Why girls should date crybabies

It's sad that I've never heard a girl in my life say, "I love my cry-baby boyfriend" due to the misunderstanding of society today. Society denied severe social conditions like Aspergers which cause tremendous harm to one's social life and the ignorance of guys telling him to "Grow up" only hurts more.

So please girls, for the sake of human lives, date a cry-baby. If you call us pathetic, just remember the word "pathetic" comes from sympathetic which means you must feel sorry for us. It's a win-win for us.Why girls shound date crybabies.


Most Helpful Girl

  • So I dated a guy who cried like all time. After each quarrel, during every time he felt sad. Even when there was no proper reason to do so. He could also lie on a floor crying, could hit his head hard. Once he cut his neck with a knife. Nothing serious, but a bit of blood. Only for me to feel sorry for him. That's sick, isn't it? I felt like a man in the relationship. We broke up after 2 years of dating. And I'm so happy about it.
    There should be a limit for everything. Enough is enough. I have nothing against a man crying when there is a reason and it doesn't happen every day.


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  • Unfortunately, IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. I was a sensitive (Aspie?) boy myself, but you have to learn to not be so. The world will destroy you otherwise.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I can not really stand cry babies no matter what gender 1ce in a blue moon is ok in fact I love it when a guy feels free to cry
    but not all the god damb time
    I'm bi and I wouldn't date 1 of either gender

  • I wouldn't mind if my man wanted to vent and get somethings off his chest so long as he does something about it after wards. Actions can trump undesirable behavior. So if he wants to mope and whine about losing his last sport meet but then trains harder and puts in the work, well come here and let me coddle you.

    A side note, I wish the guys I've dated were just a little more expressive and cry-babyish


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah I cried like a baby. She looked down at it. I was the only one who loved her. And now its too late.


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