extras...

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    • Yeah, people in general take shyness as being a result of low self-esteem. That does seem to often be the case, though---being overly self-conscious and/or feeling like you don't have much to add, resulting in not speaking up for yourself and being apprehensive around others. Shyness is different from simply being a quiet or calm person, though. You can be quiet and calm and still be seen as confident. It's just that truly shy people tend to be noticeably timid and nervous around others, which often has a correlation with insecurity.

      I get what you're saying, though. I'm friends with a pair of brothers who are very different from each other. One is really outgoing and outspoken and the other is more awkward and shy around people he doesn't know well. Both of them are actually very confident with themselves, and even equally attractive, but the outspoken one is always assumed as being more confident by others and attracts more girls.

    • @EyeSeaYew As far as your statement with the brothers I think it really is variable as to how many girls a guy attracts. Some shy guys can attract a lot of girls and some outgoing guys can offend a lot of girls and they may stay away from him.

  • Agreed, but the guys who need to read this won't take it to heart

  • This is good. I'm 5'4" and recently realized some gals taller than I am are interested in guys that are shorter than they are.


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